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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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i just took a shower. i left the curtain open, didn`t even notice. my granmother just came screaming in here for me to go back,across the house, where she just was, to close the curtain. i need to move out. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 25 20074:38:54 PM |
i don't wanna go to work tomorrow.

i just bought these shirts:

someone just called me. i don't recognize the number. i read it out to my family. they said "whats that?" i said "number that just called me" they snapped "well why are you telling us??" geez. i wish it was warm enough to be gone all day on my bike.

summer where art thou summer. what walks may come when i shuffle out of this malevolent house.
OH in other news, i'm about 1/3rd done with hamlet.

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oh holy hell my ass hurts - Mood:Good
Friday March 23 200711:53:21 PM |
its from dance. and its a good hurt. a wooo i worked by butt kind of hurt. but still. ow.

and my thigh hurts. from this move:

follow the youtube link

which i am trying to work into the dance i am choreographing.

we went to a play tonight, local high school. WOW it was bad. i'm not fond of the play inself but those kids couldn't sing. or act very well. it was kinda painful. and my old high school *shudders* that place gives me the heeby jeebys now.

i'm bored. my bf has left me for the night and i am left to my own devices. i ran out. *twiddles thumbs*

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Someone buy me a Fuel Belt - Mood:Good
Saturday March 17 20074:12:10 PM |
Fuel Belt

36$ for a belt, pbth. if they were at Dicks, which i have a gift card for, i may buy one. actually. i wonder if they have some type of thing like that. hm. you'd think they would. *goes to* *wait.. types "dicks sporting goods store" into google*

i can't find a good avy. i should go avy hunting. or make some elaborate picture. collage. or soemthing.

i'm getting fat. i went from dancing 4 days a week, and having a very active job 20 hours a week, and walking everywhere outside to sitting on my butt for 2 weeks. i'm getting fat.

and i have HORRID cramps. i blame the not moving around. pbth. at least i'm not pregnant though, which is always nice. i really wanna get my tubes tied, but everyone thinks i'm too young and i'll regret it. oh no i won't. i don't want kids now and if that changes, i would really rather adopt. nothing is coming out of me.

but i digress. i really want that belt.

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What? A new journal? hm i wonder whats inside.... - Mood:Good
Friday March 16 20074:16:12 PM |
SO this shirt i made, that i really want to finish, like right now sorry for being annoying but i need ideas for what to put on the back. i liked kepi's "tell the EMTS my name is.." but i don't want my name on my shirt so, any other ideas? please? anything.

heres the shirt

Ahh i just need soemthing for the back

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I need yalls help looking up these pictures - Mood:Good
Friday March 16 200712:50:05 AM |
so you know those commericals for ipods with the people in shadow and then it says "iSomething"? like this?

i need as many different pictures like that, real or altered, that you can possibly find, please!

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How can i kill about 1-2 hours preferrably on the computer but not limited to? - Mood:Good
Thursday March 15 20079:04:07 PM |
keep in mind i can't leave the house and i can't do too much 'strenuous activity'.

so. ideas?

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Being on medical leave from work and all other physical activity kinda sucks after awhile - Mood:Good
Thursday March 15 20074:24:33 PM |
i mean, i'd guess. i have no complaints well yes i do. i am LOVING having a couple weeks off from work. but not going to dance class and not being able to MOVE is driving me nuts. but only slightly since i can't really move, i embrodered a headband, watched a lot of dawsons creek, went shopping at the mall,.. and.. i don't know really WHAT i have done for the past 2 weeks.. a lot of lounging around.

i walked to target today though, and bought some calcium chews. and wanted to buy a hammock. if i would have had 98.99 on me i might have.

i bought my grandpa some headphones. OH funny story with that. that i'mm share in a separate post. but still in this thread. anways. and bought my stepdad a 512 MB memory card for his camera. i want one

but really. nothing is new in my life. because i have no life. flaunt your life at me.
I walked to target. that was the highlight of the past 3 days.

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Moo Goo Gai Pan - Mood:Good
Saturday March 10 20073:11:36 PM |
you know you want to take my poll

i love chinese take out. not from the mall. expensive but oh so god.

so i made a stuffed bread yesterday, took dough, put ham, cheese, garlic salt, and spinach in it, baked it, it was beautiful. put it in the firdge, a whole loaf of stuffed bread. i wake up this morning and my grandpa ate it the ENTIRE thing. *mutters*

my dog is very very chunky. because my grandpa won't stop feeding her.

i want to put new music on my zen but i can't think of anything.

whats your favorite type of chinese food?

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my life is falling down like shards of bloodied glass that is my broken heart - Mood:Good
Friday March 09 20078:34:30 PM |
sorry, trying my hand at bad emo titles

but anyways, this week does suck. and next week. my knee is all busted and painful, and i am just not a pleasant person to be around when i am sick/injured. i get all moody and grouchy and bitchy. so i can't dance and i can't work and i HATE not being able to dance. not being able to dance and or exercise in some way drives me INSANE. which isn't pleasant added to the grouhcy moody bitchiness of being in pain

so i had to go to the doctor, and actually talk to people, which is just, uh, no thanks. i have an appointment on monday with an ortho sports med person. i'm scared i faint very easily. either at procedures or the mere mention of procedures. so that should be fun.

PLUS i got called in to my bosses office with "good news!" yesterday. good news my ass.
(cont)(give me a bit to type )

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Saturday March 03 20071:33:29 PM |

i was accepted into SUNY brockport college how exciting.

now i just have to get accpeted into the dance program after my audition and i am all set

and send in 250$ and fill out fafsa. which doesn't really matter because i get no help even though we can barely buy groceries.

but yay

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Never forget you`re not a pretty girl - Mood:Good
Friday March 02 20073:58:08 PM |
I am a dance major, not officially yet, but i will be. yet, i have soemthing wrong with my knee. it hurts a lot. sharp horrid pains occasionally shoot through it. which just can't be good.

i went to the docotor yesterday and they said i should go to a physical therapist. sounds expensive. and i have an audition in 3 weeks!


stupid knee.

actually stupid me for going down a hill in the rain and flying over my scooter onto my knee.

but still. it could have healed by now. stupid knee.

in other related news i can't choroegraph my 1 minute solo for that audition for the life of me. augh. i'll get it.

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what song do you think would be good on the menu of this dvd part 1: - Mood:Good
Sunday February 25 20076:00:09 PM |
Hamlet. i am burning hamlet and love the music feature. therefore, what song shou;ld i put for hamlet? i was thinking evanesence lithium but i am open to suggestions. also:

the family stone
the departed
flushed away
man of the year
employee of the month
happy feet
prozac nation
one flew ovcer the cuckoos nest

and more to come

i need songs for all of them. well, song snippets.

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Excuse me while i vent my fristration with ym family - Mood:Good
Sunday February 18 20076:08:33 PM |
they are driving me insane. they keep telling me its stupid to live on campus when we live 30 minutes away, thats its a waste of money. yet, if i don't live there, i can't get there. it might as well be 2000000 miles away. "double your cost of tuition" well. its either double my cost or not go at all.

"you have a year to learn to drive" um. its february. i start school in septmeber. i don't even have my permit. that doesn't add up hon.

"find someone to ride up with" YOU ARE MISSING MY POINT OF I WANT TO LIVE ON CAMPUS. excuse me for wanting to experience to be someone on my own. yes, i know its expensive but its my goddamn loan. i want to be able to do all the campus activity stuff, to be there 24/7 so i can get extra help that i know i'm going to need.

plus i would like to get the frick away from them.

they are all excited about my sister buyinga house and getting her all these little goodie baskets and crap and i keep getting bitched at.

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is it possible to rip a dvd? - Mood:Good
Sunday February 18 20073:49:26 PM |
so i have a dvd drive now. and have a dvd in there. can i copy it onto my computer? yes? how? help
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Help me word this thought in my essay to get in college would ya? - Mood:Good
Sunday February 18 20072:30:31 AM |
So i'm writing a paper on why i would like to study dance at this college. i cannot how to figure out how to word this thought without sounding incredibly roostery and arrogant.

heres the thought:

i believe if i didn't go into dance i would be wasting a gift i have. while i'm not wonderful i have this born ability to just be able to dance, well. and i can't waste that becuase, really what else can i do, and what an insult to people who can't if someone was able to sing beautifully and wasted it i'd be pissed at them because i wish i had that, catch me?

so how on earth do i say that without sounding incredibly roostery? or should i just give it up and not say anything about it?

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whwre can i dl movies/tv shows/ etc videos from? - Mood:Good
Saturday February 17 20079:02:38 PM |
now that i can burn dvds ( ) i need someplace to get videos from help
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I`m going on a hunger strike - Mood:Good
Friday February 16 200711:10:04 PM |
not so much as a strike as a what the hell can i eat thats not going to kill me from e coli or salmonella? peanut butter, prepackaged salads and cantalope we are up to now. makes me really want my own garden. but then again, its winter. it wouldn't help to have broccoli under 5 feet of snow.

i am a very paranoid person. i'm afraid to eat now.

i miss the sun i miss the ground i hate snow. i am so moving somewhere warmer. i really want itlay or hawaii. i have a feeling i'm going to end up one town over. oh well.


could you stop me? would you try?

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that was the inquiry journal. this is the journal journal. - Mood:Good
Friday February 16 20074:25:23 PM |
i had such a freaky dream last night that i forced myself to wake up and i forced myself to FULLY wake up and stay awake for at least 5 minutes so i wouldn't slip back into it wheni fell back asleep. it scared the everlovin poo out of me. i would tell you what it was about but i won't let my brain even recall what it was about

problem is that was at 5:30am when my alarm goes off at 6am so i lost about and hour of sleep (i don't get up til 6:30). suckage.

i got the coolest thing for my bf for valentines/his birthday. but i can't tell you because hes a YTreg

i discount valentines candy. seriously. i look forward to feb 15-18th wayyyyyyyyyyy too much. yay for half off chocolates! better than halloween. its the good stuff.

i almost died a couple days ago. really. i think i must have slipped in some holy water or something. because logically, i should have gotten hurt. heres what happened:

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I searched all over the site and can`t find it. someone explain to me, in dorm temrs, what double-single, single-single, and double means? - Mood:Good
Friday February 16 20074:13:15 PM |
doubles cheapest. so that sounds good but i wanna know what it means. i don't like sharing a room with people. but i'm cheap. so.. we'll see which wins. but i'm not sure what exactly it means. help me out?

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yes anothre thread. but its with good intetnions. what do you know about application filling out? - Mood:Good
Friday February 09 20075:12:49 PM |
so i have a question. i am filling out my college application and it says parent/guardian. at what age/requirements do i not have a 'parent/guardian" anymore? and be sure to check back in, i'm sure to have many mnay mnay questions while filling this thing out.
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Anyone happen to want to quiz me on the nys drivers manual? - Mood:Good
Friday February 09 20073:32:44 PM |




are the manuals. anyone?
i'm going for my permit sometime this week i'd say, now that the dmv is in the mall. it was JUST out of walking to range for the past 5 years and no one would take me

but now, yay, so, quiz me!

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Nothing like having Hugh Laurie stop and chat with you about House in your local grocery store - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 07 20072:30:39 PM |
i have some odd dreams. in one.. my bangs and the entire strip of where my bangs should be, about 1 inch or 2 wide, was shaved off. and the top of my hair was bleach blonde. but the rest was brown. it was. weird.

then i was grocery shopping and ran into my friend Rob (i don't have a friend rob) and we were catching up and we ran into hugh laurie and we were all discussing what happened on this weeks house. and then we were waiting for an elevator.

we got a new microwave actually me and my sister bought my mom a new microwave for christmas (she hates appliances for christmas but pbth. our old one burned food on one side of it and left the other half frozen.) but it was broken so my sister JUST returned it and exchanged it and now we have pretty new microwave.

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so. in reflecting about my life i have realized i have a serious habit that i need an intervention for. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 03 20079:57:11 PM |
Garlic salt. i put garlic salt on EVERYTHING. made broccoli. put on a bit of butter and garlic salt.

make a mushroom omelette this morning. addd garlic salt.

had rotissery chicken for dinner. ok that i let alone. but the peaS? added garlic salt.

made myself a dinner roll. make it into gralic bread.

everyday goes somewhat like that. i keep a bottle in my room

i think i need help.

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i want to bake a pie. yet. i know not what kind. oh, kind pie, shall i bake thee of lemon or the cocoa beans product - Mood:Good
Saturday February 03 20076:33:53 PM |
yea. thus why i'm not an english major anymore.

SO i wanna bake a pie. i don't know what kind. heres what i DON'T have:

oreo cookies
any kind of fruit at all
chocolate or vanilla pudding

therefore i can't make a oreo pie, chocolate or ribbon pie or any kind of fruit pie. whats left? any other ideas? i was thinking lemon. but i don't know. i want some options.

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No, no, theirs goes Ding ding ding dingy ding-ding tchk... OURS goes Ding ding ding ding dingy ding-ding tkch.. totally different. - Mood:Good
Friday February 02 20073:04:05 PM |
i hate my job. i hate my job. i hate my job. i hate my boss. i'm not all that fond of my mother at the moment, who i work with. and i make minimum wage. not much motivation to drag my ass to the store at 7am.

i bought a cute top

i have no life. really what have i done this week.

i almost won vince gill tickets. i knew the answer but couldn't get through.

i got my new glasses. i shall model probably.

i bought ingredients for rice krispy treats. yummy.


wow. i have no life. thats the most exciting stuff thats happened this week.

oh and i want these ballet shoes in either leopard or red

pictures of the shirt to come. and the snow. and a spider.

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