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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: (Decline to State)
Religion: Other
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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bang diga diga bang, bang diga diga bang, banga dee bang, bang diga diga bang, swoosh-de-swoosh-swoosh, bang diga diga bang, bang diga diga bang - Mood:Good
Friday February 15 200811:55:51 PM |
AKA i just came back from STOMP that thing is SO frickin cool, i am in love with all of them. especially the one that reminded me of my bf i'm not sure why he did, but he did.

i wanna be a drummer now. and walk around on oil drums.

i keep tapping on my laptop. laptop, bottle, book, laptop, bottle, book. book-book-book, laptop, bottle

i had THE MOST annoying kid behind me. and horrid seats. but it was only 10$ including transportation. so yay. i wanna go see it again.

maybe i should try to find a bootleg.

i am wiiiiiiiiiiide awake right now. and have nothing to do. and nowhere i can go. i'm kinda stuck in my dorm since i don't have a car and where on earth else can i go.

i feel sorry for my african drummer professor tomorrow. i'm gonna be banging on everything.

but that is SO frickin cool.

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The Death of Bohemia: OH MY GOD RENTS CLOSING - Mood:Good
Friday February 15 200812:36:59 PM |
I think i'm gonna cry. well, maybe not but still. i am oh so sad. i've loved rent since about 97-98 i think. right after the obc left. i've obsessively sang the songs, supported the actors in their other roles and protested the use of justin timberlake in the movie along with the other rentheads. that movie sucks btw. but anyway.

I think we need some mourning. if you'd like to say a few words perhaps, share some quotes, share some life changing rent experiences, go right ahead.

I know YT will be YT but please try not to sh*t on my mourning rent thread. yes on one hand its silly to be mourning a musical and i get that and am being melodramatic on purpose.
But on the other hand rent really did have a HUGE impact on my life and i love it dearly, to see it gone is going to be sad.

so, share if you want to, leave if you don't, have some respect at least.

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*hobble hooble* Thank GOD my ankle kills . - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 12 20081:29:47 PM |
I hate in-betweens that cause decisions. I hurt my ankle on thursday.

ok lemme me give you my dance schedule in case you wanna follow along.

i have rehearsals for choreography on monday nights. i have modern on MWFs.

So i hurt my ankle on thursday practicing. it was fine friday at modern but over the weekend was sore. so i stayed over it over the weekend until yesterday, when i had modern and rehearsals.

well that didn't go well. it was sore after modern but KILLED after rehearsals.

the problem is the performance for choreography is tonight. and it was sore and ached but wasn't bad enough to say "oh no i can't" and its not good enough to cause me no worry.

however, i went to the health center and they said i should stay off it for a few days but the performance is up to me.

WHY i'm having such issues is this performance isn't showcasing me, its showcasing this girl's choreography and one of her other dancers hurt her foot so the girl is filling in for her. so

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How do atheists go through AA? - Mood:Good
Monday February 11 20089:14:47 PM |
I was reading the steps and a good lot of them have to do with God and whatnot.

Who's stressed? ME

i have a performance tomorrow and my ankle is shot to poo.

plus we've only rehearsed that thing twice. TWiCE. to learn it and practice. TWICE. crazy.

i hate being injured. it throws off my chi.

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its f*ck ass freezin gin here (a cold rant) . - Mood:Good
Monday February 11 200812:43:54 PM |
i think its like 8, and who knows what the wind chill is,

my hands cracked. yes, bleeding cracked.

my ankle kills which sucks since i'm a drating dance major and its kinda hard to dance without your ankle.

and my wrist actually but i don't use that as much.

i want my space heater back.

but fire inspection tomorrow. no space heater. bah.

OH and my eye is swollen. the top part of my left lid and the bottom of my right lid. i look lopsided. and drugged.


someone warm me up.

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You`ve Got Mail makes me cry every damn time. i`m such a drating girl . - Mood:Good
Sunday February 10 20088:08:34 PM |
seriously. every damn time. my favorite movies are such chick flicks.

you've got mail
dead poets society
good will hunting
center stage
you got served (horrid plot, good dancing though)
secret garden
fifth element

ok maybe not that last one

i'm back at my dorm. not wanting to do homework.

you know. for someone who is a dance major, i do way too much reading and writing and far too little dancing.

i'm missing the vagina monologues. my friend is in it but i have no car and can't get there. my bf was supposed to go with me but he's all laid up in the hospital.

i'm a hip hop dancer. what am i doing in this contemporary dance school.

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I dreamt dane cook was stalking me . - Mood:Good
Friday February 08 20088:58:40 PM |
and a guy who looked like a younger owen wilson was helping me keep him away from me. it was odd. and and it wasn't the first time dane cook has stalked me in a dream either weird.

My roommates/suitemates are all out getting drunk at some party they invited me too. but i'm a SITM, my new nickname,and am eating a salad at my grams house. i'm kinda mad i could have had the suit to myself though. but then i would have had to deal with drunk suitemates at like 3am. so bah.

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Hummus is a scary scary thing - Mood:Good
Thursday February 07 20085:57:56 PM |
I'm in the dance department. I went to te dance department cafe. there is a ridiculous amount of hummus products there. and healthy crap. don't get me wrong, i eat healthy. very healthy actually. but hummus? bah.

i got a salad. then was still hungry and went back and got a chicken wrap that is now burning the inside of my mouth. i don't know what was in it but damn. peppers. damn peppers. i don't like peppers. i don't like hot things.

but yummy. real food. well, sorta.

better than the easy mac i've been living on.

ok heres my dilemma. i have the other half of my wrap left. i wanna save it for lunch tomorrow. but my dorm is alllllll the way on the other side of campus. and i'd have to walk 20 minutes there, 20 minutes back to come back for dance practice.

how do i save my wrap but not go back to my dorm?

you think.

i'll listen to the african drumming behind me.

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we should play six degrees of YT - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 06 20087:50:53 PM |
or i could play by myself.

either by meeting or going to the same place or if its really hard same city.

brought to you by the fact that i am still freaked out that face was in a bike race with my high school science teacher.

so, who wants to start? who can you connect yourself to? how long of a chain can you make?

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And so it is. Just like you said it would be. Life goes easy on me. Most of the time. . - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 06 20085:28:12 PM |
I feel so drained. and i have no idea why. i feel hot. i felt fine earlier though. its just bam, all of a sudden.

i swear to god if i get sick someones GOING DOWN.

anyways. i have so much homework to do. i'm dropping out. becoming a gypsy.

i need to get out of this room. this dorm is so frickin small. but where am i gonna go? and i don't feel like moving. and its cold. and i have homework. i wanna go home for like a week. sounds good to me. one week here, one week at home doing nothing. one here. one week at home.

i feel like poo. someone unpoo me.

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Can someone with a mic help me out? - Mood:Good
Monday February 04 20088:30:43 PM |
i need some kind of mutely subtle noise thats like 1 sec long to use as an IM ding. that ding is so damn loud. some kind of tap or light bang or something. and i need about 3-4 different kinds. i don't like the door opening either

can you help me?

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Nicole is not the sharpest tool in the shed - Mood:Good
Monday February 04 20083:44:21 PM |
so i just bought a laptop with a touchpad. is there a way to mouse ball scroll? you know the ball on the mouse that scrolls for you without having to actually click the scroll bar?

its driving me insane to physically scroll.

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When you fantasize about winning an award, and your acceptance speech and everything (or is that just me?) which award are you winning? - Mood:Good
Monday February 04 200811:41:38 AM |
And who do you thank?

for me it would be a Tony and i'd thank my high school english teacher and my dance studio for being my first dance family, also the people in the cast of my first broadway musical.

i have too much time, its a 20 minute walk from my class to my dorm, what else am i gonna do?

so hows about you?

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I need some printing help - Mood:Good
Saturday February 02 20081:38:51 PM |
so i just bought a laptop and need a printer. i know nothing about computer/printers. do i have to worry about compatibility? and what do you think of this one?

i have a dell laptop if that helps. oh and its going in my dorm

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Give me my money back, give me my money back you bitch . - Mood:Good
Friday February 01 20085:43:43 PM |
Ahhhhh home sweet home. i want to be in two places at once. i want to be back at my dorm hanging out with my roomies but its also nice to be back home.

college sucks. i'm starting to think i am just completely wasting money. but the thought of dropping and getting some dead end job for the rest of my life depresses me. so i'll foool myself and get into debt a little more before giving into that reality.

so whats new with you?

i may bake something tonight.

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Tai Chi sounds fun. but really. not a fun class. . - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 29 20086:54:02 PM |
i'm dropping it. pbth.

house night wooo!

this is crazy man. i've only been living in this dorm since friday and been to two days of classes and am worn out and fried.

LOVE my roomies though. i am incredibly lucky

laptop still isn't here grrrrrrr. all my assignments are on the computer. i'm in the computer lab right now.

so whats new? what'd i miss? whats going on in the world? i feel like i'm 500,000 miles away from the world in a little college bubble.

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my head is spinning - Mood:Good
Sunday January 27 20083:20:38 PM |
i'm in student life shock. i have 3 roommates i just met yesterday. i have classes starting tomorrow. i'm in tai chi. and human anatomy. i'm gonna fail.

i also have no idea how i'm going to pay for poo yet. i got my books. but tuition... i can't afford what my loan doesn't cover. so that should be fun. going to fin aid tomorrow, not open now.

i LOVE being on campus. its awesome. i've always wanted to live in a dorm and i love love love it.

but boyfriend does not however. so that sucks.

my roommates are nice yay! i love that i can do all the campus events, i'm here woooo.

say it with me, woooooo

OH the food. is interesting. buffet style. or cafeteria style. i'm used to subway. or bringing my lunch. now i have no choice, if i want to eat.

i hate telling people i'm 22. its so much easier to say 16. or 18 now i suppose. then they give me the ohh ok makes sense face instead of the holy crap really? you don't act/look like it face.

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I know you`ll all miss me dearly - Mood:Good
Friday January 18 200811:51:29 PM |
I doubt many of you will even notice i'm gone but this is my last weekend before i move off to college (eeeeeee). i may have internet, i may not. but even if i do i should probably be doing homework and not YTing

i'm sooo nervous and excited. i've been trying to hide it from my family since they think i'm 7 and treat me like i'm 7 so i'm trying to act like pbth, just moving off to college, whats the big deal? so maybe they'll stop treating like an incapable idiot for awhile.

but ahhh living away from home. i'm 22, really i am too old to be all awwww i'm away from home. but you don't understand. i have labs i'm gonna miss my dogs

i'm bringing a bunch of pictures of them. my bf asked if i'm bringing any pictures of my family and i was like.. oh yea. i'm bringing one of my sister. and now i'm bringing one of my aunt mom and gram. and of the dance girls.


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I really want to buy this shirt - Mood:Good
Friday January 18 20089:44:55 PM |
this one that is

But i really can't spend the money. i SO want it. macgyver. but i'm trying to get by. and macgyver shirts are not in my budget. though they should be.
*sigh* i shall wait a month.

Hey, whats a good way to get rid of dizziness? yes, other than getting off the internet. its driving me nuts.

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please don`t put your sh*t on youtube, do da, do da, please don`t put your sh*t on youtube, oh the do da day - Mood:Good
Sunday January 13 20083:07:09 AM |
I recently got a camera with video, and sound. i've had video, but no sound before. it is WAY too easy to stick my poo on youtube. videos of me singing (i am not a good singer) videos of me dancing (i don't need people telling me how much i suck). WHY do i feel this impulse to put them up anyway?

oh i should have never gotten a camera with sound. i'm too much of a picture/video whore.

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its time once again for Fun With Your Camera`s Timer - Mood:Good
Sunday January 13 200812:45:42 AM |
ok lets try it this way:

Have fun laughing at me, i know i did i swear i try to control the faces i make, but nope, can't do it

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I`m redesigning my cafepress store - Mood:Good
Saturday January 12 20083:50:41 PM |
I wish i had some kind of good photoshop type program. my shirts are very basic.

I started that store to make shirts for me, so i didn't have to make them and iron poo on myself.

but i decided that i want to make some money goddammit

but all my designs are very.. not very widely appealing. local stuff or inside jokes. so help me get my creative juices flowing. i need some brain exercises

damn copyright stuff. i made a kick-ass house calendar that i can't sell. and band whatnot. pbth.

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What.. in the hell? - Mood:Good
Friday January 11 20084:00:46 PM |
I know i'm probably at least the ten thousand journal about this.

But what in the hell happened to YT???

I'm not even positive where this journal is going to, where to find it.

I don't like this

*runs to a corner and rocks*

change is bad! change is bad!

whats the general consensus? hate? love? indifference?

holy hell people. i may have to start hanging out at my broadway forums more.

in other news, i move into school on the 25th so i won't be here anyways

i put in my two weeks notice at work, Macy's. you have no idea how much i enjoyed that. ahhh.

wish me luck in finding my post

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my (nicole-made) calendar pictures. - Mood:Good
Friday January 04 20086:30:01 PM |
i don't know which months are which yet, but if you see any mistakes, snafus, soemthing just doesn't look right, in any of these pictures, let me know?



jeremy, matt, josh. 3 broadway loves.

jgall. actor/singer



random people i like

raul. actor/singer


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I think I waited too long to buy a calendar - Mood:Good
Friday January 04 20083:55:30 PM |
i can't find any

i did find some harry potter ones and some boring looking ones at barnes and noble that are half off but i don't want a boring one and the HP one is huge.

i really want a faerie one

so off to ebay i go.

i found one

for 18$

calendars are way too expensive. I just want some faeries on my wall.

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