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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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This make me happy. - Mood:Good
Monday November 26 20128:13:43 PM |
The fact that:

- My dressers came from my dad
- My bed came from my great aunt
- My couch came from my stepdad's sister
- My desk came from my stepdad
- My other desk came from my aunt
- My coffee table came from my great aunt
- My veggie steamer came from my mom
- My fish tank came from my dad
- My sauce pot came from my mom
- My curtains came from my dad
- Half my silverware came from doligirl
- Half my glasses/ mugs came from sammy & lyntess
- My kitchen table came from my aunt
- My entertainment center/ bookcase thingy came from the last tenants, who i subleted from
- My wicker chair came from my stepdad's mom
- My bathroom decals came from last tenants
- My waffle maker came from my mom
- My donut maker came from my dad
- My vacuum cleaner came from my mom
- Half my plates are from last tenants
- Other half my gram

I that my apt is a hodge podge from generous people.

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Wandering aimlessly around my apt, pulling dead leaves off my plants, adding water to my fish tank, watching Whose Line bloopers, playing with my tardis lamp, picking lint off my shirt. - Mood:Good
Monday November 26 20122:49:03 AM |
Answer is:
Things i do to avoid/ delay writing this paper.

I thought it was due next Tuesday. Nope, this Tuesday. I HATE this professor. SO MOTHERF*CKING MUCH. Just trying to write the paper is angering me because i am following her guidelines and thinking of her just pisses me off.
Thank god the semesters almost over.

I made one batch of Christmas cookie dough and froze it.
Bought the brown and pink sleeping bag.

I'd like to send out christmas cookies to YTers this year, i have millions of boxes, not sure i have the money though

What are you all up to?
Hows christmas shopping going?

I want to read. But no. F*cking paper.

I'm afraid to look outside. I haven't left my apt in a few days and i see people on fb talking about snow.

I cannot think of anything else to talk about.

What do yall want to talk about?

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I`m awake, theres a lack of non newb journals, and i need shopping help - Mood:Good
Sunday November 25 20126:46:15 AM |
So, my grams getting me a sleeping bag for Christmas. I'm ordering it online and having it delivered to her.
But i can't decide which to get.

Sleeping bag (A)

Brown and pink. Bit girlish for me. But not too bad. $63. Regular size (80x33).

Sleeping bag (B)

Red plaid/ black. $69. XXL (90x39)

Flannel lined. Same brand. Same degree rating thingy.

On one hand, i'm little, so i don't need XXL. But its only 7$ more for bigger. But if i have to lug it places, bigger may not be better. But, i don't know.

Or i could get neither and get a completely different one (on amazon)(only place she lets me buy from).


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Jo Polniaczek will always have my heart. - Mood:Good
Friday November 23 20128:39:32 PM |
I'm on social recovery. Back from my bf's.

I feel weird. I feel all pulled. My family on one side, my bf on the other, and me somewhere in the middle. Social crap is complicated. Glad to be home for a bit. With just me, my fish, and my laptop. And pie

I put up my Aunt's christmas tree today It looks beautiful if i say so myself. Forgot to take a picture.

I bought my Gram a christmas tree online. My mom went over there and gram told her she was tracking the package. Mom was all " wow, really? you went online and are tracking it?"
No. She watches to see if the UPS truck comes down the road or not each way Her version of package tracking.

So, i want to make christmas cookies. Its hard to find like 3-4 days in a row to cookie make. Sucks they go stale and all. I could make one batch today, one next weekend, a couple the week of finals in a few weeks. But no.


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Holy crap YT, i got a life - Mood:Good
Thursday November 22 201211:00:50 PM |
For a few days anyway.

At bfs house. We did thanksgiving with his mom and brother yesterday, did thanksgiving dinner at my grams today, then went over to his dads. We had to leave my grams early to go to his dads which i was all about because we missed dessert and were only there for an hour. Last to get there, first to leave. So he bought me my very own pumpkin pie Hes super ridiculously sweet and awesome.
He makes me wanna be, and actually strive towards being a better person. My counselor is freaking out happy, hes been trying to give me the "As Good As It Gets" analogy for years "You make me want to be a better man") etc yada.

One of my friends spent her thanksgiving in the hospital with her bf who was in a car crash with a trailer trailer Hes not looking too good, but will be fine. Just really banged up. Ordered dinner in

Ahhh semesters over over. Thank god.

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Let me rest my weary head YT - Mood:Good
Monday November 19 201210:18:18 PM |
Its been a long f*cking day. I am physically, mentally and emotional exhausted.

And i burned my hand And my bf is mad at me And i feel like a sh*tty person. And my father messaged me, which is always a good f*cking time.
I did get a 92% on my exam though. So that was nice.

My face hurts. Its all wind burned i think. I'm about to google to figure out what to do for it, if anything.


I bought greeting cards Designed them too. Hopefully they will be awesome.

Trying to figure out what christmas cookies to make. My aunt and gram made xmas cookies every year. But my grams not this year and my aunt and mom are making a few together. They are all old now.
So i decided to take over, and be the new christmas cookier. But i can't decide which signature kinds to make. My aunt and gram made the same kinds every year for like 50 years. I need ideas. PB mice. Thats all i got.

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Tardis pumpkin/ Brave/ hetero-love/ i feel old. And molasses cookies. - Mood:Good
Sunday November 18 20123:40:31 AM |

I'm trying to figure out where to go from here to make an uncrappy Thanksgiving tardis pumpkin.

I'm watching Brave. Its kinda cute. Odd. But cute.

I bought some cookie tins I am going to make Christmas cookies this year. Tins for family. Shipped boxes to a lucky bunch Or.. who ever wants some ands address i have. Yes, ands.

I feel like my life is changing. My bff since i was like 16 i've realized i haven't spoken to in like, months. And i am all kinds of happy with my boyfriend. He's not abusive, and i like hanging out with him Thats new to me I find i care if we break up. Also new. I hope we last a good long bit. Like, in our 80s

Its entirely weird to be in a good, healthy relationship.

I still can't believe I am as old as I am.


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I need vodka/ I just bought my grandparents a christmas tree online - Mood:Good
Friday November 16 20128:09:16 PM |
Holy. Jesus.
Over the phone.
They wanted a fake christmas tree. Bout 6ft. Easy to assemble.

2 1/2 hours.

Lots of shouted spelling of words ("GLACIER" "Eraser?" "no. GLACIER" "research?" "nope...G-L-A-C-I-E-R." "T-r-c..?")

A couple of fights between them.

My gram gave up and hung up at 2 points.

Took me half an hour to explain to my gramp that the tree he found "on amazon" was actually a sponsored link/ ad he had clicked which brought him to another site.

Lots lots of shouted spelling of words.

Two relay people (i had to talk to my gram, who told my gramp what to type into the computer. He can't hear over the phone and she won't touch a computer.) (Then my gram made me call my aunt, so SHE could look at the tree i found but couldn't figure out how to get the link to my gparents, to see if she approved. Why? I don't know.)


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When the temptation is over, please carry me home - Mood:Good
Thursday November 15 20125:25:27 AM |
I'm all introspectivey. Ew, feelings.

I started two books, and gave up on both. One has too much HS drama in it, the other is just.. disjointed and i can't get into it.

I want a hug. From a boy though Not sure why. Nothing sexual about it. Maybe they are bigger and have stronger arms

I was going to clean my apt. but my stomach is going wonky.
I wish i had more Dr. Who to watch.

My rose is dying

Christmas needs to come faster.

I find it amusing that my bf is in training to be a counselor. I always said jokingly (sorta) that people need a psych degree to talk to/ date me. Apparently, it helps

I would watch a movie. But those usually make me MORE introspectivey. Which sometimes i like. Not at the moment though.

Oh middle of the night. I like it because its quiet and solitude filled. But i also don't like it for the same reason.


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I do not understand pinterest. - Mood:Good
Thursday November 15 20121:53:48 AM |
I don't get it.

I see a cute crafty picture. I click it.. it gives me nothing on wtf it is or htf its made. Wtf use is that?

Someone teach me how to use pinterest.

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I hate being in charge of other peoples possessions. Especially when tehy lend it to me saying "take care of my baby" :-/ - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 14 20121:29:42 AM |
I just banged the sh*t out of my hand. I'm glad i'm alone, since this weird yelpy screechy sound came out of my mouth.
Then do the injury assessment Pinky works.. ring finger works.. etc.

I.. am something. Can't figure out what. But i feel off.

I can't wait for Christmas. I loooove Christmas. I love getting presents, watching people open up presents i got them, decorating trees, horrid overplayed christmas songs, wrapping stuff up, an excuse to shop,

Thanksgiving first. I'm nervous for Thanksgiving. Wed i am going to my bfs house for dinner, Thursday he's coming to my Gram's. Oy.


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I have faith in you YT - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 13 20125:12:38 AM |
I need a nice friendly place to breathe at the moment, and just be.

I don't know of any place like that so here I come to YT

Sometimes all the nice people are online at the same time though, its rare, but happens.

I want a hug. And wine. And ice cream maybe. And girl talk about nothing in particular.

I wonder if i had girl friends if this would happen. I picture girl friends though and just see catty backstabbing and gossiping behind each others backs *shrug*

I fell asleep on my couch at 1am. Woke up at 4am to turn off crap and teeth brush and etc and now i can't get back to sleep. I find this irritating.

I am so tired of being social and 'stretching' myself. I want to hide in my apartment for awhile. Not forever. Just awhile. Recoop. But i want company Wtf. But comfortable unjudgmental can just be company. *sigh*

Mostly i'm just bored at the moment and can't sleep.

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I don`t just want to punch my professor. I want to set up a booth where people pay $1 to punch my professor. - Mood:Good
Monday November 12 20127:41:03 PM |
I'd get thousands of dollars from current and past students.

Jesus mother f*cking christ. I can handle just plain mean professors. But this one is like.. mean one day, nice the next, manipulative, but condescendingly sweet, accusatory, drama loving. Its just like. Wtf.

In other news. Hi.

I was shaking in group today So he upped my meds for a day or so. This project is going to kill me. I called half the campus this morning trying to find a space for this event. THEY ARE MEAN AND BITCHY AND CANCEL ON ME. ITS NOT MY FAULT.

I'm supposed to be making cookies tonight. I'll get there eventually. Jesus f*cking christ. I am a peaceful, non confrontational, "can't everyone just love everyone?" person, but it takes all i have not to run full speed at my professor, yelling and scissor kick her.

I had one of my classmates ask me today, "Why does she hate you so much?!"

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I have clothes strewn around my apartment - Mood:Good
Sunday November 11 20129:20:49 PM |
With purpose this time. I went to my grams, where i do my laundry. My mom didn't wanna wait 15 more minutes for my clothes to be dry so now they are air drying

Its damn good cake too.
Think i'm finally over stomach bug.
Thank god.
I was getting sick of living on cheerios.

I can't wait for Christmas. I can't wait for the semester to be over.

I want to dye my hair again. But i just dyed it last Wednesday, But its all fadey and not staying very well.

Did my nails.
Should do homework. Will get to it eventually tonight.

So, YT.

Whats up?
Whats new?
Hows life?
Whats for dinner?
Whats the weather like?
Got anything exciting lately?
Have plans for the holidays?
What was your childhood like?
Whats your stance on pudding?

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I need a new tv series. - Mood:Good
Friday November 09 20121:14:20 AM |
I'm all sickly. I'm hungry. But anything i eat my stomach is all ohhhhh no, and kills and bleh. I feel physically and mentally bad. It rather sucks.

I just read an entire book in an hour. But its a kid/ young adult book so its not a big thing. But its unsatisfying

I need a new show to watch. Something with at least 3 seasons, more would be nice. I don't like gore. or shooting. Or slappy sticky things. or deadpan humor. Suggestions?

My marbling gig got cancelled for tomorrow. I'm relieved. And sad. Would have liked to have done it. Just not tomorrow.

I'm tired. Emotionally and mentally tired.

To eat or not to eat. Maybe crackers.


School is stressing me out. Huge project we are so not prepared for Tuesday. Class scheduling.

I dyed my hair red yesterday. Little impulsive and such. But better than other outlets of crazy.

Whats new?

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"That robot sounds a lot like David Mitchell.." - Mood:Good
Thursday November 08 20122:55:57 AM |


I'm catching up on Doctor Who.

I love that DM is a robot. Its PERFECT for him. He makes a good robot voice.

Though those robots look familiar. But i can't figure out if i've seen them before in DW or.. if they remind of something else. Maybe a little Fifth Elementy? Hm. Anywho.

Dying my hair.

Majorly stressed out.

I am having such a hard time picking classes for next semester. And anyone I tell the choices and pros and cons and complications to just raise their eyebrows and there eyes glaze over a bit. *sigh*

I can't wait for Christmas.

Christmas was so exciting as a kid. Then it got less exciting. And while in college, its SO EXCITING AGAIN. I believe because Christmas = month of no school. Or, at least different classes, if you take winter break classes.

*insert lovey boyfriendy stuff here that no one wants to hear*

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im in a male hating mood - Mood:Good
Monday November 05 20124:05:53 PM |
Not overly much so. Just for two specific reasons. One my UTERUS is TRYING to ESCAPE and is SO F*cking painful. It is taking all i have not to crawl in the floor weeping to get to class. Meds arent touching it. I am laying curled in a balcony at the moment :-p i have a desire to sic this pain on the nearest male :-p i dont know why. The impulse must come with the blood or something.

Second reason is the ONLY guy in my group therapy thingy takes over the whole damn group every week. I blame the counselor more than him. Tho hes male too. And the guy never shuts up. Ugh. There are 4 other people in the room.

I don't hate males. Males are lovely.
Its just hard to think straight when your brain is going "AUGHHH!!! AUGGHH!!!!!OMGGGGG!!OWWWWMOTHERFLUCKING AUGGHHH"

I want

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i hate breaking up with people with pets. - Mood:Sad
Sunday November 04 20122:45:37 AM |
I dont miss the guy but i miss the furry adorableness i move on from the guy but never get over the loss of their pet

Ive broken up with 6 cats and 2 dogs i miss them.

Current bf is lovely and but has no critters

He loves dogs tho. Maybe we'll get one in a few years.

Hi. I cant sleep.

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I smell baking brownies - Mood:Good
Friday November 02 20128:14:36 PM |
Either my nose is off or someone in my building is baking brownies.

They smell good.
But i don't like brownies.

Grocery shopping. Ugh. Hate it. Wish money would float down from the sky for it. Want to try to get food stamps while i'm in school. But my family is all No! To which i am all, okay then you pay for my food. I highly doubt food stamps are gonna cover my crazy allergic diet anyway.

My mom saw my preg test in the trash Didn't think she was coming over today. Oh joy. I get to be the topic of gossipy whispered conversation for awhile.

I hate my professor like i have never hated someone before. Its unpleasant. And i can't WAIT for winter break.

I might carve my pumpkin tonight

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Wild horses couldn`t drag me away, wild, wild horses couldn`t drag me away. - Mood:Good
Friday November 02 20124:19:20 AM |
I love singing that. The wiiilllllddd is so bursty I've yet to find a version i like better than Jenn's.

Hm. I read me a book today. Got it from the library. Apparently it has a sequel. That the library doesn't have. Wtf. If you're gonna have the first, get the other two in a trilogy.

I can't WAIT til this semester is over. I am so stressed out. Its unpleasant. Its only half school stuff too! Unpleasant.

I'm supposed to go marble 6-10 year old girls nails next Friday. I have NO idea how to do that on 6-10 year olds. Plus its messy and takes forever. WHY did i agree to that 3 months ago. Stupid past self. I'm praying for low enrollment so it gets cancelled Which is mean. Because its my friend's program. If it was painting, i could do that. But she advertized the marbling. Sadface. Anxietyface.

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I`m bored, and awake, and have a question. - Mood:Good
Thursday November 01 20124:58:40 AM |
So, i really want to go trick or treating. Yes i'm old, yada yada. But its fun. And if i wear a mask i can totally pass for 10

But i AM old and have no need for candy. So to justify being 27 and trick or treating, what can i do with the candy thats like.. good and stuff?

When i get a place that is trick or treater friendly, my rule is i don't care if you are 40, if you come to my door in costume, a GOOD costume, no throw a sheet over your head one, and are polite and not jackasses, i have no problem.

I wanna shower. My hair did not like waldo hat. But its 5am and all.

Everyone thought i was a candy cane


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So, Melissa Etheridge is stuck in Rochester for the next few days to wait out the storm. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 28 201211:17:41 PM |
We should totes do lunch.

Concert was good! I don't know a lot of her newer stuff though, so that was all.. oh.
Freaking annoying audience members. SIT THE F*CK DOWN.

So. I realized today that i left my 4 page paper to the last minute, which is normal, and fine, i work best under pressure and last minute. But if my power goes out.. Thats..going to make it harder to write. Hm.

I can't decide how worried i should be about this whole hurricane thing.

Though I definitely think they should cancel class mon and tues
If for no other reason than i have to freaking walk 40 minutes to campus.

Pictures coming possibly.

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Lovey, punchy, gooey crap. - Mood:Good
Friday October 26 20124:08:18 PM |
So. I had a dream. Within my dream I smacked my bf in the face with a bottle of juice, then immediately regretted it but was an anger management issue i think. So. That was odd.

THEN i wake up to a phone call telling me to look outside my door.

What did i find there?

A just thinking of you flower.
I feel like a terrible person I whack him in the face in my dream and he leaves me a flower and chocolate

Halloween party tonight! I'm nervous.

I'm trying to decide if putting this flower in an empty plastic water bottle is offensive

Morning/ afternoon/ evening yall.

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Sometimes i have to double take and have a split second of "wait- am i actually shakira?" (a journaly journal) - Mood:Good
Thursday October 25 20122:55:35 AM |
If i wasn't me iml pretty sure i'd be all skeptical we weren't alters of the same person.

Shak love. Tho it doesn't seem to be popular on this site. So i will send mine.

I'm very tired. Like overly tired and loopy.
My Rockford Peach shirt/ costume got here Still little disappointed Oh well. I will rock Wenda.

Found a party to go to! I know the girl giving the party. And.. thats it. Freaks me OUT. I'm bad enough with a group of people i know, a group of people i don't know? NL is gonna cry and hide in a corner.
Haha, then someone will be all "HA! I found Wenda!"

Melissa Etheridge concert sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited. Such a busy weekend though. I hate busy weekends. Even though its fun stuff. Its still stuff, ya know? Dance reheasal friday afternoon, party Friday, bfing and errands Sat, bowling with people with TBI Sunday afternoon, concert sunday night


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I`m on a shopping mission. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 24 20128:56:00 PM |
To find a sleeping bag, on Amazon.

However, i don't know much about sleeping bags. I want it warm, for cool fall/ spring camping, but i want the inner liner to be like.. cloth. Fleece, or flannel or something thats not that scratchy windbreaker material and silky.
I have like a 40-50$ limit

Anyone wanna help me search?
I don't mind searching, in fact i LOVE searching, but most things are more fun with other people

If you don't wanna search, educate me on sleeping bag terminology/ whatnot?

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