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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Religion: Other
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Any nurses/medically knowledgable people around? - Mood:Good
Friday March 28 20086:12:20 PM |
I have a question i don't wanna splatter over YT. If there are can you PM me?

Its not gross, promise

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I`m in a drating bad mood so get the drat away from me. - Mood:Good
Monday March 24 200811:35:48 AM |
why am i in a bad mood? i have no idea.

i got to Modern late this morning. i have a rehearsal at 5-7, dunno how dinners gonna work, and i don't wanna go. my ankle hurts. but other than that, todays pretty good.

yet i am about to bite someones head off

its not pms

maybe its the damn-spring-breaks-over blues.

well. the damn-spring-breaks-over bitchiness i suppose. since i'm not blue. just angry


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I`m full of battery acid, i have 3 papers and a midterm due soon, easter isn`t fun when you`re old, and damn i`m unorganized - Mood:Good
Sunday March 23 20089:25:57 PM |
I have never been so happy to hear that annoying song "low". i fixed our shower radio. But i'm full of battery acid now. well not NOW, i washed my hands. But still. I fiddled and fiddled and finally "shorty had them apple bottom jeans.. "

i am SO happy to be back in my dorm. But i have so much poo to do. papers out my ass. i was gonna go to my library to do them but mom brought me back too drating late. BAH.

I have to put away all my poo anyway. i have way too much. It doesn't fit anywhere.

Anyone wanna come over, groove to music and help me organize?

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Anyone feel like being a detective? . - Mood:Good
Saturday March 22 20086:28:49 PM |
My mom won a tin of cookies and we wanna know how expensive they were supposed to be. help us try to find them?

it looks green in that picture but its gold. and says "fournisseur de la cour" on it and the brand is Delacre

they estimate it to be about 2-3 pounds

first one to find it gets a prize if you are 18+

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i think we need a voice/singing/humming/clucking thread - Mood:Good
Saturday March 22 200812:20:29 AM |
I really wanna hear everyones singing voice

But i know not everyone likes to sing and post it for the world to hear, so feel free to just post your voice

or you can do spoken word singing. that could be cool.

just post soemthing!

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Help me buy speakers, would ya? - Mood:Good
Friday March 21 20086:51:38 PM |
cross posted yes but i really wanna buy these things or not tonight.

I want to buy some speakers. they have to be small since i cart them everywhere but i also want them to sound good. i don't want to spend more than 40$. they don't have to have wonderful sound quality. just not crap. something i can plug into my zune and have fill up a dance studio room with music i can practice to.

i have these:little ones from creative

one side doesn't work anymore but i love them. small, portable, they sound pretty good to me.

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Spring Break is almost over! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!! Let`s party. - Mood:Good
Friday March 21 20086:25:43 PM |
Thank GOD. I think i am the only person (except maybe parents) who are counting down til spring break is over.

i am going out of my mind bored. my family is driving me up the damn wall. i actually miss people at school. in general. no one really in particular. my roomies maybe.

i miss going to class. which is just.. weird. but mostly i miss my freedom. being able to come and go from my room as i please. hanging out all day in the dance wing. watching classes. using studio space. Having SO much fun at night.

Is it over yet? Can i go back yet? Please?

Easter in a couple days. That should be fun i guess

BF hopefully soon as well.

I miss not eating all day and actually feeling productive.

WTF is wrong with me.

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If looks could kill you would be an uzi You`re a shotgun - bang! What`s up with that thang? I wanna know how does it hang? Straight up, wait up, hold up Mr. Lover, like Prince said, you`re a sexy motha - Mood:Good
Monday March 17 20081:13:57 PM |
I feel like i'm always waiting. Waiting for spring break to be over. Waiting for my bf to get here. Waiting to live, waiting to die, waiting for a revolution that would never come.

what is that line from? That line pops into my head sometimes and i have no idea what its from.


I took a bath yesterday, read the tv guide and ate grapes. at the same time that is. it was nice, i suppose

*twiddles thumbs*

I feel so unproductive. I wanna DO something. I wanna go back to school!

We bought Wicked tickets today. Balcony RC seats 20-24.

They wanted loge. but I had to buy them since gram can't work a computer and AL is at work. They went on sale at 10am. Yea. Nicole doesn't get her happy ass up before noon if she can help it. So that was interesting. Gram telling me we are going to get crappy tickets. Me sleeping going drat wicked.

If i am sleeping. And there is $1000 waiting for me in the other room. Theres a good chance i'll say its not worth it and roll back ov

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Juno is annoying me - Mood:Good
Sunday March 16 20084:05:10 PM |
I'm watching it. and that girl annoys the everlovin crap out of me. a rude sarcastic pregnant girl is just so endearing.

and i don't like the music.

pbth. i want a good chick flick

jason batemans kinda hot though. little old. but hot.

p.s. i still want go back to school. my family = driving me crazy. please get me away from them

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GOD my family annoys the ever lovin poop out of me - Mood:Good
Saturday March 15 20086:08:12 PM |
So i just came back home for spring break and my aunt, gram and mom are here. i came into the kitchen and they were talking about me. about how i get along with my roommates, if i'm socializing blah blah.

so i come in and try to tell them stories about my roomies and they aren't listening. they are watching tv, reading the newspaper and "uh huh"ing me ever so often.

what the drat?

they can talk about me but not listen to me? GOD i wanna go back to my dorm. and i've been here *looks at clock* 34 minutes.

they keep saying "i bet your happy to be home" and my grandpa asked how i am and my mom said "she's glad to be home" i'm like.. uh... never said that

i wanna go back thats terrible of me isn't it?

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I havde the dorm to myself. woo!!!..... so.. yea. um. ....*twiddles thumbs*... hm. *looks around*. Now what do i do? :-( - Mood:Good
Friday March 14 200810:30:05 PM |
My roomies left for spring break. i have a couple (voluntary, fun) classes tomorrow so i'm still here. I was all excited. WOOO! room to myself!

but i've been in here alone for about an hour now. and am bored out of my mind

i asked my roomie to make me a list of stuff that i won't think of/ won't remember to do before i leave tomorrow, like unplugging everything and whatnot. i was expecting like maybe 5 things. i came home to a list about 15 things long

including vacuuming and throwing out all the trashes. and taking our millions of plastic bottles down to the trash room. but they left me no garbage bags. so thats going to be interesting.

Oh and my roomie took the TV

*twiddles some more*

thank god i don't have a single room. i'd go insane.

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yesterday at 11am i was officially on spring break - Mood:Good
Friday March 14 200812:33:05 PM |
my mind may have started a little sooner.

I had a midterm at 9:30 then when I was done at 11am, I was free! but theres a dance conference going on here, 95 masters classes offered, for free. So i've been going to those, and will today.

But I don't HAVE to. Thus, freeeeeeeeeeeedom.

Heres the sad thing though. I really don't wanna go back home My family is bad chi. Its only for a week. But still. Bah.

I have pack. And unplug everything. And take my perishable items.

I have to be out by 9am tomorrow. Thats such BS. I have to get up at like 7am on a saturday morning.



Don't make me leave

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can someone explain to me how internet presale works? . - Mood:Good
Monday March 10 200810:47:40 AM |
I'm trying to buy tickets for wicked, my aunt and grandma left it up to me. i've never bought ticketmaster tickets before and am confused now. it says its internet presale and i need a password. does that mean i'm SOL or i just have to go find the password?
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Are there any mods around? . - Mood:Good
Friday March 07 200811:47:50 AM |
i tried looking through the whos online but i can't find one
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You decide for me. Honestly, i`ll do whatever majority chooses. . - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 05 20081:50:57 PM |
I really want some chocolate donuts. however, chocolate donuts are not healthy. and i have powdered donuts but i want chocolate ones.

so, do i leave my comfy room (which i actually have to myself) and walk in the blowing snow to get donuts? or do i stay here, eat my powdered donuts and be happy with what i have and not gain 20 pounds buying sweets i don't need?

annnnnnd. choose.

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I need a topic in biology that interests me. help me think of one? - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 04 200810:35:55 PM |
"topic that interests me" and "biology" don't go together. so help me think of something thats relatively easy and interesting?
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my home is deep inside the mystics, i`m known to keep digging on existance, I`m holding in the heat like a fish stick, my phone is beeping cuz i missed it - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 04 20087:22:10 PM |
I'm starting to think this isn't healthy.

but what do i know

i keep eating i had a tv dinner, a can of peas, cookies and a donut.

and i'm supposed to dance in an hour. pbth. i should have left by now. i really don't wanna bring my laptop. i don't think i will.

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I always forgetting getting on dicks websites isn`t like getting on walmarts. you can`t just add a .com - Mood:Good
Sunday March 02 20085:39:55 PM |
Dicks does have ANY thermos on their website i can't get to the store and i have 2 gift cards and a deep need for a thermos. BAH

i made cookies

i dislike my family. i LOVE living in a dorm mostly because i'm away from my family. they aren't evil. they aren't horrible people. they are just.. not the type of people i want to surround myself with. they are so negative. and eager to start soemthing. and eager to tell you what to do. and DAMN manipulative.

i'm so glad i'm out

now if only my bf was here, life would be pretty damn good.

oh my- i think i'm actually truly happy

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i gotta pee man, you`re clean enough/ wait my class started at what time?/ why do you hate me?/ chicken for lunch? or food poisoning for lunch? - Mood:Good
Thursday February 28 200812:00:18 PM |
So i have a class at 8am and a class at 9:45am.

when did i wake up?

9:35am. i RAN to my second class which is about a 20-25 minute walk and actually got there on time.

I've had to pee since about 10:30am. it is now noon. i rushed back from class to my room cuz its usually empty and i'm a shy pee-er but my roommate has been in the drating shower for 40 minutes.

AH she's out!!

ah. i feel better now.

i went to a "Why Do You Hate Me?" seminar last night, was interesting. and free i'm making it a point to try to get to every free event on campus i possibly can. i love those things.

So i bought a rotisserie chicken sunday night. i cut it all up and stuck it in the fridge in two containers. i ate one of them tuesday. is the other one still good? should i not chance it? keep in mind if i don't chance it i have nothing to eat

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my dream/ walking to class/ poptarts/ - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 27 200810:17:51 AM |
i dragged my ass out of bed, I walked all the way across campus, only to find out my class was canceled. BAH!

i had the oddest dream. i died. tragically. out of the blue. and everyone in my life was devastated (wishful thinking ). but then.. people could hear me. they couldn't see me but they could hear me. and i was just like.. on the outskirts or everyones lives, watching them. then someone else died and joined me. then i think we found out some way to artificially come back to life. but it wasn't right.

then suddenly my head was underwater and there was blood in the water, lots.

wtf is wrong with me

i've had the weirdest dreams since i lived in a dorm.

living in a dorm. i miss my dogs. i don't miss my family. i don't not miss them. but it was a break that was a long time coming.

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would you rather take a chilly shower (in the middle of winter this is) or a shower so hot it burns? . - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 26 200812:55:38 PM |
I want to blister. i would rather blister all over my body than take a cold shower. i HATE cold shower.

something wrong with our hot water it was mildly warm but i was still shivering. PBTH. i loooooooove showers. and hate when anything messes with them. i barely got anything done i was afraid to move. everytime i moved i got colder. bah

so how are you?

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The freshman 15 - Mood:Good
Monday February 25 200811:48:06 AM |
is more like the junior -10.

When i moved into this dorm i was about 110lbs. maybe more.

i am now 100.

i think its a combo of all the dancing and the lack of food around here. i'd rather not eat than eat junk and i'm having issues finding real food that can be eaten in a dorm and won't bother my stomach. pbth.

power bars here i come.

Ha. i just realized i am wearing the exact same thing i am wearing in my avy right now

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I hate my brother in law - Mood:Good
Saturday February 23 200810:06:59 PM |
i have never liked that boy. he's an bum opening who does things to get a reaction, to dig at you. if you like mashed potatoes he'll go on and on about how much mashed potatoes suck. he does that with EVERYTHING. i can't stand that drater.

but he went too far today. they have a puggle (pug & beagle). cute little thing. MAN is he hyper though.

so we are all over at my grams and the puggle starts to pee on the couch, so BIL runs over screaming no, which, your supposed to say no and whatnot. then proceeds to lift him up, by his collar, which such force he cried out and went swinging in the air. i thought he was gonna throw him across the room for drats sake. then smashes his nose into the couch, he cried out in pain again, and flung him up again and went to the back door where i don't even wanna know how he got him outside.


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I was having a very bad day. Then i get back to my room and sitting on my laptop is a paper from my roommate that says "text me when you are going to be home, we need to talk" - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 20 20086:39:45 PM |
About "something thats been bothering her"

She hates me

You can't leave notes like that for me. I have been thinking about it all day, racking my brain about what she wants to talk about.

Do i use too much room in the fridge?

Do i snore?

Does my alarm clock go off too many times?

Do i take too long of showers?

Do i smell?

Am i too messy? (shes gonna have an argument with that one, only MY side is messy, nothing that affects mobility)

Do i just irritate her?

Am i using something of hers and not know it?

she left that note to 2pm. its now 6:30. i have been thinking about it ALL DAY.

I hate being irritating/annoying. And i REALLY hate confrontation.

i'm way too drating sensitive

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UIs there anywhere i can upload a 1,000,000 KB file? - Mood:Good
Saturday February 16 200811:46:08 PM |
and/or how on earth do i get files from my grandmas computer onto my laptop?

i have a buncha avi files i want to transfer over but i can't get a data disc to work and i dunno anywhere that would host that big a file and so i'm stumped


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