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Female, 31 years old
Beyond the shore, somewhere past the sea, Australia/NZ

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When You Gonna Learn Jamiroquai
So funky, I love this.

Interests: Arts/Crafts / Animals / Music / Photography / Traveling
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Birthday:4/23/1990 (31 Years Old)
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Fav. Car: Really not interested in cars.
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Last night I had a dream that was constantly being interrupted by commercial breaks - Mood:Suspicious
Monday July 21 20087:22:55 AM |
The dream was set as some sort of movie... Like Tarzan or something.. set in a rainforest, on the edge of a cliff with a big cave presumably used for shelter by Jane and Tarzan.
They were having an argument about something dramatic, it was like a soap opera kind of deal. Then it would end on a cliff hanger, and then there would be commercials.

The commercials involved men wearing gorgeous bright pink shirts and selling various kids toys, pink and purple paper elephant laterns and californian barbie dolls.
Then the show would continue from where it left off, and then there would be another cliff hanger and another set of advertisements.

When I eventually woke up and realised that my dream had sponsors, I couldn't stop laughing. Hehehe.

How are you, my friends?

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Don`t you just hate it when one side of your headphones ceases to delight you with sound? - Mood:Suspicious
Thursday June 26 20084:40:53 AM |
I do.
It's all my own fault, of course.. I must have accidentally pulled on the wire, because for the last few weeks the left side has been suspiciously silent..
It was only a matter of time before the sticky taping method fell through..
And then the (very creative) flinging-of-the-wires-over-your-head technique worked for awhile..
Now I'm up to the "hold the wire up an an exact angle for the duration of use" method. It's quite exhausting.
I think I may have to go and get a new set sometime. Maybe.
(Other than that, my day was extremely uneventful. I just felt like making a journal for the fun of it. Ssh!)

How was your day?
Do you have troublesome headphones too?
Any headphones horror stories?
Strange encounters with people WEARING headphones?

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Oh, wouldn`t it be loverly? - Mood:Happy
Wednesday June 25 20086:32:58 AM |
I have to write some sort of review for English and I decided to do it on My Fair Lady, the film.. I simply adore it.. It's such a treat to watch, I hadn't seen it for years. I love the songs too!
In other news... I turned 18 in April! (possibly the only age bracket that people actually look forward to changing. ) anddd...
I've also been here for a total of 5 years now
I went and helped out at a big craft and quilt fair a few weeks ago, that was fun.
I'm attending folk art painting classes and have been for a year now (!!), and my teacher asked if I'd like to help out in that section of the fair this year. It was fun, but I was so exhausted by the time I got home.
I'm all addicted to sims 2 again too, hehe. I don't know what it is about controlling little computer characters lives instead of doing fabulous things with your own, but it's lots of fun.
How was your day?
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New Zealand! - Mood:Surprised
Friday August 03 20077:01:49 AM |
I haven't made a journal in ages, but I think this is worthy of one.
I'm going to New Zealand!! September 15th - 19th, and we'll be staying in Christchurch!
Dad has a work conference over there, said "How about you go with me?"
I can't believe it, it hasn't sunk in yet.
I've never even been to Melbourne, and now I'm going to New Zealand for a few days! Haha!!

I also enrolled in a TAFE (Which is like a college) a few weeks ago, I'm doing my year 10 school certificate there. It's by assessment, because doing it by exams at school was too stressful.. It's great to be learning and all that again.

How are you?

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I turned 17 yesterday.. - Mood:Happy
Tuesday April 24 20073:21:42 AM |
So here's a photo of a magnolia flower.. taken with my new Canon Powershot A710 IS
It was a birthday present...
(The camera, not the plant )

It's been raining all day yesterday and most of today, but it stopped for about 15 mins this afternoon.. so I went out and took some shots.

How are you on this rainy day?
Is it even raining where you are?

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I haven`t made a journal-y journal in awhile. ..Not that this is! - Mood:Confident
Friday March 30 20074:34:19 AM |
I've decided I'm going to go to the hairdressers and get my hair cut short after the holidays...
(For those of you who don't know, I have this thing where I pull my hair out when I'm feeling anxious or whatever, and in early '04 due to some stuff I pulled it all out..haha. It's been growing back, but yeah. Last year some stuff happened and I pulled out almost all of it again. Oops! )
Mum suggested it today.. Because it's really uneven, and most of it is fairly short now. And it looks strange...
I've been thinking about it for awhile now but it's sort of sad... The fact that I'm starting all over again....again.
Anyway. It's ok. Short hair suits me. (I think).

On another note, I've been looking through some photos from about a year ago before I had my braces put on and teeth 'organised'.. and I have to say, I'm so glad now.. I get them off in September-ish (the braces) and even now I look so, so much better than I did before. It's crazy! haha
So, what

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Dreams! Tell me yours! (Long post..) - Mood:Excited
Thursday February 08 20072:57:24 AM |
I had the weirdest, coolest, most crazily insane hippy-like dream ever.
(Last night)

It had four parts, the first involved meeting delta goodrem, in the dream i woke up one morning and she was cooking breakfast for us all, in our kitchen. I don't know how she got in. (Hey, it's a dream. Anything's possible!)

The second part involved me falling asleep in the rumpus room and my sister pouring a large bucket of water over my head to wake me up, and consequently causing the room to flood.

The third part deserves to be told in more detail, so I'll type that after.

The fourth part involved me discovering my grandpa had turned into somewhat of a hippy, or something, and had planted out the whole front and back lawn with wall-to-wall of bright, in-your-face orange poppies and tulips. We went around the back and the back of the house was repainted into multicoloured vertical stripes, that doubled as drawer-sized mini doors. You pulled open the door and it revealed the actu

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My new years resolution is to hang out with friends more..What was yours, and have you already broken it? - Mood:Indifferent
Monday January 08 20071:06:58 AM |
Happy 2007 all.
I haven't made a journal-y journal in ages. This'll be a long, boring one... you've been warned.
I've been thinking here (and fiddling with my hair while thinking, but hey, I realised and I'm not doing it right now, so..) but I've been sitting here, quite bored, and I'm thinking that in keeping with my new years resolutions, I'm going to make sure I socialise and keep in contact with friends way more this year.
Since I left school to do homeschooling (which I'm not doing anymore..but that's another story ) a few years ago, I've kept in occasional contact with about 5 people from there (who've all since left to go to other schools too actually) but for some reason I haven't really gotten around to seeing them or even talking on the phone with them nearly as much as I should be. And that gets a little lonely..
So that's my main resolution, and I *will* carry through with it.
Have any of you already broken your new years resolutions? :
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Post a snippet of your current IM conversation here. - Mood:Bored
Sunday October 22 20068:10:02 AM |
Go on!
Bonus points if it's amusing.

I'll start in the next post.

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Windows movie maker not responding..... Is there any way I could still save the movie???? - Mood:Depressed
Saturday October 21 20066:32:08 AM |
F*ck. I've made a 10 minute movie (11 and half half including credits ) and i'm almost done and then it decides to freeze on me.
This is a 10 minute movie comprised of single photographs, and I've spent from 2pm til now (almost 8:30pm) on it. F*ck.
Things like this make Kio extremely sad.

Is there any way I could possibly save the movie even though windows movie maker is not responding????

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Welcome to YT, Pencilhaha, zoz_101, leighannword, fabiosonico, and guile_thrill!! - Mood:Good
Thursday October 19 20064:49:08 AM |
Welcome to YT guys! This is a great site, I hope you've read the FAQ's and stuff! Enjoy the site, don't use netspeak, and don't spam!

So, how've you guys been?? I'm so glad you joined!

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Ever heard of Goodtree? What do you think of it? - Mood:Suspicious
Wednesday October 18 20067:12:03 AM |
Hello guys. What do you think of this?

It's a site that you set as your homepage and use as your search engine, and every time you search for something $0.01 goes towards the charities of your choice.
So if you search for, I don't know, 10 sites or 10 things, and you've selected 2 charities to support, those two charities get 5c each.
What do you think of this?
I think it's great if it's legitimate, and I can see how it could work (Think Google Adsense, but instead of clicking on ads you're just searching on a search engine.)
On the other hand, I can also see how it could easily be a scam or a hoax of some sort.
What are your thoughts? Have you used this site before?

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Does anyone have the September 2006 issue of U.S. Harper`s Bazaar?? - Mood:Hopeful
Wednesday October 18 20061:30:37 AM |
If so, would you be willing to scan an article or two for me??

Pretty please?

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My computers are trying to trick me! - Mood:Surprised
Friday September 29 20065:56:27 AM |
Dad received an email a few days ago from our internet people..

'This is a courtesy notice to let you know that your BigPond Broadband Service has been slowed to 64kbps.
You are currently on the BigPond Broadband Unlimited* Downloads and Uploads plan, which includes shaping once 10GB of usage has been reached.'
Etc etc.
Yet, I did an internet speed test on both computers and..

I did an internet speed test, these are the results:

- My laptop -
Connection: Wireless (Fixed)
Speed: 522.6 kilobits per second
Communications: 522.6 kilobits per second
Storage: 63.8 kilobytes per second
1MB file download: 16.1 seconds
Subjective rating: Not bad

- Computer upstairs -
Connection: ADSL (I think )
Speed: 1.3 megabits per second
Communications: 1.3 megabits per second
Storage: 161.3 kilobytes per second
1MB file download: 6.4 seconds
Subjective rating: Good

(Also, every so often, like now, my Special Characters keys switch around, so for example, if I press has

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A nectar and tonic, please! - Mood:Happy
Thursday August 03 20068:29:46 AM |
I found the most disturbing, yet amusing, intensely strange song ever.
Have a listen, Gee whiz!

Also went and had a haircut today, just had it shaped and layered a bit more, and bought a nice selection of hair products!

Had the most frustrating time with my iTunes software this morning...Arrgh! Would NOT work for me, and I ended up updating it, and then reinstalling and uninstalling it (and trying previous versions I had on my computer still) and it turned out that all I had to do was uninstall quicktime (and itunes) and then reinstall the latest version, then change the options in the preferences from manual to automatic.
But geez it was frustrating.

Now it's almost 10:30pm and I'm going to bed. I'll check this tomorrow. (I just had to make a journal to show you that crazy song!)

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Talk about being pwn3d... - Mood:Happy
Tuesday June 20 20065:57:51 AM |
...By your own computer.
Half my keyboard turned into numbers in the middle of a conversation on msn with beaker.
I wonder what I pressed? Bwahahhaha
Oh Lord.

In the middle of my conversation with beaker..
At first I tried copy + pasting.

Marielle h a lf my keys are 12345's he3*
7:33:34 PM Marielle cra*
7:33:37 PM Marielle argh
7:33:55 PM Marielle have t6 ty*e 5n 3eet *erha*s
7:34:04 PM Marielle what have 5 d6ne+
7:34:14 PM Marielle 6h fr5c2
7:34:21 PM beaky Aaaahahahahahahaha...I can't understand a word you're typing
7:34:46 PM Marielle 5 w533 have t6 ty*e 5n 1337
7:34:53 PM Marielle try and 4nderstand
7:35:03 PM Marielle th5s 5s s6 fr5c25ng ann6y5ng
7:35:06 PM Marielle arrrrrrrrrrrgh
7:35:23 PM Marielle 0y 3etters are n40bers
7:36:18 PM Marielle 6h ffs
7:36:30 PM beaky "th5s 5s s6 fr5c25ng ann6y5ng" = this is so fricking annoying???
7:36:43 PM Marielle abcdefgh51230n6*qrst

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Many things. - Mood:Confident
Monday May 15 20064:28:18 AM |
I had the SINGLE most DISTURBING dream EVER.
Two nights ago.


* Martha Stewart
* Martha Stewart's boobs
* Martha Stewart COMPLETELY NUDE from the waist up
* Note: Martha Stewart had freakishly small boobs.


She was completely oblivious to her....NUDENESS...and kept asking me to help her built a furnished home made tree house.

In other news:

- Next term-ish I might start going to local art classes during the day, on Wednesdays. They'll be adult classes, but I can handle that.

- It's been raining today, which is wonderful. I like rain very much.

- I read 3 Chapters of the Pickwick papers by Charles dickens, which means I'm up to Chapter 6.

- What else was I going to say?
Oh yes, my iPod keep running out of battery power. Quite annoying, having to recharge it once every day.


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Easter show pictures (possibly quite a few) Part I - Mood:Anxious
Monday May 08 20064:59:30 AM |
Sorry, they're long overdue.
I'll do these in parts..some today, some..another day.

Part 1: Animals
Off we go...

I know this place!

This pretty stand reminds me of EmptyMisty for some reason.


"Stop butting my butt!"



More piggies of the pink kind


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I`ll be JUST LIKE Liesl in the sound of music - Mood:Hopeful
Saturday April 22 20066:11:57 AM |

"I'm standing here on the ground
The sky above won't fall down
See no evil in all direction
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark
For too long

Don't change for you
Don't change a thing for me
Don't change for you
Don't change a thing for me"

Don't change a thing't-Change-lyrics-Inxs/49CBA6294F705DAE482568D80004E841

I'm humming that song.


It's my birthday tomorrow.

(It is 0 days, 3 hours, 52 minutes and 1 second until Sunday, 23 April 2006 (Sydney time)

I am fif-teen going on sixteen, la di da da daaaa....

How are you all?

P.S. I'm still on holidays so don't be too su

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Birds, birds, birds! - Mood:Overwhelmed
Monday April 10 20062:28:12 AM |
(It's funny -- the word birds doesn't seem to look like a real word now. [birds birds birds birds birds!"> )

These little birds, lots of wrens and finches, and similar ones, they flutter in to the backyard twittering and jumping everywhere at about 9 in the morning and then come back again at about 3 in the afternoon to poke around in the garden and visit again!
They're so sweet.
I haven't been able to get a photo of them because of the shadows and them being too far away but today this little darling starts poking around in the lawn very close by.

We are also hoping to get 2 little guinea pigs sometime in the near future from the breeder we got our current two from.
We'll have four! Eek!
I've also got other stuff going on but I won't bother you with that.

Are you well?

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New! Google Romance, with extra sleaze! - Mood:Mischievous
Saturday April 01 20064:33:11 AM |
Best dating service I'VE experienced. How about you, User R?

(It would suck if you really *did* find out you were pregnant on April Fool's day.)

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I`ve been keeping the HATE locked up for too long... - Mood:Disgusted
Friday March 10 20063:40:42 AM |
Sammy - YES. S-ammy. What is with the tiny s?? sammy. sammy. It's not a QUIET name! Captial- S-little-rest is what you should be doing..far out..

(shift is your friend, for crying out loud. Use it. shift to the shift. )

Ugotgash - Enough said. Netspeak in his name?! Who on earth can take you seriously?

Lijas - You're so freaking sweet it makes me sick. Everything is NICE. This was nice. That was nice. Can anything be bad or stale anymore?????

rik khaos: Yes, the toilet is your friend. But do your bit and then get off it! You're violating your camera.

For God's sake. Isn't anyone NORMAL around this joint??
I'll add more when I remember the foolish crappers.

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Teeth, for want of a better title. - Mood:Spent
Thursday February 16 200612:24:18 AM |
Went in to the dentists to get 3 teeth taken out (overcrowded), one being a baby tooth that
refused to budge.
We get down there, were there early so mum & I went into the bookshop and the crystal shop,
and mum bought me a book and a rose quartz bracelet.

We go into the dentists, everything is fine, everyone is lovely, I'm called in and given gas which I am ASSURED
beforehand that will calm me down so I don't feel or care about a thing in the world.
WELL it seems I am part of the 1% that isn't affected by the gas, it doesn't work.
I could feel everything, I had panic attacks, I was SCREAMING like Regina in Mean Girls when she finds out Kalteen bars
were making her fat. But a trillion times over.
It was AWFUL!
It turns out I have very deep roots, and there was a difficulty with one of them not coming out.
Then, I had to sit there for another half an hour while I was clamed down.
WHY me?
I was a little dazed for the rest of the afternoon. I feel a li

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Introducing: Lady Mondegreen, a relation of Lord Spoonerism - Mood:Happy
Monday February 06 20063:23:32 AM |
Evil Fishie, ARISE!
For thou be bored
and in want of mindless chatter.
(Someone buzz him in)
___________________________________________ ___ _

The other day I was watching a show on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting etc etc..Bufflewarp), and it was about people who smuggled themselves into Australia, and had tons of fake passports and identities.
This one guy, with a non-Greek accent was so sure of himself he answered every questioned the police asked with
I am Greek.


* What is your name?
- I am Greek.

* Here's a Portuguese passport. Is this you?
- I am Greek

* Are you Portuguese?
- No. I am Greek (Well, duh. What does he expect? YES I AM FAHHUSIANN.)

* This is a photo of you, isn't it? This is you.
- I am Greek. That is...a friend.

It turned out he was Romanian, and had a Portugese, French, Italian, and YES! A greek passport.
He was an illegal immigrant and was (I think) charged with Fraud and deported.
So much for being

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A pinch and a punch for the first day of the... [ ___________ ] - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 01 20063:44:07 AM |
* I had a panic attack.
* Relatives from Condobolin dropped by without calling first at a very inconvienient time.
* I finished 3 subjects work for this week, today. That's very good.
* I have an admirer, so I blocked them.
* Mum got a new washing machine.
* It's my sisters' birthday in 9 days
* I'm thinking of getting another guinea pig in a few weeks and calling her Clementine

And I have my msn set to notify me when certain people come online with the first few bars of the song of my choice. It's terrific. I was in hysterics last night (at midnight, I seem to be turning nocturnal. The last few nights I've been not able to sleep until at least 12:30am. (That's midnight, right? )

I'm also having second thoughts about elective history. We have to do the industrial revolution, and I just don't think I'm going to like it.
Urgh! I want to do photography or printmaking.

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