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I gottsa promotion - Mood:Good
Thursday April 10 20088:33:01 AM |
la la la la la....I gots extra money, tra la la la la.

About f*cking time too I say. Night shifts here I come. the extra money means I can do the house improvements with little need to save....which is good because I blow at saving money.


worship me!

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My weekend was considerably better than YAOU! - Top 5 gigs? - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 29 20085:05:18 AM |
Went to see Steve Earle on Sunday night, we had 2nd row seats, so we were close enough to get hit with his harmonica spit, but luckily that fate did not befall us.

It was probably a top5 gig in my all time list tbh. It's exactly how I've wanted to see him live for years....him, accoustic and alone, bar the odd song with his wife, and the stuff off his new album with was accompanied by a DJ.

He played for over 2 hours and I loved every minute of it. The only downside was the venue enforcing a no photo rule which was BS in this day and age.

So that brings me to point number two....what is your all time top 5 gigs that you have attended?

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Comedy YT Journal titles merging. - Mood:Good
Friday December 28 20074:18:01 AM |
So at the time of posting if you read down consecutive threads titles currently merge into comedy sayings.

I s'pose I had a flat tire. I'm depressed but I like the cookie.

I got a parcel from Lyntess...wolf pubes.

Yes I AM bored, and yes, you WILL laugh mother f*ckers.

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I`m a little bit drunk and feeling extra honest. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 22 20078:08:05 PM |
What do I think of you?
Need some honest advice?
Want me to explain something to you, with no basis in fact, just opinion?
Ever wondered who hates you?

Roll up, roll up...come see the magically honest man. I may or may not respond depending on how exciting the hockey gets or how drunk I become.

NO upfront charges, no hidden costs....all you have to pay with is your ego.

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Darling, I have good news and bad news. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 12 20073:43:07 AM |
God bless my darling wife for putting up with me.

Me - I got good news and bad news.
Her - what now?
Me - Good news is you can have one of your Christmas presents early.
Her - what's the bad news?
Me - I bought a mandolin

so my question to YT is, what do you do to drive your significant other/family mad at this time of year?

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Hardrada;s top 10 reasons why he is better than you! - Mood:Good
Thursday November 29 20073:27:28 AM |

1. My breath is minty fresh.
2. I have a diet coke and it is making my mouth sing with joy at every sip.
3. I am a man, BUT I have the best part of a woman....boobs.
4. I have left over pizza for lunch, and I already ate a slice of heaven for breakfast.
5. I have found a work proxy to get onto Facebook from work.
6. I got my work PC working when the so called IT department couldn't.
7. My wolley socks are keeping my tootsies toasty warm.
8. My ipod is pumping lovely tunes into my ear while I supposedly work.
9. I defeated the great satan on Guiitar Hero III last night after having never played any of the previous is my new addiciton, Hard level comes next.

and finaly....

10. Did I mention I have Pizza?

So YT, my question to you is. What makes you think you're better than me?

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I want my rock stars dead! I want them to f*cking play with one hand and put a gun in their other f*cking hand and go "I hope you enjoy the show!" - Mood:Good
Thursday November 08 20079:20:12 AM |
I have come to the conclusion that I prefer my favourite musicians to be miserable because that's when I feel they make better music.

Case in point Steve Earle, listen to his best albums...

I feel alright, just got out of jail, most of the album written in his head while locked up on drugs charges.

Jerusalem, pissed off and depressed about the direction he saw the US going in...same for Revolution.

Then he goes and gets married, gets loved up, moves to New York and released his new album which has a much happier vibe.

Don't get me wrong, I still like it, but it's just not as good as when he was f*cked up.

Anybody else notice a similar trend in their record collections?

I'm very tired today, which might be why I'm overanalysing the music playing on the old ipod type thingy.

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My bosses sister`s gardener`s kid died yesterday - Mood:Good
Thursday November 01 20077:15:11 AM |
He was only 47, so sad when they're taken so young...will you all pray for him please?

Oh and he had no eyes...or cheeks...dust used to blow in his mouth and he couldn't even see the clouds to cover up with his hand.

so sad.

he had to have his feet amputated when he was 2 aswell because his mum couldn't work the nail clippers.

pray for him....with all your heart.

god bless you!

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I don`t care what defines funny, las vegas weddings or what you ate for lunch - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 17 20073:30:13 PM |
My Steve Earle tickets arrived only 3 months till I'm 2nd row centre for a great night.

here's hoping he gets divorced in the meantime, angry Earle is always more fun than content Earle!

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I want a Pocahontas on the street but a squaw in my bed - Mood:Good
Thursday September 27 20077:53:19 AM |
I have received my overtime schedule and I'm not happy about having to work for the next 3 weekends, but the money will be welcome.

I just got my pay and I came out with about £800 more than normal this month, so woohoo.

I have decided though I hate this country, and want out.

That is all.

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Only an hour till I`ll be homes. - Mood:Good
Saturday September 01 20071:14:28 AM |
I feel like I've been on a long haul know where you've been holding in a fart for 8 hours and are worried one large botty cough and you'll need to have a shower before bed?

what plans do you good people have for the weekend?

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locking the thread mid debate is pretty lame imo - Mood:Good
Thursday August 23 200711:42:52 PM |

the porn got deleted so let the argument continue or walk away. there was no need for whoever locked it to do so.

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In honour of Amy`s lame attempt at a hate thread yesterday - who on YT is OVERRATED - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 21 20078:42:24 AM |
Not hated, not disliked....who is overrated in your opinion? Who on YT gets their arse kissed all day long and you just don't get it - in your eyes they lack wit, creativity and every pore of them screams mediocrity.

I'll even go first...Cindy - I just don't get it, she seems fake nice to me, and I fail to see how somebody who willingly cheats on their spouse is worthy of adoration.

Agora - people fall all over her proclaiming her to be the hottest thing since....erm sliced bread. but she looks like a methhead to me.

that is all for now...take it and run with it YT or you are nothing but a boil on the arse of a fat dude with piles.

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