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Male, 36 years old
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Music Takes Me Up Mr. Scruff with Alice Russell
Oh yes it does!!!

Interests: Sports/fitness / Science / Arts/Crafts / Camping/Outdoors / Music
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Birthday:4/5/1985 (36 Years Old)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name: same as email
Occupation: Starbucks Assistant Store Manager
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: (Decline to State)
Politics: (Decline to State)
Fav. Movie: 12 Monkeys, Pan`s Labyrinth, the Fountain
Fav. TV Show: Dead Like Me, Invader Zim
Fav. Book: Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams
Fav. Song: pfft
Fav. Food: East Indian Cuisine
Fav. Car: I`d rather be on my bike
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I HAVE A TINY PENIS - Mood:Spastic
Thursday November 24 20117:07:26 PM |

being obese doesn't help any

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My lady parts are tingling... - Mood:Spastic
Tuesday October 04 20118:36:19 PM |
eep ooh ahh
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LET`S GET NAKED! - Mood:Spastic
Monday April 04 20111:26:12 AM |

Like you're gonna get anything from me...

mmm fud

Soundtrack to the night


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I am better than you all and you have no hopes of associating with me. - Mood:Spastic
Monday January 10 20117:22:43 PM |
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"This performance makes me masturbate furiously" - Mood:Spastic
Monday November 15 201012:54:45 AM |
I don't think I've ever agreed more with a statement.

It's the last week of a beard time of life. It has run course.

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Alive, I - Mood:Spastic
Sunday October 17 201012:47:40 AM |
F*ck me... no seriously... I f*cking love my own brain. I want to make all kinds of loves to it; in oh, so many ways...

oh and...

and this too...

and I can't believe it's already been 15 years in a few days...

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I`ve got a bit of a crush on Wilde... - Mood:Spastic
Sunday September 19 201012:16:12 AM |
Maddy Wilde


I had a major work nerd moment the other day. It made me smile and feel like a loser all at once. I loved it.

Anyway.... remind me again why I still come here. Seriously it's lost any charm it had. And with the exception of a few people I have alternate ways to contact anyone I truly like and respect here.

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Doing yoga stoned defintely has to be one of the finer things in life... - Mood:Spastic
Friday August 27 20102:06:33 PM |
Seriously it starts you off with a nice serene focus and by the end you are complete sobered up, awake, lively, and invigorated.

My burr grinder is a piece of sh*t. It is now grinding espresso at the same grain as you would a french press. I WANT MY ESPRESSO DAMMIT!

Oh and a story from the classy mall that my store is attached to...
So I get off the other day and some guy is sitting the tweaking out by the fountain. He gets taken off by EMS. Then his gf tries to shoplift from a store puts up a huge fight and makes a scene with security, yelling at customers to get him off of her, taking swings at him etc... Stupid security guard doesn't have his cuffs or anything lets her go. She starts pacing yelling at the staff to give back the stuff she tried stealing with security staying in between them. Finally she runs for it out the mall just as a cop car is pulling up.
Pure class.

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The return of a lifestyle... - Mood:Spastic
Wednesday July 28 201012:30:46 AM |

Masochism can be such a productive experience.

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Decaf, single ristretto, venti, six pump, one-third soy two-thirds lactaid, extra hot, no foam, no water, tazo chai tea latte... - Mood:Spastic
Saturday July 24 201010:17:35 PM |
Seriously? That's.... that's just special.... we're going with special.

Anyway, new toy!


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Hey YT, I need a hair cut. - Mood:Spastic
Tuesday July 20 20101:54:30 AM |

Which one should I get cut?


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We`ll remember you forever Eddie... through the sacrifice you made, we can`t believe the price you paid... for loooooveeee - Mood:Spastic
Saturday June 05 201011:49:57 PM |
My Death Records shirt arrived. It amuses me knowing I'm wearing a reference that few will get. Yeah, I'm lame like that.

Visited my old work today, well my friends that work there. Rubbed in how great it is to longer manage in a company that is so misdirected like that. Good times were had.

Then went shopping at another former employer. Got a few groceries... mmm indian candy
Currently drinking Wilde's juice.

Cranberry, apple, and ginger make for a beautifully tart mix.

Oh and I'm thinking the beard time of life may be coming to an end. I think I may go back to the clean-shaven/stubble thing again.

Soundtrack of the day...


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And now the CRTC mandated Canadian Content........ - Mood:Spastic
Friday June 04 20104:14:02 AM |

Yes, that's right, cheap Canadian content!

So have Another Drink here on us.

We have plenty of classic tv for you.

Just remember, free publicity's not free when it's public.

We have stuff for everyone... Even Wilde...
(Maddy Wilde that is)

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HEY YT IT`S ALMOST JUNE!!!! - Mood:Spastic
Friday May 28 201012:32:20 AM |

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I was going to do an "Ask me" thread but there`s not enough people on to make it worthwhile so instead.... - Mood:Spastic
Thursday May 27 20103:15:49 AM |
It is pointless drivel that means nothing to you.

Interesting story, this guy is one of my regular customers...
kinda neat.

Frisbee today was great, as always. Followed by lunch at the pub, pretty well had the place to our selves and played 9-ball. I took the sets 4-3 despite not even being able to recall the last time I had played pool.

Bored yet?

Obligatory linkage...

oops song just changed as I posted that. Now on this...

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We become our parents? I have become my father... - Mood:Spastic
Friday May 21 20106:10:22 PM |
I am so buying this...

(damn YT doesn't like my links)

oh and you guys will be missed....

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If I let you, you would make me destroy myself. But in order to survive you, I must first survive myself. - Mood:Spastic
Thursday April 15 20107:32:44 PM |
Train is back on the tracks. Just need to get the engine to get running in gear....

One week now...

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Bye - Mood:Spastic
Monday March 08 201012:16:01 AM |
See ya.
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The makers of "Kittens, Inpired by Kittens" bring you "Pictures, Inspired by Pictures" - Mood:Spastic
Saturday March 06 20104:45:10 PM |
I was trying to find batteries last night since they're about to die in my mouse.

Never did find any. I did however find a bunch of old pictures so I figured I'll whore out some selected images.

Since I have no scanner they're all pictures of the pictures. GO!

the (International) Noise Conspiracy (live in Calgary)

19 year old me stretching it out (near Golden I think?)

Got myself loosened up enough for a makeout session with the sexy car antenna lady (same spot)

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One of these days I`m going to cut you up into little pieces!!!!! - Mood:Spastic
Monday February 22 20109:33:49 PM |
So a week into the new job... a whole sh*t load to learn, quite the change from what I've been doing the past 6 years. However MUCH more positive and fun environment than Stupidstore was... I think this is going to be a good long term fit. I can see myself actually wanting to advance here instead of dreading the inevitable career progression like I had been.

Getting back on track with my training regimen too, even doing my Stereau Warmup. Tres good!

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The usuals aren`t around, but we may have some passing patrons who need a drink. I got the key (communal business and all) come on in!....[The Pub is open] - Mood:Spastic
Friday February 12 20101:40:03 AM |
Come warm up, it's cold many places right now....

Have a drink, bar is self-serve

Olympics are starting tomorrow yo!

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I am the orange of resuscitating teeth. Spilt off the tongues of reciprocating sheep. - Mood:Spastic
Saturday January 30 20104:18:33 PM |

Holy crap it's 8 years...
That's just... I don't know what to make of it honestly.

Well I love some of you critters so I guess that explains it. I still don' t know why.




Oh and come on and play with me...

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I don`t know about you... but I enjoyed berger`s thread. So why not make a brief yt meme out of it... My turn - Mood:Spastic
Friday January 29 20106:02:36 PM |
Verbatim this is how it goes...

"Hey peeps, he's a collage pic of some artists I happen to enjoy.

you may circle / point / dot / describe a particular pic
and I'll tell you who it is
what they do
and why I like 'em "

Let's play...

I debated the more mainstream ones, but hey I love 'em and it just wouldn't feel right to leave them out. Not everyone will know them anyway so people will still get introduced to somethin' new.

And there are some repeats that berg had, but again just doesn't feel right to leave them out.

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Bored??? Well here`s something to do...... (picture story, YT circa 2003) - Mood:Spastic
Sunday January 24 20102:58:23 PM |
are you bored?

well here's an idea!

take a disposable camera apart

make sure to wind the film all the way first so you don't lose your pictures

now rip open the end the film is at and take it out

remove the back plastic casing

then take the centre components out from the front casing

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The internet is quite the interesting and creepy place... - Mood:Spastic
Saturday January 16 20103:07:05 AM |
I was just doing a search on my name to see if there is any old accounts I need to close for privacy reasons etc...

I came across some forum/blog thing from 2002 where a guy saw me try out for the Saskatoon Blades. Took me by surprise a bit...
but I now know I've played with yet another NHLer... you can add Mike Green of the Washington Capitals to that list.

What interesting self-discoveries have you made recently?

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