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Female, 31 years old
Sydney , New South Wales, Australia/NZ

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Interests: Arts/Crafts / Music / Animals / Learning / Photography
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Birthday:4/23/1990 (31 Years Old)
IM Type: MSN IM Name: Kiomi
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
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Religion: Christian
Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Fav. TV Show: Friends, Kath and Kim, Guiding Light
Fav. Book: Harry Potter :P
Fav. Song: genres: folk, electro, pop, funk, trip hop, etc
Fav. Food: Pizza, pasta, chocolate, sushi
Fav. Car: Fave flower: Gerberas
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Kiomi's Photograph thread (Brought to you by me, her dear friend) (dial up connections beware, lots of pictures) - Mood:Happy
Saturday November 04 20061:35:25 AM |
Hey all!
This is the thread I meant to post about 4 weeks ago.
These will not only be photos from my holiday a few weeks ago to a little place on the south coast, but also a selection of photos I took the other day when I went to the park and took photos of the bay etc. So enjoy!

I'll mix it around a bit, too.
I might not post ALL of them today.

First I'll start off with…

Panorama I took yesterday, overlooking one of the little bays… I also have a darker version

Also yesterday

(I'm still choosing & resizing photos as we speak, so there'll be a delay between this batch + the one in the next post, and the next few. You can post in the meantime still.)

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I pull my hair out, right? (Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) - Mood:Anxious
Friday October 27 20065:41:33 AM |
When I'm stressed.
And the last few months I was taken off some anxiety medication and.. I was going really well with my hair, I pulled it all out when I had a nervous breakdown in early '04, but it was getting pretty good, yeah? I mean.. I was still pulling it out a little, but not enough to do that much damage. Well.. The past months I'd been feeling overanxious and everything, and tearing it out.. and we worked out it was cause I was taken off one of my anxiety medications or whatever...ANYWAY..

I took photos of my hair today, just to see how bad it really was (I can't see it in a mirror, obviously) and.. It's really bad.
My beautiful hair...Gone.
Why do I do this?!
Hats are my new thing for summer then.. Again..
I'm so upset.

I don't like asking for stuff, but cheer me up. Please.

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Remember when the smilies weren`t able to breathe? - Mood:Confident
Thursday June 29 20065:29:38 AM |
I was just looking back through the questions I've answered over the years, and I found a response from August 2003 where I had :D :D :D everywhere.
I was confused for a sec and then remembered that the smileys didn't always have "noses".
Just a subtle change I had long forgotten about.

I'm just about a third year old skooler or something now, you know.
And I found out the other day that I originally joined on Anzac day (25th of April) 2003. 19th May '03 is probably accurate as the date the addiction started.

Anyway, if you don't know me, you probably know Kiomi. If you don't know Kiomi, this isn't relevant to you.
Positve traits


I'm going on holidays on Saturday and so may not be on the computer/internet much. I'll be gone for 2 weeks from then.

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Bracelets are more than practical - Mood:Lovestruck
Sunday February 19 20065:06:48 AM |
Aren't they divine?

On that note, I'm quite fond of my new theme. I'll be keeping it for quite awhile.

My day was incredibly normal.

I took several photos of the guineas the other day. I thought this was cute.
Miss Tink:

How are you? This is Kiomi, of course.

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La di da li da - Mood:Hopeful
Monday November 14 20055:28:49 AM |
I chose my electives, Visual Arts - Printmaking Focus
Elective History

I hope that goes well. I've done carving linoprinting before and did well, twice, and I loved it, and it's also other printing things so I'll get to explore new areas of a subject I might just love.

I love History, too.

I wanted to do French, Photographic and digital media, or latin, but those weren't possible/would be too difficult/Mum doesn't like the French teacher/etc

So I'm.. feeling OK.
Grandpa's also here, and I may be getting braces tomorrow, so whoo! and urgh.
Last day of freedom... of teeth, I won't get them off for one and a half years so, phooey.

I may not be getting them tomorrow though. I can't remember what the orthodontist lady said.

I pulled 3 more strands of hair out today, making the total over..44 days... to.. around 7 strands.
I'm STILL not counting them though. I'll just get pessimistic again.

I also did a LOT of work today. Happ

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A briskness we`re not used to, rain that has never been, but simply IS - Mood:Good
Sunday October 30 20054:34:37 AM |
I can't begin to describe how free I feel in this new-ish haircut, new clothes, and new seasonal change.
Rain is a wond'rous event, and one not experienced often here.
That's all. Possibly the shortest entry I've ever done, but won't be if I continue to type.
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La danse des lis - Mood:Good
Friday August 12 20056:01:53 AM |
Haven't made one of THESE in a while!
Hmm. Notes.
-I love my new email. Well, I have many. This is a mostly YT-but-also all rounder.
- I love what my new email means, and google translator. (Even if it actually might mean Dody Poop, I'm hoping it's something else ).
- I love my newish Wave 11 dark red and white msn skin. It's beautimous.
- I strongly dislike...I'll come back to you on that one. In 28 days.

I also like that Grandpa's over here for a few days.
And I am going to somehow buy the "Miriam" CD by Miriam Stockley, because the songs I like (I previewed them on iTunes, and Song of the Seahorse, Morte d'arthur, and Nocturne are all lovely) can't be found.
And Innocents. I managed to get that one though, I think.

Also, I've been mesmerised by Earth Cam lately. It's wonderful, I've been viewing London and everywhere, but mostly New Y

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Okay, so my sister`s whole year 3 class prayed for my expansion plate today. - Mood:Happy
Wednesday July 20 20056:31:28 AM |
In Christian Studies!

And I figured out how to FINALLY unzip Yahoo! Skins into folders so the skins actually WORK.

(Mental Note: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Shared\Graphics
NOT C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Skins
I ask you, where's the sense in that? )

Anyway, if you have msn * and I know you * add me as
'Cause the orchid is lonely.

If I don't know you, I'll block you. So Nyeh.

And I'm about to download things Evil Fishie recommended off limewire.

Hooowww be you?

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I shall name thee, Kiomi.. - Mood:Thrilled
Saturday July 16 20052:33:10 AM |
Yay, Ipodness.

I was going to get a turquoise, but dad preferred the pink one for me.

Bad photos, the first looks like I am in a daze.
But it's the clearest one I could take.

And the second one is just a blurry one.

I love it, I've worked it all out..

And Oh, I also got the Harry Potter book today as well.
(Haven't really started it yet--been concentrating on the iPod. )

No, I'll not post two photos.. I'll post the blurry one.

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This weather is unbelievable! - Mood:Hysterical
Thursday June 30 20056:19:28 AM |
"Phenomenal rains and flooding in Qld and NSW
Steady soaking rains have fallen over many drought affected areas of NSW and Qld over the last few days raising hopes of farmers but in some places it has been too much. Flood warnings are current for several rivers in the north coastal areas and the western slopes of NSW and for the Bulloo and Paroo Rivers in QLD. More significantly there are severe weather warnings current in both Qld and NSW as a deepening low pressure system moves southwards along the Qld coast. Serious flooding has resulted over the Sunshine Coast and in the areas around Lismore in northeastern NSW and severe weather warnings have beein issued for dangerous surf, damaging winds and flooding. Phenomenal rainfalls have been recorded in some places, with parts of the Gold Coast receiving falls in excess of 400mm and exceeding the totals accumulated in the disastrous floods of 1974. It's a similar story in NSW with the Northern Rivers the worst hit receiving totals o
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Since when? - Mood:Confused
Friday June 24 20055:22:03 AM |

Since when was this not gray?

So weird!

How be you?

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I love my life - Mood:Good
Friday June 10 20056:07:34 AM |
I love my life
...and my xanga.

It's perfect. Very me.

I feel complete.
I really do.

I love that song to much, I feel so peaceful when I listen to it..
Coincidentally it is the theme to Peter Rabbit, I've always liked that song.
A perfect day, by Miriam Stockley.

I wish I could sing like that.

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Hahaha....Happy Memorial day, I guess. haha.. - Mood:Embarrassed
Monday May 30 20057:20:36 AM |
I was so, so, confused just then...
I was watching Fox and Friends, which is an American TV channel...and the normal people weren't hosting it, it was the weekend people.
I was going, what the hell?!?! Hahaha... Then they said something about it being memorial day..and I was like, oooooooohhh.
I was so confused for 5 minutes there, though!
Now I've got nothing to do...
Well, I could go to bed..or read my book... But it's difficult to find a good time to read this particular book, coz it's about a dude who vomits frequently, as of the first page.

So... that lowers my reading time options a bit.

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Bow down, SmarterChild..bwahaha..Defeated! - Mood:Good
Sunday May 29 20056:41:23 AM |
K i o m i i i: call me littleorchid
SmarterChild: Hmmm... I don't think Littleorchid is a real name.
K i o m i i i: just call me little orchid, bitch
SmarterChild: You said your name was Emerald but now I'll call you Little Orchid.

Whimper, Whimper I say...

How are you on this fine, YT-is-stuffed-and-probably-won't-let-me-post-this night?

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Okay, class, what`s special about today? - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday May 19 20052:34:47 AM |
And TangledLace_ isn't allowed to say.

But, there's something different about today.
It concerns time, and achievement, and yet also resembles loss of life.

What is it?

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Does *anyone* know an American family with the last name of Koenig? - Mood:Anxious
Saturday April 30 20055:20:01 AM |
Does anyone know anyone by the last name of Koenig, who are an American family who spent awhile in Australia, and went back to America, to New York City a while ago?
Hey, it's a fair chance you don't, but hey. No harm in asking, right?

Cause she was my friend, promised to write, or email, and has both my email & address, and it's been a year and she has done neither.

The father is in the Military, and so they move around alot, and they're currently based somewhere in New York City.

The girl was born in Kansas, and was my best friend..

Any other info you want, ask and I'll tell you...

Haha oh well.

*Continues stalking expedition on Google*

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Warning: Excessive photos may cause irritation. Always read the label, and use only as misdirected. - Mood:Hysterical
Monday April 25 20051:58:04 AM |
Before exposure to these photos:
After exposure to such photos:

...And yet the cause of this still remains unknown.

Holiday photos..
(Some may be linked to protect server space)

Beachside fun


The only bluebottle we saw all holiday

More later.
For now, I just can't be bothered.
I *did* have more than that all done and linked and ready for you...but I accidentally clicked something and it went away.

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I haven`t packed yet.. - Mood:Excited
Friday April 08 20056:54:22 AM |
But I better do so now. Or I could wait until the last minute.
Which seems rather devilishly appealing.
And cruel.

I promise to take heaps of photos and show you when I get back.

And bore you all to death with stories of kangaroos, my cousins, and my upcoming birthday.

I'll be back around the 24th of April.
(I'll turn 15 on the 23rd! )
So this is possibly my last journal of me being 14.

And I'm sure as hell glad to get rid of it..
I thought 14 would be a wonderful year, since it's my favourite number and all..
But Nooooo...

Anyway, enough of that.
Cross your fingers for 15.

I'll miss you all very much.
Well, apart from...
Okay, I'll miss some of you.


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Oh when the feeling’s right I’m gonna run all night, I’m gonna run to you, and say la (inconspicuously). - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday April 05 20056:30:38 AM |
I lovethis song..

I'm trying to decide whether I love the name Euphemia to death, or if it sounds too much like an unpleasant disease.

(Euphemia Allen "discovered" the tune "chopsticks", and how to play it on the piano).

I found out that fact in my wonderful book I borrowed from the Library, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (From the Bathroom Readers' Institute, BRI).
It's a wonderful book, surprisingly.
All sorts of random facts and everything.
I want to keep it.

Also, isn't this a simply divine font?
I wish my writing was like this.


How are

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There actually is some stuff you don`t know about me... - Mood:Surprised
Saturday April 02 20053:57:11 AM |
I've just been thinking, there is a lot of stuff you don't know about me.

For example, did I ever mention that I'm married...and that I'm a princess?

Me and Frederick (Fred). ^
He's such a sweetie.

And it strikes me as odd..
I just realised, I've never told you that I'm a twin.

And that I'm actually a singer..
'Mistaken Identity', ring a bell?

And I can't believe I've never shown you any of my pretty collette dinigan dresses..!

And, well, I'm a witch.
(I lost my nose in a bwitch fight )

Oh, and one other thing..

So, is there anything we don't know about you?

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My room is so messy. - Mood:Happy
Friday April 01 20054:53:49 AM |
Even when it's clean!

My sister has chicken pox for the third time.
Not badly, but she was thrilled when mum picked her up unexpectedly from school in the middle of the day today.

And...I've been experimenting.

Don't I look just a *little* like Delta here?

I'm listening to my Launchcast station, it has perfect taste!

Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer is on right now.

How be you?

And! I have slippers.

Bought them yesterday.

They're huge!

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Sydney Royal Easter Show...Fantastic as always. - Mood:Spent
Saturday March 26 20057:15:16 PM |
*creaks over to YT*

I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show yesterday.
It was terrific, as usual.
But jeez..
We get three showbags each, right??
And mum gets one Luxury bag.
We had to walk miles carrying these showbags that weighed about 50 tonnes each, about 11 miles to the car in P2...
Why 11 miles?
Dad decided to take a short cut.

I swear, my fingers were not going to remain attached to my hands for much longer when we finally got there.

So now my back, feet, toes, nails, fingers, all the major joints, neck shoulders, legs, EVERYthing hurts & aches.

But it was amazing.

I loooooovvveed the Xtreme Korruption Freestyle Riders towards the end of the show, they were fantastic!

And this man, Mick or someone, he's extremely corny and funny, I was laughing my head of the whole time he was on.

And the Stockman's thing and the Fireworks and they had heaps good songs on and everything!

Hmmm...what el

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I need to stop living in the past - Mood:Sad
Monday March 21 20052:23:25 AM |
I miss all my teachers so much from st lukes..

I miss them so much it hurts.

The students, yeah, well, I miss them too..
I become so attached to things and people.
It's unnatural.

I feel so sad.

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I need to stop living in the past - Mood:Sad
Monday March 21 20052:23:25 AM |
I miss all my teachers so much from st lukes..

I miss them so much it hurts.

The students, yeah, well, I miss them too..
I become so attached to things and people.
It's unnatural.

I feel so sad.

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Nothingness? - Mood:Spent
Sunday March 20 20054:50:06 AM |
I can't believe how cold it is.

It's just changed so fast.

I had another panic attack today, mostly due to flashbacks and everything..

I've been doing work all weekend, as I didn't get it finished last week...stupid history essay.

So I've had no weekend, so to speak.

I've still got a headache from all that wretched crying.

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