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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

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Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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I had a dream about cheeseking - Mood:Good
Friday September 28 20074:45:39 PM |
i don't know why but he was at my dance class. i was talking to someone about spring awakening as we were all packing up to go and he started yelling at me (in a somewhat, ok very, gay manner actually) that i was a disgrace to broadway because i didn't like the classics like lion king and phantom. i'm not sure how old he actually is but in my dream he was about..mmm.. 30s maybe.

then he was a being a prick so i left and a couple minutes later he texted me and said he was sorry and we should get coffee or such together and chat about broadway.

we ended up going on a road trip with a couple other people i can't remember now, including my stepfathers brother and his two kids.

so that was odd. i'm not sure i've ever actually seen cheeseking show any interest in broadway. but that didn't seem to matter

i haven't had a yt related dream in forever though

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I may have started a fire in the kitchen - Mood:Good
Sunday September 23 20073:35:32 PM |
are oven mitts fireproof or am i just really lucky? one probably shouldn't grab at fire with something made out of cloth.

i've also never seen my grandma move so fast. or say "WHAT?!" in such a way as when i told her her kitchen might be slightly on fire. so that was new.

my eyes are watering now. i hate the lingering of burntness in the air.

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Do you own rain boots? - Mood:Good
Saturday September 22 20077:20:28 PM |
i was thinking of buying some. these:

when they go on sale

though i don't like any of the colors.

how many times do i need rain boots though? it'd have to be cold enough to not wear slip ons but not cold enough or snowy enough to wear winter boots. how often does that really happen here? hm. i don't know

i hate working with shoes everyday. i have about 6 more pairs of shoes than i need.

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I cannot stand the phrase "It is what it is" - Mood:Good
Friday September 21 200711:09:00 PM |
Which may or not have something to do with the fact my mother has taken to saying it every chance she gets. It irritated me before. but more like a faint buzzing of annoyance in the back of my head. now it makes me want to dig eyeballs out.

i'm sorry but sometimes its what we make it. and even if its out of our control, saying a sad little (OVERUSED) cliche does not add anything to the resolvation (shut up its a word now) situation.

whoa. i swear this didn't start out as a rant journal.

its amusing though. i mutually complain about my aunt and grandma to my mother and sister, i mutually complain about my mom to my sister. i never complain about my sister. shes really the only person you can't complain about in our family. i wish you all had a sister like my sister.

though i wish i had an older brother too.

anyways. well now damn. i forgot what the real purpose of this journal was. oh. it is what it is. what a cop out to an actual original thought. (cont)

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name me some easily recognizable charaacters from movies, tv shows or books. or fairy tales. or etc. - Mood:Good
Friday September 21 20075:20:10 PM |
i need a simple recognizable (preferably face covering) character to be at work for halloween. i make all my costumes so i'm actually kind of late and don't have much time

i was thinking where's waldo. but its so simple. and so been done before. and doesn't cover my face.

anyone got any other ideas?

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Dad, please don`t threaten to kill my boyfriend with your rifle. - Mood:Good
Saturday September 15 200711:47:09 PM |
I made cupcakes maple flavored. they are delicious. i had about 6. but they are mini. so its ok.

people on fansites are asses. really they are. i want to join the Harmony Among Everyone, Kind Words All The Time No Unneeded Bitchiness forum.

even yall aren't as bitchy as you used to be

i bought new shoes. god i hate working in the shoe department. i hate shoes. i never buy shoes. i have bought 3 pairs of shoes in the past 4 months. thats just wrong.

i can't wait to quit, oh how i can't wait to quit.

someone get me in shape for me.

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i wanna play that game NOW - Mood:Good
Saturday September 15 20073:57:55 PM |
i'm having issues finding the magicians handbook somewhere to dl. and it sucks because i really want to play. i love find the picture type game and wow, that game is like ions above the ones in the highlights magazine

i love yahoo games. but my 60 minute trial ends and i get all sad and depressed.

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Does anyone have any cures for itchy bug bites? - Mood:Good
Saturday September 15 20073:14:06 AM |
I am about to scratch my knee off, until it is nothing but a bloody pulp. it might hurt. but it'd be better than this.

i believe i got bitten by a spider, on my knee and my hip. i can see fang marks. we don't have any deadly spiders i don't think. it just ITCHES like CRAZY man. they are red and puffy. i put cortisone cream on it, on both. my hip itches a bit but seriously. i'm giving my knee 30 more minutes then i'm taking a knife to it.

does anyone know of any way to get it to stop drating itching?

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If you`ve never heard Spring Awakening this will mean nothing to you - Mood:Good
Friday September 14 20075:31:02 PM |
which means 99% of you won't get my shoes but they took me forever so i am whoring them anyways.

i have these white shoes. white shoes drive me nuts, they are too boring, so i got out my painted and painted my lately obsession on them: spring awakening lyrics and graphics

i them. too bad in about 1-2 months they will fade and i'll have to white wash them again, and paint my new current obsession on

only thing is some key SA quotes i can't paint on there, because i have to wear them to work and can't have profanity or suggestive things on there. which is pretty much the whole show

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memmmmmmmory, all alone in the mooooooonliiiiiiight, i can smile at the old days, i was beautiful then - Mood:Good
Sunday September 09 20074:19:46 PM |
so i can't remember a thing. at all. its sad really. so i make lists. i have lists everywhere. i have a list called "what to do while online" stuff i have to look up or check on or buy, etc.

so on my list is "x purse"

i have no idea what that means. and its bothering me. because what ever it is, i should be doing it, but i don't know what it is and i leave today and am internetless til friday. so i hope it can wait

we've all got our junk, and my junk is you

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oh so torn. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 09 20073:46:23 AM |
this really doesn't warrant a journal but, like, whatever, talk to the hand.

actually considering the topic i might go completely valley girl on you. *ahem*

so like i was on like myspace and like this band like added me and stuff and they are like from HERE like my hometown like awesome. so i like can't decide if i wanna like add them or not because while i don't like them i like don't hate them, they aren't bad just.. kinda boring but like should i support my hometown people or like just like ignore them, like i do the people i don't love?

like omg i'd like so appreciate your opinion.

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God i hate getting into internet arguments - Mood:Good
Saturday September 08 200711:24:27 PM |
I'm a pacifist goddammit. But sometimes people irritate me. Which is what I pointed out. I said "i'm kind of annoyed by (member)" and oh dear lord. Apparently he is a 'well respected member' (whose an ass and debates like a 5 year old) and i got the whole site on my ass. He's one of those people who states his side of an argument as a question then follows it up with a "yeah i thought so" or "guess not" or some such condescending nonsense.

But anyways. i could have sworn Beyonce was singing "cheer for your whore now" in Work It Out. but i believe i'm wrong

I really want a pancake right now. Who wants to go to ihop with me? Or, come to my house and make me pancakes?

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If i didn`t love my grandmother i`d kill her - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 04 20077:48:19 PM |
my grandmother is going to Aunt Alyce's Saturday. When she was invited she asked if she should bring anything, they said no.
She called her up tonight said are you SURE i can't bring something? fruit? dessert? how about something for dinner? anything at all?

So my aunt says well if you really want to bring something why don't you bring your fabulous potatoes, everyone loves them.

i can bet you my entire life savings and not be worried that the second she gets off the phone shes going to start complaining about how she has to make potatoes, and how long they make to cook, and augh she never sits down, and whens she gonna get a break, etc.

she does this with EVERYTHING. volunteers then complains to no end.

its so aggravating. but its so gram

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i want these shoes - Mood:Good
Saturday September 01 20071:27:36 AM |

they are ugggggly. jelly shoes but i need some kind of shoe to wear in the dorm showers. and those look perfect. 10$ right now. but i intend to wait until they're a wee bit cheaper.

they smell awful. but i'm hoping wearing and washing them will fix that

i'm bored so i'm looking up random stuff on youtube. at the moment: craig ferguson. next: hank azaria. after that: i'm not sure yet.

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by hups by hups by hups, by lovely lady hups - Mood:Good
Friday August 24 20074:04:13 PM |
i love singing songs with a cold. also calling my mom is fun. "BOBBBBBBBBBB!" it amuses me in my cold medicine haze.

lets see, whats new....

i have a new ringtone thats about it.

my bf's little brother found my on myspace. that was amusing. "are you the girl my brothers always talking to on the phone?"

no school i couldn't figure out how to get there. so, trying for next semester, living in a dorm. pbth.

*cough cough cough*

i got an hour of sleep last night. so i didn't go into work. they were probably cursing at me, because theres a lot of shoes to put away and i'm the only one who does it.

so, whats new?

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Happy Vinalia Rustica! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 19 20074:38:44 PM |
So every once in awhile someone brings a cake over for sunday dinner. Since its not really a special occasion (we just want cake) we make one. They have me look up a famous persons birthday or event or something and i write it on the cake.

Last time it was Zsa Zsa Gabor's birthday. Today it is Vinalia Rustica! A roman celebration of wine and crops dedicated to the gods Venus and Jupiter.

that is an interpretive M&M sculpture of Venus btw.

I was trying to figure out how to celebrate something harry potter or broadway people related but i don't think they would have appreciated it

so happy vinalia rustica! drink wine, be merry.

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ANyone wanna switch lives for about a month or two? and then in january to do jury duty? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 16 20072:05:58 PM |
i have so much poo to do/think about. lets list so i can organize in my brain

- school, how do i get there, CAN i get there, do i take the semester off

- dance, do i take a class? will i be able to?

- get fathers ss card into financial aid

- make eye appointment if my eye thingy doesn't go away

- the will he won't he bf

- do i keep my job and take the semester off, quit my job and go to school (if i can get there) or do both, though i don't think thats possible.

- i'm sure theres more i blocked out.

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Holy crap it`s a miracle (p.s. please help me decide) - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 15 20073:46:33 PM |
so, if you read my last journal you know i don't have a ride to school, that starts in about a week.

i tried buses but its a 2:30 hour ride to a place 30 minutes away, i get carsick, it won't work.

my class is at 9:30am my sister goes, at 11am. and leaves before my classes end.

i go on the site, search the carpool thingy that i couldn't even find on the site itself, i have to google search carpool brockport. i found ONE person in my entire 20 zipcode county. i email them. its a miracle. their schedule sorta fits mine it'll work though, with only me inconvienced not him

but i don't wanna get kidnapped and driven into the woods

so theres that dilemma. do i ride with mystery guy, who doesn't seem to be a student, he says he works in student accounts? or do i take a semester off that i REALLY can't do, BUT then i could keep working which, i need the money? or is there another option i'm missing?

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Tuesday August 14 20077:48:35 PM |
so. i have to catch a bus to school each day and home. i have tried multiple times for HOURS to read this damn bus schedule and i can't figure it out for the life of me.

is anyone here good at reading bus schedules? i really need to figure this out, i start school in a week or two. think if i call them up (if i can find a number) they'll help me out?

i've never ridden a public bus before either i don't wanna pull the cord to get out

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Name me some guilty pleasure songs - Mood:Good
Friday August 10 200710:15:49 PM |
i'm making a guilty pleasures cd, so far i have culture club, hanson, spice girls and wham! better too many than too few so throw out whatever you got.

and hush i know this could be in music but its not so na na na booboo.

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I`m a dancer goddammit (vacation pictures) - Mood:Good
Friday August 10 20078:25:17 PM |
vacation pictures!


pretty church

cool house

me in a tube

me in a kayak

the girls, with boldt castle behind us

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vacation in 3 days. and hopefully a bf in 1. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 01 20074:49:30 PM |
yay! vacation! wooooooo i'm almost done packing. all i got left is last minute stuff.

oh btw, if anyone sees bamagitarman, send him my way would ya?

i will bring back pictures, because i always do. yay

oh the horrible coworker i am JUST short or murdering came back from vacation today god i hate her. i might actually like my job if she wasn't at it.

i'm hungry. i have to figure out where to go/what to eat for dinner.

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why am i avyless? - Mood:Good
Saturday July 21 20079:18:51 PM |
i forgot what it was. but i'm pretty sure it wasn't inappropriate, i'm not one to have inappropriate avys. i'm kinda curious what it was though.

i can't find my camera

i repainted my shoes but i can't show you because i can't find my camera

i'm eating sauceless, cheeseless, onionless, mushroomless pizza. i scrapped it all off. added some ham.

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Pale white skin with strawberry gashes all over all over Watch me fault her You`re living like a disaster She said kill me faster with strawberry gashes all over - Mood:Good
Sunday July 15 20077:44:38 PM |
Whats happening my sly youthink cats? i have fudge. want some?

OH i had the weirdest dream. i was late for my dance recital and i thought it was weird becuase i just had one, so i was running all around the building trying to find the threatre. by the time i found it all my fellow dancers were already on stage in the beginning pose but i had completely forgotten the entire dance so i just kinda faked it for the entire dance, then when it ws over i went out the fire escape door and sat on the concrete with my legs hanging over looking at a lake/pond thing. then house/ hugh laurie drove up and asked me what was wrong and i said nothing and he said soemthing about me dropping my anst all over the rocks and i just stared at him then i thought hey.. is this a dream? then i thought no, it can't be, becuase i'm cold and i can feel the wind and smell the water and i can't do that stuff in a dream. so poo. i really did drat up my dance performance (cont)

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I`m in a game mood - Mood:Good
Sunday July 15 20074:30:47 PM |
anyone wanna play one? on yahoo? on something else? in the thread. help me think of a game
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