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Female, 36 years old
Utah, Western US

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This wedding business sucks. - Mood:Good
Friday January 29 201012:27:13 PM |
I have finally picked a venue to have my wedding. *pop and lock*

Heres the venue website

I am going to have a sushi bar at my wedding. For all those people that dont like sushi that are invited to the wedding *coughcrazymormonpeoplecoughcough* I dont care if you eat it or not, more for me!

Now I just have...everything ELSE to figure out. Cant figure out what to do for centerpieces and how to make that stuff cheap.

What did you people use for centerpieces or even favors? Even if you used a shrunken head, I wanna know!

If you've never been married....then how is your day going?!

Oh, and I have engagement pictures scheduled on 4/27/10 and have NO idea what the monkey to wear.

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I`ve finally hired my wedding photographer - Mood:Good
Monday December 14 20096:39:06 PM |
I have finally hired the photographer for the big wedding day. (Still on for 8-9-10!)

She'll do the engagements, bridals, and stay with you all day during the wedding and the reception for $800.

here is her website

I really like her style.

Now...if only I could get everything else worked out and all in order I'll be set!

Any horror stories of wedding photography out there?

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Halloween hospital style (pictures) - Mood:Good
Friday October 30 20096:28:32 PM |
So every year at our hospital we have a halloween contest....Due to a certain uptight doctor in our clinic we've never been able to dress up...untill this year!

Funny enough every year H.R. wins but not this year. Our fruit of the loom theme won.

Here is a picture of my co-workers winning


Heres the obligatory man dressed as the joker.

Wario and Mario


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A month to plan a wedding? - Mood:Bad
Monday September 28 200912:25:02 PM |
So the fiance has decided he's sick of being unemployed and is joining the, this month.

That makes the original wedding date of 8.9.10 into a wedding date of ASAP. Least I have the dress. Bah.

In other news I have a wicked kidney infection that feels like ive been punched in the back. I went into my woman clinic to get a UA. Was told I have blood and all that stuff swimming around in there.

So with those results the nurse tells me, "We won't give you any antibiotics till you come in for a pelvic exam."


So I guess ill just go to an instacare. Freaking beast.

How are all your kidneys doing this morning? I hope you are all voiding well.

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Surgery begins tomorrow. - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday July 22 200912:32:39 PM |
Surgery is tomorrow!

I am going to try and enjoy eating solids today before I go to my 2 week liquid diet. MmMm liquid.

Too bad bacon doesnt come in a liquid.

Anyways, everyone I work with is very sweet, I got a spongebob coloring book with crayons! (shows my maturity level) I also recieved season 1 of the Simpsons, ice packs, gobstoppers, otterpops, carmel chews, and chicken noodle soup. Oh and a spongebob cup, plate, and bowl! I feel so loved.

I am also waiting impatiently for my boxed set of Charlaine Harris books to read during recovery. I ordered them on the 15th, they're STILL not here. *sniffle*

But anyways, enough about me. Anyone else going on a strict liquid diet?

Feeling fancy free on this Wednesday?!

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He`s so tired he passed out with his phone in hand - Mood:Indifferent
Friday July 17 20093:51:20 PM |
The adventure with my brother doesn't get old. I came home yesterday to smell burnt food lingering throughout the house. The stove top was covered in burnt, black, noodley water.

I went downstairs (where my room is) and there he his, him and his idiot friend passed out sitting upward, on the couch. His friend had passed out while holding his flipped open phone to his ear. The basement was a wreck, food everywhere, muddy shoes on the floor, and towels on the floor. They even went through MY stuff in MY bathroom.

I attempted to wake him up in by slamming the doors, turning up the surround sound, and talking loud, and....nothing. According to my parents, they were just really really tired!

....I cant wait to move into my future in-laws place. At this point I don't care if it may be awkward.

In other news, its only 6 days left till surgery!

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Sputum Speckled Splendor - Mood:Overwhelmed
Friday July 10 20095:32:18 PM |
It's 13 days away from my tonsillectomy and I have:

A humidfier, applesauce, Jello, chocolate pudding, Slimfast boost, Vitamin Water (Acai Berry one..super yummy), gum, Poweraid ion, and chicken broth.

(feel like I am saving up for an apocalypse)

I am hoping I got myself covered. I am in a dillema though. I was told milk based products coat your throat and can be uncomfortable. And citric acid of any kind burns like the dickens.

So the most recommended thing (ice cream) apparently coats your throat. Everything else I look at that is non dairy, has citric acid in it.

But, I have found one thing that doesn't have any of thee above, and it is...root beer popsicles. I hate root beer.

Guess i'll settle on eating ice cubes. I'll pretend they are tasty!

In good news, I got my wedding dress. It's hiding and being safe at my sisters!

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I get my wedding dress tomorrow - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday July 08 20091:45:33 PM |
So after $358.95 for a dress, and $170.85 for alterations. I get my dress tomorrow! I am going to hide it at my sister house cause the fiance cannot be trusted not to peek.

I also bought wedding shoes. They are red tennis shoes! They rock. These are the shoes

Now, I just need to take care of everything else!

Now I ask you YT people of the married variety. What color scheme did you have? What do you remember most about your wedding?

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Does someone at your work annoy you? - Mood:Spastic
Monday July 06 200912:28:59 PM |
Is there that specific someone at your work that, at even the slightest thought of them, you could just strangle a kitten?

If so, what do they do that just drives you up a wall?

I'll start. I have to sit next to this 80 year old lady that checks in Mammograms this week and and her drawer is FILLED!! with cheetos and other crunchy foods....

All day, she eats them and she does NOT close her mouth when she chews. It feels like every other minute all I can hear is *crunch crunch crunch* She also farts every time she bends over.

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I live with idiots... - Mood:Indifferent
Wednesday July 01 20099:20:41 PM |
So I come home today to hear my dear brother (age 34) on his cell phone arranging a sale of Oxy's, while some strange shirtless friend of his waved at me. I am pretty sure they were fried out of their mind. They probably thought I was kermit the frog coming through the door.

I am pretty sick of this envoirnment I live in and was thinking of moving in with my fiance (of 5 years) and my future in-laws. I only hesistate though cause they're, awkward, uptight mormons.

Have any of you guys ever lived with your in-laws? If so, did you just want to strangle them?!

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Tonsillectomy at 24!? - Mood:Spent
Monday June 29 20094:37:57 PM |
Hello all you new, and old YT friends.

Its that time again where I check in after a year of not being on.

I am here out of weakness and panic! I have an upcoming tonsillectomy and I am scared to death. So I reach out to you YT. Any of you ever had a tonsillectomy before? If so, I am going to die aren't i?

Just admit it, i've schedule my own death.

Oh, and how are all you fantastic people doing this fine day?

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I am a FREAK when it comes to money. - Mood:Spastic
Monday January 15 20076:56:01 PM |
So, I am horrible with spending money. Not in the sense I spend too much. I have a good amount in my checking account from being so bad at hording my money and not spending a dime.

To the point, there are these shelves i've been eyeing for a long time from the bombay company. They are orginally $500 I go on the website today to find they're only $224.25, with $90.00 shipping. So the total would come to $333 would you do it?!?!?

These are the shelves i've been pathetically obessing over.

I am just asking cause ive been staring at the "confirm your order" screen for 4 hours now on the verge of having a panic attack. I need an outside voice to say something

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I hate it when grown men cry! - Mood:Happy
Friday October 20 20063:17:14 PM |
Today was sad. We have a patient that has colon cancer. He has an open abdominal wound from the surgery we preformed to remove cancerous polyps and do a colostomy.

Now, in order for this man to get the chemo he needs to fight cancer, his abdominal wound needs to heal. So we've hired a home health nurse to visit him daily and change the packing. Said nurse went on vacation to Africa so we had to find someone else. This nurse that we hired did something wrong and the wound got worse!

Not to be graffic but it had gotten so bad bowel was seeping into his wound. When the Dr. was informing him of his wound taking a turn for the worse he just started crying. I didnt know what to do other then just give him a big bear hug when he was leaving and told him he'll get better.

Now that, that downer of a story is over. How was your day?!

I should share more funny patient stories, there are some WEIRD people out there.

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Well look at that! - Mood:Good
Thursday October 12 20064:50:45 PM |
I have a key. A beautiful wonderful shiney key I will name Gary! Gary is ever so nice.

Who was the great one who gave me Gary?

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Avy deleters! - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 20067:22:31 PM |
I've had that bloody tongue needle avy for soOoO long...and its been deleted. Oh the sadness.

In other news, today was great in a sarcastic sense. I see alot of wounds on a daily basis, I go in to help take staples out of a poor little old woman's mastectomy and I almost passed out and had to go sit in the office with my legs raised and look even more pale then I am! (which is pretty hard to achieve)

How was everyone elses day at their employment, or for the unemployed how was your day?

Another question, how many people here have had their avy deleted at least once?

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Oh how I`ve missed my YT addiction. - Mood:Happy
Friday August 18 20064:39:27 PM |
How are all the YT people I haven't spoken to in quite sometime?

So I don't enrage the YT gods i'll make this not so pointless.

UPDATE ON MY LIFE: I finished school, graduated. I now work for a surgeon. He got word I want to be an RN. I now assist him in minor surgery and other procedures in the office. As days go by more and more I think i'd LOVE to learn to be a surgeon...but im dumb so we'll see.

I have just one question though. Do they just get USED to all the blood and so on!? Im still not over the whole nauseated feeling on certain wounds.

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I`ve got a hate hard-on for you! - Mood:Excited
Wednesday November 16 20054:57:03 PM |
Well hope that title is legal in the YT word department

Anyways, update on the apprenticeship. They told me to keep hanging out more and really are impressed with my work. Theyre firing their current apprentice as soon as they can as even though hes been there for 7 months... He mounted a needle wrong so it was rubbing against metal, which caused it to heat up and cauterized the mans whole tattoo. Genius right there.

Least its promising that if they decide to call me their apprentice I have no where to go but up, compared to him.

Anyways to the point, they told me to work on my coloring as im not quite good at blending colors, I guess. Heres a picture of what I showed them but they told me I still have room to improve.

Since Im having alot of troubles on posting the actual picture in here. Heres alink

Besides all

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Happy scrappy dumplings! - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 19 20051:36:50 PM |

I Havent been on here in awhile, but I can't contain my happiness and decided I must go on YT and share such an extraordinary day with strangers .

It all has to deal with the dream ive had of being a tattoo artist...and its coming true!

There is a local tattoo shop here that my bf has been getting tattooed at alot recently, the man that owns the place caught a glimpse of my artwork and made the little hint "Where you wanna go with your talent"

I replied "I was hoping to be a tattoo artist but doubt my abilities"

Things went on from there, and he told me they're letting go of an apprentice cause hes quite annoyed by his lack of intellect, so asked me to come hang out alot around the shop and he'll teach me all he can, and the piercer is all the willing to teach me too.

.....I am, so DAMN HAPPY.

SO!! how are all of you this wonderful hump day of wednesday?!

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Its an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, coated in butter and deep fried. - Mood:Overwhelmed
Tuesday August 16 20051:43:35 AM |
SO!! I passed the assesment test and school starts this thursday. So starting thursday I get to learn how to be a medical administrative office assitant *weird excitement here*

As im sure you've all heard and know...but Damn school is expensive and so are the books and scrubs and all that bla bla!

And in other news..Im officially scaring myself. I used to be anorexic when I was younger and with the stress of school starting, my bf having the possibility of being sent to Iraq, and the stuff im dealing with in therapy I havent had any apetite and haven't eaten much. When my bf left (June 26th) I weight approximately 121 lbs, and today I weighted myself im officially 108lbs. I need to shove some food down my damn mouth!

ANYWAYS!! how art all thou YT people that read this journal? And have you heard any Dane Cook lately? I just discovered this comic and what a genius!

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Those goats sodomized themselves… using my penls. You should arrest them for theft. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 10 200510:35:59 PM |
I got a call from San Deigo today, some D.I. or whatever called, and the first words I hear are "are you Corporal Ericksons girlfriend?"
I hear this and immiediatly say "oh sh*t dont tell me something bad happened to him"

The guy on the other line just laughed and said "no, im calling cause Erickson is having "motivational" problems and in hopes to help him we met his request to call someone, and that someone was you. You have two minutes to talk to him and whisper sweet nothings into his ear"

We had a nice little conversation for a good two minutes BUT anyways to the point.

Have any ideas as to what I could write to him to cheer him up? Like good quotes from comedians? Or even little cartoons I could draw him.

Im drawing blanks! All I can think of is math right now since my assesment test is tomorrow.

And another question...HOW ARE YOU?!?!

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Military Girlfriend - Mood:Good
Friday July 29 20054:34:36 PM |
Anyone out there been a military significant other?

If so, whenever they went to boot camp was their personality different? I have this huge fear that the compassionate guy I fell in love with will come back and be a bastard.

Anyways, how are you?! And if you had a pickle would you be any better?

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I can count to purple backwards! - Mood:Good
Friday July 22 20052:21:48 PM |
Hah, just got back from therapy. YES!! I go to therapy, i'll admit it, I have alot wrong with me.

Todays lesson: The guy you grew up with screwed you up. YAY!

On another note I was inspired to draw this lovely picture, given that its been a month now that my BF's been gone to San Deigo for non-commisioned officers training for the Marines. I miss him *sniffle* Anyways.

Aww, Uncle sam wants your soul.

now that i've said things no one cares about, how are all of you doing today? Tell me or I just may eat your soul! *cue spooky music*

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The time for a new life begins! - Mood:Spent
Sunday July 17 20059:18:45 PM |
Ah the time for a life revamping has begun. I quit Wal-mart cause I decided I needed an education and working for that legal sweat shop, sucks!

Anyways to the point, I have a week or two to decide what I want to spend my money on, education wise. I wanted to know if anyone on this site is a Medical Office Administrative Assistant. And if so, is it a fairly difficult job?

And other then that, How are all of you wonderful YT people?! Have to ask since I rarely make a journal.

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Im purely pathetic - Mood:Good
Thursday February 24 200511:41:29 AM |
Yep, as the title says im pathetic. And i'll tell you why. in about an hour I get to head to work, and im nervous as hell. Im so nervous I feel like I could puke any second. And its for the walmart bakery! Blah to pathetic me and a *fisty shake*

I need some valium or something. Anyways how are all you YT folks doing?

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After two years..its finally happened! - Mood:Good
Thursday February 17 20053:34:28 PM |
I just got back from an interview at Walmart, apparently I will now be working part time in bakery department.

It feels like a giant step down from once working at a law office but oh well! im just glad to finally have a job again. And..Ill be able to get money for tattoos! OH THE JOY!

Anyways how are you people that decided to read this journal even though its a dumb one?!

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