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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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I`m all sickly feeling YT. Make me tea and read me a bedtime story. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 27 20125:48:51 PM |
My throat is KILLING me.
I'm not sure what to do for it.
Yesterday i was coughing everywhere.
No more cough but OMG throat.

I am finally home from bfs Was there just about a week. Ahhh. . Good times. He went to Christmas at my family's with me. Got caught in a snow storm last night. Holy snow. Took us triple the time to get home, at a crawl in the dark not being able to see 5 feet in front of us. Got about a foot overnight i believe.

I got all kinds of awesome stuff for christmas!!!

I am about to catch up on all my shows.

Did i miss anything on YT? I was trying to keep up on my phone. At the pace YT goes nowadays.. i'm pretty sure i kept up pretty good actually nevermind

How goes it with yall?
Good/ bad Christmas?
Excited for New Years?

My ears hurt

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my day is full of suck - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 26 20123:29:46 PM |
Jealousy is a terrible horrid emotion and should be banished

How do yall deal with jealousy in your relationships?
we cant figure it out.

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We had a heated 20 minute conversation about how unpleasant my father is over christmas dinner - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 25 20128:31:05 PM |
Nothing brings a family together like gossip and familial dysfunction

What i got!

purple pj pants, cupcake pj pants, a sleeping bag, toe/ hand warmers, wegmans gift cards, walmart gift card, amazon GC, rolling pin, frying pan, chocolate, cupcake calendar, cupcake bathrobe, and an amazing picture frame thingy with pictures of me and my boyfriend

Oh YT. It was a good christmas. I'm all in love


My boyfriend is back from the shower though, so i will leave you now for him

Merry Christmassssssssssss

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Today is brought to you by the letters Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (and the following pictures) - Mood:Good
Saturday December 22 20121:19:55 PM |
I just rode my bike in the snow to the post office. I can't.. feel my face.

I had to ship out cookies!

Only cookie tin i have left is for my boyfriend, who is coming over to pick me up in a few hours. Then we will have Christmas Extravaganza at his place from now until christmas day. Starting with dinner with his family tonight.

I bought myself a christmas gift while i was in town It was 6$ and i decided i deserved it for not being able to feel my ears. I will post a pic in a minute.

Actually i will post a lot of pictures. Mostly because i need something to do while the feeling comes back into my head.

I'm all mad. I had one more thing to put in my SS box before i shipped it off, but it would take a bit to make, and i had to ship it today or i wouldn't have been able to ship it til thursday. I may or may not send it separately. Depending how it comes out

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I`m all chrisssssssssssssstmasy. And cold. And a bit hungry. - Mood:Good
Friday December 21 20121:30:07 PM |
I would like to dedicate this video to rag doll

(Second from right, Jeremy Kushnier, one of my all time favorite broadway loves )

Got all my wrapping done.
Cookies done and packaged.

My apt is a MESS though. I had to move everything around to cookie make and present wrap. Will be moving everything back today i believe.

I've been youtubing broadway christmas songs/ videos all day

My boob itches. No matter how many times i scratch it, it still itches.

I am torn YT. I am headed to my bf's tomorrow to stay until Wed. Thats a long freaking time. And theres stuff i could get done at home i'm kind of sad to miss. In my head its like.. this is my last day home before christmas, therefore, i am missing out on like 3 days. I shouldn't feel like that! I like spending time with my bf! I don't know. I'm just an antisocial hermit.

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I am having a delightful day YT/ When i grow up i wanna be Ann Reinking - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 19 20123:28:01 PM |
Full of rom coms, baking, singing, and.. i don't know, loveliness.

So far today i have watched Mistle-tones, Annie, While You were Sleeping, and You've Got Mail. Ahhh.


I have 2 kinds left to make.
Rolling out cookies with a wine bottle is harder than i thought.

Zomg, hold on, Meg Ryan is about to see Tom Hanks come around the corner with his dog .......
*tears up*

*happy girly sigh*


I'm happy Yt Its weird

If i think about it too much i'll bring myself out of it. Mostly by thinking, I am all by myself. And that shouldn't i be having the most fun with other people? Or like.. my boyfriend? But i won't do that, no

I am halfway done with wrapping. I always think i got way more than i actually did once i get wrapping. Mostly because i wish i could get everyone like 10 things each.
I need a better wrapping system though.

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I have video yall - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 18 20125:48:37 PM |
Finally figured out how to get dance video off facebook

So here it is for yall viewing and mocking pleasure

Turn & Wine

(i'm the little white girl obviously)

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I don`t do inactivity well YT - Mood:Good
Monday December 17 20127:40:01 AM |
So i'm up at the crack of dawn again YT.
Bf asleep.
Me bored.
I wish i was home
I'm watching stargate.
But its not the same.
I miss my couch.
And food.
And.. stuff to do.
I think thats mostly my issue.
There is SO MUCH stuff i could be doing if i was in my apt right now.
I have 6 different kinds of cookies to make in the next week!


I'm cold.
I wish apples to apples was still around.
Then again.. no people are around.

Well, wait. Its monday? Woo, might be better than yesterday morning


i could be wrapping presents right now

Ohhhh, i wish i were an oscar mayer weiner. That is what i'd truly like to be.

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I`m awake and in the dark. And eating a sub - Mood:Good
Sunday December 16 20126:41:08 AM |
Me and the boyfran survived a christmas party with my stepdad's family They are a good bunch. Just very outgoing.

Brought home leftovers, mmmmm.

I feel asleep around 8pm. Woke up about 5am. Am all in the dark in his room watching Stargate.
I do believe i am keeping him awake But i can't just sit and stare at nothing in the dark for a few hours. I'm trying to be quiet.

I had unpleasant dreams. They were frustrating. Like, i couldn't accomplish anything i was trying to do, and was all stuck in one place, and/or doing the same thing over and over getting no where.

Anyone around? What are you up to?
I wish i was home That never happens here. Once hes all awake it'll be lovely again. But meh in the meantime.

I want a cookie.

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I want to show off my bridge. - Mood:Good
Friday December 14 20128:31:13 AM |
I had two days to make something from clay to give to my stepdad's mama for Christmas (party is Saturday). She has a HUGE christmas village. I had clay, so i figured.. why not try.

I am quite proud of it. Its adorableeeeeeee. Not perfect, but not bad. Woo. Pictures!

I am going to wait for the 'water' to dry, then spray it with this.. coating spray thingy i have (that i use to spray lures with). Hopefully it doesn't do bad things to it


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I fell asleep naked on my couch with the lights on - Mood:Good
Friday December 14 20123:24:32 AM |
And i don't even drink.
I slept through Thursday.
I woke up and looking at my watch didn't help. I had to see if it was AM or PM and of which day.

Made the dough of 5 out of 6 christmas cookies 6th sounds complicated. Need to break out my blender. And rolling pin (wine bottle).

I wrapped my fishtank. Covered it in wrapping paper. Was too depressing to look at it.

I'm supposed to roll the dough into a log then roll it in sprinkles, then freeze it. But.. I have no idea how to roll dough into a log. I tried with recipe #2 and.. its not very log like. And too gooey to roll in sprinkles. Hopefully this recipe with allow for logging and rolling.

I no longer trust stargate atlantis.
Also, i've found it annoys me when characters call it 'atlanis".. theres a T in there

There are tiny drops of pomegranate all over my screen I should saran wrap it next time i juice a pom.


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Wednesday December 12 201210:52:31 PM |

I am excited!

But covered in watery clay!

SS gift came



*sings Doctor Who theme*

Pictures when i'm no longer covered in clay, but i need to finish this bridge

(ps. say i have a clay scene of a small footbridge over a stream.. what can i put around the bridge/ on both sides of water? Keeping in mind i can't make trees (I tried ) or people (same ). Problem is i CAN make people, but not people this small.
Gr. Maybe cottage? Hmmm....)

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YT SS always makes me feel like a stalker. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 12 20123:05:03 AM |

I'm at my bf's house. He's asleep, I am YTing, and possibly Stargating for about an hour or so til i am tired and my stomach calms down.
Dinner was delicious but my stomach did not approve. I wish my stomach was normal. All i had was BBQ chicken, a bit of his pancakes, and garlic bread. Nope, stomach freaked out.
We were going to make cinnamon buns from scratch tonight but my stomach was too bad to eat them and he wasn't overly hungry so Next time. Dough is in the freezer.

I have issues. I accidentally stabbed him in the nose with my fingernail then started to tear up. Damn being a female with issues

We watched american beauty. Interesting movie. He wants to watch a horror movie with me now because i grabbed and smacked the sh*t out of him at the end from the suspense and he thought it was adorable. No WAY am i watching a horror movie. I will never sleep again.


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Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace that fear relieved - Mood:Good
Monday December 10 20121:10:21 PM |


My fishtank is empty and sad now.

That is all.

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"I want David Tennant in my Tardis" - Mood:Good
Saturday December 08 20128:01:01 PM |
I said this, and realized, it sounds dirty.
But i'm just looking for a DW figurine to put inside my tardis lamp
All i can find are 11th doc, and a few others. Hunt for david!who continues.

I am on a nerd buying spree. Looking for DW stuff, and Stargate stuff I bought a stargate necklace And am thinking about buying a stargate beanie with the earth chevron on it.

I never made it shopping in the mall today Missed the bus. I plan to go tomorrow into town. Hopefully things are open on a Sunday in a small town

Big Bang > Glee lately. By, so much. Vapo rub

I feel all.. happy. At the moment. Shopping rush?

I have 2 people to buy for still ( and SS ) and i am beYOND stumped what to get for them. Ugh. I want to get something amazing, or at least awesome, and avoid "well, i'll just get this". But i don't know what!! I hate that.

My stomach is gurgling

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My farm won`t work. So, Hi YT - Mood:Good
Saturday December 08 20122:48:02 AM |
I'm onto season 3 of Stargate: Atlnatis
Ahh. Love Mckay. Though he'd annoy the snot out of me in person. But on tv hes lovely.

My soy sauce bottle leaked all over my table. My apt reeks of it now, and my phone. Phones not damaged, just smells very strong of soy sauce. Anyone got any de-odorizing suggestions?

Going shopping in about 10 hours, catching a bus, if i'm still awake. I've been to this mall once, i am going to get so lost.
But shopping.

I've been amazoning "tardis" for awhile Keeps me busy and makes me happy.

I sounded amazing in the shower yesterday Woo. I do believe that is one of my favorite things to do. Poor neighbors. I will be so depressed if they ever ask me to stop.

Will probably start cookie making tomorrow. Got groceries. Semi cleaned kitchen.
I need background stuff to clean to. I can't put on a tv show, cuz i'll watch it. I need a radio show.

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What is the region/ accent that calls everyone `love`? - Mood:Good
Friday December 07 20121:16:36 AM |
Dance is done! Yesterday was so much better than today. And i forgot to give my bf my phone to record it Still trying to figure out how to get it from my stepdad's phone.

YAY. Now that i don't have to wear a sports bra on stage
">, I am stuffing my face with cupcakes.


Think I will head out into town sometime within the next week Going to the mall Saturday too but town has so much more local town-y things. Hope my person likes local town-y things


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gyal Come whine up Come turn around and whine up When yuh see addi gyal whine up (dance pics) - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 05 201210:39:28 PM |
Or something like that.


I'd post the video but.. i don't know how Its on my father's fb.

It went well.

Now onto tomorrow!

My dance partner just about sh*t her pants. Omg was (is) she nervous

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OH MY GOD - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 05 20126:42:55 AM |
I am watching the best stargate atlantis episode ever And have a new found respect for the guy playing mckay.

I should be sleeping. I have to perform tomorrow after all.

But. sigh.

OH.. OHHH. Stupid femaleness. I am performing two days, tomorrow and thursday. and WHEN does my period decide to come?? 3 freaking hours ago. WHY WHY THATS JUST MEAN

I marbled my nails and turned my fingers (not nails) bright pink I hope that goes away by tomorrow.

Have i mentioned how much i freaking LOVE this episode?

I'm so to have found a new show i'm all about.

No point to this journal really.
Just needed somewhere to squee.

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I am worried that somethings wrong because my mother told me not to worry and nothings wrong. - Mood:Good
Monday December 03 201210:31:13 PM |
If this makes sense to you you must have a mother like mine.

She sounds off. Like sad and stuffy. I asked her why and she said oh, nothing, i have a cold, its not big thing. Which.. is unlike my mother. My mother takes every opportunity to bitch and complain and be all omgggggg i have a collld, i can't breaaathhhe, etc. For her to say, oh its nothing, its not a big thing is.. odd.

Last time i asked her why she sounded weird and stuffy and sad she said nothing, it turned out one of my dogs had died and she didn't wanna tell me yet.
Plus my mother keeps EVERYTHING from me and my sister. I'm not sure why. Either she thinks of us as 5 or unstable or something. Which, i'm a smidgette unstable sometimes But not an invalid, tell me sh*t woman!

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I am having a fb convo, via posts on two statuses, with a girl about 15 feet away from me right now. - Mood:Good
Monday December 03 20126:57:52 PM |
I could not be more annoying or happy at the moment
Screw yall and all our friends who are , I have a FRIEND, and i'm having FUN, so HA

Anyway. I should be writing a paper. I'll get there.

I presented today! Omg am i bad at presenting. I stumbled really really badly over one slide, it totally didn't make any sense. Ah well. I was alright after that though. Well as alright as i can be. I was trying very hard to keep my hands glued to the podium or they do this weird shakey tourettes type.. thing. Ugh. Anyway.

Paper due tomorrow. So.. on YT I'm in a computer lab that has a class in it though, guy lecturing, so I wouldn't get far at the moment anyway.

Mostly i'm killing time til dance rehearsal in an hourish.

I'm all high on post-presenting, and friend conversing adrenaline.

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I went shopping for wrapping paper, labels, and a present for my sister. I came back with.... - Mood:Good
Sunday December 02 20128:12:11 PM |
(Oh and little bulbs, glitter, and floor polish for those ornaments floating around.)

- Wrapping paper
- Little wreath
- Cookie tins (yay, needed those)
- Spatula
- Headbands
- Shower caps
- A vase
- Bows
- Candies
- Measuring spoons (my dishwasher keeps eating mine)
- Paint
- Paint brush
- Doctor Who blanket
- Doctor Who shirt (they were buy one get one half off! I had to )

I did not come back with
- A present for my sister
- Ornaments
- Glitter
- Polish
- Any money left

I can't figure out where my money went. Everything above paint was at the dollar store and put on my card. And everything paint and below so does not equal the cash i had and spent. Unless i'm forgetting something. Hm.
I should look up how much DW blanket was. I didn't care how much it was, i was going to buy it

I smell like tanning lotion. Probably because i have tanning lotion on.

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I did something i never thought i`d do. - Mood:Good
Friday November 30 20127:06:52 PM |
I've never been one of those 'omgawd i must tan every week' girls, never set foot in a tanning salon, don't intent to ever. I always thought girls that tan in winter are crazy. Its rochester, everyone is pale, and in sweaters, whats the point of tanning when you cover 90% of your body.

But i bought spray tanning stuff I have a performance! Where i'm just in a sports bra! Its freaking me out. We videoed our rehearsal and i was BLINDINGLY white. I'm okay with my stomach usually but the blindingness made it look so much worse. Ugh. And my back! Some color would make me look so much better.
Freaking trendy girl things, and stupid self consciousness.

I hear theres snow outside I don't wanna look.

I wonder how long my uncarved pumpkin will last in my window.

Ugh, one more week and i'm FREEEEE

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If you hear it from your brother better clear it with your mother - Mood:Good
Friday November 30 20123:24:36 AM |
So, I am injuring my head.

I (and my sister and my mother) all play with and twirl our hair. I am 98% of the time not aware i am doing it.
Well i keep absentmindedly reaching up to twirl my hair then the second i do, omg pain. I think i've twirled it raw. But i can't stop! I'm about to put a hat on i think.

I have nothing to eat in the house. Nothing i want to eat anyway.
I was thinking i might order a large pizza sometime, then just freeze all the slices individually so i can just thaw pizza any time.

I sent out Christmas cards

Have rehearsal in 12 hours.
Sleep is SO off.
I fell asleep at 11am yesterday and woke up at 7pm tonight. Its 3:21am now. Thinking.. maybe i can get to bed by like 8-9am.. sleep til 2:30pm.. Ugh. Stupid sleep.
I was trying to stay awake til at least like 4pm or later yesterday to try to right it, but i had that horrid sleep deprivation feeling and

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Every so often i think i want kids - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 27 20123:52:01 PM |
Then realize, nah, i just want to be an aunt or such. Play with them, maybe take them for a night, sing lullabies, yada yada, then give them back.

I have a feeling unless an oops happens neither me or my sister will have kids. Which is depressing to think about when we get older and its just us.

Omgggg lack of sleep. I have 4 and a half hours to write this paper. I'd start now but bf is coming over in a few to bring a tv and i don't like to start and stop.

I'm cold And tired
My reward for finishing this paper is sleep.
Mmmmm sleep.

F*cking bullsh*t paper.

I'm almost freeeee


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