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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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NO! My day is ruined. RUINED. Completely shot to poo. I might as well just go kill myself, wtf is there to live for?? - Mood:Good
Thursday September 25 20081:42:43 PM |
I thought i grabbed one of the fresh baked, giant orgasmic oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies.


i grabbed oatmeal raisin. i hate raisins.

Seriously. How on earth can i think of living on? The idea is ludicrous.

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You will look at pictures of me dying my hair and you will like it. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 24 20084:05:06 PM |
One career choice i don't have: Model.

first attempt at the "look my hair is blowing in the wind" action shot

2nd attempt

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In a percentage, how similar is your online persona to your in person persona? - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 24 20081:38:52 PM |
You can "100%!!" me all you want, but you'll know

I have 5 hours in between classes and WAY too much poo to do:

-dye hair
-do online crap for class
-clean out fridge
-clean out closet (food)

before i go dance for 2 hours.


i got my stuff from yay. i'm all rainbow pimped out now

i would do pics. but i am lazy.

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Its way too f*cking complicated to vote by absentee ballot - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 23 20082:17:57 PM |
i refuse to vote well. i don't refuse. but damn people. i am not going through all that just to put in my one lousy vote.

*commence lectures on why i should vote, patriotic crap and anger*

my hair is crooked. the bangs anyways. but, the trim came at an awesome price so i don't care. it grows.

holy poo i have class in 30 minutes.

Damn that sneaks up on you.

Begin bitching!

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How is it possible to not like Ellen? - Mood:Good
Monday September 22 20084:09:21 PM |
this kid is going places. or so i hope

and i quite like this guy

I think i have soap in my ear

My RAs are gonna come have a talk with my and my roomie about her drating bf sleeping over every drating day. so yay

I have a dilemma. A hair dilemma. I can't shower in the morning, i can't wake up early enough, i don't wanna fight with my roomies for it, and i'll fall asleep in it. But my problem is, if i shower the night before my hair looks.. very very scary in the morning. and i can't wear hats to dance classes. so. that sucks. that results in me showering way too damn often. bah.

I'm up to knowing 4 UPs, and them knowing. Wait wait. lets make a list of how many 'college officials' know me. not nec for good reasons. mostly for being 'the crazy girl'.

my list:

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Question regarding trying not to starve in a dorm - Mood:Good
Sunday September 21 20086:53:20 PM |
In theory, if i were to buy hotdogs, keep them in the freezer, microwave them to thaw them.. then use a lighter to crisp and brown them, would that result in any of these:

1) me dying for food bourne reason
2) the dorm catching on fire
3) it tasting like poo


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Weird ass dreams - Mood:Good
Sunday September 21 20082:43:02 PM |
I had a dream i was in the mall and this guy sat next to me. He was creepy as all drat. He tried to get all into my business, was leaning very very far into my personal space. Tried to touch everything i bought. Then tried to touch me. *shudder*

So i have nothing to do all day. its odd. i need a hobby. an extracurricular activity
Something to keep me occupied. Hm.

I wish i knew more people about here. The ones i know are 'college officials', professors, or students i don't particularly get along with, or aren't close with.

Bah. I don't even have a bf when i;m here since he gets pissed at me for having a life. which is ironic, since i don't.


So, whats your sunday looking like?

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What? That bitch is making ANOTHER journal? - Mood:Good
Friday September 19 20088:25:15 PM |
Sorry yall but i'm bored out of my mind.

Someone in the common room is watching pokemon. Loudly. And its both grating on my nerves and killing brain cells.

If i hear "pikachu!!" one more drating time.

I walked up to the store and got some cupcakes. And now i'm bored again.

I called my mother on the way home to ask her something and she wouldn't let me off the phone til i got back to my dorm because "its almost dark". oh mother.

Me and my sister had another on the phone in depth rant about "wtf is wrong with our mother". She's one of those people who wouldn't pass the test were there to be a test before having kids. Its fun, and probably therapeutic, to share crazy stories about her.

I hate how easily people can drat up their kids.

I could never be a therapist. It would make me mad.

So. Any suggestions as to what i can do right now to occupy myself?

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"i feel good. You know why?" "Why?" "Do you you ever just feel good for no reason?" "" - Mood:Good
Friday September 19 20084:39:16 PM |
There is something wrong with me. Well, we all knew that, but in a different way than normal i mean.

Its Friday. I have no immediate homework/essays to do. I really don't have any plans. I am free, til Monday morning.

And my brain can't handle it. Its in "go! go! go! go!" mode. So this lack of pressing matters is drating with it.

Seriously. What kind of person has 2/half days of nothingness and thinks OMG whaddamigonnado?

I feel good. But. This lack of crap to do is messing with my nerves.

In other news, this simply asian bowl thingy i bought is delicious.

Whats for dinner tonight at casa di you?

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I`ll try to keep my cursing to a minimum. Or at least a censored minimum - Mood:Good
Friday September 19 20081:59:44 PM |
Paper DONE. Crappiest paper ever written. But done.

Weekend wooooooooo. Time to parrrrty, drink myself in oblivion and have sex with random people.

Oh wait. I'm me. Time to dance at the studio, play djembe with the crew, sleep and paint.

I keep pissing off my bf. But he keeps irritating me, so i figure its a trade off. I don't see whats wrong with a slight breather. by slight i mean a couple days. My life is beyond hectic and he keeps saying his is too, so maybe lets not add to them with each others poo for a bit.

I'm running out of food

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Does this hapen to anyone else? - Mood:Good
Thursday September 18 20089:00:44 PM |
If i have an essay to write i wait until the last possible minute. i stay up all night the night before its due and spend 89% of the time it takes me to write the essay freaking out and staring at a blank page. I have to. i cannot write it any earlier. i can try but my brain just won't do it.

I also think to myself, for example if i am eating hard candies, if this hard candy gets stuck in my throat and i choke and pass out i wonder if i can get out of the paper.

or on my walk home. hm, if this car hits me, but doesn't hurt me too bad i wonder if i can get out of the paper. does broken leg = extension, and minor cuts and bruises not?

If i end up in the psych ward again would i get out of it? or would i be SOL because i had a week to write it and i only got thrown in the night before?

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Mind if i bitch about roommates? yes? don`t come in here then - Mood:Good
Thursday September 18 20081:55:53 PM |
AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Seriously, we don't mesh at all. i am quiet, reserved, respectful. maybe too respectful. I am a "is my music too loud?" type person.

my roommate is very loud. and brash. and takes offense and gets defensive and bitchy the second i bring anything up. like how her fricking bf sleeps over all the time and how that bothers me. i said it nicely once. she whatever fined me. it happened again. i was still nice. little more.. uh.. set about it, but still meek

she got a frickin attitude me. i don't need that poo man.

i get no frickin sleep in this room. they stay up til 5am every night. i have late classes so i don't mind going to bed a little later but 5am? hell no. UAGHAHA. they are so rude and disrespectful

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Paypal is confusing me - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 10 20081:28:12 PM |
Ok so i have seen "paypal account required" so many times i wanna scream on ebay so i decided to see if i can actually get one.

and its confusing me

i don't know what i'm doing

why can't people just take frickin money order *mumbles*

in other news, starbucks mocha dark chocolate bars are heavenly

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This is official the worst, and if not the worst, the most exciting, and not in a good way, week of my drating life - Mood:Good
Sunday September 07 20082:54:36 PM |
This is really long. And i suspect full of cursing.

i moved in the 25th of august. its only been 2 drating weeks.

First i get sent to the psych ward after being hunted down by cops tuesday night for just asking a hypothetical question. stay there til 1:30pm wednesday, miss all my drating classes. keep getting called in for meetings and evaluations.

Then i have a drating stalker who says i remind him of his ex gf, and he's right we are like twins, and he won't leave me alone. and hes majorly creeping me out. just how he looks at me.

now last night my roommates decide to be drating drunken idiots at drating 4-5am. i grab my stuff, move to the lounge where i get groped on my way out. Hear them screaming up and down the hallways. wonder why the drat my RA isn't out there. she's closer to them than i was at that point.

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revelrantrage - Mood:Good
Sunday September 07 20083:15:56 AM |
AUGH i hate drunken roommates. i hate drunken rooooooooooooooooooooommates. i stayed at the dance building until 3 drating am trying to avoid drunken roommates. but no. they get home at 3:05 and start jello shots.

drat. drating drat.

now i wanna go to bed and they are gonna be drunken idiots.




oHHHHHH the anger.

i don't even have the words. my problem isn't with them drinking, honestly, i don't give a drat if they wanna get poofaced. my problem is that i live here too. and i don't wanna get poofaced. and i don't wanna be around poofaced people. i have no where else to go. that is my problem.

plus i am not in a wonderful mood as it is.

I had the worst week of my life.

and this isn't helping.

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How long would it take people on average to get drunk off vodka? - Mood:Good
Friday September 05 200811:17:44 PM |
Yes i know that varies.

My roomies decided to get a huge ass bottle of vodka. are mixing it with koolaid. and have declared they are going to get drunk.

I dislike drunk people. with a passion. a huge huge passion.

i was gonna leave. but i have poo to do first. so. how long do i have, per say?

remind me to make a journal about my run-in with the police and the psych ward btw.

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Pretty Sister: A Wedding In Photos - Mood:Good
Sunday August 31 20086:35:29 PM |


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What happens when your sister is getting married? A list. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 10 20085:49:21 PM |
1) your mother forgets she has another daughter

2) Everyone around you is broke, including yourself
2b) People all around you say they would help you out with school costs if it 'wasn't so close to the wedding'

3) You have to buy a dress that i look GORGEOUS in

4) You have to spend way too much damn money that i don't have to spend

5) Have i mentioned your mother forgets you exist?

6) Much family drama over who is going

7) You find out what your family really thinks about your father who you haven't seen in years

8) You miss your former best friends wedding reception because you have to go to a bachelorette party where you sit and feel uncomfortable and can't wait to leave

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Looking at dildos with your mother, sister, and your sister`s mother in law is highly unenjoyable - Mood:Good
Saturday August 09 20088:50:24 PM |
Dear God. that was just.. horrific, on a couple levels.

1) i don't need to know what kind of vibrators my female family members and etc use and like. and have worn out. seriously

2) i don't like social situations

3) i don't like drunken people

So of COURSE i would have the time of my life at my sister's bachelorette party that included all of these things, right? No.

I tried to have fun. Really. I tried to not put a damper on anything, be pleasant. But that is SO FAR from my type of thing that i just. ugh. Deeply considered walking home in the dark.

Apparently my sister was a smidgen miffed i was sitting in a corner texting my bf a bit of the time.

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Giving money for a wedding- help! - Mood:Good
Friday August 08 20081:59:42 PM |
so i'm going to a friends wedding. we used to be best friends but had a falling out almost 10 years ago. i am flat ass broke. my family says money isthe standard wedding gift but keep giving me dirty looks and lectures because:

1) i am giving cash. i don't have a checking account
2) i am giving 20$. which honestly, i can't afford to give.

So, my question, is it in horribly bad taste to give 20$/cash and i should starve for a week and give more?
My grandma is driving me up a wall. But i can't tell if shes old fashioned or right. which is usually my problem with her advice.

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If i weere to mail a letter to London, being in New York, how abouts does postage work? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 03 20081:42:23 AM |
I've never mailed anything of the letter sort to overseas before. I'm assuming it takes more than a 42 cent stamp? I'm not one for actually going into a post office, so what should I slap on there to make it get there?
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I swear I`m one step away from blaming my milk spoiling on PMS - Mood:Good
Friday August 01 20086:15:00 PM |
I feel sorry for my bf. He has yet to actually fully experience my PMS. I have this unconscious theory, that I'm becoming conscious of really, that if i must suffer and be in pain so must you. Poor thing.

I can't find any cheap non-ugly rain boots. I'm ebaying my fingers off, but nothing. BAH. I need rain boots. But I am broke. and no stores around here sell them. bah.

I went for my dress fitting today. I look gooooooooorgeous. except my non 6 pack stomach. which i have 3 weeks until the wedding to work on. I smell a challenge.

25 more days! 25 more days! I AM SO EXCITED. I can't wait to go back to school. Where I have access to dance studios 24/7. and where i don't feel like i'm constantly someone's problem. its nice. 25 more days!!!!!!!!

oh. and 24 more days til the wedding.

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Bridal shower/ Rain boots/ my father doesn`t know drat about me/ interactive journal - Mood:Good
Saturday July 19 200810:27:10 PM |
SO i went to my sister's wedding shower today. Twas fun. i have pictures. that i don't feel like uploading now. someone remind me and i'll upload them later.

She liked the card and present i got her. My card was a big hit. I got told many times i should start my own business designing stuff. bah. i'm a dancer

the cookie jar went over big too. she seemed to enjoy her dog being the design on it

i hate social events though. SO much. If i didn't actually like my sister (only one i like in my family) i would have skipped out on it.

If you remember my last journal, i know, no one does, its ok you don't have to have read it to get my driftwood, we still haven't figured out what to do for the bachelorette party. Though i actually got to meet the other bridesmaids today. that was exciting

so rain boots. Hold on (possibly a few minutes) for the rain boot interactive portion.

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I need ideas for a bachelorette party - Mood:Good
Saturday July 12 20085:48:55 PM |
For my sister. So far what has been flung around is wine tasting (me and my sister both don't drink and one of the girls is underage)

bar hopping (again, don't drink and underage)

a "romance party". which.. just.. doesn't sounds fun.

So my sister asked me what i would suggest. I am boring and would suggest bowling.

So any other ideas of what we could do that 6-7 18-30 year old girls can do for my sister's bach party?

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The place where i work sucks ass. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 17 200811:00:02 PM |
I keep saying when am i starting and they said the 23rd. i was mad. i am taking over someone's job for the summer and its bad enough i had to wait til mid june to start but she left LAST FRIDAY and didn't know it. *I* knew it and i'm not even in the damn macys loop anymore. but they just kept saying the 23rd. i'm like fine whatever.

so they JUST call me and say oh seems she left last friday so come in tomorrow morning at 7am.

its 11 drating PM, i am at my grandmas house and don't have any clothes for work here. plus i can't drive, which is mostly the problem. thus i am stuck here.

i could have gotten another drating weeks pay but nooooo. they don't know what the drats going on in their own store.


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