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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: (Decline to State)
Religion: Other
Politics: (Decline to State)
Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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The best part of waking up is folgers in your cup - Mood:Good
Thursday January 03 20083:39:47 PM |
Sweeney Todd, why must you torture me so?
Me + musical = like bread and butter.
but me + extensive bloodiness = um, no.

thats mean.

I had about 7 dreams all about volcanoes. But not 7 different dreams. It was like the same dream but from 7 different point of views of this volcano erupting. And it had Ron White as much skinnier, in this funky color blue suit and red high heels. and nothing seemed wrong with that.

Yummy, turkey sandwich.

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I`m having a moment, help me out? - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 01 20082:10:00 AM |
Whats this called?

the.. sign thingy that says the name of the theatre and the name of the show my brains not working, help me out

i should go to bed

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The "I Have a Random Thought" Thread. - Mood:Good
Monday December 31 20074:55:04 PM |
Every so often i get a thought i'd like to share but so don't warrant a journal. so i figure i'll post them all here.

not to be confused with the 'say anything/nonsensical' crap thread. more of i hey i wanna share this type thread.

feel free to contribute.


Oprah has crappy taste in dancers. Seriously, that girl she said is "the best dancer today" is a boring ass dancer. good technique. but nothing special. i've seen much better on youtube, of just random people.

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I`m still having a Macgyver dilemma - Mood:Good
Sunday December 30 20074:51:23 PM |
172$ for the box set. thats a lot of money. even with my gift card. pbth. i can't decide.

So i'm at grams right now. i'm going home tonight, going to work tomorrow and coming back to grams tomorrow night to spend new years eve with her.

I'm making pigs in blankets

I need a 2008 calendar but i refuse to buy one until they are like 4$ i want one with faeries. i did dragons this year, NYC year before. time for faeries.

Do you have a 2008 calendar? If so, whats the pictures?

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Anyone here good at math? - Mood:Good
Saturday December 29 20078:46:02 PM |
So i'm making brownies. this recipe serves 18 and called for a 8 inch square pan. i want to use a 9 by 13 pan. what do i have to scale the servings to to do that?
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Saturday December 29 20077:42:37 PM |




I keep getting called bipolar. huh. i don't see it.

ooo new years in 3 days

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young people bother me (an unfair rant that i don`t really believe, this girl just pissed me off) - Mood:Good
Friday December 28 20076:41:49 PM |
She says, upon finding a sarah mclachlan video, "wow! sarah mclachlan is almost on the level of christina aguilera!"

while i suppose meant as a compliment, excuse me? you are comparing a skanky girl in her 20s who, yes, can sing, but good god is no where near the awesomeness of, to sarah mchlachlan? the founder of lillith fair? the ACTUAL (and extremely gifted) WRITER OF HER OWN DAMN SONGS?

god young people bother me.

And someone tell the 4000 teenagers in the mall today to go make out at home, not in my damn way while i'm on break walking through the mall. or screaming at each other "OHMYGOD TIFFFFFFFFANY! LOOK AT THESE EARRRRRRRRINGS I BOUGHT! ONLY 200$, I GRABBED MY MOTHERS CREDIT CARD BEFORE I LEFT *giggle giggle*

i vote for an extermination of all the annoying teenagers in the world.

which of course excludes allll of the teenagers on this site.

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Malfunction. Need input. Number 5 is Alive! (i need your input) - Mood:Good
Friday December 28 20074:22:05 PM |
So i have two gift cards that equal 45$ for circuit city. i want to get some macgyver dvds.

they are 20$ each

the questions are: which two seasons do i get? should i just get the complete series box set and chip in the rest?

theres no savings in the complete series set. 6 seasons, 160$.

i macgyver. but i don't know if i wanna spend that much money.

but which two seaons do i get then?

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Its rent! its rent! its rent! its rent! - Mood:Good
Saturday December 22 20077:14:38 PM |
ITS RENT ON TV i'm so excited. i rent

i'm not a fan of the movie actually. but its still rent

and jesse l martin is the best thing about this thing

i love me some arapp and adam, etc. but man. their acting just isn't right for movies. jesse is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrious though.

but for those who don't care but clicked on a rent thread anyays, what are you up to tonight?

i will be watching rent and making cookies

OH ITS TANGO MAUREEN! i love arapp. but i like matt caplans tango maureen a bit better though i think he's taken too many liberties with the role lately. He was just roger though which i would love to see.

and none of you have any idea what i'm talking about


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Why are all the hot ones gay - Mood:Good
Friday December 21 20077:18:10 PM |
john tartaglia that is, at the moment. Fabulous voice as well. I watch a kid show weekly just for him and his hotness and his voice

is it weird that i'm bringing the subway lady cookies on monday? i went to school with her son (who also works there) and my grandma is friends with her now since shes a Mall Walker (the subway is in the mall). plus i work at the mall and get lunch there a lot. so. yea. snickerdoodles, sugar or.. something else?

my dog is injured

my christmas shopping is done

however, not everything is going to be shipped in time oh well.

my SS person isn't gonna get theirs until after christmas either though its shipped.

its johnny! and the sprites! did you see one? johnny! and the sprites! could you be one? johnnnnnnny, and the sprites!

he doesn't picture well. he pictures kinda plasticy. but in motion, hes wondertastic. *le sigh*

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Meet Barkley, the snow lab - Mood:Good
Friday December 21 20075:13:25 PM |

i got bored in the 15 minutes waiting for my mom to come home.

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So i`m testing out a theory - Mood:Good
Sunday December 16 20074:24:21 PM |
Has anyone ever heard the song "Dear God?"
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i love you SS! - Mood:Good
Saturday December 15 20074:18:03 PM |
i would post pics but i can't find my camera.

unfortunately, my dogs got to the box before i did.

so it was all chewed up. but the stuffed dragon was fine (which was shocking)! hes so cute i love him

the music note earrings, dance tin and candles

yay cds! i don't have the full cd of any of them! rockin

but there is a little chewed box top that i'm not sure what that was

but who are you?

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Someone hold me. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 15 20073:01:12 PM |
i feel very much like my avy right now. only i'm fully clothed.

i just got done with loan crap. i don't wanna pay 50,000 back over 10-25 years with my crappy dance job i wish i could skip the whole school part but i really need to work on my technique and need the career counseling they offer. maybe i can learn what i need to in a year or two and skip the degree part, just go on auditions. technically i'm a junior, its possible.

i hate not being rich enough to afford it, not being poor enough to get any help. i'm sorry mr gov but your wrong. i can't afford 5,000+ out of pocket a semester with my 2,000 a year job.

i still vote for the sponsor a college student requirement for rich people. if i become president that is SO happening. Though i don't think people would vote for me if i continue to say "SO happening"

damn its expensive to live out a dream.

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me and lucifer, lucifer and me, just like the angels that fell, banished forever to hell, today have i been expelled from high school heaven, elevator going down, going down, going down - Mood:Good
Sunday December 09 20074:38:54 PM |
I'm so excited to shop for my SS!

way too excited really. i'm getting all in christmas shopping mode. but i REALLY can't spend much on people, so i can eat next semester. but its so hard not to buy everything for everyone!

so i'm gonna plot:
mom: already spent 30 on main gift, about 25 on stocking stuffers so far
aunt: 15-20 got 7
gram: 20-30
grandpa: 15-20
sister: 15-20
Sdad: 15, he's done
bf: hes on here, i don't wanna say

my mother is way too easy to buy for.

i have to shop in 45 minute increments which drives me nuts. i like to shop for 6 hours and be done. But i have an hour in between when i get out of work and my mother does so i shop then.

so i want to paint my dresser. but it sounds like a lot of work. so i may not

i have a camera with sound now! its so exciting. too bad i can't sing. i'd sick up a million youtube singing thingys. i do dance though. poor youtube.

hows your christmas shopping going?

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moan moan bitch moan whine - Mood:Good
Sunday December 02 200712:18:40 AM |
i'm sick. i hate being siiiick.

i hate being able to only breathe out of one nostril. drives me nuts.

i wish i could sing and act. i;d so be trying out for spring awakening right now.

well not right NOW. since its midnight. but now as in in the present.

they are looking for 14+ people who can pass for 14-16. i am 22 but get mistaken for 12 all the frickin time. it'd be nice if that paid off for once.

i'm in a gin mood.

i'm in a cold fog

its sky blue. the fog that is.

i watched guys and dolls today. i like that movie.

singing with a cold is fun.

spring and summer, every other day. blue wind gets so pained, blowing through the thick corn, through the bails of hay.

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i just got a free 15$ circuit city gift card. what should i buy? - Mood:Good
Saturday December 01 20077:22:19 PM |
i'm not much of a circuit city person. plus mostly what i'd buy there (camera, laptop) goes a bit above 15$ and i'd rather buy them someplace else

so. i'm not a cd person. not a movie person.

this is kind of exciting. random gift card for nothing. hmmmm

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I`m making out my Christmas cards/ books/ marathons/ actors i love - Mood:Good
Friday November 30 20077:56:22 PM |
anyone want one if i have some left over? PM me your address if you do

unless you're underage, i don't think thats allowed is it?


i'm sick i have a cold. i think. its weird.

So i'm gonna send a friend of mine a book, she asked for people to send her books. but i don't know what to send. shes kind of.. odd. very march to your own drummer. i'm not sure wht types of books she likes, so any suggestions would be helpful. but do tell why you are suggesting it.

i lost 80$ in the past 2 days. god i hate that.

since i was home sick today i watched an entire season of beauty and the geek marathon. nate.

i also watched Swing Kids and almost died. 3 of my favorite people are in it- swing dancing. ohhh i was in heaven. robert sean leonard, christian bale and kenneth branagh. i RSL so much. and hi swing dancing was just.. ohhhhhh.


no wait. thats it

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Tips from a pro, poles, and dancing - Mood:Good
Sunday November 25 20075:44:59 PM |
So i've been watching lots of pro poker playing on tv. I've always played hold 'em with my own style and theories that were so against how your supposed to play but i did alright.

Ever since i startedapplying their tips i have been losing so bad their tips are ingrained now though! augh. stupid pros

so i was thinking of making some kind of chocolate/peppermint poles. but my family doesn't like peppermint, so maybe just chocolate poles. OHOH how about a mix/striping of white milk and dark chocolate. hm.

Someone come dance with me. modern/contemporary to get me into shape. oh and build me a studio while you're at it.

and to tie my title together, i wonder if i'd be any good at pole dancing. i have strong enough abs. and i have strong legs. but my arms aren't very strong. i don't think i'd do well

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It`s a Journaly (christmas) Music Question - Mood:Good
Saturday November 24 20073:56:53 PM |
Whats your favorite christmas song and whose it sung by? i'm trying to extend my christmas music. right now its sad. i have rascal flatts god rest ye merry gentleman, martina mcbride's o holy night and mariah carey's all i want for christmas.

whether its a punk band re-doing a classic, singer/songwriter making a new xmas song or bing crosby singing white christmas, gimme some ideas

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Dear lord my father is an ass - Mood:Good
Saturday November 24 20072:35:15 PM |
i am SO glad hes gay so he can't drat up any more kids heads

i'm sending him christmas cookies

but god he needs a lesson in human relationships. and how to not guilt trip everyone in your life to the point of suicide. he just about ruined my moth-

*ahem* anyways. so work sucks.

but i don't want a negative journal. how about.. cookies! christmas cookies, the house smells good.

i bought 4 new candles, i LOVE scented candles. pumpkin pie, harvest, christmas cookie, and holiday scent. i don't know what that is exactly but it smells good.

i tried to christmas shop but i ended up buying 3 things for other people and about 20 for me but they were on sale!

as i get older i realize more and more what terrible parents my parents were. i suppose they tried. sorta. they weren't abusive. well, physically. just very. negligent. and head drating up-y.

but i'm back to negativity! oh well. maybe i'm just in a negative mood today. but i'm not my dad just

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Every year my aunt makes us where pilgram and indian hats, for as long as i can remember - Mood:Good
Thursday November 22 20073:22:24 PM |
i decided max should join in this year:


i'm tired and we haven't eaten turkey yet.

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YT scavanger hunt - Mood:Good
Sunday November 18 20076:36:36 PM |
Are you bored? yay so am i. i'm not good at making games so this will be simple.

Find picture of description given. first person to post (majority approved if needed) picture of description post the next description.

this may die

first: a (real) cat in a (real) hat

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I have to think selfishly for a minute. it really shouldn`t be this hard. i do it all the time - Mood:Good
Sunday November 18 20074:30:40 PM |
I'm making a christmas list and they keep yelling at me that i don't have enough stuff on it. but i can't think of anything else. i have:

Target GC
Wegmans GC
Barnes and Noble GC
Joe boxer pants\capris/shorts/boxers
Cute socks
Umbrella (something portable)
Storage containers (of any size)(not humungous though)
Storage drawers
PJ pants
Brown lipstick
Black eyeliner
Sticky tacky stuff (for putting up stuff without ruining the wall)
Good chocolate

i can't think of anything else i think thats enough stuff but i think they have mentally rejected more than half of my list already and want more choices. pbth.

what would you ask for?

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anyone want a 20% off macys coupon? - Mood:Good
Saturday November 17 20074:41:54 PM |
i could give you one good nov 28- dec 3. friends and family sale, yall'd get my employee discount. but are you my friend?

half our shoes are on sale for reallly cheap. i'd be excited. but i'm not a shoe person.

i got 7 shirts/pants for 2.50$ each though PLUS my discount, which is back of house.

60 more days!!!!!!!!

i have a week off well. 6 days. then black friday. retail sucks. stock rocks though. i just stayed back there with my headphones on listening to loveline the whole one day sale long

i am so disappointed in my avy. it took way too long to look that crappy.

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