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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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This ones a journal. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 09 201210:19:52 PM |
I had to cancel plans today to meet my bf's friends for mini golf because i took a Zyrtec and it knocked me on my ASS. Both annoying and amusing honestly. Everyone says Benedryl will knock you out, but i can take benes no problem, nothing. But a Zyrtec, holy sh*t. I was out for 17 hours the first time i took it, then out for 12 then awake but not coherent the second (last night). No more Zyrtec

So. I'm on a Doctor Who merch spree. I bought a shirt i am in love with, but i want MOOOARRR
Etsy has some adorable stuff.
I want something with the weeping angels on it (don't blink, with a pic of an angel perhaps)
And tardis earrings omg
And i REALLY want a sonic screwdriver, but what would i do with it.
I want a sticker for my bike that says "my other ride is a Tardis", but all i can find are huge car ones.
I want something that says "spacey wacey timey wimey" but noooo.....

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Ladies of YT, tell me about your face moisturizer. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 09 20126:30:50 PM |
So. I've been having issues with my face, and body. Its kinda.. half painful half itchy. My face that is. So i figure, maybe i'll start moisturizing, maybe that'll help.

I know nothing of face stuff, but i DO know i am allergic to like.. everything.

So, what are some moisturizers i should look into?

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Hot chocolate, Magic Mike, and tuition checks. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 02 201211:30:54 PM |
I woke up at 7pm today, despite having set 5 ALARMS. Ugh. I woke up all in a bad mood too. Cancelled my plans for the night.

I've decided to give myself 2 hours of ahhh time, cocoa and a movie, then do homework. Pbth. I've been trying to get my sleep schedule back to normal but its not working.

I got my tuition check yesterday!! YAY! Cutting it f*cking close. Rents due the 1st, theres a 5 day grace period. I still have to get to the bank to put the check in, have it clear, then make out a check. Ugh.
I am going on a grocery shopping spree. Making my list now

I found grapes in the back of my fridge that were more fuzz than grape. Mmm.

I am hoping the crazy stays at bay. I have some good stuff going, which makes me incredibly nervous.

I miss my nails. I cut them way down and i miss them.

I might whore my nails in this journal too because i love how they came out this time.

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Matt Bomer being gay is a slap in the face to women kind. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 02 20124:30:21 AM |
I should do homework but.. meh.

Did my nails. Ate some stuff.

Watched some dr who. Damn that show is creepy.

Watched some White Collar

I like someone, who likes me, and its like.. almost like a real, normal, healthy (ish, it IS me afterall) relationship. Its freaking me out. Especially since we are nearing the end of the "everything about you is wonnderful" phase i believe.
He came to my family's house for dinner today. And survived. Woo.
I'll give them one thing, they are awesome at playing the part of the good, loving family.
Though its also frustrating. "Your family seems so awesome!" Yeah. Seems.

Yay labor day.

They cancelled my dance class I was TA-ish in. That majorly sucks.

I should clean.

I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman. Rawr.

I feel things YT. I don't like it. Sometimes being a Dalek (without the whole, being evil and EXTERMINATE thing) seems nice.

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YT, i`m going to burst all my happiness all over you - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 29 201210:46:55 PM |
*happy sigh*

My boyfriend is awesome. The best relationship i've had by FAR. I'm so full of and
I'm still me and have an underlying of f*cking it all up and whatnot.

But for now i'm going to shoot happiness rainbows everywhere


In the shape of a heart. With sprinkles.

He just feels so good in every possible way. Like, wtf? Who knew that was even possible? I didn't. And hes so f*ckin SWEET. Def a nice chance from the bum openings i usually date.

*lovey sigh*

In other news, i am doing independent study this semester I know not what this is. But i'm hoping its not like.. extra work. Its not meant to be. You can take a class a max of 3 times, and i have, but i wanna be in it and prof wants me in it so he's signing me up as inde study.
Its gonna mess up my fin aid. And whatnot.

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A milk quandary. Or quandairy. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 29 20127:40:04 AM |
So. I've had an opened carton of milk in my fridge for about a month. Was in the fridge 2-3 weeks before that, unopened. Yet.. it smells fine. And tastes fine, i think. Sell by Sept 8th. But open for a month?!
Is this normal? I remember my grams milk going bad like 4 days after it was opened usually.
Do I get get super awesome milk? It always lasts a goooood long while. I don't think i've ever smelled it gone bad actually. Which also worries me. What if my super awesome lactose free milk doesn't smell when its bad or something and i'm poisoning myself with seemingly innocent milk?

This journal brought to you by insomnia.

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Not sure if smart or paranoid.... - Mood:Good
Monday August 27 201212:23:17 AM |
In walking my trash out to the trash building outside at midnight, i held my keys between my knuckles without really realizing.

I just discovered i type really odd, because it hurts today. My nails are long. I apparently type with my middle fingers (which i knew).. but lay my index fingers on top as i type. I discovered this because my right index finger is digging into my right middle finger. STILL. i keep trying to type without the other finger on top... but i can't do it. Odd. I may have to put a bandaid around my middle finger to stop it My index finger isn't even that long/ sharp! Just hitting just right. odddd.

Classes start tomorrow. I looked at my syllabuses online. OMFG. One of my syllabi is 46 PAGES LONG. WTF.
I'm in 3 classes. I'd be in more but i need these 3 first, they are all taught by the same prof, and shes known for being WICKED work intensive. 46!

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Builders of YT. I need some DIY home tool-y advice. - Mood:Good
Friday August 24 20126:26:43 AM |
What can i put on/in my wall that i can suspend a rope from, so i can have a rope running from one wall to another to hang things on?

Like so:

Or, more likely, if you can think of another better way of getting my end result (creating a place to hang my purses), do share.

I like to hang things from my walls. My walls will look like swiss cheese by the time i move out.

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YT: My Dream - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 22 20126:59:22 PM |
There was a YT get together/ reunion at my old high school. It was odd.

I had Orch's 3-4 year old little girl named Katie on my lap for awhile. That was cute.

There was a YT choir. Yes. A YT choir. Robes and everything. Singing "OH What A Night" (probably by request of rag doll).

Oh YT. Why must you invade my dreams

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Self imposed rules you live by - Mood:Good
Saturday August 18 201211:43:39 PM |
I have many.

One being that i refuse to sleep with two different guys in one period cycle so i never have to play "whos the daddy".

I made an apple crisp. And scalloped potatos. The potatoes and half of the crisp went home with my mom. But thats okay, cuz she bought me groceries. Yay food.

Bf is still sick Thus why i'm with you fine people

I'm a little obsessed with a few fb games. Which i planned. They have about a 2 week addiction rate, and i have about 2 weeks til classes start. Ugh. Not looking forward to classes starting.

I need a job. Someone hire me.
I'm still mad my PERFECT JOB isn't available to me because its work-study.

I did my nails.

I got pizza.

It was good. Ew sauce. But other than that, good.

Another self imposed rule.
I only pay groceries with cash, that i physically have with me, or its way too easy to put $1000 on my card in cheese and glue.

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I should be having sex right now. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 16 201211:23:23 PM |
Instead i'm feeding dragons on fb.

Bf is sick So i came home. I would have liked to be a good gf and stay and take care of him. But i think he just needs rest. And i don't do well with being idle

I made a delicious dinner. I mixed cream of asparagus, peas, green beans, a smidgette of cream of mushroom, and french fried onions together and baked it, then ate it with a baked potato. OMG. Its surprisingly amazzzingly delicious.

Vacation was alright. Glad to be home. And not. Cuz.. vacation. Glad to feel good again. Its been awhile. Though pretty sure bf is going to get me sick within a day or so. So i'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

I'm hot. I may turn on my ac.

What are you up to tonight?

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sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away - Mood:Good
Saturday August 11 20129:49:22 PM |
Im in vacation and i'm bored. Not much to do after dark here. Meds are still kicking my butt. But i have pics! Next post.

I caught fish! Took a nap. Got beat up by dogs. Thats about it

Perfect board /card game time. But my parents dont like the m.


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Prednisone is unpleasant. - Mood:Good
Friday August 10 201210:41:39 PM |
It tastes SO FREAKIN BAD. And gets stuck in my throat every time. And is giving me insomnia. And atrophying my glands apparently. Bleck. 3 more days on it i believe.

At least i'm not as itchy.
Face still hurts. But not as much. Woo.

At grams house. Leaving for vacation tomorrow morning. Going to miss my boyfriend I really like him. For the first time like.. ever i think we have a real shot at lasting. *knocks wood* I like stupid little things about him. And we have some A+ communication.
My gram met him today and said, and i quote, "Of all the guys you've brought around, hes it. He's a keeper."
He got Bean's approval too.

Wish me luck at not f*cking this relationship up.

I wish he was going on vacation with us. It'd be so fun!

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I was going to make a ranty, angry grrr filled journal about losing this job - Mood:Good
Thursday August 09 201212:22:28 PM |
But meh.

I found the most perfect job for me (costumer in the theatre dept). I applied about.. 3am last night. Sent my resume. She emailed me back this morning, said i sound perfect for it, gave me the position, and told me who to contact to get the paperwork going.

I called career services to make sure i was still work study eligible, as i have been before but paid no attention.

I'm not

Goodbye awesome job.

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Help me figure out what i wanna do this weekend YT - Mood:Good
Thursday August 09 20121:28:40 AM |
I need a sounding board.

So we go on vacation to the same place every year, multiple times a year. Usually in July for 3 days, August for 4 days, then my parents go in october for 3 days.

I went in July, but i am broke so i stayed in a cabin with my parents and 2 labs. It was just... stressful. I felt like i needed a vacation from the vacation. It was alright but just.. stressful. and rushed and discombobulated feeling. Bunking with my parents was a bit unpleasant but i at least had my own room with a door i could close. I love my dogs but they add to the stress. My mother seems to be perpetually grumpy up there, which i can usually avoid by having my own room/ sleeping on the way up/ going in a separate car.

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The Skin Saga. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 08 20125:10:12 PM |
So. My face hurt. I woke up saturday morning and my eye was puffy and my face kinda hurt. My eyes not puffy anymore but my face still KILLS, and the skin around my eye is peeling.

I went to the doc yesterday she gave me hydrocortizone cream to put on it BUT HOLY MOTHERdratER that hurts.

So i went to work today and i now have little bumps on my arms and chest. But they don't hurt. Just itch. And my legs itch, but no bumps. But my face just hurts.

Doc is closed. I called after hour nurses line and she asked me a bunch of questions then said it sounds like it could be a bacterial infection, go to the ER. Which.. bleh. I don't wanna. But i'm going on vacation in a few days. And it IS spreading abeit slowly. So mom said she was gonna have dinner, then maybe bring me.
I don't know.

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If i am ever rich...... - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 07 20128:56:15 PM |
..This is what will be:

- I will have a giant fish aquarium filled with giant awesome fish
- I will have a room of puppies
- I will have an indoor and outdoor pool
- I will have my own giant library. Which people can check out books from.
- I will buy my parents a gorgeous huge house on the water.
- I will have the most luxurious shower known to man
- My carpets will feel like walking soft awesomeness
- I will have a giant bed with soft cozy sheets and soft cozy blankets
- a huge dance studo, in house. Maybe one i run out of house.
- I want to own a theatre. See a show every single night.
- 3 refrigerators. Or just one giant one? Always have fresh fruit.


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Excuse me while i float in for a few - Mood:Good
Monday August 06 201211:24:44 PM |
Spend a couple days with my boy. Hes so lovely.

We played monopoly, cards, snuggled, went to his house, went out to dinner last night, and tonight, got ice cream, i met his mom, he made me breakfast in bed

Are my feet touching the floor? I don't think they are.

Hes so easy to talk to, about everything, and he wants me, and i want him, but hes fine with just playing board games as well. We mesh so well.

*happy sigh*

How are you?

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My cake is here! - Mood:Good
Saturday August 04 20125:54:06 PM |

I think I was more excited for the writing than the cake
Even though i had to correct the number and their grammar

Today was the last day of my 200 hours at the recreation center. I still have 3 hours left wednesday but then i'm DONE. Well, except for all the papers and stuff. GBut i won't have to go there anymore at least


Now my 2 weeks of summer vacation before fall semester starts can start.


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Help me order a cake YT - Mood:Good
Friday August 03 20124:36:49 PM |
So, my mom is getting me a cake to celebrate the end of my internship done without killing any kids or seniors.

I'm about to order it.
I want it to say something.
But.. i don't want "congrats!" or "good job!" how BORING

Help me think of something creative to write on it?

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I want to bake for my co-workers. How much effort do i want to put into this... - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 31 20128:20:59 PM |
Snickerdoodles would be easiest, but umimpressive.

Cakeballs would be impressive, but a pain in the ass, and i have no freezer space or chocolate coating wafers.


Whats something bitesize/ single serving i can make and bring to work as a "thank you for teaching me sh*t" since its my last days interning there?

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I find myself.. on a couch. - Mood:Good
Sunday July 29 20126:00:40 PM |
Someone keeps moving my stuff. Only i live here. ITS FREAKING ME OUT. My doormats (in my living room) were moved! To a place i would never move them. I'm just not that crazy, someone somehow moved them

I picked the right boy

My uterus and I have a mutual hate going on right now.

I figured out how to watch the Olympics on my laptop not at 9am!

I had an egg white and tomato sandwich was breakfast. Mmmmmm.

I should clean. But i need something on in the background. Normally Olympics would be good! But theres no freaking commentary. Which is just... confusing, and very quiet.

Bf's skinniness is strange. I'm used to dating big guys. I can touch my elbows around him! Not much to hold on to Holy fit though man. And hes so sweeeeet.

I'm all introspectivey today.

Mmmm, i'd like to lose myself in a good book.

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I`m bored. And trying to forget i have to go to work eventually today. - Mood:Good
Friday July 27 201211:31:17 AM |
I'm doing a pretty good job so far.

I can't find much to do in the meantime though. Watching tv. But nothing on the interwebs is new.

I want to send packages to people but i have no money.
And one of the people isn't even around on here anymore. Pbth.

What are you up to today? Its friday right? Woo.

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Lets have an orgy yo - Mood:Good
Saturday January 07 20126:15:37 PM |
So, who wants my ass?

Highest bidder?
Only bidder?

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I`ve got a love-i-ly bunch of coconuts, dee-dle-le-dee - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 12 20113:18:37 AM |
I'm jumping out of my skin tonight.

Which is not conducive to paper writing unfortunately. I have about.. 5 hours to write this paper that took me 12 hours last time, including time it takes to actually read the chapter first so i know wtf the questions are asking.

Step right up and talk to a crazy, only a dime each.

I should shower. I'm not sure if i smell funky or if its my room or if its my nose.

I'm kind of hungry, but kind of not.
I want pizza. Real, delivery pizza.
Kind of. Even that i want like, one bite of.

I had a psych appt at 6pm. I also had a dance rehearsal at 6pm. I solved which to go to by going to neither. Which i didn't mean to do. I wanted to go to both. But fell asleep and missed both. That sucks.

Ask me things.

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