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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Religion: Other
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Bllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeghh - Mood:Good
Saturday March 28 20092:51:59 PM |
I had a dream a girl in one of my dance classes was at a party i had (i had a party? ) at my grandma's house. And she was doing.. things to me Then kissed me and she tasted awful and she said it was because she was drunk.
Lyntess! What does it mean!

I feel.. bad.
I have an audition in 2 days. And my dancing is still OFF. The entire fate of the rest of my life depends on this f*cking audition and i can't drating dance. I kept tripping over my feet ffs. I've never tripped over my own feet improvving. I used to be a improv phenomenon. I could keep moving, recover from anything and make it look like it was supposed to happen.
And i've been tripping over my damn feet for like a month now.

I' m kinda in a the world can f*ck off kind of mood.

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Someone chop off my head - Mood:Good
Friday March 27 200910:29:06 PM |
My head... I can't describe to you the pain that is going on in my head. I took motrin, i ate sugar, i STILL have a massage blinding headache.


can it be pill related? side effect?

Oh. my god. thank god i don't have a paper or anything tonight. My brain register anything but 'oh my god pain pain pain pain omg omg pain'

Anyone have any non meds cures for headaches?

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Its enough to make you go crazy, its enough to make you mad. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 25 20093:28:03 PM |
That guy FREAKS me out. He looks and moves, has the same facial expressions EXACTLY like one of the RDs on campus. Its seriously creepy as all hell.

So.. if i leave a microwave door open for a couple hours is that bad? I left if open when i made lunch and between being lazy and SO SORE that it kills to just shift positions.. yea, i don't think its gonna get shut any time soon.

Next monday is my dance audition I am SO not in good enough shape. And my improv has been SUCKING lately.

I smell like.. damp moldy clothes. And can't figure out why. I hopped out of the shower and smelled like it. Odd.

I just turned my head to look at the clock. Bad idea. It went like this:
*turn head* "AUGHHAGHOW.. oh, 30 more minutes til shower"

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I feel like bitching. OH look! Its YT :-) - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 24 20096:33:55 PM |
So I have to read and review a history book, due Thursday. I got the book last Monday, have been reading it.

I gave it to him to approve today. Yea. Rejected my book. ITS DUE IN 2 DAYS!! I have to read the whole new book (that isn't approved, because i can't get it approved before next class) and write a 4 page book review on it due Thursday.

So, i had to get a new book, so i went to the bookstore after class to try and find a damn history book "written by a historian, have a preface and a bibliography" and wasn't boring as all f*ck.
Slim pickings.
So because i went after class (riiight before it closed) i was late for my next class. And he's already wary of me because i missed two of his classes the week before break because i had that mystery plague disease.

Plus, i have to write two papers for my movement class, one tonight and one tomorrow night.

But for some weird reason

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Oh my god someone trade me their stomach. Actually. I wanna trade my bf for his stomach. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 24 20092:00:47 AM |
Oh dear god. Make it stop.


I'm not sure what set it off. But hoooly crap.

I have stuff to do yo!!! I can't be all dealing with my stomach revolting.

I just wanna pass out. Not sleep. No, I'd be woken up by my stomach. I wanna pass out, be knocked out. Wake up tomorrow out of a complete unconsciousness sleep.

make it go awayyyyyyyyyy

I keep twitching. Its freaking me out I'm not sure why. Like.. my torso and on up keeps just like.. tourettes type twitching.
I was yesterday too, but not as bad.
Odd indeed.

What. Is wrong with my body.

Whats going on with your body atm?

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I have some hardcore senoritis - Mood:Good
Monday March 23 20093:00:34 PM |
Which sucks, since i've been in college for.. 6 years now. So thats 3 years of (super)senoritis, and 2 more to go.

Fun times.

For pilbury grand biscuits.
Keep on the look out!! There is a guy in front of an open fridge. it is SO norbs.

ALSO. Jgall was on law and order yesterday. YAY for broadway people in small roles on tv.

I think i'm going to f*cked up my life.

How are you f*cking up your life today?

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I will not be the girl stuck at home in the burbs, W/ the baby, the dog, and the garden of herbs, I will not be the girl in the sensible shoes, Pushing burgers and beer nuts and missing the clues, I will not be the girl who requires a man to get by - Mood:Good
Sunday March 22 20096:47:34 PM |
I am going through bf withdrawal. I am now within 5 minutes of him (back in the dorms) and i miss him. I hate that. I'm not a fan of missing people/things.

I've had a stress headache for days and days now, and i was on spring break. I'm gonna die.

F*cking boyfriend keeping me happy and sane. I could be happily miserably out of my mind and self destructive at the moment, but noooo. He has to love me and care about me and crap, and make me not wanna. Jerk

I look hot today too. That boy better come over.

I don't think i was meant for this life thing.
Its kicking my ass.

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Lithuim, don`t wanna lock me up inside lithuim, don`t wanna forget how it feels without lithuim, i wanna stay in love with my sorrow, oh but god i wanna let it go. - Mood:Good
Saturday March 21 200911:34:48 PM |
Cakeballs have ruined my life. All i've been hungry for today are cakeballs. I tried to eat normal food but no. All i have a taste for is cakeballs.

Its my last night here until i go back to school but

On one hand, i SO wanna be back at school, closer to my bf, back in my own room. Back with all my stuff.
But.. i don't wanna go back to classes. And my upcoming audition that determines the fate of the rest of my life. And papers and reports and stress and worries.

I am choking down a bagel right now. But crave a cakeball

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My goal is to become a verb on YT. - Mood:Good
Friday March 20 20098:48:21 PM |
I am eating my quota of burgerness for the next 2 months atm.

And fries
Tom Wahls

I'm still scared to start the pill.

I really should do some homework.

I wanted to go back to the dorms tomorrow but noooooo, they don't reopen til sunday at noon
I have sh*t i wanna do there.

I SO don't wanna live at home over the summer. I may stay at grams house. All depends where i work. But i just... can't live in that house anymore.

I want my own place, but i so can't even close to begin to afford that.

Anyone want a roomie? I cook! And bake!

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My Grandpa is a sneaky little SOB - Mood:Good
Friday March 20 20095:02:48 PM |
I just shot snot somewhere. I sneezed, but it snuck up on me so i didn't have enough time to get my hand to my face and snot shot somewhere. But i feel much better now.

My Grandpa waited until i was alseep, then asked me, "When you stay over Joe's (my bfs) house, where do you sleep?"
I have no idea what i said I barely remembering him asking that. And i can't go "hey grandpa, what did i say when you asked where i slept?"
So now i'm scared. Mostly because while I was making cakeballs he asked me, "So is Joe coming over today?" I said no and he asked when he was coming over next I'm thinking i should warn the bf about grandpa now

So spring break. Its never exciting for me. This year it consisted of the bf and cakeballs. Mostly cakeballs. And avoidance of homework. And more cakeballs.

I wanna go somewhere for spring break one of these days.

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WHY do i do this to myself, when i KNOW how paranoid and prone to spazzing and freaking i am. (its another rant/omg nicole is so stupid thread) - Mood:Good
Friday March 20 200912:57:24 AM |
Yes. I'm aware i am.

So. I don't understand why i do things that later cause me to FREAK out and be paranoid. WHY? I don't get it. Am i just bad at decisions in the moment??

I so just RAMMED my knee into the chair. That.. hurt yo.

So bad to freaking. Yes. Much freaking now. Seriously. Why. I. Don't understand how i can be so stupid. And why we just can't.. abstain. For like.. 2 weeks.
I'm just so.. easily persuaded. PBTH!.
Wtf. I. AH. f*cking hell on toast.

I do believe my freaking out at the moment though is due to watching Knocked Up right now.

But still i don't understand how i can go from being the girl who is waiting til marriage/ using 5 methods/etc to this. At least i can check off one of them on my list, the whole have to be in love thing.


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Life water: Agave Lemonade. Bought because of a recommendation by a YTer. Disturbing. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 19 200912:32:23 PM |
Its not bad. Not orgasmic or anything. but not bad

Today is unpleasant. We woke up at about 7am. Well, okay, *I* woke up at 6am, couldn't so back to sleep so i woke him up at about 7am He told me to go back to sleep i said i don't work that way, i will be wide awake now until about 10am. Then crash.

So he said ok, lets watch a movie, then go back to sleep at 10am, then i can help him with some stuff he has to do, he'll bring me home around 3pm. I liked that plan.

But noooooooo His mom was coming my way anyway, so after we watched a movie she said so and the boy volunteered me to go home with his mother (so we could bond yes. Because i want to bond with his mother after 3 hour of sleep). I got no nap, i got no helping him out, and i got way WAY too freaking early.

However, i was a total spazz about it and have since apologized

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Journey to The center Of my sister`s House. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 18 20093:16:15 PM |
So, i made cakeballs, as i'm sure the world is aware of now. And i've been delivering them. Thing is i don't have a car. So i've been walking them around.

I brought some to my aunt monday, planning on going to my sister's today.

My aunt is 4.67 miles away, my sister is 4.13, according to mapquest. I've walked to my aunts house a ton of times though, but i've never walked to my sisters. I have to walk down all one road, but its a busy road. Hm. Could be interesting.

I have another reason for walking 8 miles today though, i'm planning on sleeping over ym bf's house, he goes to bed at about 10pm, i go to bed at about 5am. So i'm trying to tire myself out.

Fun times.

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So have i mentioned that i`m scared out of my mind to start taking the pill? (a paranoid rant) - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 18 200912:50:47 AM |

So, now that i have my period and am all woo not pregnant... now i get to start taking the pill.

OH the fear. Why? One main reason: Emetophobia.

I read the whole damn instructions/side effects/ read this before you start taking paper thingy.
People don't understand phobias yo. If i actually choke one of these things down, and continue to take these things it'll be a miracle.

Even if you take out the COMMON side effect of stomach upsetness, all the rest of the side effects are scaring the bajesus out of me.

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Its one of those annoying cakeball threads/ gross girly threads. A lovely combination. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 17 20095:31:27 PM |
So i was thinking about making another batch, but with different flavors.

I need suggestion! for cake/ frosting flavors.

The red velvet was good cuz its wasn't very sweet. what other flavors aren't sweet?
I was thinking:


-angel food

OR keep the red velvet and get a different frosting.

OR get a vanilla and dye it green/red


So i can't decide if i wanna rent another movie today. I have to walk up to return the ones from yesterday anyway, but i dunno.

I have awful awful cramps. But at least i'm not pregnant!! YAY!!!!

I can't think of a worsteperson to have a kid. Well, i possibly could. But i'm way up there.
Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... owowow. I already took motrin, make the pain go awayyyyyyyyy.

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I`ve figured out how to not drown myself - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 17 20091:28:55 AM |
A punching bag

I should SO get a punching bag.

I'm about ready to pull out my hair. I'm losing my mind.

Its unpleasant.

Make it go away.

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I`m addicted. I think i need help. - Mood:Good
Monday March 16 20099:01:04 PM |
An addiction to cakeballs I had 2 already a few minutes ago, and one this afternoon. And i SO want another. Actually, i want like 5 more.

With thicker chocolate they were too sweet, but the ones with thinner gooeyier chocolate are like crack.
I keep thinking, just one more.

Thats it- i'm getting rid of them. Free cakeballs, just come to my house. Or send me shipping money

So i rented movies.

-Bottle Shock (which is boring as hell so far)
-Then she found me

So i was thinking. Of making cakeballs all during the summer and starting up a little side business They are fun to make, semi easy, look professional and taste great. And are crack-like, which is a very important selling point in a product.

Now. How do i spread the word?

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Gimme movies! - Mood:Good
Monday March 16 20094:35:33 PM |
I'm gonna go rent a movie and i don't know what to get. i want a girly drama.


My cakeballs are delicious

my grandpa "why does this joe (my bf) chase you? You're not that great."

Gee thanks grandpa.

Movies? Help?
Name as many movies as you can possibly think of that fit 'girly drama"

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Its cakeball time Part 1/ *gooey sappy girly feelings*/ movie renting ideas - Mood:Good
Sunday March 15 20097:56:00 PM |
i had a lovely talk with the bf and i feel so much better now.

I kidnapped him in the only way i can being 4'11 and without a car- i tricked him, into spending the day with me out instead of going to my grams for dinner (he loves eating at my grams). But then i don't get to spend anytime with him, cuz everyone's over here and everyone wants to talk to him. And we don't get any 'us' time. and since its spring break i'm not gonna see him again until thursday and goddammit i wanted some us time.

I'm all lovely now though. And full of floaty girly sappy feelings. I missed them.

CAKEBALLS! part one- cake making.

I really wish i would have rented another video Maybe something is on HBO or showtime or on one of the free on demand channels though.


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"Aw! Here`s to hoping the baby looks like you and not your husband!" - Mood:Good
Sunday March 15 20092:48:00 PM |
.. Is probably not a good response to the baby pic i just got from my friend who had her last night.

She makes such a good mom.

I have hair.. that.. well.. you need a picture to fully understand.

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Like.. OMG.. the trees are so pretty... with the sun shining through them onto the water... i wanna live in those sun rays.. and be surrounded by beauty always. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 15 200912:27:56 AM |
So. You know that song Stupid Boy by Keith Urban? I kinda feel like that in my relationship. Like i'm this free spirit thats being fenced in and tamed.

I walked to the grocery store, which was exciting.

I bought:

-Green beans
-Snow peas

For the stir fly i've had a craving for
Along with:

-Stir fry sauce
-Sweet and sour sauce
-Can of water chestnuts

Then, since i'm at my grams house for the week, spring break, and have nothing here:

-Face wash

Then since i watched an episode of Good eats that featured it i bought:

-Red beans
-Bag of red beans and rice with seasoning you just boil

For cakeball makings:

-Mini cupcake tins

-Cream of mushroom soup

For a pasta dish i'm gonna make.

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Cakeball people! I need your help! - Mood:Good
Saturday March 14 20096:45:25 PM |
I'm gonna make them tonight

I have:
box of red velvet cake

i'm headed to the store to get the chocolate to cover them in a second.

is that all i need??

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So. I want to play super nintendo. But.. i can`t figure out hwo to hook it up. Help? - Mood:Good
Saturday March 14 200912:46:43 AM |
Help me.

I don't do well with cords and wires and things plugging into other things.


if you want pics of anything else lemme know what/where

I wanna play zelda. And super mario world. And warios woods if i could find the damn thing.

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No little joadelillahazelily running around. - Mood:Good
Friday March 13 20093:26:45 PM |
So i went to the health center.

Non preggers. But alllll this crap about putting me on pills and whatnot to force my period. Yea. No thanks. I'm either two weeks late or two weeks early, i don't wanna force it if i'd get it normally in 2 weeks.

So i'm waiting til after break.

Also, no diabetes.
People need to stop putting diseases/ailments in my head.


And its officially spring break

I have to pack all my sh*t up and unplug everything, clean out my fridge. etc
I'm gonna put on some music, clean, and pack.

OHOH and the best part of going to the health center??? She said no more sex until i get my period.

My socks match Its throwing me off. My socks NEVER match. But the only two clean ones are ones that match

Wanna help me pack?

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What percentage of things do you not like about your S/O? - Mood:Good
Friday March 13 20091:44:30 AM |
What percentage annoys/irritates you?
What percent of their ideals and views do you disagree with?
What percentage of doubt do you have in your mind about them?
How long have yall been together?

I have a paper to write. So of course i am on YT. Actually, i still have to shower, write a 4 page paper, haven't started it yet, its 1:30am and its due tomorrow.

So that should be fun.

2:30pm tomorrow. Health center. Preggers test.

If you never see me again, i have killed myself because it was positive.

I don't wanna have a baby with that boy. Mostly cuz i don't wanna have a baby.
I keep hearing my health teachers voice "if you are ready to have sex, you have to be ready to have a baby".
Well. I'm not.




Spring break starts tomorrow at 3:15. Woo.

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