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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

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YT is back, but its still so quiet! - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 23 20194:23:33 AM |
So have my drivel.

My hair has calmed down (in the artificial light of night) to a lovely brownish red. Its tomato cream sauce color in the sun. An interesting change.
I found a jar of hair dye thats about 9 years old that i almost used instead. I probably.. shouldn't use it?

The mini banana and pumpkin loaves were a hit with husbands students! Though I'm getting tired of that pan shape for now. Theres just so many of them (students). Its not as fun to bake for that many. About halfway through its like, ugh i have to make another batch, i wanted to just make one batch.

I went to the dentist! I haven't gone in years. It wasn't a thing in my family when I was growing in then I had a couple experiences that traumatized me.
I got told to come back after taking some Valium For an in depth, have to numb me, cleaning


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Travel food: Eating without a fridge or microwave - Mood:Good
Sunday July 14 20196:39:20 PM |
So, we are going on vacation. Staying in a hotel. I almost always get a hotel room with a fridge and microwave, since i am a grazer. I eat a little bit all throughout the day, helps my stomach.

The hotel we got is at a resorty type place, and doesnt have fridge or microwave. Im gonna staaaarve. They have restaurants, but expensive, and i cant fridge or reheat leftovers

Any thoughts of what kinds of foods i can bring?
Lots of cereal
Peanut butter ( i hate pb&j however)


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A possibly temporary journal. (Movies/ tv) - Mood:Good
Saturday July 06 20198:14:49 AM |
Has anyone seen Behind the Candelabra? About liberace.

I'm debating watching it but the casting seems.. not right. The reviews I've read are very split. Thoughts?

I'm watching The InBetween and I'm torn because i really like the show, but it's scaring the crap out of me/probably going to give me nightmares.
Same happened with Medium and Ghost Whisperer. I just can't watch stuff like that. It gets into my dreams. Sigh. I like them though.

I need some new shows to binge. Good Witch has new episodes! But that will only last so long.

Black Panther was pretty good.
Ariel controversy is weird. And i didn't realize how much Ariel is tied to red hair for me.

Anyone see I Am Mother? Is it creepy?

I feel very behind on movies.

What movie have you seen recently that it seems like everyone else saw forever ago, but you just got around to?


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Am I being a stupid frivolous girl? - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 03 201911:30:39 PM |
I've always said I'm the type of girl that if my SO gets me jewelry, I'd be more offended/ sad than anything because getting me my favorite donut means you know me better.

But i really want a semi fancy necklace for our anniversary

We have very plain wedding rings, that I picked out, because my engagement ring is sparkly and unique and amazing, and I heard you wear them together, so I wanted to go more plain for the wedding band.

Problem is, my engagement ring (E-ring), while its perfect and I love it, bugs the crap out of me on my finger. We got it sized right and everything. But i don't like a chunk on my finger. Its not even that big, but it moves, and the rocks end up sideways or such and it just bothers me. I just have never liked rings.

So I tend not to wear it.


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Its more baking stuff, yall. Its just. What I do. (i got a fancy new pan!) - Mood:Good
Monday July 01 20192:31:23 AM |
My baking tonight looks far better than it tastes. It doesn't taste bad. Just. It doesn't taste like much.
They look cute so far though.

Tomorrow is husbands first day of his summer class. He has a ton of students this semester. I usually make about 24-30 individual baked thingys (cookies, cupcakes), enough for two per student.
This semester he has 30 students and I'm having some issues.

I started out making donut looking things (pics coming)(using my new donut/fancy mini cake pan I want more), from a lime donut recipe. They taste.. too chewy. Overbeat. And not super flavorful. Limey. But. Not sweet enough. So i added some cherry lime icing. Hopefully that helps. I dislike having to taste everything every step. Too much.


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Oh now I feel it coming back again, like a thunder chasing the wind, - Mood:Good
Saturday June 29 20192:32:30 AM |
My ears, above my ears really, hurt so badly. New glasses. I hate them so much I don't think they look good on me, they are too tight, they are too big.

I've tried to stuff things, mostly kleenex, between my skin and the arms to relieve the tightness. Doesn't work. I've tried to gently bend them out a bit. Nope.

I might get contacts. I've had glasses since 2nd grade. It'd be super, super weird. But nice? Have to wait until Monday now. Sigh. I can't find my prescription they JUST gave me a couple weeks ago. Its like.. disappeared. Its driving me crazy. I looked in every possible place I thought it might be. So we have to call and get another copy.

In other news.. I don't really have other news. Husbands been working a lot. I mostly play games and listen to podcasts.


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Spectacles. Eyeglasses. Seeing devices. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 25 20198:59:33 PM |
Husband and I got glasses. He got glasses for the first time, i got new frames and lenses.
He is stoked. The second he put them on he was all "OMG! I can see so much better! This is awesome!"
And they look SO GOOD on him.

I, however.

I have very funky, terrible eyes. I think I have an diagnosed eye issue. When I get new glasses, things aren't really clearer. They are a sharper blur. It takes a bit to get used to new glasses, i know, i've had glasses since 2nd grade. But man. These are rough. If i hold my head still, and look directly through the middle, its clear(er). If i tilt my head the slightest bit left/right or up/down, super blurry. I mean. That can't be right. Right? Its always been that way. But wayyyyyy more pronounced with this new script.

I figure I'll give myself some time to adjust. But if its still that way.. get it checked out.


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Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin`, But nothin` ever stops you leavin` - Mood:Good
Sunday June 16 20192:23:37 AM |
So, I bought these crazy looking motion sickness glasses

So many people on forums i googled to see customer reviews were saying "i'd rather puke than look like a dork in those"
Yeah. drat that. I'll wear ANYTHING that stops me from getting motion sick. If I sit on a beach with waves, I feel motion sick. It sucks, so hard.
So, hopefully they work, even a little. Especially since we have to drive at least 40 minutes to get anywhere around here.

I've been getting into Billie Eilish songs. They get stuck in my head. And are unique but ear pleasing. Good production. Watching her interviews are a bit cringey though. Oh the 17ness of her. The talent of her and her brother, especially together, is pretty cool though.


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I`m coming, wait for me, I hear the walls repeating, the falling of our feet and, it sounds like drumming. (Cookie Dilemmas) - Mood:Good
Thursday June 06 20193:38:21 PM |
So, my husband's (really nice and sweet) coworker is leaving, moving to be closer to her family in Puerto Rico. I wanted to bake her fancy, detailed decorated cut out cookies. Few problems.

I used the wrong recipe. The last batch is in the oven now. And I've realized I used the tasteless recipe I tried and didn't like, instead of the good, tasty recipe.

Do I start again? Its a pain. To roll them out, cut them out, bake them. But I haven't cleaned up yet. And at least I didn't decorate yet, theres no coming back from that.
But I want them to taste good.
I'll start again. Such a waste. Okay one problem solved.

Other problem, how do I decorate them? I'm making circles and stars. I want them to look nice. Either elegant or cute. Elegant might be a bit out of my skill-set. I can't really envision what I want them to look like though. Royal icing, I'm going to give another go. Hm.

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Can you identify an insect? - Mood:Good
Monday June 03 201910:48:43 AM |
I asked a bug ID site, but i thought id check here for a possible quicker answer. Ha. You never know.

This is probably not a permanent journal.

There are SO MANY bugs and insects in this apt. I don't know why. We are going to spray the poo out of the place this afternoon. I'm getting ready. Covering stuff. Moving stuff.

One of the most frustrating things for me about moving about is not being able to identify plants and critters.

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The Adventures of a Noctural NicolesLove. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 02 20195:04:11 AM |
I woke up about 7:30pm. Watched tv with my husband until he went to bed at 9:30pm.

Since then i have waxed my armpits, went on a mission to make green bean casserole, listened to podcasts, played app games, watched some youtube shows, and ate a bunch of stuff.

I usually wax my pits then shave in between, since it gets all weird and uneven, then wax again. This time i decided to wax then grow then wax. Omg that was so much easier. So easy that i was like, hey. Let's try some inner thigh waxing. Yeah. Nah.

I used to make tomato salads by slicing tomatoes, adding olive oil, salt, garlic powder, basil. Its good when the tomatoes are good. But if the tomatoes are subpar its bleck with nothing to counterbalance the meh tomato taste. Sometimes id add vinegar but even that couldnt always help.
(I'm long winded and lacking social interaction, so theres more)

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I think one of the first nonessential things I`d do in a post-apocalyptic world is chop my hair off. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 28 20192:22:48 AM |
Cuz really, who wants to deal with all that grungy, water-wasting mess when you are trying to survive and save the world.

We've been watching a lot of apocalyptic movies lately (and books). It seems the only genre we agree on. I tried for Dirty Dancing today. But it got passed over in favor of How It Ends. Which, spoilers, ends terribly. It was a decent movie except for the last, about, 15 minutes. Terrible.

My family has a cookout at my aunts ever year on Memorial Day. Hus and I have had to make our own traditions since we moved. We don't have one for Memorial Day. First we were thinking bowling, but its closed. Then we were thinking mall, because its open. But we went with Ihop, cuz hus is very, very excited by food lately (since all the dieting hoopla).

I miss doing our family traditions with everyone. Cuz of but also because of the loldrama. My sister gave me a play by play.

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I`m calling this journal "mostly pictures of things I`ve cooked/baked lately" - Mood:Good
Friday May 24 201911:34:45 PM |
Sauteed onions and onionless sloppy joe

Sloppy joe

I don't know what to call this. Beef, zucchini, pepper, onion, chili powder, tomato paste.

Sauteed zucchini

Kite flying

Roasting asaragus

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My eyebrow is bruised. It hurts to itch it. Which sucks. Because I have itchy eyebrows. - Mood:Good
Monday May 20 20193:16:21 PM |
Its a bummer day.

We went to the nutritionist for husbands pre-diabetes. She said to cut out all carbs, can have as much meat, cheese, green veggies as you want. Hes all yay meat! But i'm still going to have my cornbread. And cheerios. Sigh. Its just.. I don't know. A lot. To completely change ones diet. Especially when one is ridiculously picky. He'll come around.

So i'm in a bit of a mood, hes in a bit of a mood.

We flew kites yesterday, with various success. Fish and a butterfly. The butterfly is a bit poo. The fish flew pretty good. There wasn't enough wind though.

I got hus some new tea, he likes tea. I got him guava leaf tea. Which he calls lava tea, since he misheard the name, and has never heard of a guava. So of course now its new name is lava tea.

I would like a place to just go and cuddle and kiss and play with dogs and cats. It would do my mental health so good.

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Dear K-12 Teachers/ Faculty, (and journal things) - Mood:Good
Friday May 17 20197:46:45 AM |
I have a question. How does tenure work for you? A lot of our lives, being married to a university professor, is centered around 'getting tenure', for job security and pay raise. Mostly job security. And depends a lot on publishing peer-reviewed articles in top academic journals.

How does it work in K-12 schools? What exactly does tenure look like, when/how do you get it?

In other news, I realized the other day that I haven't added anyone new to my facebook in years. Mostly because I haven't met any new people. Every so often I scroll through the 'people you may know'. But its either people I don't know, or are always the same people, that I don't want to add, and haven't wanted to add for years.

I randomly landed on a proshot West End musical on youtube the other day and loved it. Everybody's Talking About Jamie. So much talent. I should watch other random stuff on ytube.


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You`re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, You`re as sweet as strawberry wine You`re as warm as a glass of brandy - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 08 201911:33:14 PM |
There is a TON of drama on my fb SVU fan group page. Like whoa. Better than watching tv today. It was sadly the most excitement of my day. People be crazy.

Though thats okay. It was an eventful weekend! We did so much stuff! We bowled! On a military base that we didn't know was a military base until we got there. They almost didn't let us in. Which would have sucked because it was a 40 minute very hilly drive. But I was holding up my gps on my phone, being all "ohh, is smith rd on base?" and my husband was all "I'm sorry, I don't know what a point of contact is?" because we were clueless and just wanted to bowl. We had so much fun. I'm hoping we can somehow go back.

We went to a very very sad sweets expo that was at a awesome farmers market, so that was good. I pet a pup. It was nice to be out in the sunshine.


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Its a Sunday night/ Saturday morning. I feel like I`m going to be talking to an empty room. - Mood:Good
Monday April 29 20195:54:28 AM |
Husbands last day of class for the semester tomorrow. I said i'd try to bake something for it.

So, the age old dilemma.
What do I bake.

I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies. Cuz i want one. But husband likes those. I try not to make too many things he likes since hes watching his sugar.

I dunno.
I don't feel like i wanna go balls deep. So nothing too complicated.
I was going to make tricolor cookies in spring colors. But that feels semi balls deep.

Or should i not bake? I probably wouldn't if the occasion wasn't there. Husband generally doesn't care one way or another.

Ive been falling down youtuber holes. Grace helbig. Hannah hart. Mamrie hart. Amusing. Make me feel old. Mostly by how much alcohol they consume. And that i don't find that enticing at all.
I know so, so little of the youtuber, internet personality world. Im okay with that.


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Talk to me, tell me whats on your mind, talk to me, what are you feeling inside - Mood:Good
Thursday April 18 20196:30:08 PM |
I made chocolate chip cookie cup nests, and brought them to husbands office. Pic coming.

I have 2 more easter/ spring baking ideas. Bunny butt cookies and tri-color cookies, in pastels.

My Gramp is in the hospital. My mom said hes just dehydrated, he had a stomach bug. But hes 94. And my family is notorious for not telling me and my sister how serious things really are.

I really wanted some socialness today. I called my Gram, but no answer, then I texted my mom because my gram is always home, and she told me about gramp.

So i decided to write my gram and gramp a letter. and old fashion, handwritten, gonna mail it with a stamp letter. My gram is super forgetful nowadays, and my gramp, while hes very sharp, can't hear a thing. So I figured a letter might be a nice way to be in contact with him, and tell gram things without her having to worry about holding up a conversation.


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The ever redundant "What Should I Bake?" journal. - Mood:Good
Monday April 08 20191:24:38 AM |
With other bits and bobs.

I'd like to bake something for my husbands class tomorrow. Not too complicated/ time consuming. Must be individual finger food (no utensils needed).

I want to make petit fours at some point, but that is not simple nor quick.

We went to a carnival yesterday. I got the best cheeseburger I'd had since we moved to new mexico. Which is kinda sad in a way. But delicious.

I threw about 50 ping pong balls at jars, yet did not win a goldfish. Which I think was due to my husbands super hard willing that I not win a goldfish. Or my bad aim. One of those.

I've been a bit somber lately. I'm not sure why. Hormones? I don't know.

I got another round of dirt, pots, and seeds. And a different strategy for growing. Hopefully these live.

I'm attempting to watch the Doctor Who with the giant spiders (i'm behind). It just seems like its going to end in lots of itching.

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I`d like to show off the dresses i bought - Mood:Good
Monday April 01 20198:29:58 PM |
I took pics for my mom, so i thought I'd post them here too.

Thrift stores!

I will say, they look better in person.

*braces self for the judgment of yt*

Husbands long day. Gone for 14 hours.

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I don`t know what to do with myself without Internet - Mood:Good
Friday March 29 20192:45:03 AM |
Well. I have some ideas.
Its odd though.

I have a ton of books, I'll probably read.
Bake? I just made a cake yesterday though.

Clean? Without a podcast though

Our tv is internet.

It's the middle of the night, can't go anywhere. Can't make too much noise.

Even with the wifi turned off on my phone, it's kinda spotty.

Thumb twiddling.

Usually i watch tv/podcast, play a tablet game, surf, social media.

Its going to be a very quiet night.
Its already very quiet.
This apartment creaks a lot.

Yep. Verry quiet.

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I spent an obscene amount of time trying to find a PC podcast playing app - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 26 20194:50:53 AM |
That doesn't suck.

I didn't find one. I tried Clementine, Grover, GPodder, MediaMonkey, PodPuppy...

None are what i am looking for.
I don't feel like my expectations are that high?
Auto new episodes. Keep my place of where I left off, even when i go to a different episode. Can pause with my headphones. Ideally can make a playlist, but not a must. Easy to look up new podcasts, without needing to know a URL.


I made chili. I was sick last week and therefore didn't get to the 3 lbs of beef we had in the fridge, which then had to be thrown out. I understand my husband’s frustration at having to throw away money and not have dinner. But every so often it just gets pushed a taaad far and i wanna snap at him to make his own damn dinner then.
But he works hard. And i stay at home all day. So i do the housey stuff.
But still. The nag game is real.

I'm awake nights now.

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I`m not baking tonight! Or cooking. Or in the kitchen at all. - Mood:Good
Friday March 22 20193:38:24 AM |
A couple cross posts from various other threads but.

Our license plate was stolen We aren't sure where or when. Its rather inconvenient. Having to file a police report, then going to the dvm to get another.

The police got here SO FAST. We called the non emergency number and they said an officer would be over when they can. It was about 8:30pm, which freaked out my husband since he goes to bed between 8:30-9pm. But within 5 minutes, knock at the door.
Lovely change from VAB where they never even came. Ever. So off to the dvm tomorrow. Husband not happy.

My carnation plant is dead/ almost dead. I don't know why! I might have overwatered it. But I thought that about 2 weeks ago, and have since been keeping a better balance. But nope. Dead. WHY. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD AT GARDENING.


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I`m trying to eat strawberries. Its not working. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 17 20199:14:32 PM |
Movie night ! Fly Away Home got vetoed. Mostly because husband "really wants to shoot geese". "I'd totally watch a movie about shooting geese".
We had a bad geese experience. So no cutesy movie about a young girl bonding with geese.

So we are watching Annihilation. Its starting out slow. I hope it doesn't scare the crap out of me.

I have a mucous cyst on my bottom lip I'm getting very tired of cysts. Its making eating unpleasant and difficult.

I might bake tonight. Cream cheese brownies? I bought cream cheese. And ive had a craving for brownies for a couple weeks now.

A lot of my plants are dying and i don't know why

We were going to go to el paso today. I was super excited. Husband had a super bad headache though. So we stayed around here. It was good

Oh yall.

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Baking With NicolesLove - Mood:Good
Thursday March 07 201911:43:11 PM |
I feel like these are becoming like mouses countdown journals, but less interesting.

I'm making muffins tonight. Either banana, zucchini, corn, lemon poppy, and/or cinnamon/ apple. Or some combination.

For husbands graduate applicants interview in the morning
We got juice, fruits, paper products today. Ordered dunkin donuts coffee and donuts and bagels.

Aaand I'm making muffins.
I'm not sure which/ how many to make. Its up to me really. 16 applicants. I could make 2 dozen of 1 kind. or all 5 kinds if i want. I probably don't want.

I made some brownies, from a box, about an hour ago. Because I had a chocolate craving.

Pics in later post. My babies I get a bit too attached to them. I don't do so well with the "thinning' stage.

I bought a pair of 7$ socks that are the comfiest socks ever. But 7$. For one pair. But . How much do you spend on socks?

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