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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Admissions interviews, Family, and... whatever else I throw in. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 03 20197:16:00 PM |
This Friday is a giant admissions interview day at my husbands university. Hes a big part of the admissions committee, will be interviewing all day, in groups, individual, and on skype.

I was going to bake a bunch of muffins for the day, since its 8am-12pm. But then he found out he has a decent budget for it.

So now hes going to get dunkin donuts coffee, donuts, bagels, muffins, juice, etc.

So. Now what do I bake?
I'd like to make something, since i'd been planning on it, and i like to bake, and I think having a prof's wife baking stuff would be cute for them.

But. What?

In other news, I'm skyping with my family for my aunts birthday.
I've realized I have no news. Nothing. I'm old. We don't do much. No big life changes happen very often anymore.
"Hey dinner table, I have a cyst on my lady bits, and my boobs super hurt."

Thats about all thats new.


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Whining about my ailments - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 27 201910:00:22 PM |
I woke up super dizzy a couple days ago, then later that night my stomach exploded.

Since then ive been on and off nauseous, eating nothing but rice and cereal, and being crazy moody.
And having intense cravings, then being all irritable when i can't have it.
Seriously, cookies shaped like scallops, covered in a glaze, comes in chocolate strawberry and vanilla. What the hell ARE they?

And why do no restaurants in this city have chicken soup??

I feel like a big pile of poo and hormones.

My poor husband.

And me.


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I`m confused by cardamom. - Mood:Good
Friday February 22 201911:02:25 AM |
I get a international treats/ goodies food box thingy in the mail every month. This month is Italy! It all looks so good. Germany was rough.

I'm making stroganoff. And a burger. Burger patty will go in the fridge for tomorrow.

I smell. I need to shower. I'm putting it off.

One of my recipes (for a lemon loaf) calls for cardamom. Its been a journey. No where has it. Or if they do its insanely expensive. I bought a bottle online. I was so curious to smell it. Its.. interesting.

Do you use cardamom in cooking/ baking? What for?

My elbow so hurts. I don't know why.

I watched Little Man Tate yesterday. A very neutral movie. Not bad, not great.

A necklace I ordered about 4 months ago finally came.

Our postman SUCKS. The poo he shoves in our mailbox that does NOT fit is ridiculous. We'ce had to cut things out, rip things out. Wtf.

Pic coming.

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You guys. I think I went a bit overboard. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 20 20195:43:00 AM |
I wasn't going to make a journal today but YALL.

Husband got invited to a student group... thingy, like a chapter of a student association.. thingy. I don't know the exacts
Its student run, one of his students is the president and is having some authority issues in the group (or something) so invited my husband, as faculty, to sit in on a meeting and help her out.

So earlier today he told me about it "and oh, its potluck, so could you...."
Which, i love to bake, so I'm like YES, ooooo what should i make.

I went with a cake. I might have gone a bit overboard, for what its going to.
He didn't tell me how many people. I hope its not like, 5.

I made a 2 layer butter pecan cake.

Picture coming.

Then since the recipe made another layer, made a single layer cake for myself.

Maybe I should have went with cookies...

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I really want to show you pictures of my cute baby plants. And. Other things. - Mood:Good
Monday February 18 20195:05:23 AM |
Been playing gin for 4 hours straight.
I was up 20k.
Am now down about 65,000$.
I can't stop playing or I'll lose a chance at the jackpot you get if you get to 100 pts before your opponent.
Tablet has gone to the bathroom with me twice.
Gone to the kitchen with me 4 times.
Its sad. And fascinating to hear about, I'm sure.

Been watching old sourcefed videos while playing. And new Valleyfolk videos.


I got 3 little plants at the gardening store. I will post a pic. And tell you their names. I can't figure out what to name one. You can help!

I have a good amount of input of who gets admitted to my husband's graduate program. FEEL MY POWER.. undergrads...

I really should take a shower. But...gin...

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Sexy time clothes, love cookies, scented things, plants, boobs, babies, movies... - Mood:Good
Friday February 15 201912:24:33 AM |
I'm attempting to buy sexy clothes online. I'm thinking of getting 1-2. I have it narrowed down to like.. 7. I am very bad at decisions. I'll post pics if yall wanna help.

I'm kicking butt at online gin.

I made heart shaped chocolate chip cookies, and one large heart shaped cookie. Some creative aluminum foil usage.

Went to the mall. Got lilac scented plug-in. There was a DELICIOUS smelling coffee scented candle i wanted, but in a plug in. It didn't come in a plug-in. Sad.

I want to start planting seeds soon. Have to figure out when planting season is here.

Also want to get a potted plant.

Ideally my boobs would be up to 1 cup size bigger. Mostly for ideal clothing fitage. But I also kinda like my As.

My friend just had a baby boy, after having 3 girls and thinking she was done. Adorbs.

Valentines movie did not go over well. We were gonna go with Speed....

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Suggest to me a rom-com, or just rom, for me to watch with my husband tomorrow night - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 13 20199:36:34 PM |
Husband suggested watching a romantic movie
I can't figure out which though.

Ones we've seen (and therefore don't want to watch again):
- You've got mail
- Ever After

Ones I'm meh on:
- When Harry met sally
- Sleepless in seattle

Ones i can think of (and are possibilities):
- City of Angels (but its kind of depressing)
- Fly Away Home (not rom, but cute and i love it)
- League of their Own (also not rom, but good)
- Pretty Woman
- One Fine Day

I can't remember if When a Man Loves A Woman is a rom-com, or about domestic abuse

What rom-coms, or roms, or 'girly movies' do you like?

Journaly= We walked up to Starbucks and got me a hot chocolate. Its vile. Viva la dunkin.

Also, i tried a new chicken recipe in the crockpot. I'm about to take it out. I'm nervous.


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Help me with this project (redoing a cabinet thingy) - Mood:Good
Saturday February 09 20196:34:49 PM |
So we got this tv stand type cabinet at a thrift store.

Ive decided its my new project.

So, questions!

What color do you think i should paint it?

Also any tips or help would be appreciated. I've never done any kind of refurbishing. Im thinking, sanding, primer, paint?

I'm rather excited.

Show my your projects!

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Its daytime now. - Mood:Good
Friday February 08 201912:35:39 PM |
Sleep is now like, 8pm-8am for me. Seeing sunlight is cool.

I bought a dress! Pic coming. Its cute. and cheap. Sits on my lower ribs which annoys me so much. But its cute. So it should be interesting if i can mind over matter the icky feeling of it.

We upgraded our Roku. We had a Roku 1. We now have a stick. Its.. different. The interfaces of netflix and hulu take some getting used to. Its easier to try to find shows though, which is nice. But drat netflix's auto-preview bullpoo.

I'm making some break and bake Valentines cookies. Sometimes you have to cookie slum.

I'd like to get back into working out. But I used to stay in shape by being a dance major. The in-shapeness was a fortunate byproduct. So I'd like to find a workout that is dance related. Maybe like a ballet or modern dance warm up type thing. I don't know how to Roku search for that though.


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Help Me With My Pot Smoking Neighhbors - Mood:Good
Saturday February 02 20199:54:05 PM |
So, couple days ago, it REEKED of pot smoke in our apt, it was giving me a headache. Husband went down to talk to neighbor, who was baked out of his mind, was like, wtf, stop/ do something so it doesn't come up into our apt.

So tonight, I have a headache again. We can smell it coming up.


Do nothing. Which husband just isn't gonna do.

Call cops (its illegal here, i think)

Go talk to him again, and be like, seriously, stop or we are calling cops.

Call the apt security

Husband was a huge pothead, so hes so not anti-pot. Just ant- pot smell in our apt giving me a headache.

Thoughts? Opinions?
What do you think we should do?
If you were our downstairs neighbor, what would you like us to do?

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I doubt anyone is awake. - Mood:Good
Friday February 01 20192:24:51 AM |
(except for mouse possibly dealing with cranky patients)

But I have the boredom.

Its been a night. Pot smoking neighbor, then correlated headache. Stepped on a thick pointy staple.

I make food in large batches then freeze it. I have hit freezer capacity But I still have bagful of brussel sprouts to steam and freeze! I don't know what to do.

Made and froze meatloaf today.

Made funfetti cupcakes (pics coming).
They arent pretty, since i just made them for me to eat. but mmmm.

Husband always says not to use the mixer after hes asleep because he can hear it and it'll wake him up. Never does he hear it and never does it wake him up. So i just don't tell him I used it. Ah married life.

We need some kind of fun activity to do on the weekend.

I got non-tie laces. Yet to try them out.

Valentines present isn't here yet. Getting nervous.

What to do with myself, I know not.

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Find me a picture/ recipe of what to bake as my husband fills the minds of youngins - Mood:Good
Monday January 28 20198:09:51 PM |
Semester started again, which means I am husbandless into the dark again.

Its just so sad to turn on the light without him here, I don't know why. So I end up sitting the dark for way too long before I finally get up and turn on a light.

SO, to take up my time, if you find yourself bored as well, or just want to be helpful, find me a picture or recipe of something I can make? Not too hard, not too easy please. I also don't have a lot of counterspace atm.
Most of the stuff I make, I see scrolling through fb or what have you, and think "hm, i could make that". Then do.

The fortune cookies are being eaten by husbands students as I type. Probably won't make them again any time soon. Way too precise, time taking, and finger burning. I do like that i didn't need a lot of counterspace though.

I don't know what to do with myself.

I read a (way too long) book. Ate things. Tv. Cleansed.

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Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.. Cookies - Mood:Good
Sunday January 27 20192:33:25 PM |
I'm attempting to make fortune cookies. I made fortunes and everything For my husbands first class of the semester. The fortunes are mostly positive, uplifting, inspirational quotes.

The batter is cooling/ resting in the fridge. We'll see if this actually works.

Then we are off to grocery shop.

Then Rent live tonight!
I am very skeptical. I'm thinking of it as Rent Jr. Its just gonna be a better time that way.

Live texting while watching with my aunt which is usually better than the performance of these things.

I'm a bit nervous about the timing of cookies, then shopping, then rent. Mostly the cookies and grocery shopping overlapping.

I'm trying to watch 'classic' movies I've never seen. I was going to watch the Matrix today, but cookies got in the way.
I should make a list. Name me some must see before you die movies?

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Bring Me A Higher Love, Ohh - Mood:Good
Thursday January 24 20194:46:00 PM |
I need a sick on the couch show/ movie to watch at the moment.
I'm having such a hard time finding a good tv show to binge. I've started quite a few now and am all, meh.

Netflix is annoying me with their homepage of LOUD ASS TRAILERS. Wtf. Stop.

I need some speakers for my laptop. Small, but doesn't need to be super small. I used to tote them around everywhere so i got cheap ones that died after a year. But laptop stays in one place most of the time, so I'd like to get some better ones.

My friend whose husband is a coast guard is hardcore activisming it up. I might send her cookies or such.

I also need some new podcasts. As always.

Not much happens in my life.
We went bike riding. I almost died. Very out of shape. I keep meaning to get back into shape. But. Motivation.

Took all our christmas stuff down. Bit sad, but so much more room in here. And valentines up.


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Tell me about your vasectomy. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 20 20194:40:54 AM |
We are in very very early pre stages of thinking about hus getting a vasectomy. Before i do the ton of research i am going to do, i thought id ask yall your thoughts/ options /stories.

We are about mid 30s, never had kids, don't want kids. Pregancy worries interfer with our sexy time. Hormonal bc messes with me bad, condoms also interfer with our ability to have sexy time. Meds on his end do as well some. Basically, there is a lot of barriers to us having sexy time and it drives me a bit crazy. Like, end of my rope crazy at times.
We hope vasectomy would do away with condom and pregnancy scare issues, which are the biggest.
From my nonresearch yet, just grapevine, they don't seem like that big a deal and like a good option/step.


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Laryngospasms - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 15 201911:06:18 PM |
I think i have them (it?) and it suuuucks. and is quite scary. Its been happening for about 5 years.

Husband thinks i should go to the doctor. Which. I should. But its just so exhausting sounding. I can't go in with "I think i might have Laryngospasms, maybe not, but it sounds a lot like it, maybe something related?" Because as the stupid patient, i know noooothing about my own body and that will get immediately dismissed as a possibility because i think thats what it is.

So I have to play the game of "theres this thing, its up in the sky, its hot, and yellow.. what could it be?" Doctor: "Its the sun!" Me: "omg yeah thats it!"

Its stupid, its irritating, its exhausting.


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I am not crafty enough for this project. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 13 20195:23:07 PM |
I wanted to buy a plush falkor from etsy, but she doesnt make them anymore. But she sells the pattern. I bought the pattern.

Holy poo its complicated. I just wanna commission someone to make it
I would love to be able to make this myself but just reading the instructions (and holy poo the materials list is a page long) makes me want to crawl under the covers.


Have you ever been over your head in craftiness?
Also, show off pics of your craftiness! Maybe it will inspire me.

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The house was quiet and the world was calm. - Mood:Good
Friday January 11 201911:06:40 PM |
I got rid of 3 video subscriptions (CBS, broadwayHD, and a patreon), and got a mail order subscription of treats from around the world I'm excited. I hope its good. What countries have good treats? Which are scary?

I finished the podcast I've been listening to (Frank Skinner) and am trying to find a new one. Every site says "Oh podcasts are so easy to find!" No. No. A good podcast, that I like, thats about a topic I want to hear about, by people I want to hear from, especially if its a lesser known podcast is SO HARD to find. I have to accientally stumble upon them, which is irritating. Which do you listen to?

So for now I'm listening to tv recap podcasts, until i can find one with a large backlog again. Travelers is up first.

Santa Fe was goood. Bit sad to be home. But also nice in a way. So don't like having to prepare my own food again

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What does one bring to a housewarming? - Mood:Good
Thursday January 10 20194:57:57 PM |
Food? A gift? What kind of gift?

Husband was invited to his bosses housewarming.

Im hoping a plate of cookies would be good? Yes? No?

Oh social conventions.

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Hotel and Vacation Fun - Mood:Good
Saturday January 05 20199:35:39 AM |
So our room got free upgraded to a suite AND money off. And free parking. Wooo

It is SO CROWDED in this hotel. Wtf. Isn't it off season? So many little kids. Sigh.

It's cold. I realize now that living in the desert we tend to go to colder places for vacation. Well. Plus unless we got to Mexico, everywhere else is colder.

We may or may not go to Meow Wolf.


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I can`t figure out what to name this large stuffed dog. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 29 20183:10:34 AM |
Everyones asleep. My headphones died but I was getting tired of the show i was watching anyway (When Calls the Heart). I love it but I watched 3 episodes in a row. Break time. But now I can't watch or listen to (i love podcasts) anything until they charge.

In the meantime I'm trying to figure out what to watch. I have Netlfix and Hulu. The show i was binge watching (Criminal Minds) is now a shared show I watch with my husband. So. I don't have a show.
I watch things here and there, but I need a solo binge show again.

Also, my podcast i've been binge listening to (Frank Skinner) is almost out of episodes

So i won't have a binge show OR podcast. HOW WILL I LIVE.

MIL being here is lovely, though very tiring. We go out everyday! Husband is a super homebody, we usually MAYBE go out once a week, and sometimes thats just Walmart. My body is like wtf. Fresh air? Again??


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Do you need social recovery? - Mood:Good
Sunday December 23 201811:28:12 PM |
MIL is here, and lovely. More pros than cons, but I'm gonna talk about the cons

My husband HATES shopping, has no patience for standing still in shops, doesn't like to go out.

He went to 5 stores with her today he almost died. He was whispering to me, "i can't do this everyday, i just cant, I'm not gonna make it a week". Its like.. shes a mellow 60 year old woman. Yeah she's on vacation and wants to see things and do things, but I think she'd like a bit of tv watching, book reading, balcony sitting, low key things as well.

I mean.. right? Or would that be boring?
I wish I was more social. We could have a ball together.


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....Is she playing a video game or having a break down? - Mood:Good
Friday December 21 20186:18:53 AM |
I feel like over the years, I've slowly leveled up in life. Gotten the accessories and tools to let me punch through boulders in my path that would have stopped me. Agility to dodge obstacles, fortitude to reappear from a burying rock pile, dust myself off, and carry on my way.
Bigger rucksack to carry with me what i need to carry, without it weighing me down and halting my process. Longer lifespan of hearts so damage i take doesn't take me out as fast.
But every so often a wall comes down and squooshes me. Something just catches my back foot as i try to leap over. The water sucks me down before i can reach the other side. And i have to leave the game and go do nothing but feel the hurt and repair, and hope that wasn't my last 1up, and that i'll reappear where i left off, maybe a bit further back, to try to dodge all the debris as it flies at me to progress further on.
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This cookie tastes like someone dropped the entire bottle of ginger into it - Mood:Good
Thursday December 20 20187:11:09 PM |
MIL is coming on Saturday, which means we are hardcore cleaning until then. Beh. Not my favorite thing. Husband is super into it.

Supposed to be 71 F that day Big change from the mountain of snow and cold shes coming from in NY. She's doing an interview while shes here We keep trying to tell her we most likely aren't going to live here forever (i'd like to leave asap, but it'd be more like 2 ish years), and to hold off until we are where we are going to stay to move and retire by us.

Christmas is crazy close. I don't like it. Mostly because I have 2 presents to make that I forgot about, and one is just... not going to be done in time unless I lock myself in my room and slave away.

The other is YTss related!

I'm trying to coordinating skype christmas with my family and its just.. stressful. They are insane. And old and not techy. Sigh.

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I`m just a curbside prophet with my hands in my pockets and I`m waiting for my rocket to come. - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 18 20184:05:26 PM |
Super excited, going to a concert then staying overnight. My friend went to this concert in NY and complained about 'rude people' around her being annoyed by them singing too loud. I love her. But i really hope theres no one around us like that. I paid to hear him sing, not you sing.

I can't find my binoculars But i think thats more of a theatre thing than a concert thing anyway?

I hope he does old school stuff. I'm not too keen on his newer stuff. Hes so good live though.

And thank god he's in a theater now, with SEATS instead of standing for hours in college gymnasiums. With 7 ft tall people standing in front of us. We are too old for that poo now.

Wish me luck in sneaking food and drink in. $6 for a bottle of water is insane.


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