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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Who has seen Mean Girls and wants to help me brainstorm? - Mood:Good
Monday April 28 20085:09:37 PM |
For a few different topics.

I have write a feminist rant about it.

right now i'm doing negative messages.

i have body image, race, popularity. what else is there and how??

I don't own this movie, my group picked this movie and our project is due tomorrow I tried to kick their ass into gear but it didn't work.

so please help me?

or don't.

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Don`t you hate when people love a person you know the ugly truth about? Likepeople saying how wonderful a person a guy you know to be a rapist is. - Mood:Good
Monday April 28 200812:03:54 PM |
I wanna die. Not literally, thats far too permanent. And i rather like the whole living thing. Just for about a week, and wake up to a perfectly maintained life with everything in order. Ok maybe die is too strong a word. Go on autopilot. Be unconsciously living.

My stomach has been weird the last.. what like, two weeks now. Thats not cool man.

I have so much crap I do NOT wanna do to do in the next week. I would list it, but then i'd have to think about it.

Pulls her hair back as she screams, i don't really wanna be the queen.

Deleter whore! But my title makes sense now. So its okay.

In reference to my title. Ever see the movie speak? I feel like that girl. Like everyone loves the football hero and i'm this broken girl who is watching from the outside wanting to scream the truth about him, but no one would believe me. Bah.

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I`m a white girl. doing a hip hop dance. i need a title for my dance. wanna help? - Mood:Good
Sunday April 27 200811:40:54 PM |
i'm not sure what song yet. i need a title that says i don't take myself seriously as a hip hop dancer.

i really wanna name it 'white girl' but. yea probably not the best name for a school function dance.

so. whatcha got

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My summer plans keep changing. Wanna hear about them? Come on in if you do. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 26 20086:47:20 PM |
So. I used to work at Macys. in shoes. then i left in january to move to school. i worked there 6/05-1/08

anyways. macys is terrible to work for. i hate the people there. Mostly the upper people, the associates are good. the company itself is SH*T. they treat their employees like poo. anyways.

so i was gonna apply to barnes and noble for a summer job. but just the thought of it stresses me out so much. i am not a good change person. the interview and learning new crap.. just.. makes me very very tired and i hate the idea of being miserable over summer doing a min wage job, then being miserable in the winter doing schoolwork. yes i know thats how the world works shut up.

But i was thinking. i really wanna GO somewhere. i never go anywhere. so i was thinking maybe me and my bf could travel over summer, go somewhere not too far away just for a change of scenery ya know? (cont)

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I`m losing my sh*t - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 23 200811:44:58 AM |
I'm having some issues. I'm having some issues wanting to get out of bed in the morning, i'm having some issues staying out of my head, i'm having issues being a grown up.

its probably not a good sign to want to curl up in a ball and shut the world out.

There is so much stuff i have to do that i don't wanna think about my brain just goes.. fooey so i don't. fooey brain is not good.

not good at all.

i'm twenty drating two years old. i'm a drating adult. and i'm losing my poo like i'm 13.

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Name me some 90s hip hop/dance/whatnot - Mood:Good
Friday April 18 20082:10:52 PM |
I need some with a good fastish beat.
something with the fast pace of nsync's 'pop' without it being nsync would be nice

I'm looking for stuff that will make people go "hey! i remember that song!"

heres what i have and why they don't work :

-Will Smith - Boom Shake the Room (too slow)
-Nsync - Pop (not old enough. not hip hop-y enough)
-Will Smith - Wild Wild West (possibility. but. not quite hip hop-y enough, smidgen slow and i'm scared about theme)
- Sisqo - Thong Song (theme. i refuse )
- Shaggy - It Wasn't Me (too slow)
- Naughty by Nature - hip hop hurray (too slow)
- House of Pain - Jump Around (too slow)

There has to be SOME 90s dance/hip hop songs that work

Please help me.

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My hand is bruised puffy and itches and i don`t know why. how do you make a blister STOP dratING KILLING/ my roommates are having a mini party when i have class tomorrow. - Mood:Good
Friday April 18 200812:19:52 AM |
So, which first. Mini party, its not exciting. Them 2 girls, 3 guys all sitting around being loud drinking beer. Normally i don't care. But little room, thin walls, i have class.

Blister. Ok. I had a blister on the ball of my foot. Then it popped. Then i was dancing and the flap of skin was annoying me so i had the brilliant idea to cutt off the dead skin. Yea. Not smart. Because now.. you don't even know the pain. Its bad, man. I. Jesus motherdrating christ chex. Ow. What on earth can i do for it? ANYTHING. If i put some orajel will it hurt it? I just want it to stop Just make it stop.

Bruise. Yea. Its weird. I noticed an almond size bruise on the back of my hand this afternoon that i have no idea where it came from. But it didn't hurt at all. It itched like crazy during class at 7. And now looking at it, not the bruise, but above the bruise looks kinda puffy, and it STILL itches like crazy, the whole side of the back of my hand. wtf?

I have the plague

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I used to have a program that did it but i don`t anymore. how can i rip audio from youtube? - Mood:Good
Thursday April 17 200812:27:09 PM |
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They call her mississippi, but she don`t flow to me. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 16 20087:57:57 PM |
I have the entire box set of james bond movies in my possession. They are not mine. But they are in my possession. I have to do a project on them, show how they are sexist and analyze them from a feminist perspective. There could be worse projects.

However, i couldn't possibly have worse group members. This group of pooheads have dragged their feet and pissed the off the entire time. We got this assignment A MONTH AND A HALF AGO. we got our groups A MONTH AGO. And thats only because they stuck everyone who was absent one day with me. Oh joy.

Theres 4 of us. We don't even know who the fourth member is. The other two keep scuffing and mocking my suggests and don't like me because i'm trying to take some leadership in this group, which i hate, but if i didn't nothing would get done.

OH WAIT. nothing is done. we JUST pick our subject . And thats only because i said so. Which they scuffed at. But they if they'd get off their lazy (cont)

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Can I rent to you? Yes, thanks . - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 15 20086:45:11 PM |
No? then why the drat are you in my journal?

I am a dance intent. You can only be a dance major once you pass the audition to get in.

So I met with my advisor today who told me she "STRONGLY suggests" I look into majoring in something else. And OH lookie here, you took 3 basic level psy classes and got As why don't you major in that?

Yea. Because basing my career off 3 classes i happen to get As in is such a good idea.

I am 22 years old. I have an AS. I have had FIVE damn majors that i didn't like. Once i listened to myself and not everyone around me i decided to major in dance. and it just fits. i found what i wanna do with my life, anything in dance. teaching, performing, choreographing, anything.

I am not a motivated person. I thought i'm screwed because all the classes i took for past majors i just didn't care. But these i can't wait to take, i actually want to work my ass off for this.

But no. i should major in psych.

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I wanna be a drating music prodigy - Mood:Good
Monday April 14 200812:20:00 PM |
This movie makes me mad. August Rush. This kid is an orphan. Who keeps getting the attention of people because he's a musical prodigy. When if this kid couldn't pay music, no one would give a drat about him. Makes me mad for some reason.

So. College has given me dirty mouth But at least my vaginas still clean.

What were you good at when you were a kid? Are you still? Was it useful to your adult life at all?

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Does anyone else have to recover from being with family? - Mood:Good
Sunday April 13 20088:29:56 PM |
surely at least half the population.

I just got back to my dorm and was gonna put my stuff away. well, i put my fridge stuff away. but then decided i needed to just chill out and recover from being with my family for a little while first.

god they irritate me. a lot. they are just bad chi.

I now have no pillow cases. Because my mother couldn't wait the 5 minutes it takes for them to dry to leave. I understand she wants to get home. But damn woman.

I got there and just.. regretted coming home. I only did because i had no clean socks left.

They beg me to come home then when I do they treat me like poo. Next weekend, drat that, i'm staying here, clean socks or not.

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You know whats not drating nice? Worrying your girlfriend. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 13 200812:16:55 AM |
not answering your phone in two days when we text/call each other at least 3 times a day. deleting your drating YT account you've had for 6 years out of the blue.

Have i mentioned not being in contact with your girlfriend?

Having your phone is OFF, when its never off.

i am angry because i am worried.

its not nice to worry your girlfriend. no, no its not.

please don't make me call your family in alabama at 1am. or google 'amanda and jeff in indiana' to try to find if your still alive.

because you know my mind does that.

you drater.

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Yo back up now and give a brother room, The fuse is lit and Im about to go boom, Mercy mercy mercy me, My life is a cage but on stage Im free, I flip em around and then I work that booty, work that booty! work that booty! BOOM shake shake the room - Mood:Good
Saturday April 12 20083:49:30 PM |
Honey came in and she caught me red-handed creeping with the girl next door, picture this, we were both butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor.

80s and 90s songs

so far off my playlist: father figure, YMCA, its wasnt me, boom shake the room, and karma chameleon. oh and wild wild west.

my roommate was enjoy them thank god. or i'd drive her nuts. and next semester's roomie is heavy into 80s songs. woo

I missed drumming its from 1-4 on Saturdays. but i always walk to the store on saturdays and by the time i get back and eat, its 4 bah. i could have gone after but the weather was supposed to start getting bad. which i think it is.

wake me up! before you go-go, don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo

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Ultra Clear my ass . - Mood:Good
Friday April 11 20082:54:17 PM |
This deodorant? Yea. goes on ultra clear i think not. I lifted my arm and have white chunks all up in there. Pbth. False advertising.

I found roommates i found 3 roommates, got together with them, and filled out the application for housing next semester in about 30 hours.

My room roommate seems nice quiet. low key.

The other two, suitemates, have me worried i don't like drama. really. i don't. i don't start it i don't like to be around it.

but yay for housing.

i don't like being a grown up. Applying for housing, roommates, registering for classes, finding a summer job. None of those things i mind except finding a summer job. i don't wanna find one that is. i wanna have one. just not find one

bah. BAH. i'm gonna go pretend i'm 6 for awhile or something. drat this being an adult poo.

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Lets play a game. Its called lets see if nicole can go all day without touching her eye - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 09 200811:51:46 AM |
My roommate has pink eye and i have a lump in my eye i'm pretending isn't there. unrelated. i've had it for months.

but i swear if i get pink eye too.

its scholars day no classes, campus wide. but lecture and presentations. i'm going to one at 1:15. wee.

at least its not lice.

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I am tattooed and whatnot - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 08 200812:04:51 PM |

i like it. good stuff too. i've gone through a lot of henna products and this one actually stains well. we'll see how long it lasts though.

i have a celtic knot on my wrist as well that i don't feel like taking a picture of

i enjoy celtic knots if you didn't notice

howdy hows yall today?

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An experiment in journaling - Mood:Good
Monday April 07 200812:31:38 PM |

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How in the hell do i not annoy the ever loving crap out of my roomie - Mood:Good
Sunday April 06 20087:10:08 PM |
her desk:

my desk:

her closet:

my closet:

and thats after i rearranged my closet.

haven't touched my desk yet. thinking i should at least clear some stuff out. bah.

i'm bored yo.

I haven't left my dorm at all today. which is odd. and i don't like it. but i have no where to go.

i was gonna go to a play. but it started at 2 and i remembered at 2:30 bah. last 5 years. i realy wanted to see that too. only 4$. bah.

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I....Can`t...Move.... . - Mood:Good
Saturday April 05 200811:56:15 PM |
4 dance performances in 3 days has caught up to me. Including tech rehearsals i have danced from 9am-11pm with breaks from 12-4pm since monday.

And my face is screaming at me. Stage make up doesn't like my face yo.

My cheeks are going "what the drat is this powdery crap all over me??"

My legs. Yea. If i stood up right now.. i don't think they'd hold me up

I was gonna walk to the store tomorrow. Me thinks Nicole isn't gonna do poo tomorrow.

It feels like sunday. i have to keep reminding myself i don't have to go to class tomorrow.

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I am a stick up her ass 60 year old in a college students body and, unfortunatly, dorm. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 05 200812:25:01 AM |
My roomies are all going out drinking tonight. I am somewhat anti alcohol. I am anti alcohol for myself, i don't care what you do. as long as your not drunk around me. and lord help you if you puke around me seriously. i will take a sister out. nicole does not do puking. nicole has a hardcore phobia of puking.

And i have two shows tomorrow. I have to get up drat ass early to go home(30 minutes), do laundry, go grocery shopping, do show one, drive 30 minutes to show two, do show two until 10pm. I swear to GOD if they are obnoxious at cutabitch AM we are gonna have some issues.

but in the meantime i have the room to myself

WHats your night looking like?

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Costume/ name/ my soul - Mood:Good
Thursday April 03 200812:18:55 PM |
I need a name for my solo. its to djembe music and its african inspired but more modern i suppose. i have no idea what to name it or what to wear

That is all

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You moved like honey in my dream last night - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 02 200812:24:31 PM |
I had a dream about a girl i used to like way back when. that she came back here (shes away at college) and we caught up and she said she liked another girl, she's never liked another girl before. and i said thats cool. and i mentioned my bf and she said shes excited about liking this girl. and i was so happy to see her.

i think i still like her

I have to get to the store to pick up a prescription and buy some food. but i have to walk. and thats 3 hour dealy. so. yea. nicole is going to be unmedicated and hungry because i don't feel like going.

how long do they hold those things for? prescriptions that is.

I skipped my first class just didn't feel like getting up ha


so. dress rehearsals today, full hair and make up and show run through. show is freaking tomorrow. and fri, sat. but freaking tomorrow. i'm gonna die.

I still have to finish choreographing half the dance for sat. BAHHHHHHH.

*butterfly stomach*

Whats new with you?

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Who loves you pretty baby? Who`s gonna help you through the night? Who loves you pretty mama? Who`s always there to make it right? - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 01 20088:03:00 PM |
That song is stuck in my head. Mostly thanks to
this video.

Which if people actually click on, are going to watch 2 seconds of and go "wtf?" then click it out

Maybe except cabaret. or bobfudge? anyways

Rehearsal 1 went pooTY. That was terrible. We sucked. A lot. We weren't together. And stuff was just.. off. Bah.

Guys who sing that high just.. amaze me. I can't stop staring

I hate my stomach.

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One day a year scares me more than Halloween - Mood:Good
Monday March 31 20087:50:15 PM |
And thats April fools day

I HATE being the butt of a joke. I HATE being pranked. I HATE being embarrassed.

Usually I don't have to worry since I saw no one but family on April 1st. But now i have roommates. And i swear to GOD if they do anything its going to be a loooooooooong rest of the semester.

People suck. I was sitting on a window sill, listening to the african drumming thats going on in the room next to me. When all these damn people sat down in this little cove with me. BAH. I hate people.

Performance Thurs, Fri and Sat. Two different shows on Sat actually. Rehearsals tues, wed, show on thurs, fri, rehersal sat morning, show in afternoon, show at night. I'm gonna die.

And i have an eye infection and can't wear eye make up (thus no stage make up) so thats gonna be fun.

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