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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

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Remember how every Monday last semester I was killing time in the library? - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 28 20136:03:37 PM |
Well, same again this semester. Only its Thursdays, from 5-9pm.

So far I have played facebook games and read. And eaten a sandwich. After YT i shall actually do work.

One of my professors is so f*cking EVIL. Like, subtle f*ck with your mind evil. She takes it extremely personally if anyone looks away from her lecture for one second. Monday, first class, she called me out in front of the class. She insists on being all the TR majors advisor even though others are fine at it as well. Well. I don't like her so shes not my advisor.
Her: "Am i your advisor NL?"
Me: "Nope, mr. smith is."
Her: "Well.. its fine if you want to stay with him but you should switch to me since he doesn't know certification guidelines and requirements. So if you stay with him you will have to do all that yourself. Or you could just switch to me."
Yeah. First of all, bullsh*t. And second, oh hellll no.


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I thought of plg and bsr on vacation. - Mood:Good
Saturday August 17 20135:59:38 PM |
Both at garage sales.
There was a Giants football at one.

and the picture I am about to post in a sec at another.

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Oh How I Wish People Would Stop Using Rape To Describe Things That Are Not Rape - Mood:Good
Monday August 05 201311:58:02 PM |
"Omg, my verizon bill is raping my wallet" "yeah, I get raped here in Canada too."

Bothers me.

I am going to plant my tomatoes/ flowers outside of my apartment window. I got semi permission from the apt office, that I can plant "at my own risk", in the back. My apt window is in front. But there are like 4 foot tall black eyed susans in front of them, so you won't even be able to see my tomatoes. Plus who the f*ck cares. They are tomatoes and flowers, not ugly eye sores.

Someone complained about the smoke in the hallways/ wafting into apts. Wooo. I hate to be the bitcher all the time.

Someone keeps leaving a tube in the back security door though, 24/7. My bf took it out and threw it in the woods. If something magically comes back in the door I might say something. I don't want to forfeit my security so your ass can smoke more conveniently and not have to turn a key to get back in.

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oh yt - Mood:Good
Saturday August 03 20135:17:11 PM |
I was wrong. The size around my wrist is not the same as my bfs penis. His is bigger. I can wrap my fingers around my wrist and overlap the nail bed just about completely. Around his penis? I can barely touch one nail with the other.

We went flea marketing. I got 7 books, two picture frames, a vase for 3$.

My stomach hurts.

I bought lemon tarts. They don't taste like anything.

Everyone over here is stressed. Its bad chi.

I have a ton of pictures I might upload. Just cuz. Dancing pics. Random stuff. Hm. Yeah.

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Any bug/ insect experts out there? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 01 20139:52:27 PM |
Wtf is this?

Hes tiny, but i'm used to gnats so he was huge to me. He has the coloring of an itty bitty bee. But not quite.

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Do you close the door to the bathroom when you are in the house/ apt/ dwelling alone? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 01 20131:00:37 AM |
It never really occurred to me as being odd until my boyfriend said it was weird and that of course he always shuts the door.

I never do. Why? Theres no one else here. Once someone comes over, then yes shut. But if its just me? My bathroom door is open during business 90% of the time that means.

Then I was at his apt, by myself, all day when he was at work. It was either open or half open. I don't see the point in closing it for a quick wee!

Also, I have learned that my bfs penis is the same size round as my wrist.

I have been given the task by my mom to make a tin dog shaped bird feeder by tomorrow out of soup cans and such. This will not happen.
By tomorrow anyway.
Apparently the 10th year anniversary gift is tin.

She has no interest in it if its after tomorrow, their anni-day, but I have been given a challenge, and if only for myself I will complete it.
And post pictures.

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Stargate, maintenance guys, yippy dogs, marriage, walmart, uteruses, french toast. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 30 20131:41:08 PM |
There have been maintenance guys in and out of my apt fiddling with my buzzer for close to 3 hours now.

One of them reeks of smoke. Which my allergies do not like.

I need to leave in about 15 minutes. I wish I had a back door.

The neighbors dog keeps yippy barking every time the buzzer rings. Which, since they are fixing it is about once ever 20 seconds.

I ran out of shows to watch. So I've decided to rewatch Stargate SG-1.

I made french toast.

My uterus hates me.

I got a giant package from walmart. $50 just does not buy that much stuff. Its saddening.

Vacation soon. When I get back from lease signing, and if maintenance guys are gone, I do believe I am going to start packing. Woo.

Oh YT. I want to move in with my bf. Unfeasible at the moment. For at least another year once I sign my lease. But would be nice.
I want to marry him YT

Ughhh smoke reeking guy.

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I want to do Tough Mudder - Mood:Good
Monday July 29 201310:52:36 AM |
I'm trying to convince my bf. I don't think its going well. It sounds fun though!

I am down to like, 4 pots of plants in my windows. From 20+. They are now in the ground at my bfs. I miss them. Don't miss the gnats though.

Week long vacation in 12 days!!!
I gotta start packing.

I farm markets. I'm all stocked on tomatoes, cherries, cucumbers, and lettuce.

High heels are the devil. Though for the first time in my life, my feet (shoes anyway) actually were flat on the ground when I sat on the toilet. That was interesting. My feet dangle from most seated positions.

I am debating watching LOTR movies. Never seen them. Should I read the books first? I don't know. I might just watch the movies.

I've run out of things to say YT.
Oh, garage saling went well. Got a ton of stuff. Woo.

I am stumped on breakfast.

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Medical Boobs - Mood:Good
Thursday June 20 20136:06:41 PM |

They ITCH so much The tape anyway.

I am all electroded.

And apparently can't change my bra for 24 hours.

I made a sock pack for the box, and pinned it to me bra, the whole around the neck thing was hurting my neck.

I felt very healthy when they were asking me questions. No coffee, no soda, no smoking, no drinking, i get a bunch of exercise.

I have to write down every time stuff happens. Which.. is confusing. the examples are exercise, palpitation, using bathroom, eating, smoking. Which is like.. a wide variety of stuff.

I wrote down when i sneezed Better to write too much than not enough I suppose.

Writing the palps is annnnoying though, because they are like every 5-20 minutes. Then I have to check the time on box. Which is find as i sit here, but out sucks.

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Apparently my gram recovered from Huntington`s Chorea when she was 12. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 19 20138:06:59 PM |

I'm trying to get a family history of heart issues for cardiologist tomorrow. And my gram blew my mind.
She says she got Huntingtons when she was 12, was bedridden and in the hospital for like 6 months, and almost died, and this left her with a heart murmur she has been on medication for ever since.

This.. goes against everything I know about Huntingtons, as a chronic, slowly degenerative incurable disease. But she INSISTS.

So. Basically I don't know wtf to tell the cardiologist. Suppose i will pass along her story.

Unless I am just completely ill-informed and my knowledge of Huntingtons isn't what I think it is.

Which is very possible and all.

I have a headache.

I am like, halfway done packing for vacation. Leaving Friday afternoon from here. Then Saturday morning on the road.

But cardiologist first. I'm scared. Can't help it. Mostly of wtf it is.


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Heart palpitations are f*cking annoying - Mood:Good
Monday June 17 20137:22:32 PM |
Seriously. They don't hurt. But its like having the hiccups, more spaced out, for 2 weeks straight. Ugh.

On one hand, I want them to go away. On the other, i'm scared at what that entails me doing.

Bf is all moved into new apt! Its a gorgeous apt. Plus I feel all included since i helped them move in, and had input on a lot of the outlay of it. Its weird to be home now.

Vacation this weekend. I'm torn on if i wanna go or not. I told my mom yes. But. I don't know. I'll be boyfriendless. And i have to share the same small run down motel room with my mom, stepdad, and 2 giant labradors, who last time i roomed with them, peed on my head.

But it is SOMEWHERE and all, change of scenery and all that.

And it will be "typical nicole, dropping out/ bailing/ changing plans last minute" to my mom if i decide not to go.
Plus i do like it there and all.


I don't know.
I'm out of thoughts.

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Its been a very long, very unpleasant 48 hours. - Mood:Good
Friday June 14 20131:47:20 AM |
I don't even know where to start.

So, I was awake for 20 hours, trying to right my sleep schedule. But then my chest started doing this weird spasmy thing that was freaking me out, so I called the health center to see what they thought and they wouldn't tell me anything other than "come in now".

So i dragged my ass to campus. They set me up with an appt with a cardiologist then lead me to a little room. The nurse started taking out needles and crap and I was like oh HELL no. I pass out on a GOOD day, you are not blood drawing me when i have been awake 24 hours and was lightheaded anyway. So I said i'd come back tomorrow morning for it. Having no intention of doing so, I just wanted to get the f*ck out of there I am very scared of needles, for very good reason. I pass out EVERY DAMN TIME. People don't understand this, thats its a physical response, not anxiety.


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Dress me YT, for a party I`m going to tomorrow. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 08 201312:52:06 AM |
Its my great Uncles 90th birthday party. its gonna be like.. 60-70 degrees, and probably rain.

stay tuned for dresses, i have to post from my phone

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Give me a suggestion and i`ll take a picture of it. - Mood:Good
Friday June 07 20131:55:47 AM |
And post it, as long as it doesn't break rules, or its impossible to do, or i just don't want to But i feel pretty open for stuff.

But i'm bored. And have a camera.

Any takers?

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I think my crazy is showing. Or is that my bra strap. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 05 201312:22:18 AM |
I made lemon bars. Haven't tasted yet. Stomach is recovering from dinner. Burger, green bean casserole and baked potatoes.

I have decided to fill my pointless, free, nothing to do summer with television. But i find even if i keep up with all the new shows/ new seasons/ backlogging old seasons of things before the new ones start... I am still bored.

I watched the backlogs of Copper, The Listener, Breaking Pointe, Perception. Along with Mythbusters, attempted Franklin & Bash (can't get into it), and Pretty Little Liars (can't get into it). As well as watching the new stuff that is on weekly now.
That took up like.. 3 weeks. I am bored again now.

My counselor was irritating me. I left angry and frustrated every time. So i wrote him a (really long) letter. And today was as counseling should be. And I'm still annoyed. I asked for change. He changed. And I'm annoyed at that. Wtf.

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Human interaction sucks. - Mood:Good
Monday June 03 20139:10:28 PM |
I am the go to person when someone needs to find stuff. I feel very Red from Shawshank. I'm known to locate certain things from time to time.

Sometimes they give me hard sh*t to find though Like a pool surface skimmer that no one makes anymore.

Think I found something similar enough (she does NOT like change) that she might approve though. Woo

Verizon won't let me buy a phone. In the process of its site being a poophead and not letting my order go through i took 80$ off the bill by finding the same sh*t elsewhere cheaper. So now i just want the phone (Galaxy s3). But nope. Won't let me bill to account. Sales rep can't figure out why. Bah.

I'm always torn. I could get iPhone 4 for free, as well as Spectrum 2. But Galaxy is recommended by my friend and sales rep. And seems to have a better battery life.

Why'd my phone have to die It was perfectly how I wanted it.

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Its been a good few days yall. Let me tell you why. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 02 201310:46:33 PM |
Spent the last two days with my love.

Awesome things:
We went shopping,
i felt all knowledgeable about shoes/ fashion,
fell in love with an adorable kitty,
got a ton of compliments on my nails,
got caught in a giant thunderstorm which was exciting,
went to Schallers (good food),
got some ice cream (mmmm good),
finally won at Sorry (boy was on a 11 game winning streak ),
had some good gooey couple time.

Then today i was
woken up all cute,
got breakfast made for me,
kicked ass at playing Gin,
went out to dinner,
got dessert,
put in the wonderful shelf me boy made for my plants (they aren't all squooshed together anymore!),
ate left over ice cream.

Its been good YT, quite good.

I do believe I found a keeper yall. It'll be 11 months tomorrow since we met. about 10 we've been dating. My family is in love with him. Hes just a nice, sweet, awesome guy.


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I have fallen in love with a kitten. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 02 20131:33:06 AM |

Me and me boy went into Lollypop in the mall to pet some critters, and there were kittens running about. I picked up this little black one and he promptly fell asleep on my hand and in my arms. So I sat there for 25 minutes holding this adorable sleeping purring content kitty and feel completely in love.

My bf wanted to get him for me so bad, said he's never seen me so happy and love filled. I named him Milo in my head. But alas. I can not afford a kitty.

I tried to wake him gently to put him down. He woke up, i shifted him, he started walking on my lap lie he was going to hop down then cozy-ed into the crook of my arm and fell asleep again. So.. 10 more minutes.

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Its not that I didn`t care, its that I didn`t know. Its not what I didn`t feel, its what i didn`t show. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 01 20131:14:50 AM |
Good evening YT.

I'm finding my way back to music, and lyrics and prose. Its nice.

I am reading a book that the more I read it I realize is a lesbian Cinderella. Interesting. I like the spin.

I broke out my sewing machine. I broke out a bunch of memories with it as well. I haven't used that thing in.. years. I had to reteach myself some stuff about it, and perfectly remembered others. Like how to thread the thing. Reminds me of my dad too. He gave it to me years ago, during his 'buy our love with fancy expensive presents' period. I got a nifty gumball machine around that time too.
I get tired of having a family who isn't emotionally there for me. But whos is. I mostly just try to move on.

I am watching two shows at the moment; Copper and The Listener. I quite enjoy them both. Yay for foreign shows. Though Copper isn't.


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Do you like shopping online/ searching for stuff? Help me find shelving? - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 21 20138:51:54 PM |
I think why I always ask YT to help me shop for things online is two reasons. 1) To actually assist in helping me find stuff, since i rather suck at searching for things sometimes. Wording and such, wtf do I call this, etc. 2) Because *I* love searching for things, so I am sharing the fun A game of 'who can find the best _____"

Anywho, I am looking for shelving YT.

I am looking for stand alone shelves that the legs can stand on my window sills and give me 3+ layers of space for plants to sit on.

Like so:

My sills are:

10x35 inches
10x70 inches
10x46 inches

I only buy for
Only gram approved places.

Or if you could give me some keywords to search for other than stack shelves that would be helpful.

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I do believe its a day of Mythbusters and cleaning - Mood:Good
Monday May 20 20137:09:03 PM |
Yes indeed.

I wonder if it makes me a terrible person or just removed from the situation that my first thought from the tornadoes in OK was to think "Hm. I wonder if they will take Carrie Underwood's song "Blown Away" off the air for awhile out of respect."

My plants are growing. I've decided to take weekly pics of them to chart growth since.. I have nothing else to do, and also to show my gram since shes the grower in the family. My aunt said her friend used to say something about gram that is SO beyond accurate, that she can plant a brick and a house would grow. So, so true. She planted two lemon trees at the same time. From seed. Gave one to my aunt, kept one. Grams is about 10 feet high, giant bunches of leaves and shes had to cut it down quite a few times to fit in her living room. My aunts is about 3 feet high, about 9 leaves.

Oh YT. Life is funny. And odd what we do with it.

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Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down - Mood:Good
Saturday May 18 20137:35:29 PM |
Still watching Simon and Garfunkel concert.

Home from boyfriend's house.

I feel grumpy today. Irritable. So probably for the best that we only had one night together.

I got food! I'm excited. Chinese, chicken, cauliflower, raspberries, tomatoes and donuts.

I have to repot a few plants.

I dropped off a plant for my professor. Outside her office. I had emailed her the night before and asked if she would get something in a timely manner if i dropped it off. She said yes. I haven't heard anything back from her I'm worried for my plant. Sitting in a box outside her office. Probably thirsty.
If i don't hear from her by tomorrow i may ride back up and see if its still there. And either water it or take it back

I'm not sure what to do with myself now the semesters over.

I can only play so many facebook games.

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I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me, you can call me AL - Mood:Good
Friday May 17 201312:13:20 AM |
So, i'm bringing a plant to campus tomorrow. I'd whore the picture of it again, but ithe one i have is a week old, and i'd wanna take a new one since its grown a bunch but I don't wanna get off the couch. So. No picture. Yet.

Which means I have to walk campus tomorrow instead of bike ride. Which takes SO MUCH LONGER. But I'm going for a gyno exam so maybe non bicycle seat vag would be better.

I baked things

Brownie cookies. Delicious.
I'm not sure what to do with myself YT.
I gave myself tonight as a 'do whatever the f*ck you want' because I handed in my last assignment f the semester this afternoon. But i can't figure out what to do.
I'm going to start cleaning my apt tomorrow. So.. that'll be nice, to be able to see my floor again.


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Tales From the Library. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 15 20134:08:02 PM |
WHY do I always get the THE most annoying girls by me in the library?? "Like, omg, tiffany, like, said that, like, stephanie told her that, like, she had plans but, like, she totally, like, didn't! Like, omg!"

I forgot headphones

I'm having issues doing this project because we did the EXACT SAME PROJECT two months ago (part 1), and we are doing the SAME exact sh*t again. WHY. I did this sh*t already. Doing it again doesn't teach me anything new.

So, here I am again, looking up articles about barriers, limitations, restrictions and such to recreation.

I'm branching out because.. well theres only so many articles like that written 2012-2013. So I have an article about water pathogens in swimming pools. Fascinating. One about Hurricane Sandy destroying a park and recreation place.

I have one about lightning and runners. But its freakin long and i don't wanna use/ read that one

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Til there`s nothing left standing, nothing left of yesterday, Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away - Mood:Good
Monday May 13 201310:26:05 PM |
That song has been stuck in my head for days.

New shows: Mike and Molly (omg awesome) and (non-celeb) rehab with dr. drew.

I think I freak out my counselor with my knowledge of addiction and drug/ alcohol abuse. I'm sorry, I pick up things. Besides, whotf doesn't know what a sponsor is? Hes CASAC, so many hes so in the field he doesn't realize that us non druggies know what all that sh*t is too. "Do you know what methadone maintenance is?" Yes, yes i do.
Probably from my love of Dr. Drew/ Loveline.


I am blissfully and anxietyfully avoiding doing schoolwork right now.


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