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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Do you like wine? - Mood:Good
Sunday December 16 20181:41:23 PM |
What is your favorite type of wine?
Is there one (or some) you can't stand?

My husband drinks those little individual bottles. I think it likes red, because it 'is supposedly healthier', but i don't think he's found one he didn't like yet.

To me it smells and tastes awful. Every wine I've ever tried.

How about you?

*this journal may have ulterior motives.

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You ever catch your nipple with your nail? - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 11 201811:48:26 AM |
Oh the pain of the braless nail nipple gouge.

I'm making brownies for my sisters birthday, to be mailed cross country. Trying to make 3x3 gourmet brownie squares, in different flavors.

First recipe didn't work out. 2 3x3s in the trash.

Second recipe is good.

First batch of chocolate chip brownies is mmmmm.
Second batch of reeses pieces brownies got burnt

Have to make another batch of batter. I didn't double it just in case it was another recipe dud.

I wonder how many 3x3s I should make?

Had a nice chat with my mom this morning

The problem with trying to pluck hairs when older if they are white and i can't see them. But i can feel them. And they bug me.

I bought a box of freezer bags yesterday as we are completely out and they have up and disappeared.

I've discovered a lot of my xmas gifts this year for people are interchangeable between them. Hm.


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Another baking journal, and other journaly doo-dahs. - Mood:Good
Friday November 30 20184:18:54 PM |
I'm meant to be baking for my husbands end of the semester party thing thats tomorrow. My plan was to make mini apple pies.

But cutting into the apples, they smell like egg farts and are quite brown.

Sooo, plan B. But i don't have a plan B. What should I make?
Nothing too involved. Not in the mood.

I do have a bunch of pie crusts now.

Theres usually a recipe i want to try, at all times in my mind. But I don't have one this time. Well. It was the mini apple pies.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Its rainy and windy here, bleh.
I also can't figure out what to eat for breakfast.
Its a very, curl up under a blanket on the couch kind of day. But I've done that for the last 4 days, I should actually be productive today

I had a rough waxing session yesterday. Ow.

Christmas shopping this year is challenging. I'm excited for YTSS, hopefully easier to buy for than my 96 year old grandpa.

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Its beginning to look a lot like.. my sister`s birthday. - Mood:Good
Saturday November 10 20185:00:19 PM |
My sister's birthday is coming up. She LOVES baked goods. Gourmet baked goods usually, she gets fancy giant cupcakes and brownies, etc.

I was going to send her a mail order bakery delivery service thing. (she lives across the country). But. I bake. And those things are SO expensive.
Is it horrid and cheap of me to bake her stuff myself, fancy stuff (as fancy as i can), box it all nice and send it? Should I just get a mail order thing?

If i do go that route, do you have any you recommend?

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Help me price cupcakes. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 21 20188:08:43 PM |
A co worker of husbands wants 4 dozen panda and softball themed cupcakes.

Im trying to figure out what to charge. Pretty standard ingredients. Plus 2 fancy boxes to transport them in (about $5 each), and the decor (like, 10$?), liners, etc. I haven't bought the stuff yet though, since its not for sure yet. She wants a price first, as would i.
I don't know. Its a friend. But still. Its work and time and such. And i want to make sure at least not to LOSE money on them.

I was thinking 35$? Thats like, 75 cents per cupcake?

The fancy cupcake place down the road sells them for $4.50 per cupcake. But i am not a fancy cupcake place.

They will most likely have this design for the pandas:

But full size, not mini cupcakes.

What do yall think?

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Hopefully a chatting journal. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 18 201812:22:28 PM |
It thundered so hard this morning, everything shook and about 5 car alarms went off. I was going to go for a walk today. But thunderstorms on and off for the last 5 hours. I was looking forward to walking in rain. Its an adventure. But I'm not walking in a thunderstorm.

I bought 3 clearance bathing suit tops yesterday. Unfortunately none of them fit. I'm an XS bra size usually. Apparently not in a bathing suit. Technically they fit. But they would be, as my grandmother says, "indecent".

I'm so socially deprived yall.

Is anyone out there? What do you wanna chat about? Halloween? Pets? Food? Weather? Movies? Favorite Jello flavor? Pick and topic and go off.

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Baking/ Boobs/ Dreams/ Skype/ Tv shows Non scary Halloween movies - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 17 201810:33:48 AM |
Its Wednesday, which means baking for husband's classes. I'm thinking the rice krispy pumpkins? Unless something else strikes my fancy. Thoughts?

I keep having crazy dreams. Yesterday's was about being beaten and raped, then the aftermath of not wanting to talk to anyone/ re-live it, and tring to get on with life. I felt it all so feel. Ugh.
Then last nights was pretty heavy and dark and realistic too. Wtf. Though at one point i was BELTING singing, i wonder if i was actually singing out loud.. I have been known to talk and sing in my sleep.

I need a new way to harness my boobs. Free is uncomfortable, but something less than a bra. I'm thinking a bralette would be good. I can't find any at brick & mortars though. Buying a bra online makes me nervous.

There is so little to my life nowadays. Its nice, really. But also rather boring at times. Especially for journal writing


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Birthday/ Cakeballs/ BSCC/ Halloween treats/ Pumpkins - Mood:Good
Thursday October 11 20189:06:38 PM |
Its my birthday! Today. But its kinda sad today. I'm all by myself and have been all day. But its okay, because its Birthday Hanukkah. Yesterday I woke up to the living room being decorated with like 20 balloons, gifts, and banners. I got a super soft hoodie i was eyeing

Tomorrow i get a cake. Its from a local fancy cake place. I picked out the flavors and size (ound, almond cake, coconut frosting). The decor is up to my husband I'm excited. and a little scared I do know that whatever he added doubled the price. Which was crazy high. That cake pretty be damn pretty and damn good.

Saturday we take a day trip Do fun things. Then Sunday I skype with my family and open the box they sent out here. Birthday Hanukkah.

I've been listening to a podcast I looooove. Babysitters club club. 2 bbf men in their 30s read through the series and discuss. Its awesome.


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What do yall know about Charlotte, nc? - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 03 201812:32:06 PM |
There's a job opportunity there.
We were hoping to move back to the east coast but Charlotte looks like a BIG city.
Traffic and crime concern me.
I just wanna move somewhere, love it, and stay there
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Find me cute Halloween baked treats to make for my husband`s classes - Mood:Good
Monday October 01 201811:18:49 PM |
One girl that he had last year said she was super excited for my halloween treats, that she loved the 'marshmallow thing' i made last year. I scoured facebook, my phone pics, etc. I can't remember and have no idea what i made last year.

Oh well, i wouldn't make the same thing again.

I hope to make something halloweeny each week until halloween.

I hate no-bake stuff. I like the baking.
It has to be individual things that don't require plates or utensils (like a cookie or cupcake, not a pie or cake)

I'm running a bit low on inspiration this year. Usually I'll see a pic of something floating about and try to copy it or tweak it.

I'm thinking Gingerbats for one. Just make cut out gingerbread cookies in the shape of bats then get my royal icing on and wow and awe with my decorating skillz.

Other than that. Dunno.

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I won`t get to heaven, why not raise a little hell? - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 25 20187:21:21 AM |
I googled symptoms i have and am now convinced i have meningitis. More likely, I am just older and out of shape.

I'm typing this journal on my laptop and find i am out of practice at typing... apparently I swype far more than I type nowadays. Interesting.

I made banana muffins last night. Delicious. Not a fan of banana muffins, so its a bit of a let down. They are good for what they are. But. Meh. At least I used the browning bananas on our counter.

I am far too excited that I can get Hallmark Channel on our Roku. I love Hallmark Christmas movies! Hopefully they will be on there.
Ahh i love Christmas. I am SUPER into the season this year. I bought a scent plug in and autumn scents and I love it. My husband, less so "its a bit.. strong. Can we unplug it now?"


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Who speaks german/Dutch? - Mood:Good
Monday September 17 201811:39:52 PM |
I think it's one of those anyway.

I tried to Google translate but i still have no idea what this dude is trying to say to me.

I play a game, that is mostly in a foreign language, my stuff is in english, but there's team and such and none of them speak English, but we get along and make it work. But i don't know what this guy messaged me.


"ich freue mich, dass du noch da bist, leider sind bei mir einige gegangrn, weil sie sich betrogen fühlen. gruss 'dude'"

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A new diabetic lifestyle up in here - Mood:Good
Saturday September 15 20184:43:09 PM |
So, husband got diqgnosed on the cusp of diabetes. He is a very picky eater, lives on pasta and pizza, and does not do well with change.
Its been a very trying few days. I feel like i have a child. I have to make him every meal, he bitches and whines about it, keeps wanting and trying to eat things he shouldn't, i have scold him.

I was trying to get us out the door, make him lunch, make me lunch, then he wanted a snack but he couldn't get it himself, nooooo. I get it. He doesnt wanna eat it, so eat it AND preparing it is too much. But goodness. But i ended up not eating and got lightheaded.

Its a huge change. And i feel for him. I feel bad being about to still eat things he can't. But i have my own dietary whatnot and health to look out for too. Its just a lot.


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Poisoning my husbands work folk, hotel hunting, job searching, and other random things. - Mood:Good
Thursday September 13 20187:22:33 PM |
I made homemade ding dongs for my husbands work and now im afraid i food poisoned his students and bosses.

I put a bunch of heavy cream in the chocolate choosing because it was way too thick and sweet. Now its making me nervous. But with all that sugar (its literally just melted chocolate, shortening, and heavy cream), it should be okay? Hopefully?

I should stick to non questionably fridged desserts. Its gonna give me ulcers.

They are still craaaaazy sweet though. Pretty good however. Marshmallowy filling.

Picture to come.

We are STILL unpacking. The amount of shelves my husband has put up is insane. Almost done though.

Husband always looks into job postings in fall (when most come out) to see whats out there. So far they are all in places we dont wanna live.


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What should i bake? Help! - Mood:Good
Friday September 07 20187:15:01 AM |
My husband has a work picnic thing. Im supposed to make a side dish and a dessert.

I think I'm making roast potatoes for the side.

I can't decide what to make for the dessert.

I bake for his classes a lot, and those have to be individual, finger food.
So id like to make something that requires a fork and dish since i usually can't.

But i can't figure out what. Last picnic i made a chocolate cake covered in ganache. I don't really have the recipe/ ingredient/ deep wanting to make another cake.

Plus, for a picnic, outside, in new mexico heat... it can't need to be refrigerated or easily melted.


Any and all welcome.

Plus even if i don't make it this time, i am always looking for stuff to bake


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What is this sci fi show? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 19 20184:21:53 AM |
I don't remember much unfortunately. And I really hope i'm not meshing together a couple shows, which i might be.

They were on a ship. There was like... 6 of them? Different species. One of them was blue. Some peaceful mind meldy species. There was a young one, brunette, who i think was the engineer? She had some kind of power or ability. There was a weird pre-cgi creature that was greedy and gluttonous. And a long haired trolly-ish looking dude.

It looked old, but not super old. 90s?

I don't remember much else.


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Help Me Make Classmate Bingo - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 15 20182:49:02 AM |
I'm making an ice breaker for first day of class. A getting to know you, get up and walk around activity.

I'm making a bingo board and the students have to fill it with signatures from classmates who match the boxes of stuff. I'd like to keep it general, easy but not TOO easy, so they have to talk to each other, and able to be used with a small class (of like 9) up to a class of like 30. I'll adjust the board size accordingly, and would like a stock pile of.. superlatives? I don't know what to call them.

So far I have:

1. Classmate who has more than 2 siblings
2. Classmate who has climbed a mountain [lots of mountains around here]
3. Classmate who speaks 3 or more language [almost everyone is at least bilingual around here]
4. Classmate who has had braces
5. Classmate with green eyes


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I find it odd when people ive dated date someone that looks eerily similar to me either before or after me - Mood:Good
Monday July 23 20184:35:05 AM |
An ex who i just didn't have any chemistry with but is a good guy just got married. The pictures freak me OUT. That girl looks like my taller twin. Its odd.

I also found out a guy i was seeing had a ex that looked JUST like me as well, even down to super short and a dancer. It creeped me out mostly because i also found out he was still in love with her. So i was like... a generically made replacement part.

My abusive ex ALSO found a girl very similarly to me. Though that makes sense. Plain, homely, easy to manipulate.

Its just odd to me. None of my exes look anything like each other, to me anyway. My mom told me she thought none were attractive except my first and husband, if that counts. Mean.

Yt you were in my dream. I made an extremely long journal, like, an entire page of just me posting. To explain about some odd occurrence happening in England where i was vacationing.

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Whos been to Carlsbad Caverns? - Mood:Good
Monday July 16 20188:23:07 PM |
We are thinking of going.
What's a good time of year?
What's a good trail/tour?
Place to stay?
Other stuff?

Also. The new winnie the pooh movie looks creepy af.

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Packing/ shiny skin/ dreams/ july 4th - Mood:Good
Thursday July 05 20189:41:41 AM |
About a week left to pack. Which. It unfortunate. Ive been a bit out of commission from hurting my back. We are getting there though. And I've some things to be looking forward to about new place.

I have two dimed sized shiny patches in between my boobs. Its freaking me out. Ones been there a week or two, and i just noticed the other. Not really discolored just.. shiny. Very similar to what it would look like if i put a thin layer of glue on my skin. Odd.

I started watching eureka. Tis pretty good.

I can't decide what to listen to while packing today; HP audiobook, music, podcast, other.

We are tired of NM and cannot wait to move away. Its been interesting, good to experience, but we're good thanks. Gonna look mostly East coast.

I slept through 4th of July and we postponed our anniversary (july 3) til august when things are less crazy.


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I`m laid up and in pain. But bored. And restless. And cold. - Mood:Good
Monday June 25 20186:38:49 PM |
Cold from ac and ice pack.

I hurt my back backing. It hurts but mostly only if i move wrong. Juuust enough to stop me being able to pack further. Which sucks. I was on schedule. Ugh.

Now i have horrible period cramps. And am very laid up. And miserable.
I watched Waitress (on broadway). It was good. Though it's one of those ones i think id really only lie the OBC.
Am watching Anastasia (on broadway). Its cuteish.
I tried to watch a Wicked replacement cast but man whoever taped it had the shakes.

I started watching Lady Bird. Ive read.
It frustrating.
Because i want to be packing.
Or, now at least, just not be in a bunch of pain.
15ish more years of this poo.

What should i do today that can be done without moving much from the couch?

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A post that`s not about moving. Mostly. Well. Not directly. - Mood:Good
Monday June 11 20182:47:02 AM |
I need to go through my clothes and get rid of stuff.

Any ideas of how to about it?

I don't think i can just have a 'keep' and 'toss' pile. I am far too attached and cannot get rid of things.

Maybe a keep, maybe keep, donate, toss? Is that too many?

Maybe like.. i can only keep a certain percentage or something?

Post pics on here and yall can tell me to keep or not?

Help a poor, overly attached to my things girl out please.

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Looking into moving is tough. So is moving itself. But we aren`t there yet. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 07 20181:06:31 AM |

Today was day 3 of viewing apartments. We've seen 10 now. None are 'perfect'. None are really super close. A couple frontrunners. But not excitedly so. A couple we just straight up vetoed. Seeing 4-5 more tomorrow. Then thats it. I think.

I've been gathering notes and info in 2 notebooks, print outs, fliers, etc. So tonight I compiled all my notes into the above excel spreadsheet. Ahhh organization.
It helped organize my thoughts and internal discussions about them too. And nice to be able to compare and contrast to others. Excited to show my husband.


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Is The Chicken Dance still a thing kids do? - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 22 20184:53:22 AM |
chicken dance

I remember doing it at roller rinks. Maybe school?

It somehow got stuck in my head today.

I walked into my husband's office, stoic, put my phone down, turned that song on it, and just started doing the dance. He was amused. Mission accomplished.

I want to make something. Cookies? I'm thinking more healthy. But i have to be quiet, so nothing too extensive.

Maybe pancakes? Chocolate chip pancakes?
I usually dont like chocolate chip pancakes. But that's for breakfast. This is more of a snack.

My husband is on a health kick because he gained some weight. However, hes SO PICKY. I'm trying to introduce new, healthy foods to him but he so convinced he doesn't like things he tried once 25 years ago.

I did succeed with fresh pears! A soft victory. He liked canned pears already. But yay fresh.


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Wanna watch Disney movies with me? - Mood:Good
Monday May 07 20183:09:39 PM |
I'm all by myself as usual.

I realised I'm super behind on new Disney movies. So i thought id have a Disney movie marathon.

First up, Meet the Robinsons.

I'm about halfway through.

Its... a bit trippy. Makes me nostalgic for older, simpler kids movies.
Its cute though.

(Also, suggesting any Disney movies i skulls see from lie 2005 to the present would be helpful )

What's your fav Disney movie?
Or kids movie in general.

Do you tend to like to older or newer ones?

And anything thing else Disney movie related you wanna share

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