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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
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Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
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Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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"where is that damn ur-anal, I have to piss!" - Mood:Good
Monday October 22 20128:38:33 PM |
I heard that a lot this weekend Camping with vets! Was actually quite fun and awesome. I impressed myself. First day I was fine, I was interacting, I was being helpful, hung back a little, but really, for me even going is a huge accomplishment.

Second day was rougher. But i'll get there.

I have pictures! Gorgeous. I should i say, gorges. My cookies were a big hit! I could actually eat the dinner.

The guys were a hoot. Thats the best i can describe There was of course, the old pervy guy trying to feel up all the girls. 7 vets, 5 students, 1 prof, 2 rec therapists, and a nurse, all girls.

Lots of war stories. One was 95! He was one of the most coherent. We were mostly on 'make sure they don't fall" duty, bringing them

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I have a mini cupcake tin. I have liners. I have.. some basic ingredients. What should i make? - Mood:Good
Monday October 22 20127:58:27 PM |
I like opening up what i bake to YT

So. I want to make a small batch of something as a thank you to a girl in my class, and also for munching on around my apt. So nothing too crazy

Recipes included would be helpful but not necessary.

I was thinking chocolate chip muffins/ cupcakes? Maybe? I don't know. Maybe lemon. But i suck at frosting. Maybe icing? Hm.

Whatcha got?

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im sitting in a cabin in a state park in the dark - Mood:Good
Sunday October 21 20122:04:15 AM |
Trying not to wake my roomie.

Keep me company?

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Packing help! - Mood:Good
Friday October 19 201211:15:07 PM |
Yes another help me thread.

Two reasons for this thread:
1) I have no one to talk to here
2) I am so packing impaired its just.. sad.

When i go on vacation for 2-3 days during the summer i bring 2 big duffles, 2-3 backpacks, fan, chair, usually another small bag or two.
But its with my family and theres room so i stick with my 'omg we are going to trapped her for two months' packing.

As you may know by now, i'm going camping with veterans tomorrow I'm going to be gone for all of 24 hours. We are staying in a state park, in a cabin. She said to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.
Thats all i know.

4 of us are carpooling up together.
I'm trying to not overpack but...
What should i bring??
I had a small duffel and a largeish purse but one pair of pj pants takes up like half my duffel.
I'm so confuseeeed and lost.

Help me YT.
Stuff i have packed right now:

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I have no one to ask to be a bridesmaid. - Mood:Good
Friday October 19 20123:29:56 PM |
If i ever get married, i just realized.. I so don't have any female friends in my life to be bridesmaids. Its rather depressing.
My sister would be maid of honor. But other than that.. I don't have any other girls in my family, and no girl friends i'm at all close to.

I should open the positions to YTers
Oh wait. Wasn't there a YT bridesmaid debacle once? Hm. Maybe not.

So i'm going camping tomorrow. I'm nervous. Its for class, we are camping with veterans. People! Scary.
I'm not sure what to pack. Its for 24 hours. In a cabin. Hm.

Think I'll bake cookies for my fellow carpoolers.

Packing ideas welcome. I don't wanna bring a ton of stuff (I never ever pack light, for anything), but i don't wanna forget stuff i'll need. Bringing sleeping bag and pillow. Thats all she said to bring. And she's mean so i'm not gonna ask her for others.

I had a dream someone broke my tardis lamp!

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I hate people. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 18 201210:06:35 PM |
People suck.

Not all people. Just people in general.

I'm having a day. Possibly PMS.

And i'm a masochist so i come bring it to YT.

Looking for dinner atm. Hm. Nothing sounds good.

I'd like to kick my brother in law in the nuts.

WHY must people choreograph such boring dances.

Hows your night?

Come over for some board games and bring dinner?
I might be good company, not sure.
As long as you don't piss me off, i think we're good.

Ugh this journal sucks.

*angsty ragey tantrum*


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Do I look like Wenda? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 16 201210:43:18 PM |
I am so cutting off the pompoms and the bottoms of these tights asap.
And i don't have the hat yet.
Not sure what shoes to wear.
Its the only blue skirt i have, not buying another.


I was going to stripe my long umbrella, but i LOVE that umbrella and don't want to accidentally leave it anywhere

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WHY is it that when I go to verizon`s website to get customer service for my DEAD PHONE that won`t charge, they won`t let me email and tell me i have to call a number?? Thats just cruel. - Mood:Good
Monday October 15 201211:52:17 AM |

I'm phoneless.

Who wants to do me a favor and call this number: (585) 637-6010, and ask if they are still in Brockport, at the corner of Lake and 31, before i go riding my bike 40 minutes in the cold there?
They recently redid that plaza, and a buncha stuff moved in and out.

Freakin grrrrrrr.

I don't like being phoneless. It makes me feel like someones gonna come murder me.

Hm. Thats all i got.
I'm sure i'll periodically ramble in this journal some more today.

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I`m so excited to have finally found a Halloween costume even though i`m going to freeze my ass off!!!!! - Mood:Good
Friday October 12 20129:56:59 AM |

So. I found the actual costume online for like 60$ and was like, pbth! So I am piecing it together bit by bit and realize.. its still prob going to cost me 60$
actually more like..40. But re-usable bits! Unlike the full costume.

No matter what time i go to bed i have woken up, by myself, at 7:40am for the past 4 days. I do not like this.

I have sh*t to do today. I do not like this either.

I'm proud of myself for responding to my father's immature fb post.I think i handled it well. Go me.

I hope i'm not the only person dressed up in my classes on Halloween I usually am But wtf people, its Halloween! Only day of the year its perfectly acceptable to paint your face and wear costumes!!

I can't remember if i took my meds in the middle of the night or if i just dreamed i woke up and took my meds
I should move an object next time to prove i did

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So.. I think I just started a war.. But i`m not sure i care - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 10 20122:56:53 PM |
I had another journal, but this needs venting more than my rambley nothing. Though that'll be in here too

My dad is so UGH, he left a passive aggressive post on both me and my sisters wall. So i went off on him. Politely. But hes such a martyr, he will take it wrong, be wounded, never speak to me again and thus war.

And people wonder why i'm crazy. My parents are just.. something else.

Onto your regularly scheduled journal.

I have a headache. But not a headache. Its like a carsick headache, if you know what that feels like. Its highly highly unpleasant.
I wonder if its leftover from yesterday. I had to do homework in the car on the way to my class. Gah. Its so unpleasant feeling.

I woke up at 8am. Which.. is unlike me. I usually wake up at like.. 3-4pm. Darn vacation threw me off onto a 'normal' schedule


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I`m home! - Mood:Good
Monday October 08 20129:15:03 AM |
Back from vacation. Holy SH*T it was cold. bf though. Was nice to be there with someone I enjoyed for once

I bought lots of stuff! I'd post pics but i'm lazy. I'm also bored though, so we'll see.
Most of it is clothes i sent back with my mom to wash for me.

I am so unpleasant when i am sleep deprived. Poor L. I think he had a good time though

We usually go up July, August and my parents go up in Oct. We only went too this time because L couldn't make it to Aug. Holy Freezing. Next year, no Oct for me. Brrrr.

So. I fell asleep in the car about 6pm yesterday. Came home and was still half asleep. Fell asleep on couch til 5:30am
Unpleasant though. I have all night classes. Might try to nap or something before my first class at 5pm.



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Bye yall. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 04 20127:49:36 PM |
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Fashion people of YT help me - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 02 20122:50:48 AM |
So, i bought this shirt, cuz it was 4$. Its a small but it was too big on me. So i spent the last few hours pinning and sewing this thing. It fits now. But it just.. doesn't look right.

So far the reasons i can come up with is:
- I sewed the back straps too high (which, i did, but oh well. Though i will fix the wonkyness and make the second strap lay flat)
- I am too flat chested
- I am too white
- Some kind of bra need (wtf bra do you wear with it?!)

Other? All of the above?

So. Here's the sites picture of the shirt:

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I`m wearing no purple. - Mood:Good
Monday October 01 20127:34:33 PM |
Apparently everyone was supposed to wear purple for the girl who was killed over the weekend. I didn't get the memo I was gonna go to the vigil tonight but when i got out of class i felt like poo, so i came home. Now i feel fine but I am so not riding back up to campus I wanted to go too. That girl could have easily have been me like 3 years ago.

My professor is a psychotic bitch. I say that with only slight anger. Its more just fact. She's just.. off her rocker. And freaking mean.

I'm in a movie mood. Not sure what to watch.

My gram is in love with my bf He came to her house for our Sunday family dinner. He lived They like him. Me too Its almost like i'm in a normal, healthy relationship wtf?

Vacation! sorta. Mini one this weekend. L is coming Our first roadtrip/ vaca. Plus my sis and her hubby. Lets see who comes back alive/ pregnant

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Halloween idea me people. - Mood:Good
Monday October 01 201212:49:29 AM |
So, I want to be a coupley costume with L. I refuse to be something i don't know but he has no issue with it. SO, what can i dress him up as for as cheap as possible?

I was thinking dr who... but who would we be? It would sadden me to make him the doctor or a dalek or something when he wouldn't know to yell "EXTERMINATE" or such. Cyberman would be alright. But difficult to make. And what would i be?

I thought about musicals. But again.. who would we be?

I think the easiest thing would be for us to be people characters, rather than objects or such, since people characters would be easier to make costumes for. In theory. I dunno.
I do wish we could be something we both knew though.

For body types, i am short and small, he is semi short, gangly yet fit and muscley.


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I woke up to a text from a friend asking me if i was alive - Mood:Good
Saturday September 29 20126:24:19 PM |
Apparently a girl was murdered on campus last night. They are withholding her name out of respect for the family til the family is properly notified. Which i understand. But i wanna know who it is! And if i knew them

I texted my mother even though the girl lived in and was killed in a dorm, and i don't live in a dorm. My mother would still assume its me. Campus police found her, which was good, rather than her roommate or such.

In other news. Well. Thats about it.

I am getting packages again I took a hiatus from buying crap online. Am at it again Bought cookie sheets to replace my beat up pie plates for reheating stuff. I only had one anyway. Now i have 3 sizes A couple shirts. Eyeglasses repair kit since my glasses are SH*T. Toilet bowl cleaner. Its scary.


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I`m watching a marathon of movie that made me feel sh*t when i was younger. - Mood:Good
Friday September 28 20123:49:39 AM |
So far Now and Then, and now Bastard Out of Carolina. Not sure what to watch next. I could do Ellen Foster but i'd probably end up an angsty puddle on the floor

I slept 8am-9pm. On purpose. Trying to right my sleep schedule again. I'm going to try to stay up til about 6pm, then sleep 6pm-6am. Then the next night like, 10pm-10am, which would be semi normal. ish. Aiming for a 2-3am-noon sleep schedule. We'll see.

I made gingerbread cookies. Mmmmmmmmmm. Little too spiced for me. But good anyway.

I might turn off Bastard. I can't take the angst I can't think of what else to watch though. I want a movie i've seen before since i'm also tidying and not completely paying attention.

I have professor drama. Ugh.

Maybe Aladdin.

Ahhh Jena Malone. Such a good child actress.


Anyone actually around?

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Me with a kid would be.. scary. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 26 201212:53:12 AM |
I find that even if theres a 0.001% chance of pregnantness, i freak out in the back of my mind with "OHMYGOD WHAT IF I'M PREGNANT" until i can SEE blood.

I find this annoying.

Still want tardis lamp.

Had pizza for dinner.

Dropped one of my classes. Feel all disappointed in myself.

There is a girl.. that i get along with. Its f*cking WEIRD. I haven't clicked with a girl since like.. 4th grade. I have all male friends. Some female acquaintances. But we totally just, get along, easily.

I bought a chocolate lava cake I'm excited.

Vacation in one week.

My birthday in 2.

I think. Well. Ish. 5th and 11th.

My October Saturdays are booked. I do not like this

Also I HATE MY PROFESSOR SO MUCH. Not really. But she IRRITATES me so MUCH and i can't pinpoint exactly why. This bothers me also. I don't know. We just seem like oil and water. I hate that. Ugh.


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Anyone wanna help me shop? - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 25 20122:30:13 AM |
No pressure.

I looove shopping.

Though shopping online can be a bit lonesome

Thought i'd see if anyone here was bored and wanted to scavenger for a desk lamp.

I got a new (old) desk! But its in a dark corner Thus. Lamp.
Its a small desk. So lamp needs to be wee sized. Not too small. Also, bright is nice.
And some design of course is lovely.


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Me and L have been trying to figure out what to be for halloween. I had two rules. - Mood:Good
Monday September 24 20129:12:55 PM |
1) I have to know wtf i am
2) i refuse to be a princess or a "slutty ____"

We tossed ideas for weeks and either i don't know my half, or he doesn't know his half, or we can't figure out how to make them.

What did we come up with and agree on?
A f*cking princess.
Jasmine and Aladdin.
Shes a little more kickass than other princesses i suppose.
But still.
She's also half naked!!

If yall have any couple costume ideas i can make/ buy (tho not outright buy) for less than 20$ each-ish, pleease let me know so i don't have to be a princess

In other news. Well. I don't really have any other news.

I started a new british show, Downton Abbey. I rather like it.

Me and my partner spent the entire class period typing up a paper. 3 minutes before class ended Word died and paper was gone. I'm an obsessive saver. She apparently is not

I wish i had a river i could skate away on.

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I have a 40 inch wall space and a 48 inch table. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 19 20129:12:35 PM |



I am moving my apt all around since it was thiiiis close to be hazmatted.
I just never seem to have the time/ feel good enough to clean and move things.
I am on new stomach meds though that are fabbbbbbulous, though they apparently interact with my anxiety meds BUT F*CK THEM I'M NOT GOING OFF THE STOMACH MEDS. I ate chinese food! And didn't die! I ate a salad! And didn't die! WOO

I need a 2 bedroom. An extra room of shelves and bins. I can't figure out how to best organize.

I have the same professor for3 of my classes AND as my advisor. She's mean And gives TONS of work, including busy work WHICH MAKES ME WANT TO SPIT FIRE, I AM 26 F*CKING YEARS OLD DON'T GIVE ME BUSY WORK.
And assumes that everyone has a car, plans field trips multiple times a week. Why no, i can't get across the city at 3pm on a Wed for a 20 minute tour of a hospital.

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Help me paint my wooden tree YT - Mood:Good
Sunday September 16 201211:21:13 PM |
So, I have a wooden advent thingy as i posted last time. I started painting it, this is what it looks like now:

So heres my problem:
I want to paint the outside of the drawers one color, then paint different christmasy things on each door. But theres only o many christmasy colors. And i don't like red much. I thought white.. but it seems so.. blank, and plain and such. I also need a color for the inside of the boxes, and the hole when you remove the drawer.
Also want to make the knobs a different color. Maybe black? Or green? Hm.


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To Tardis or not to Tardis, that is the question in this moment in space and time. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 16 20122:57:20 AM |
I have a giant box. I REALLY want to make it into a mini Tardis. But i can't decide if this is weird and obsessive of me. Or if i care if it is.

However, I'd have to buy like, a can of tardis colored paint. Which.. sounds time consuming and expensive. And how does one go in and ask for Tardis colored paint

I bought a wooden box advent calendar!!! I'M SO EXCITED. I love advent calendars, but those little ones they sell for like 2$ in the grocery store have THE sh*ttiest candy ever in them. Heres some pictures.

I wanted to make it a richer green than that but it would take so much paint

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I learned bout open crotch thongs today. - Mood:Good
Friday September 14 20121:52:16 AM |
I could have gone without knowledge of those.

So. I'm nervous. And trying very hard not to pull out of the performance tomorrow because of fear and nervousness.

I have nothing else to say

How unlike me.

Classes are kicking my ass.

Yea. Thats all i got.

John Barrowman in Torchwood is.. unsatisfying.


How are you?

Whatcha wanna talk about?

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Jack is all angry and grr and rawr. I don`t like it. - Mood:Good
Monday September 10 20128:15:13 PM |
He was all carefree and playful on doctor who. Hes all grr and rawr on torchwood. I don't like it!

Since i seem to be allergic to the world i bought hypoallergenic shampoo and face moisturizer.
I no longer want an allergy skin test since it apparently involves needles

I have a ridiculous amount of hw to do tonight because i put it all off to the last minute.

This week is crazy busy. Dance rehearsals from 8-11pm every night except tonight. One tmrw at 3:30pm. Performance on friday.
Going canoeing for night class tomorrow. Working with people with brain injurers. Not sure i'm more scared and nervous about, the working with people or the canoeing.
Going to hospital thingy for class wednesday, working with more people. Ugh.

But its okay, because i have a tardis necklace coming in the mail.

I am getting so obsessed with dr who. Probably to take my mind off stress of life

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