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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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I forgot my phone at home. I feel so.. off. Incomplete. Out of touch. - Mood:Good
Monday February 25 201312:12:58 PM |
Luckily YT is here.

So its that time again. Monday afternoon, when i have 4 hours in between classes to sit on a library computer and whine and avoid the schoolwork thats due tonight.

This time I have to write an advocacy letter. "Think about what issue is important to you and how you can build your case." I just.. don't care about any issue enough, sorry. "Remember what your concern is, why is it important, and what you want expect." I'm just not that type of person. At least, to pull an issue out of my ass and be all passionate about it.

I need an issue in recreation, parks, and leisure. Meh. I don't know. I don't care, really. I don't want to write a letter to my congressman

I spent about 10$ and two cafes to try to get a toasted bagel with cream cheese and jelly. Oh social anxiety. Got it though!
I realized i don't want fast service. I want patience, friendly.

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another discussion of moving - Mood:Good
Saturday February 23 20137:51:40 AM |
So.. we are about 75/25 with moving in together. A lot of stuff eased my mind about it. We'd stay in my same complex. Get 2 bedroom so i could hide away if i so wish. Rent is only $50 more which would cut what i pay in half, woot. It'd be no sooner than june/july.

Im mostly just a scaredy cat. Ive never lived with anyone before and dont like change. But its silly stuff like, i dont want my address to change
I also don't wanna compromise with stuff. Living alone theres no compromising, its all my way.
But would i rather have everything my way and never share my life with someone and end up an old crazy hermit? Im still on the fence

I do like that its same complex. And cheaper rent. And not til summer. All things i wanted.

I so dont wanna f*ck up our relationship tho. But it all fits together of timing and opportunity and my conditions met its like fate is screaming DO IT!

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there is a boy all up in my space - Mood:Good
Thursday February 14 20139:49:00 AM |
I am not happy.

I havent slept yet today.
On thurs i always nap in the same place between classes
But today there is a boy all up un my place. NO ONE is ever up here. Yet he is camped out pretty much next to me.


Go awayyyyyy


So yt. Do i:

Stay awake and hope he leaves eventually
Sleep anyway (i talk in my sleep and am a heeeavy sleeper)
Go elsewhere. Which seems abrupt and rude to get up wgen he sits down. Plus i dunno where else id go



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Come look at my Valentine`s cupcakes!!! Yea yea crosspost, shut up. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 13 201310:27:42 PM |

I don't think i've had a baking fail quite that bad in awhile.
My poor pan!

My poor oven

And i used all my red sprinkles in them! And my cute liners

It smells good in here now.

But dear god they taste bad. I had to do one of those run to the fridge and drink out of the carton moves.

So. Whatcha think YT? Cookies? A less experimental cake?

I wanna do cut out cookies but those are such a pain and a mess.
And i still have homework to do.

I also need a good feel good movie to watch while baking. I'm in a Secret Garden mood but i've seen that movie SO many times.

I have a lack of chocolate in my apt. I'm hoping Valentines, or after Valentines sales, fixes that.

If i get desperate i'll just open a box mix of red velvet cake mix. Ugh. So cheating.

Hi YT.

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Who wants to help me talk out my feelings? - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 12 20139:14:28 PM |
My boyfriend shares an apt with his mom. She might be moving out of town for a job. He then has to find another apt. We've talked semi about him moving in with me, if his mom does move away.
Well now its looking like theres a good chance she is going to get this out of town job, so hes like.. we should think more seriously about it.

I don't know YT! It seems so soon to me. He said a couple months. We'd be living together before the semester ends that means. Oh YT. I don't know if i'm ready for that. I do want to live with him eventually, even like, end of the year. But a couple months? I don't know if i wanna give up my freedom/ apt to myself yet


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You`re blowing my mind, maybe in time, baby I can get you in my ride. - Mood:Good
Friday February 08 20135:23:00 PM |
I was comfy on my couch. Begrudgingly got up to take a shower. Got completely naked. Turned on faucets. Realized i have no water to take a shower with

Faucets, nothing.
Clothes back on.

Bf is coming to get me. Theres a lot of snow out there. Its going to take him awhile.

So lack of water doesn't overly bother me since i won't be back til sunday anyway.

I have snow pics but.. i already posted them in another thread.
If i get bored enough i'm posting them again

Frosted Flakes are delicious.

I'm all meh feeling.
Tired and mleck.


N-Love in full effect..the original rump shaker...brown dog productions.. we out.

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Donuts/ schoolwork overload/ moving in with my bf/ Blossom/ snow - Mood:Good
Thursday February 07 201311:11:37 PM |
I'm running out of Blossom episodes Luckily, ER has like 40 seasons, so i'm set on that for awhile.

My third class dumped the semester's workload on us today. Holy sh*t. I have TWO work intensive classes, and another class. I'm gonna die.

Supposed to get a 'blizzard' tomorrow. I walk/ bike to class. So that sounds like its going to suck. But i doubt this 'blizzard' business. I think we are just going to get a bunch of snow quickly.

I had ice cream for dinner It was good
I'm hungry again though.

I sleep on the floor of the balcony to a studio that doubles as a (light traffic) hallway on thursdays. I really hope i don't fondle myself in my sleep or something because i am OUT.


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Come tell me what superbowl commericals to watch. - Mood:Good
Monday February 04 20137:31:24 PM |
I didn't watch the super bowl. Or to my sister's dismay, the puppy bowl. I watched an ER marathon

But I have nothing else to do and its all a buzz so which commercials should i youtube? I already youtubed the Clydesdale one and want a horse now.

What else?

I'm trying to do my nails and its not working. I actually have time! Woo! I never seem to have time for stuff now. Stupid school getting in the way of nail painting and hair dying
I was thinking of bleaching my tips then temp dying them a different color every few days. Why? Cuz this is my last span of time before constant job/ internship. Plus i've always wanted to. Be nice to see what dye looks like on non dark brown hair. Plus i have an extra few inches so i figured i'll play with it before cutting it off.

I skipped dance rehearsal/ class tonight. I'm not actually in the class and its cold and i fell asleep


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Lasagna/ stupid assignments/ couple counseling/ donuts - Mood:Good
Sunday February 03 201312:36:39 AM |
I made me some lasagna. Two casseroles of it. One red, one white. Then cut it all up and am freezing individual servings

I had an 'online assignment'. "Just a quick little thing". Yea. I just did it. Its a 'academic integrity and honesty tutorial'. 5 modules, 5-6 parts to each module, with a quiz at the end of each one you have to score 100 on or you can't move on That was the most stupid waste of time ever. Did you know its cheating to hand someone else's work in as your own? No wai!


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I was very very close to passing out on maintenance guys. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 29 20131:24:07 PM |

I went to class this morning, 8am. Got back about 9:30. Internetted then fell asleep Maintenance knocked at about 12:30. I jumped out of bed and once i got to the door.. i couldn't see the door anymore. I was halfway to unconscious land. But i opened the door anyway and the guys were like "uh..." cuz i was half behind the door (i don't know) and i wasn't overly coherent. But I got my sight and self back and they fixed my light.

So then i was thinking. Less awkward if i would have said "Hang on a minute!" Then composed then opened.
But then i decided, no, better to have opened, cuz if i DID pass out.. they could be witness and help

Oh low blood pressure/ sugar.

I made the dean's list Woo go me.

This 8am class is going to be tough.

I hate lecture classes, it takes SO MUCH EFFORT to not mind wander.
Plus 8am. Ugh.
I always thought i had some kind of ADD.


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I need your creative minds YT - Mood:Good
Monday January 28 201311:20:53 PM |
I am wicked sore from dancing/ walking all over campus today.
I want to take a nice hot bath.
But it skeeves me out to sit in my tub, ass to porcelain. What household item can i sit on, that won't soak up water, or crack under the weight of my ass, that is like.. an inch or more off the ground?

I am looking around my apartment and i am stumped.

I'd also like something permanently an ass tub protector so while i COULD use a cookie sheet i suppose, i prefer they stay for cookies.

ALL the pack rat-y things i have in here and i can't find something for this. Hmph.

This is precisely the thing i can't find on amazon and have to go to a real store for

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I have 4 hours to kill. Hi YT! - Mood:Good
Monday January 28 201312:41:08 PM |
First day of classes. Was 10 minutes late to first class. Oops. Severely underestimated how long it would take to walk from my apt to class. Plus then i got lost because they are doing construction.

I'm in the library. Why does my typing sound so LOUD.

I think i'm gonna go sit in on a class i'm not in to kill to hour or so. Either philosophy or psych. Or dance. Or just go watch the dance class thats in the stage studio from the balcony while i eat lunch.


So, i got really bad cold weather hives on my way to class. That was fun. Itching through class. Always a good way to make first impressions on fellow classmates.

Class seems semi interesting though. Developmental Assessment. Nursing class. Which sucks. Because shes going to "treat us all like nursing majors." Thats.. nice.

Oh how i don't do well with boredom.

Once classes get going i'll probably use this time to do work.

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I want to watch a tv show/ movie about or with a character who is an addict and is struggling to stay sober. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 22 20135:18:43 PM |
Why? I dunno.

Name me some?
I ed nurse jackie, the division (ginny), and the cleaner.

I'm watching Blossom and its so unsatisfying, the brother is a former addict but is totally clean, its annoying

My apt smells like.. burnt.. rubber or something. I put a plate (oven safe plate i've put in the oven bunches of times) with chicken on it in the oven and omg the smell. Why? I can't place the smell. Chemical smell. Unpleasant. I hope i don't die from gas leak or toxic plate or something.

I may need to open a window.

I had cool dreams.
I tend to have superpowers in my dreams. Telekinesis usually. Or time manipulation.

Windows open. I'm going to freeze to death. Its 10 F outside. Couldn't take it anymore though.
Had to be from the oven. Tis when it started. Ugh.

Oh YT.

I just want to watch someone spiral back into drug/ alcohol use then come back out again. Thats all i ask.

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This thread is mostly about Les Miserables. (movie spoilers..) - Mood:Good
Monday January 21 20138:20:27 PM |
Me and gram went to go see Les Mis Oh gram.

For one.. i found out my gram is a movie talker Also, she was totally crying throughout it oh gram. I am immune to les mis I've seen it in too many formats too many times to be emotionally affected.

Okay onto review. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was quite good! Except Russell Crowe. but i'll get to him. Anne H. was a really good Fantine, she can sing! Who knew. And good actress. Hugh's 'bring him home' annoyed me, but other than that, i believed his Valjean. Little Cosette was cute, as was Gavroche.

Aaron as Enjolras i love him. He made a good Enj, and i loooved how they did his death. True les mis sprawly fashion.

Usually i try to view from outsiders perspective of whether everything makes sense within story, and flow, but f*ck that, its les mis. I liked the fast pace, its the musical's pace.


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Wild horses, couldn`t drag me away. - Mood:Good
Saturday January 19 201312:42:46 PM |
A journal not about dresses. Woo.

Classes start soon Not looking forward to that.

The germophobe in me is not liking flu season.

I got a bunch of 75% off delicious smelling soaps at bath and body works

Relationships are complicated. Dislike. Me and me love were trying to figure out what we are going to do after he graduates (december) while waiting for me to graduate (next december). Most likely we'd be all long distance. I so do not do long distance. But i don't think we are going to have a choice. But its like a year away so we can worry about it then.

We are going to couples counseling wednesday. Not for any specific reason, we've worked out what issues we've had and are . But both our individ counselors suggest it since we both come from f*cked up families and "don't have any healthy relationship models" in our lives.
I'm nervous I hate talking about stuff.

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I have (another) dress shopping question for you YT - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 15 20133:31:12 PM |
What is a good, casual, winter type dress?
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I`ve been up.. 20 hours. 6 hours to go. - Mood:Good
Saturday January 12 201312:07:48 PM |
I am trying to stay up til 6pm (EST) to attempt to regulate my sleep schedule to a more convenient time. I was sick like 2-3 weeks ago and the naps/ sleeping til whenever threw me all off. i have been going to bed around 8:30am and waking up like 6pm. Thats.. not going to work with my 8am class i have starting in like 2 weeks.

SO. I am trying to stay up as late as possible so i will sleep my normal 12 hours, then tomorrow will go to bed a bit later, and eventually get on a like.. 12am-9am thing which i can adjust to be up by 7am once classes start.

Thats my hope anyway. Not sure this will work cleanly. Has worked in the past. Sometimes better than other times.

I've been watching Mock the Week for like.. 6 hours. Quantum Leap for about 4 hours before that.

I find my problem in staying awake is not that i'm tired.. its that i'm freaking bored. Well, and tired.

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My bf is asleep. I`m Quantum Leaped out. What is left to do? Shop for dresses. - Mood:Good
Friday January 11 20135:26:35 AM |
Which i'm sure slinky will hate all of.

I want a 50s style dress.

They are all way out of my price range. And not quite.. right. I want the little waist band and full, puffed out skirt

Being 4'11 i'm not sure these will look good on me, but oh well. I'm window shopping anyway.

None of them jump out at me really.

And have a lack of poofy skirt.

Can you do better?

Challenge: Find me a 50s style dress i will fall in love with. (or that you have)

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Thursday January 10 20134:58:00 AM |
I got naked, went to go step into the tub and saw this in there first:


I find them all over my apt, but for some reason they aren't as creepy on my carpet as in my bathtub.

And what is it?? Centipede? Millipede? Some other kind of gigantic million legged bug?

It took about 10 direct hit sprays of bleach to SLOW IT DOWN, running circles round the tub.

One ran across the length of my living room in about 2 seconds flat once.


Better than bees though.

And now i feel like a bug murderer.

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I was thinking about it and i really only have two goals for 2013- Don`t die or get pregnant. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 08 20131:39:15 AM |
Oh YT.

My night is a bit boring.

Shower. Pizza bagels. Ice cream. Some tv.

Yep. Thats about it.

I'm running out of tv shows to watch. Almost done with Stargate Tried battlestar galactica but.. meh, i got bored halfway through the pilot movie.

My sister is obsessed with Twin Peaks so i thought i'd give that a try but so far its just.. really weird and slow.

I'm designing cd art for my Aunt. Suppose i could do that right now. She wanted a cd of Broadway showstoppers for christmas, so i made one, but she likes me to design the cd artwork and such too.
I can't decide being lazy, but it looking neater (but being like.. no work). Or being all creative and looking like work but not as uniform and such.

Not to mention its January whatever and i was supposed to be done by christmas.

Anyway. I made a title then realized i have nothing to say.

I'm all meh.

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I was going through my scrapbox and found a few postcards from Putt and it made me sad - Mood:Good
Sunday January 06 201310:01:56 PM |
I also found a bunch of sh*t from high school that also made me sad and uneasy feeling.

Plus we saw Perks of being a Wallflower which also made me feel.. things.
Plus pretty sure i'm PMSing
I'm all full of feelings, i don't like it.

I got into a big fight with my bf about Uno. The card game Which we both agreed is silly and mildly funny. But both still think we are right

I'm finally unsick!!

Dawson is a whiny little douche. It should be Pacey's Creek.

I'm almost out of Stargates

New shows are coming back though.

Night on the town was good Dinner (though waitress was snarky), mall (i pet a kitty!)(and got a cookie, mmmm), and movie.

I hope we actually see each other once semester starts Hes all away on internship.

I need to watch some stuff that doesn't center around kids in high school, ugh. I'm HSed out.

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If you are bored and like to online shop/ search, come`on in./ Journally things - Mood:Good
Saturday January 05 20134:08:49 AM |
I am looking for salt (and perhaps pepper) shakers.

I want cute and/or novel.

I am also looking for cupcake slippers/ pants.

In journal news, me and my love are having our big 'Night On The Town" tomorrow We are an old couple trapped in young peoples bodies. We are going to a game store to get a new card/ board game, to a movie (either perks of a wallflower or cloud atlas... perks looks dull to me and cloud is too long for him and never will i get him to watch finding nemo or pitch perfect, also playing. Never will he get me to see taken 2 or man with iron fists. We were also considering here comes the boom.. but.. meh), then going out to dinner. We are a wild and crazy couple. We might even have sex with our clothes off

I wanna get dressed up but its like 10 degrees and blowing and snowing. How do you get dresses up in that??

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My bi-annual complaining plus other journally goodness. - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 02 20138:25:23 PM |
omFg textbooks are insane. WHY is ONE BOOK $180?? Thats crazy! Thats two weeks pay at my old job! For a f*cking BOOK i occasionally use for 3 months. UGH.


I am home again. I'm pretty sure i spend more time at my bf's than my apt But we can only do this for a couple more weeks, then classes start, so might as well be all lovey and time spendy and lame and corny together while we can

I was thinking of making peanut butter banana cookies with fudge in the middle. Thoughts? I was going to made just pb with fudge, but i have a brown banana. And hate to just throw it away when i can throw it in some batter.

I am still sickly, though slightly better i think. Odd, odd illness. Its been different every day for the past week. I mostly just have an annoying cough that likes to only bother me at night.

So much snow.
Are any shows new again yet?

I am delightful goddammit.

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Anyone wanna help me find a pair of boots online? - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 02 20137:24:46 PM |
I don't like change. I got these boots like.. 3-4 years ago. They are starting to leak. I thought about getting a new, different pair of boots but.. why I like these.

Everyone comments on them. EVERYONE. "my.. those are shiny"

I don't care that they are shiny, or if they are 'ugly', they are warm, good in rain AND snow, though mostly i wear them in rain. And i want to find them again

They look like this:

And are Sporto brand.
I wear a 6.5 also

If i can't find them i guess i'll go shoe shopping Its not likely. Womens shoes are SO.. one season-ish.

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I need boots. I hate buying shoes. I am anti female stereotypes with shoes./ Theres no crying in baseball - Mood:Good
Saturday December 29 20129:13:48 PM |
I used to work in a shoe stockroom for 5 years and out of all the thousands of shoes that came through, i liked about 10 and bought 3.

One of those was my pair of rainboots that EVERYONE comments on, that i just don't see. They are shiny. Everyone comments on how shiny they are. Aren't rainboots supposed to be shiny?

Anywho. They have started to leak. It took me like 2-3 years to find THOSE, i'm never going to find a rainboot that aren't galoshes, that aren't $100, that come in my size, that are warm and yada yada. I am a sad squirrel.

In sickness news, i don't feel awful. Have a dull headache, coughing a bit. But not too bad. My ears though, they hurt. Which makes me nervous for like.. ear infections or something.
My eye is puffy. The eye that always gets painful and puffy. Left side of my face hurts. Got the vitamin E out again, am slathering. Oh puffy eye. Wtf.

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