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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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OK who is over 18 and can verify it on ebay? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 28 20084:05:37 PM |
This woman. Is selling socks for 100$. Used socks. And has 7 bids. BUT 4 of her auctions are adult only. I wanna know if socks are code for something

so someone over 18 follow this link
this link

and tell me what on earth makes people buy used socks for 100$

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I`m getting a tattoo, all down my forearm, of reminders i could use for the rest of my life. - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 28 20081:41:48 PM |
-do NOT under into any circumstances get into an ambulance
being the first. 300 drating dollars. cuz i have 300$ laying around. thats bullpoo. maybe 50$ i'll understand, maybe. 300$????

I'm starting to really not like this school.

I'm trying to get into old shows. Six feet under it is right now. i tried rescue me but the links kept freezing. bah.

so what life lesson/reminders would you tattoo on your forearm?

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You just walked by me like nothing ever happened When you said you would rescue me if I was ever falling Well now baby there`s no way that you could have forgotten all of the memories I thought we shared, We were supposed to grow old. - Mood:Good
Monday October 27 20085:39:03 PM |
Get on an alter and share an embarrassing, heartbreaking, shameful, guilt-ridden, and/or painful thought, experience, memory.

Or don't do it on an alter.

"emo" poetry allowed. As long as it come from a heartbreaking, guilt-ridden, shameful, painful place.

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I`m fat. And i`m not liking it. Anorexia here i come! - Mood:Good
Sunday October 26 20082:11:03 PM |
So yea. I may have been inhaling the entire contents of my fridge and closet. My pants are tight and they are stretchy.

heres my options:

- running
- dancing (focused or freestyle)
- i don't do gyms
- other

And i will limit myself to lunch, small semi healthy snack, dinner, small snack.

Yea. Lets see if that actually works

But i hate feeling fat. So thats gonna change somehow.

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I found a slight problem with my halloween costume: it doesn`t cover my ass (pics) - Mood:Good
Saturday October 25 20083:55:01 PM |
yea. thats not good. tights are see through are not not? and even if they weren't .. i don't want my ass all hanging out that much.

but what on earth can i put under this??

i dunno what my face was doing

i have green tights to put on my legs and my arms, and i have green boxer briefs to go underneath the dress, over the tights. i have green leg warmers to put on my legs and arms (it is NY afterall).

but i don't want my ass to be all hoochie hanging out

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I smell bad. Like seriously. - Mood:Good
Friday October 24 20081:47:31 PM |
So i may have forgotten to go to class this morning. I was sleeping and.. was enjoying sleeping. So i figure, why ruin a good thing.

Had a weird ass dream though. I really don't wanna know how my brain works.

But, i smell. My hair is oily and gross. I've been wearing the same shirt for 3 days now. But i have a meeting to go to in 5 minutes, not enough time to shower. Time for a beanie which is also why my hair is gross. Been beanieing it for a few days now.

I suppose i could have changed my shirt. But its the bottom layer and its about 35 degrees in my room. I am NOT stripping to the bottom layer.

Body spray is my friend.

I would take a picture. But i'm not gonna

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Who was it on here that convinced me to get watermelon flavored cough drops if i ever needed a cough drop? - Mood:Good
Thursday October 23 200810:30:01 PM |
Cuz i have a cough. So I went to the store to get these famous highly recommended cough drops. And they didn't have any. None. I couldn't remember what brand but NONE of the brands had watermelon. I was highly disappointed.

I bought 10 hersheys chocolate bars today. I hate hersheys chocolate. But brad paisley has a deal thingy going where if you send in 10 hersheys UPCs and 2.50 shipping and handling you get a 'free' shirt I want it. And my friend said he'd eat the chocolate. And reimburse me since he's eating all the product


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Its been years and years since i`ve seen this show, i found it on youtube, am watching it, and i am STILL in love with Jo - Mood:Lovestruck
Thursday October 23 20081:42:46 PM |
though i miss the knee sock/ sport shorts days. I'm on second 7. Season of pants and sweaters.

her accent though. Ahh I could listen all day.

I wonder its unhealthy to drool over a tv character

I don't like their new store. They sell crap. I miss edna's edibles

Don't get me wrong, i'd like this show without Jo. But i may not have bought the DVDs without her

I'm freezing. It is MAYBE 5 degrees warmer in my room than it is outside. and its like 40 outside.

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You should`ve said no, you should`ve gone home, you should`ve thought twice `fore you let it all go, you should`ve known the word, of what you did with her`d get back to me. / I`ve got a cold beer in my right hand, in my left i`ve got my wedding band - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 22 20081:33:14 PM |
I dropped ravoli on Otis yesterday like, it was a bad spattering. sauce went all in the keys and everything.

its cold. and raining. and slightly snowing. so not cool.

i have had this awful taste in my mouth for like 2-3 days now. wtf???

I better not be getting drating sick... is a bad taste indicative of sickness?

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Oh my god theres a beet green in my salad. I can die happy now (the rantings of a lovesick nicole) - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 21 20082:14:27 PM |
beet greens

I miss my bf. Just thought i'd throw that out there first.

I miss how my phone isn't filled with texts from him/ to him.

I miss talking to him at night

I miss how he knows me so damn well, better than myself at times.

I miss how his voice made me wanna curl up and sleep in it.

I miss how he said my name. Well, his name for me

I miss knowing there is someone out there who would do almost anything for me.

I miss feeling such a physical need and love for someone.. and knowing it was reciprocated

I miss the jigsaw perfect fit we had

These beet green are wicked good. French dressing.

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How do i go about getting a lesser version of aim? - Mood:Good
Friday October 17 20081:43:23 PM |
I'm not liking this new one. i miss my old one. really old. i'm not sure which version i had before my computer died but i want it back

i have a NY times. jealous.

I am obsessed with Early Edition. I've been watching all the episodes of it online.

early edition is why i have the NY times btw. it made me really wanna read a paper.

though i have to say, Gary's paper looks so much easier to read. seriously. i hate the whole unfolding, you need 25 sq ft to read the paper thing. gary's just... opens, like a large magazine. jealous.

I love fall. its pretty

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Got my midterm back from the day after the night i almost broke up with my bf, got into a fight with roomie which resulted in campus police and RD, hyperventilated and almost passed out, which resulted in more campus police who.. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 15 20081:37:28 PM |
.. sat around discussing how old the building was while i was laying there not being able to breathe seriously. i understand they aren't medical people but they could have, oh i don't know, been comforting? at least not taken bets of how old the damn building was.

anyway. so bf almost breaking up, fight with roomie, campus police, almost dying, more campus police, roomie screaming at me, UP being COMPLETE bum openings. RD laughing at me as i lay not being able to breathe. going to bed at 7am feeling like poo with my entire suite being pissed at me, not sure if i still had a bf, this pesty mental illness business.

thinking to myself i am going to go to reslife directly from the midterm and ask to be moved.

so yea. that midterm? i opened it, saw D and went HALLELUJAH.

miracle i didn't get a 0

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I never realized how often i pee until i had to unlock my door each time coming back - Mood:Good
Monday October 13 20087:29:00 PM |
Communal bathrooms yo. not cool.

Someday I am going to lock myself out trying to pee. It will happen. I just hope not at like 2am or such.

I really have to pee. But.. i have to go down the hall. grab my keys. Come back, fight with my door (keys and i don't get along). It just doesn't seem worth it.

Anyways. i cooked my dinner (frozen chicken) over a candle that worked out pretty well actually.

Ahh dorm life.

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I made out with Taylor Swift in my dream. It was nice. - Mood:Good
Monday October 13 20082:16:08 PM |
Shes a good dream kisser. I was also later drunk and trying to figure out what to do with a cup of honey.

i can't believe my birthdays over.

I took a shower last night. went to bed. woke up and my hair looks hideous. thats mean. bah.

i'm hungry. but i'm sick of all my food. bah. i want some eggs.

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Thats weird. I logged on and apparently theres no giant uproar. don`t you people know what day it is? - Mood:Good
Saturday October 11 20081:35:33 PM |
ITS MY BIRTHDAY. And i'm still young enough to be annoying about it

Actually who am i kidding, i'll still be jumping up and down going "its my birthday! its my birthday!" when i'm 40.

i moved yesterday. that was fun. have my own room now because i am the 'trouble(d) girl". whatever man, if it gets me my own private room RIGHT next to the dance building, you can call me whatever you want.

bad thing is its VERY quiet (my last roommates were beyond loud) so i kinda slept through my class. its 1-4 though, i might make it for the last hour. maybe. still have to take a shower.

I'm 23 yo. i feel old. I'm not ready to be 23 yet. i think 18-19 fits better. Can i legally change my age like i can change my name?

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name me some 90s/00s shows to watch online - Mood:Good
Thursday October 09 20086:12:26 PM |
I'm bored. caught up with house. and the cleaner. my sister has been trying forever to get me into one tree hill but the links don't work

so what cancelled/ ended tv show should i watch online (if i can find it?)

or new show i suppose.

i'm clueless.

throw some out there!

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Man, i never dance better than when i am avoiding schoolwork - Mood:Good
Thursday October 09 20081:53:15 AM |
seriously. its 2am. and i am still full of energy to dance. because i know when i stop i'll have to study for my midterm. so apparently my body has decided to never run out of energy.

i'm good with that.

will be sorry when i fail my midterm.

but until then, i am enjoying the dancing.

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my ballet midterm is annoying me - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 07 20088:41:40 PM |
50 questions that are all somewhere in our textbook. lovely. i've been waorking on it for 2 days and am only on 25. that poo is ridiculously hard to find. whole damn textbook. BAH. who the drat cares what a glissade requires and what the name of the leap that travels forward is. what a pas de chat is. or whether ballet is abourt dancing in time.

UAGH. i hate school.

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I have a drama filled (nothing about relationship) thing going on that i need someones advice about - Mood:Good
Friday October 03 20082:04:23 AM |
But don't wanna plaster it all over YT. If you are willing to give me some advice, PM me, or tell me to PM you.

so you're not jumping blind, it involves the police, the psych ward, RAs and how to word stuff.

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I "zomg" in my head. Thats bad isn`t it - Mood:Good
Thursday October 02 20087:11:36 PM |
sounds like this: "ZohMyGod!"

I am so sick of thinking about my life. tell me whats happening in yours. seriously. give me all the details, drama, zomg moments, etc.

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Oh the drama - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 01 200811:22:01 PM |
why do relationship problems in a dorm always happen together? i have nothing to do with my rommmate, we don't like each other much. i JUST went on a break with my bf and now my roommate's bf isn't talking to her and is mad and she's crying.

wtf man.

oh and i am a terrible person. horrible. but i don't feel too bad about it, which makes me worse. GOD i hope they break up. her bf lives over here. seriously has moved in with us, without saying a word to me, the girl who has to share the little tiny room with her. god i hope they break up.

usually i am pretty swayable. if you tell me "oh god nicole thats awful" i'd rethink and feel bad and not hope they break up.. as much. but oh no, call me anything we want. i hope they breaj up. and its messy and she never sees him again.

and AND most importantly is too distraught to date again until may.

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Apparently i am too old to go for a run - Mood:Good
Monday September 29 200810:19:31 PM |
I figure, i'm getting fat and i'm bored so.. why not go for a run? I hooked up my zune, attached my phone and keys creatively so they wouldn't bop everywhere, stretched and left.

while running ahhhhhhhh it felt great. however. now, afterwards. my ankle kills. my knee keeps popping. and my hip is clicking.

damn body.

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Holy crap. I am obsessed/addicted. i know its probably bugging the crap out of my friends but i just can`t stop - Mood:Good
Sunday September 28 20087:57:16 PM |
giving people pieces of flair seriously. all day. i just can't stop. i log out then i go OHHH you know what one katie would like?? then i have to log in, send it, find 5 more to send. log out and repeat.

I am just beyond bored. all my roomies are gone though its heavenly. i really want some junk food. some kind of sugary, chocolately, satiating yummy delight.

but what?


has to be available at our pittley little 'snack station' as well. which actually, they have a good selection of junk food.


i'm gonna get fat.

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Dear God, - Mood:Good
Sunday September 28 20083:25:28 AM |
Its 3am. And my roommates are no where to be found. God, can you please not have them stumble in at 4:30am, drunk out of their minds, being ridiculously loud and obnoxious and sick? Please? With a cherry on top.

If you do this i promise not to kill them, which i know you're not to fond of, the whole murder thing. So, we got a deal?

Peace, love and fuzzy socks,

Got a letter you've been meaning to send?

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Anyone bored and feel like doing some internet info hunting? - Mood:Good
Friday September 26 20081:54:07 PM |
The Cleaner. Its a show on A&E. there was an episode called 'rebecca'.

what i wanna know is who played rebecca and who played rebecca's mom. i thought this would be easy to find. either i'm not looking right or.. well i don't know.

anyone feel like being helpful?

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