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, , Southern US

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McEwan's Scottish Ale = YUM - Mood:Good
Sunday November 23 20083:48:58 PM |
Had enough of Irish alcohols for a while. Time to try Scottish.

Been a while since I've been around these parts. How is everyone?

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My psycho bipolar stepmom is making me move out - Mood:Anxious
Friday March 14 200811:33:16 PM |
First she wants me to move in with her and dad (in 2006) so I can afford to go to school fulltime. I still work parttime, even though she encourages me not to work so I can focus more time on studying.

A little later I lose my job, so she starts putting pressure on me to hurry up and find a job. Then she also makes me start paying rent and buying all my food separate from them. Thankfully I find another parttime job, but now I'm basically living paycheck to paycheck.

Now with virtually no money saved she says she can't take her lack of privacy with me living in the house and wants me gone. F*cking great. I should have known 2 years ago this was too good to be true. *sigh*

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Hurray for retail therapy! - Mood:Good
Saturday February 16 20087:39:08 PM |
I love scoring good deals!

I found a latex foam pillow (I recommend everyone use one, btw) for $15 at Big Lots! I've never seen one that cheap, even the cheap brands. Goodie. Use it with my silk pillowcase and I'm in heaven!

Also got a wireless mouse for $18. I've been needing one for my desk because of the large desktop area - the mouse cord doesn't reach far enough.

Plus I got a pretty green nail polish for St. Patrick's Day.

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psycho stepmom. what to do? - Mood:Spent
Thursday January 03 20089:26:20 PM |
I'm so sick of putting up with her sh*t and I know my dad is, too.

The other day my dad makes some little joke with her and she blows it way out of proportion like he was trying to hurt her. So she takes out the drawers in his dresser and dumps them upside down to get all his clothes. Okay, and this accomplished WHAT?

Yesterday she comes home and tells me she's probably divorcing my dad and told him to hire a lawyer. Because I haven't heard this at least 3 times before...

Tonight she's acting really weird and leaves. She leaves a voicemail on my dad's phone a while later telling him she's not coming home tonight. Of course she does a little later, though.

She needs help. Bad.

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I lost weight in blood today! - Mood:Good
Monday December 03 20075:16:36 PM |
I donated blood for the first time. I forgot to ask them how much they take. How much do they usually take? And how long does it take your body to produce that blood again?

I should be studying for my chemistry test for tomorrow instead of wasting time here.

I feel I did pretty well on my precalc/trig test today. Hope I really did...

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Adding salt to unsalted butter? - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 28 20076:38:14 PM |
How much salt by volume do you add to one stick of unsalted butter to make it regular salted butter?
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This Foster`s beer is crap - Mood:Good
Sunday November 04 20075:59:50 PM |
It's the special bitter kind so I thought it would be better than the normal stuff... but nope. It's probably worse.

Oh well, I was in need of a beer pretty bad, anyway. Plus it'll help me finish getting ready for my trig test tomorrow.

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Ladies, I need shoe recommendations please! - Mood:Good
Sunday November 04 20072:48:31 PM |
So I start a new job soon where I'll be on my feet a lot, but they require me to wear semi-dressy shoes. So what are some nice shoes that can pass off as dressy/professional but are comfy enough to stand/walk around in for a few hours?

I was thinking Dr. Scholl's brand shoes, but would like to get others' opinions.

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New psycho-bitch stepmom story - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 23 20077:51:44 PM |
These are always fun!

Okay, so my car wouldn't start and I thought it was from corrosion on the battery. I asked my dad to take a look, he cleaned it with baking soda, but it still wasn't working. So he hooked up the diagnostic machine to rule out it being the alternator. Nope, it's the battery. Just need a new battery, no problem.

Enter stepmom. She thinks I shouldn't depend on my dad at all for car help, and she thinks my dad shouldn't offer to help me. So now she's pissed at both of us: me for asking dad for help, and dad for helping.

Sure, I could have taken the car to a shop and had it looked at and paid a lot more money. But why should I when my dad can do it instead? He doesn't mind, I'm his daughter ffs! And of course I appreciate his help.

She has serious personal issues. *sighs*

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Grandad is doing better again, I`m ready for my trig test tomorrow, and I`m celebrating with a glass of wine - Mood:Good
Sunday October 14 200710:24:01 PM |
(see last journal for Grandad story)

Grandad is being more responsive and breathing more on his own again, which is a big relief. I guess I should just stop worrying about it so much when he keeps hitting these temporary plateau's, of course I can never be too sure if they're just temporary.

I just spent several hours getting all studied up for my trig test tomorrow. I feel well prepared, but don't want to be too confident of course. At least I'm comfortable with where I'm at.

So of course this calls for a great big glass of dry white wine. Mmmmmmmmm - cheers!

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Grandad`s been in ICU since his quadruple bypass on Wednesday - Mood:Anxious
Sunday October 14 20072:30:23 PM |
His progress keeps going from getting better to not making any improvements. I know it takes a while, especially for someone his age (he's 81) but I'm still scared. He's been on a ventilator for a few days because he had fluid in his lungs. I guess that happens in about 20% of patients.

On top of that I have a trigonometry exam tomorrow that I've been trying to study for while waiting with family at the hospital. I hope I can concentrate enough to be ready for it tomorrow.

And I hope my grandad pulls through. *sigh*

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So who wants help me with logarithms for my precalculus class? - Mood:Good
Friday September 28 200712:28:39 PM |
I'm supposed to solve this without the use of a calculator:

log2^6 * log6^4

(2 and 6 are the bases, 6 and 4 are the arguments)

I can do it just fine with a calculator, but for the life of me can't figure out how to do it with pencil and paper. The book isn't showing me and I don't have a damn solutions manual. Any advice???

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So my stepmom went apesh*t crying, screaming, slamming doors, throwing sh*t - Mood:Good
Saturday August 25 200712:43:04 AM |
Because I called her needy. Issues much?

Thank goodness I'm on anxiety medication. It's too bad she's not on some special kind of medication, too.

So now I'm having a bit of vodka trying to calm down from the nights festive drama.

Talk to me YT, get my mind off this sh*t!

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Had another interview today... - Mood:Good
Monday August 20 20074:20:04 PM |
With a small marketing company. Seems pretty laid back, non-challenging, and works with my school schedule. Argh I hope I get this one! *crosses fingers*

Afterwards I stopped at the Brandon mall since I hardly ever get to go there. Would love to go shopping there once I get a source of income! I did splurge on a green tea frappuccino at Starbucks, though.

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I`m being unsuccessful in seeing any meteors tonight - Mood:Sad
Monday August 13 20071:03:15 AM |
I think we have too many damn street lights. Argh.
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I just made the BEST croutons EVAR - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 08 20073:09:28 PM |
It's my first time making croutons, too! I mixed garlic powder, oregano, and some other yummy herbs in some olive oil then tossed the chopped bread in a bag and baked for a few minutes and voila! The best croutons I've ever tasted!

I'm way too excited about this.

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I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED this job!!! - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 31 200711:27:06 AM |
The company I interviewed with Friday said they'd call me either Saturday or today to let me know if I got the job. The girl I'd be working with said the hiring guy seemed pretty impressed with me and that I'd most likely be the person they hire. So that sounded promising.

No call Saturday, so I'm crossing my fingers that I get the call today! Then I read my f*cking horoscope for today:

"You may feel a bit lost as your goals slip out of your grasp, but don't write anything off yet. There's no time to wallow in discouragement, even if your best efforts haven't brought your plans to fruition. It's not time to announce failure; be patient, for there's surely still more to unfold."

BLAH! I neeeed a job!

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I`m pretty lethargic and depressed at the moment - Mood:Depressed
Monday July 30 20072:07:08 PM |
And I can't seem to f*cking snap out of it. It's getting annoying. F*cking hormones & f*cking menstruation.

You know what would make me feel a whole lot better? If that company I interviewed with Friday calls me tomorrow to tell me I got the job. Gods know I need it. I'm sick of feeling like a bum.

I should at least get off my ass and do some housework. But I don't even have the f*cking motivation to do that.


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Is a 33 hour work week a bit much if I`m taking 12 credit hours? - Mood:Good
Thursday July 26 20074:36:11 PM |
It'll probably end up being less hours with breaks and lunch and whatnot... but I'm basically going to school fulltime. Well, I will be come August 22nd.

I just set up an interview for tomorrow. The hours go perfectly with my school schedule. There will be a couple days a week where I have to be at school at 8am and won't get out of work till 9:30pm... I think I can push myself, though.

Now my only problem is I live with my stepmother who will probably go apesh*t over the number of work hours & school hours combined. She gets overly concerned about me burning myself out and whatnot... hopefully I can get her to understand.

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I finally got my glasses back! - Mood:Good
Thursday July 26 200710:55:10 AM |
And considering my power (rx) is -6.50 (read: EXTREME near-sightedness) my eyes are extremely happy now!

Having to wear contacts all day every day for several weeks has taken a toll on my eyes. I like to let them rest by wearing glasses a couple days a week. Which all you contact lens wearers should be doing, too!

The circumstance in which I lost my glasses is pretty funny. While I was down in south FL visiting mom and stepdad, I went out one night with my stepsister to our old favorite Irish pub. I decided to wear my glasses that night.

We had a few drinks, I got a nice buzz, then a friend of hers came along and we decided to go back to said friend's house, where we proceeded to drink a whole lot more.

I don't remember getting back home to my parents' house that night (yeah, I had a REALLY GOOD time ), but when I woke up the next morning my glasses were nowhere to be found!

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How do you get rid of flying ants? - Mood:Disgusted
Sunday July 22 20079:57:13 PM |
Eugh, these things are gross! They swarm in my bathroom almost every night! There's also been some in the guest room, especially near the grout to my bathroom.

We've been spraying Raid like crazy and that bug killing concentrate stuff all around the outside of the house... but they're still coming in my bathroom at night. I've seen at least 5 or 6 huge queens, also... UGH!!!

I've heard bombing might work, or even set out some boric acid powder. Any suggestions?

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I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I`m all out of bubblegum. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 18 200710:14:11 PM |
Do you think drinking a beer or two tonight is a bad idea if I have a dr. appointment in the morning?

It's nothing major, just a checkup to get my Prozac refilled.

I have no homework. No classes. I'm going nuts trying to fill in time. The house is spotless so all that's left is alcohol!

I know! I can do a pedicure! But it's kinda late now. Maybe tomorrow.

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Gewürztraminer > Pinot Grigio - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 17 20079:46:13 PM |
It seems that my favorite white wine of pinot grigio has been replaced like a cheap whore!

We've been getting Chateau Ste Michelle Gewürztraminer lately and it is absolutely DIVINE. As soon as I land a job, I'm going to buy a bottle all for ME. Mmmmmm

Took my final in college algebra today. I'm pretty sure I got an A, but that will be confirmed in the next couple of days. I now have until August 22nd before classes start up again. WTF should I do with all this extra time?!

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Something`s missing... emotionally. I think I`m lonely. - Mood:Lonely
Sunday July 15 200711:25:35 AM |
Maybe I'm just feeling weird this morning. But I'm a tad depressed over being alone. With no work and school for the next month, I have too much time on my hands to think about things.

I like to think of myself as strong and independent, so it's really bothering me that I have this feeling of "I need a man".

I woke up with the urge this morning to have someone next to me to snuggle with, to kiss and smile into his eyes, to feel his hands all over me. Blah, I'm turning into a f*cking sap!

Any suggestions for a cure?

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Is home treatment ok if you slice a small chunk of skin off your fingertip? - Mood:Cautious
Saturday July 14 20071:11:23 PM |
My stepmom did this while cleaning a mirror. I found the small piece of skin and it had a little bit of skin color left in it. She ran her finger under the water, then I made her hold it with gauze to help stop the bleeding. It bled for a good while but we got it under control with that 3x thick gauze stuff. I sprayed some antibacterial/painkiller stuff on it and wrapped it in new gauze and now she's just resting.

Sorry for the wall o' text, I've just never treated a wound like that before - I'm so sheltered.

Is there anything else I should do? Should she go to a dr./er/urgency care/something?

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