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Female, 36 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (36 Years Old)
IM Type: MSN IM Name:
Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Religion: Other
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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Coconut Oil is Everywhere - Mood:Good
Monday March 17 201410:00:00 AM |
Has anyone tried the 'oil pulling' thing that's popping up all over my feeds? I usually ignore those types of things but for some reason this one has me curious. It sounds unpleasant though. And very hipster/ vegan/ tree huggy/ etc.
I read a 50 uses for coconut oil thing and now i wanna swim in it and see if i turn into a mermaid or such.

I started applying for internships. Scary. Applied to a zoo Still can't believe I'm moving.

Spring break starts today. Woo. I've been off since last Tuesday though, thanks to a MW class schedule and snow days. Boyfriend is out of town. So just me and Bosco (new laptop).

I've been spending my days marathoning shows and movies, and playing an online game 24/7. A freakin farming one. They are my crack.

(cont) (yeah yeah, I'm still long winded.)

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Good evening. - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 18 20146:26:53 PM |
Theres a comic-con on campus next friday. I wanna goooooo. 9pm-12 though. Ugh. I can't walk back to my apt at midnight. Pbth.

I have about 3 hours to kill. I could do homework. Unlikely.

I slept for about 16 hours. Yay depression.

Tonight is a 'Senior Forum', where they tell us about graduation and what it means to be an alumni and events and crap. Woo. In 3 hours. In the library until then. Figure I'll compute for a bit. Then go leisurely pick out books.
I thought about going to use a studio and dance. But i'm finding motivation to pick up my fingers and type difficult so that probably won't happen.

What are you all up to?
Whats your favorite 'news' story of the week?
Are you melting/ freezing?

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I need information about Norfolk, VA. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 12 20149:05:13 AM |
I am about 80% sure I am moving there come Fall.

I'm scured.

And wicked curious. I want to know everything there is to know.

Whats the weather like?
Whats the social climate like?
Scary bugs?
Poisonous things?
Common pastimes?
Is therapeutic recreation a known thing down there?
What about recreation services?
Pros? Cons?
Other things I should know?

If there are any.. Norfolkian YTers PLEASE have a chat with me

In other news, I have songs from Frozen stuck in my head.

I'm in tv love with so many shows right now.

I got cast in two dance performance pieces so far. Wooo.

I am very stressed out. And its only going to get worse. Fun times. I have a way of relieving it though. Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman...

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Any UK YTer willing to help out me andmy mom with shipping? - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 05 20149:00:21 PM |
So, my mom wants a Medicarn Ab Chair. So far I can only find them on UK websites, amazon specifically. They will only ship to the UK.

So I told her I'd put feelers out to the fine UKers I know if they would be a middleman and receive it then ship it here to her (paypal being involved for shipping costs). Anyone?

In other news I want these boots
They just scream me

I tried them on and they are glorious. warm, comfy, high. But 130$, pbth. But i live in western NY. Snow boots are rather essential. The ones I have now are alright. But were an emergency buy, pretty short, and kids.

In really other news, I couldn't get to class today Weather too bad. Prof sent email that we could miss. Pbth.


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I need British shows that aren`t sh*te ideas. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 28 20141:31:56 PM |
I like British shows. Well, some. Dramas and panel shows mostly. But i have to accidentally stumble upon them since I live in the states. British comedy shows just aren't my thing. Love all the panel-y stand up people though. OH and, Australian, but just discovered Adam Hills

Give me some dramas/ dramedies to watch?

What i've watched (and liked) already:
- Downton abbey
- Sherlock
- Dr who
- Broadchurch
- Jonathon creek

I'm having issues remembering what else.

To make it journaly, heres a rant. British shows having 3-8 episode seasons makes me In a way they seem to be super awesome packed but shorter. But still. I sit on my couch a lot watching shows. Few more episodes would be nice. And 3 episode seasons (Sherlock ) is just mean.

Ideas? Please?

Also, Hi Hows ya been? Anyone get knocked up lately? Scandals?

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In one year I will be living somewhere completely different, possibly different state. Its both exciting and terrifying - Mood:Good
Monday December 02 201311:00:48 PM |
By next summer I will either be moving downtown, to a town 2 hours away, to Virginia, to Pennsylvania, or to North Carolina, with my boyfriend.


We've been looking up the weather and such in the out of state places. Pretty same-ish as here from what I saw, smidgette hotter in NC and VA. Hurricanes and sh*t though According to wikipedia.
Its so exciting. Yet.. overwhelming. I have to find an internship in one of places, wherever we end up, whichever accepts him into their ph.d program.
I'm taking a class next semester devoted completely to that task, so, that'll be good.


Any nasty bugs in VA/ NC?

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Dear someone else - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 20 20134:25:08 PM |
I'm attempting to gather myself in an empty classroom, sitting on top of a table in front of the computer in the front of the room.

So, Otis is on life support. I've only been using him when I either, have to do homework or can't stand being computerless for another second. In that case, I have a fan blowing directly underneath him, as hes propped up on books. Which gets very cold and windy on my hands and rest of self.

I started christmas shopping, woo. Got.. 1 and a half peoples gifts. I really should get started on my sister's pup sweaters, and my aunt wants me to burn her a cd. Which. I will have to wait for the new laptop to do.

I made popcorn in a pan This doesn't sound like much, but we are not a pan popcorn family. We are a "don't you even try, you will burn the house down, stick to microwave bags". But they taste Bleh. Course my pan ones were burnt. But i'll get it.


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Digestives and fancy dress - Mood:Good
Thursday November 14 20136:16:37 PM |
I don't understand digestives. They some sort of cookie or such? What an unappetizing name! It puts me off every time I hear someone say "mmm digestives", like "mmm chalk".

I get the feeling 'fancy dress' doesn't mean getting all dressed up elegantly. Or does it? My guess is costume? Am I way off?

I am socialed out today. Just.. done. Which is good its Thursday, since I have no Friday classes.

I got a 36% on my bio lab exam Oy. Hopefully will make up for it on lecture bio exam I took Tues and haven't gotten grade for yet.

I'm tired of being conscious. But i'm trying to right my sleep schedule. So I have to stay awake til at least 9, preferably 10-11.

I called someone a f*cktard today Not to them, but still. I think thats YTs influence.

Boys smell bad. I learned this in lab today. Like sweat, doritos, balls, animal carcass and a hint of skunk. The boys around me anyway.

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this is my waahhhhh journal. - Mood:Good
Thursday November 07 20137:01:14 AM |
its almost 7 a.m. and I am laying in bed being kept awake by a combination of cramps and chest fluttering. I have an ice pack on my back for the cramps which isn't really doing much. I am extremely uncomfortable and have class in 4 hours. Being a girl sucks. Especially since that class is gymnastics, that's just what I want to do... Flip around for awhile.

I need a lullaby. Or a tranquilizer.

I almost made a facebook deal with a friend that he would bring me a cheeseburger if I bake him a cake in return. I had a craving for a cheeseburger. However he is the cousin of an ex boyfriend whom I have never met. So social phobia won out over cheeseburger.

whine bitch moan and complain.

my voice command sensors bitch. its annoying.

I discovered I enjoy Adam Hills tonight.

drating ovaries. Jesus f****** christ

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I knew I lost at my bf seeing this movie at the first line of the synopsis.... - Mood:Good
Sunday November 03 201310:56:20 PM |
"A crop dusting plane named Dusty-"

"Anything with talking planes with names is gonna be a no."

He vetoed anything animated
Which was about half the stuff playing.

So, we didn't see a movie
Since we will never agree on a movie, we go back and forth picking movies we think the other might possibility like, and the other agrees to blindly watch.
He liked my last (Dog Day Afternoon), his last two were meh to me (terminator 2 &3). I can't decide if I want to Curly Sue or Fifth Element him next.
I think he'd like Fifth better.
But i'm getting tired of watching people shoot each other and blow sh*t up. Even if it is one of the best movies ever.

All of his synopsis's started with "A serial killer-" "A homicide maniac is on the loose-" "A group of pot growers are fleeing from a drug cartel out to murder them-"


We are definitely going to need two tvs.


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Yeah.. So... I can`t figure out how to change my light bulb. - Mood:Good
Friday November 01 20135:16:01 AM |
More specifically, what kind of replacement bulb to get. Energy saver bulbs confuse me.

I've no idea what kind of wattage my lamp takes. Its a 5 armed floor lamp. I have energy saver bulbs in there, I think. The bulb i took out says its 20 watts.
But like.
Theres 'wattage equivalency'. So.. am I looking for a 20 watt bulb to replace it, or the '75 watt' it says it replaces? 75 seems a bit high for a 5 armed floor lamp.
But i can't find 20s anywhere.
Well, I did find one 20 watt, non energy saver and its wicked dim.
I'm confuuuuuuuused.

Just when I think I might actually make it in the world, I have to change a light bulb and am proven wrong.

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The thing about online shopping is I miss shopping with friends and such. Wanna be my friend and shop for a dog sweater with me? - Mood:Good
Thursday October 31 20137:12:30 PM |
For my sister for her birthday. She has a little mini dachshund whose fur falls out and has to be kept warm, so much to her chagrin she has to buy sweaters for her pups.
No reason they can't be cute though

But i don't know the first thing about buying dog sweaters. I'm assuming hes a.. small? Since he is tiny. But like. Yeah. I'm confused.

So I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Hell week is over.
Presentation went alright i think. Pretty sure i failed the exam today.
But at least its over.

I'm trying to think of what kind of reward to give myself for surviving, treat myself to a show i've been meaning to watch or a game i can lose myself in and not have to care.
But i can't think of any

Eating a donut. Thats nice.

Oh YT.

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Why do all the food places on campus close at 6pm? No one is ever hungry after that apparently... - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 30 20135:03:15 PM |
I presented! And didn't die!
I felt like I was talking super fast. I asked the people around me when i sat back down and they said I was fine. But i dunno. It was supposed to be 15 minutes, i forgot to look at the clock when I started. My prof complimented me on integrating my sources Woo.

I am now writing a progress note. I need a fake name for my client. Any ideas? I thought Mrs. N or something but I hate typing it.Too many capitals and periods I don't know.

I forgot my phone at home! I feel so.. cut off from the world.

The scones on campus are SUPER dry. I feel like i'm eating tasty sawdust.

I have an hour and a half to write 3 days worth of progress notes, and 3 weeks worth of assignments. Yeah.

I have Jell-O


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I wish Stephen Fry could do my presentation for me. He`s so much better at it. - Mood:Good
Monday October 28 201312:00:38 AM |
I wish I had a better memory. Or better way of keeping track of stuff. I am crazy busy this week that includes, but is not limited to:

- Making paper mache maracas with the client I am working with tomorrow
-Calling insurance company
- 2 CAT (hw) assignments due Wed
- Giant presentation on bipolar disorder Wed
- Costume together for Thurs
- Lab exam thurs
- Apple crisp making
- Arguing with financial aid to give me money for a new laptop
- Asking my gram to lend me money for rent. Fun times. I always loooove doing that

My bf thinks that if he goes away to school, and I go away for a semester internship in fall to somewhere different we are done for.
Which is just. Frustrating. I have more faith in us than that. He doesn't. Ugh. So now I have the choice of do i do whats best for my 'career', or do i go where he goes and find whatevers there? I am rather sh*t at.. life,


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What do you call these? - Mood:Good
Saturday October 26 20134:30:45 AM |
Whats the name for these things? In the US that is

Hopefully one of those pics works.

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Help me and my bf figure out which state to live in. - Mood:Good
Saturday October 26 20131:09:18 AM |
Heres what we want:

Not overly hot. The cooler the better. But not much a fan of snow. Better snow than heat.
Not NYS or California due to LMHS criteria.
Preferably not too far from NYS.

I hate snow. I like warm. But not scorching. I don't mind 90s. Doesn't get much hotter here so i can't say for hotter.
I need a democrat/ liberal majority state. I just.. can't deal without.
No crazy huge killer bugs or critters please.
Preferably with good recreation job options.
Preferably has Wegmans/ good food stuffs.

Any ideas?

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I wish I had a river I could skate away on - Mood:Good
Friday October 25 20132:54:12 AM |
So, I started watching Sherlock. Episode 1. He reminds me of House. Then again people always made Sherlock references to House when it was on as well. So it makes sense.
6 episodes in two seasons though?? Pbth. I'm going to need another show soon.

I have a craving for stuffed rigatoni from the restaurant down the street. If it wasn't almost 3 am I would walk down and get some.

I was wicked dizzy today. Skipped lab and came home. Tired, dizzy, couldn't stand the thought of going to lab, sitting there for 2 hours cramming vocab words into my brain to be quizzed at the end of the class, so I just came home. Not ideal since i currently have a D in that class. But just couldn't do it. Came home, put the tv on and fell asleep. Felt much better when i woke up. Odd odd dreams when tv is on in the background though.


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I post too many of these. But I`m going to continue to do so in this journal because I am f*cking proud of it, so there. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 23 20134:31:13 AM |
Second pumpkin done!!!

I had to crank out painting it all in one night, which I hate to do. Dennis was also drawn in today. I can't remember if Calvin & Hobbes was today or yesterday.

Anyway. I have been working on that damn pumpkin for about 8 hours straight.
But I am proud of it!
And delivering it to Hazen tomorrow

It took me about 30 minutes just to figure out how to paint Hobbes. His color is hard to get on a pumpkin with my colors.
My proportions could be better, but still.

I like it.

I've been feeling rather useless lately.
So while it may be stupid.
Accomplishing silly sh*t like painting a pumpkin is lovely.

Pictures in next post!

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Downton Abbey needs to stop making me cry/ Are you bipolar? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 22 20133:38:04 AM |
God i feel like such a girl.
Waving the bottom of my cardigan, wiping my eyes with it

I love Maggie Smiths character SO HARD I love them all really. Well. Few exceptions. Anna.

Anyone on here Bipolar? I need to interview someone for a presentation. Nothing lengthy or overly in depth. Its an overview of sorts.

I'm not sure what else to talk about.

OH, i narrowed the last comic character on my pumpkin down to either Calvin &Hobbes or Dennis the Menace. I'd need to find a pic of the two of them in such a pose that they could be standing in a line. Dennis would be easier. I wish I had a bigger pumpkin. Or could draw smaller I could always take charlie brown out.

FYI, if you need to get sharpie off of a pumpkin.. powdered laundry soap works best. I tried rubbing alcohol, meh. But laundry soap, works wonders. I use it to clean off my dry erase boards as well. Wonderful.

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I`m down. - Mood:Good
Monday October 21 201312:31:06 AM |
So. I'm starting to think I should re-think/ change my meds because this happens a f*cking lot. But, on the other hand, it used to be a 24/7 thing, and now its just a once a month or two thing for a week or two.

But it freaks out my bf when I don't move from the couch and track down suicidal anecdotes (i learned tonight that Stephen Fry tried to kill himself last year ) and am just generally a depressed lifeless bag of crap.
Might do that.

I'm getting tired of waving into moody sh*t.

Still working on pumpkin. Added Marmaduke. Have room for one more comic strip character.

What are you up to?

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Name me popular comic strip characters, please. - Mood:Good
Saturday October 19 20136:19:10 AM |
I need some ideas for popular comic strip characters.

I found I really don't know any but Peanuts, Marmaduke, and Garfield


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Poll: Inappropriate or not? - Mood:Good
Friday October 18 20132:20:45 AM |
So... I'm painting pumpkins to give to peoples. I painted a Peanuts Halloween one for the brain injury place I am volunteering at.

I was thinking about painting one for the counseling center on campus, I am quite well known around there, and thought i'd stay with the peanuts theme and paint this:

I dunno. On one hand i think its cute and fitting.
On the other, my major makes me WICKED aware of PCness and such.


(also coming to this thread are pictures, of finished painted pumpkin and.. whatever else i wanna post)
(To make this journaly, I have tomorrow FREEEEEE. WOOO. I haven't had a completely free day in my apt in a really really long time.)

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I was invited to a party.. but then my invitation disappeared. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 16 20134:47:47 AM |

Oh well.

i would have just stood awkwardly at the punch bowl anyway.

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I am not in Australia! This should not happen! - Mood:Good
Monday October 14 201311:36:54 PM |


or so i thought

Just hanging out in my bathroom. I was PEEING, in the MIDDLE of peeing and saw it across from me. I thought it was a Halloween decoration at first. I couldn't do my normal screech and run because i was IN THE MIDDLE OF PEEING.

That one was unpleasant.
But it mostly makes me worried that THERE ARE MORE.

Because that is like the 8th f*cking one i've found in my apt in 2 years- just that i've FOUND.

Hold me.

(picture coming)
(fair warning, its not that big, its just big to me because WE DON'T HAVE SH*T LIKE THIS. We have lima bean sized translucent f*ckers that aren't the STUFF OF NIGHTMARES)

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Its my birthday I can happy dance to Doctor Who gifts if i want to, happy dance if i want to, happy dance if i want to - Mood:Good
Sunday October 13 20137:36:48 PM |

Day 3 of birthday weekend: family party.

Got 3 lbs of italian cookies, lemon ice, lemon meringue pie. All my favorites.
Got $6 meals from wegmans for dinner. Which is like.. you pick a entree, and 2 sides, for $6, everyone got their own and we sampled each others


They know me so well
My mom got me a DW beanie hat (pic coming eventually)
My sister got me a Dalek shirt and a TARDIS dress She explained to me how difficult was to try to buy DW stuff when you know nothing of DW
I opened the Dalek shirt and started saying "EXTERMINATE" and got a lot of blank looks. Sigh.
I put the hat on, swirled my head and "doo doo doooooooooooo do"-ed and got more blank looks. And some head shaking.
Sigh again.
Ah well.

My sister and bf are chatting about mental health job stuff, and graduate school stuff, so i am YTing


Continued. Maybe.

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