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, , Western US

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Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself. - Mood:Good
Friday March 25 20113:50:18 AM |
i feel like i'm going to explode. i feel pent up but i have nothing to....release. that's not an euphemism.

i feel nostalgic for something i never had and don't recognize.

i feel i'm dumb but not dumb enough, ya know? like i'm too aware of my ignorance. whatever that means.

my uncle is coming up Monday. i haven't seen him in a few years. last time he had hair. i don't think he does anymore. we've tried to get him to visit us for years, because he used to be so close to my mom. it's great he's coming but what finally convinced him is the fact a lawyer is going to be over as well to help sort out my dead aunt's money.


i had some spicy ass chicken wings, man. yup.

what's going on, guys? this was my spring break. was it yours? doesn't matter shut up

f-ck journals of substance

as if there are such things


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A pig that doesn`t fly is just a pig - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 23 20116:02:53 AM |
I'm just so f-cking tired. Of it all. That sounds incredibly melodramatic, but...

I'm too bitter and pessimistic. I can't differ flirting from patronizing. And should it even matter? I have what I've always wanted right in my damn hand.

I ask for change, I ask for something nice, I ask for care, I get it all and I know it wasn't easy. So why do I ask for more? And why do I refuse to do the same?

I'm thinking too much. I try to sleep and these questions pound my head.

Alright. I'll just leave this here and when I wake up in the morning, hell the afternoon, I can show myself what a whiny brat I am.

I need a fake mustache. Where would you even buy one?

Do I sound like oreo? Complaining and being vague? I need more smilies.

How is youthink?

what i mean is


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Is this something you can share with the rest of us, Amazing Larry? - Mood:Good
Sunday March 20 20111:24:37 AM |
i don't know how i feel right now. i think it's...good? i feel very quirky independent film i guess

speaking of sorta, i got a big box of 50 or 60 movies. some are great (The Sting), some are good (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), and one is Coyote Ugly.

spring break. for me, that is. i should make plans. but i never keep them. i prefer it to be...spontaneous. like just get on the bus and go. Just go.

my current relationship-thing is going smooth. that's pretty neat.


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The trick is not minding that it hurts. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 27 20113:35:30 AM |
my aunt passed recently. it sucks. her whole situation was terrible. abusive relationships, guilt trips, alcohol. could have been avoided so easily, too.

my torrent is taking bloody forever to download. not that i torrent because i support the music industry. also i need new ear buds (sorry jayy)

late night . was going to watch A Simple Plan but lost track of time. should go to bed. won't.

not much to journal but not much to do.

How is your life?

in fact, sup?

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Some motherf-cker`s always trying to ice skate uphill. - Mood:Good
Monday February 21 20114:24:21 AM |
oh boy.

yeah i know i had a journal yesterday but i have nothing else to do.

that neighbor ( I will never spell that word correctly without spell check) told her mom to go to 'f-cking hell' earlier. at least she's pretty?

my water tastes like medicine.

you guys like poptarts?

'ken this journal is of insufficient material' Shut your whore mouth

the bad seeds kick like....9 types of ass. holy god.

sup ya'll?!

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F-ck your f-ckin` pizza and f-ck Frank Sinatra - Mood:Good
Sunday February 20 201112:53:21 AM |

so i'm going to a community college. they have some rad media programs and writing courses.

i took my SAT's. my score was ok. did bad on the math but pretty swell on the reading. ok on the essay.

my keyboard is F-CKING DIRTY

my whole laptop is falling apart, actually. mouse freezes, keys are sticking, the button things covering the screws are falling apart. madness.

i've been filling out a ton of scholarship things. it's tedious. there are so many things you can get a scholarship for. it's bananas.

my neighbors keep yelling at each other. the mother and the daughter fight constantly. the daughter's cute though, and I think she's interested in me, but any romantic feelings are lessened by her calling her mother a 'f-cking bitch'. just a bit.

alright. i don't really have that much to journal. my grades are awesome! well....they're alright. i'm doing poor in spanish.

sup. guys.

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Today a child is born unto us, and his name will be bacon. - Mood:Good
Friday December 24 20104:50:54 AM |
so my parents have stopped fighting. for now. they'll do it soon enough, but.

we got our broke down van replaced thanks to a friend. we got a super loud, super ugly beast of a van instead. boss.

i have a friend over. she is lying in my bed while we listen to music. it's nice.

i don't have much to journal. i used all that up in my last one. i just sort of wanted to make one.

Is that okay, Don? Thanks.

your fault for reading this.


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We might find all manner of horrors. Politicians, Transvestites... - Mood:Good
Sunday December 19 20101:54:36 AM |
winter break. boy do i need it. absolutely exhausted.

our van broke down. which is just, ya know, fantastic. going to cost about a $1000 to fix. we'll probably sell it after it gets fixed, sometime in January. it keeps falling apart.

why the f-ck do i have 34 subscribers. the most buddies i've had at a time is like...7? c'mon. ridiculous.

my parents are fighting. i didn't really consider it serious since this is usually a routine for them but my mom earlier, sort of out of the blue, said that a few years ago they came close to a divorce. that sort of startled me. it would blow if they divorced, to say the least. i can't even imagine it though. they've been together for 20 years. meh.

textile wall. le sigh.

all my gifts for the mass of christ were ordered a couple weeks beforehand. my brothers were not. he may get less crap than me because of the van and our need to fix it.


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I haven`t slept for ten days, because that would be too long - Mood:Good
Sunday November 14 20103:38:50 AM |
so i've decided what college i'd like to attend. i've just gotta start the application process and hope their low standards are low enough.

it's a real small, artsy college. everything is in walking distance and they have a lot of bike barns and festivals. it's surrounded by forest too. it is also cheap and, as i said, they don't have too many requirements for getting in because nobody really pays any attention to it.

i might have to take a year at the community college first, though, just because my gpa isn't very, uh, high.

i'll probably study journalism. probably.

i was on the bus and this girl came on with a ferret. who the f-ck brings a ferret on a bus. for reals.


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I think the veal might have died of loneliness. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 26 20103:21:57 AM |
my aunt is pretty awesome. an alcoholic lesbian with a mullet and a killer sense of humor.

kyle kinane is pretty cool.

man i found this awesome LED wrist watch for only $10. it's really bright and sleek and cheap! yeaaaah

my uncle is leaving my other aunt who totally i'm not joking really looks like Steve Tyler. it's kind of shocking because for the last 8 years she had him by the short hairs. he wouldn't do anything without her permission. it's neat.



i want a haircut. i want most of hair cut off. even medium length is starting to bother me.

okay. It's okay. I respect your opinion and understand why you made that choice.


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Dressed in pink and taking out a monster... - Mood:Good
Sunday September 12 20103:54:34 AM |
so senior year is alright. as of now i have 5 classes but Monday i am dropping two.

my gym class is the only thing that's tough because i am just so out of shape. it's not terrible, though. we mostly play games. i just hate the human interaction.

first period is the best though. T.A. in computer graphics. I just listen to my ipod and internet for 70 minutes. occasionally the teacher will ask me to run to the printshop or whatever but.

my aunt will be next weekend. she is bringing her crazy girlfriend. they are both prone to drinking and being loud. such lesbians. it will be fun.

my cousin is pregnant. i though she just was fat. that is all.


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Well, it`s a crazy f-cked up world and we`re all just floating along waiting for someone who can walk on water, man - Mood:Good
Saturday August 28 20104:24:21 AM |
i start school in a week-ish. f-cking economics. man i don't even know what that entails. and stagecraft at the end of the day. totally blow off period. just dick around behind the theater stage.

I gotta help my mum's friends friends wife move out next week. it's gonna be fun because she divorced her husband, and he was a total psycho! so we have to be on watch for him because he may want to start trouble. whee.

man i just remember Bear in the Big Blue House. I watched the hell out of that when I was little. he was so snuggly.

okay that is enough journal for one day, yes? yes.


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If your life was a face I`d punch it in the balls. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 18 20103:47:16 AM |
i don't know how i feel right now. it's a mixture of being content, sad, tired, happy, and contemplative. of what? does it matter? nah. it doesn't. and i'm okay with that

i ordered a bunch of shirts (10?) and they'll be here...friday? ish. YUP. shirts. glad you clicked this bitch?

the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack is the sh*t. absolutely.

i got like...blister things on my fingers and i don't DO ANYTHING. me toes too. odd. right? Yes.

i just like writing journals. wish i knew why. attention? i hate you guys, so i doubt that. boredom? probably. to clear my mind? of what.

anyways. how are you? what i mean to say

is sup

(also nobody saw my failed journal so shut up)

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I crashed my van into Jesus. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 12 20101:17:06 AM |
my dad's health is better. it appears he may not die soon. or he will. i dunno.

my friend is really adamant that i smoke weed with her. i have nothing against smoking weed, it's just that i hate her. kind of. eh.

i have to stop going to bed at 4 a.m. or i don't.


my mom keeps getting on me for being so apathetic, but i really don't care about driving or what college i go to or getting A's in school. I mean I'm trying to care....but i'm failing.

whatever. i just need to type out the various uninteresting happenings in my life.

right. sup.

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Oh, you`s a corn-fed fool with a lot of muscle mass. but it`s time for Bullhorn to get up in that ass! - Mood:Good
Friday July 09 20102:27:32 AM |
i think my dad's gonna die soon. his health has been worse than usual and the heat has started getting to him. just the way he acts and talks and stuff reminds of the week before my grandma died.

ANYWAYS, thank you bing for being better than 'no-lyrics' google. jeez

kaiser you don't know me. so shh. shh.

fine various business establishments, don't call me back! you're loss.

so many journals in a month. so little content.


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Maybe we could express ourselves more fully if we say it without words. - Mood:Good
Thursday July 01 20101:17:33 AM |
i don't know how i feel right now.

like....i feel happy, and look forward to the summer.

but at the same time, i feel almost scared. nothing in particular for 'why' comes to mind, but i do.

anyways, i went camping. it was enjoyable. i like being outside and hanging around the fire. it's peaceful. outhouses, though...

i am once again valiantly trying and lying on job applications. go me.

so, uh, how are you? you look happy. it's been such a long time since i've seen anything even remotely close to joy cross your face.

ever long hangs the shadow of doubt. Sup?

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Shoulda been my name, Mister Cellophane - Mood:Good
Saturday June 26 20106:01:47 PM |
i got my laptop fixed. it was the charger! see, i thought...i thought it was the uh, the....the battery! I thought it was that, but...but it wasn't! Hahaha! Right? was the charger.

geez meatloaf shutup god. maybe you just need bigger jeans and it has nothing to do with your junk. weirdo

i'm going camping tomorrow. and playing frisbee golf. two things i don't want to do. whatever. FAMILY TIME

also maybe my freaking torrent should HURRY UP jeezy creezy

i am tired. my friend leaves for mexico next week. he's mexican, but like barely, ya know? he is fat and white

ramble ramble. i got my hair cut. it's the shortest it's ever been. my head feels so liiiiight


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I`m okay with being unimpressive. I sleep better. - Mood:Good
Friday June 18 20101:20:39 AM |
i am a senior now. yay? now i get to go through college sh*t and actually try to get my license. cool beans

i may or may not be getting high next week

next year i am flying to indiana to help my aunt move cross country. not the murdering one with AIDS, the gay one who is an alcoholic. road trip. no aunt we are not stopping at the Busy Beaver

i feel good! like...doing something about my life and being social good. odd.

my uncle knocked himself out playing softball. oh my alcoholic family, how i love thee. he's actually started to speak in tongue! that's happening.

i tried to make fortune cookies in my cultural foods final. we failed. we couldn't fold them and we used too much baking soda. so then we put marshmallow cream and sprinkles on them and the teacher was all like 'that's not authentic chinese cooking'. true story.


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I don`t disdain you! It`s quite the opposite. I dain you. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 12 20102:17:02 AM |
i think if you get to know me better you might just dain me too.

so my aunt or cousin or whoever that i just learned about is going to jail for attempted murder. she slept with a few dudes without telling them she had AIDs. i wasn't even, like, 'whoa that is crazy!' but more like 'christ now they've done *this*?"

hey man remember animorphs?

i am getting over strep throat. go me.

also, back to my family, apparently a bunch of them are interested in moving out here! i can barely interact with my main family

that 'poppycocks' guy on AGT was pretty awesome. go him. or the french dancer.



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My friends call me Lenny...only I ain`t got no friends. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 06 20101:31:52 AM |
I am number 2 in my math class. my math class sucks

I'm kinda hungry. I mean, the kitchen is literally two steps away, but...two steps. Meh...

My laptop battery is dead. Joy.

I need a haircut. And a new backpack. And shoes. And headphones. I'm so f*cking needy.

Man $6 tees is a neat site. Sure most of the shirts suck, but some of them I'd put on me.

My ring finger on my left hand has a very prominent vein.


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I really have nothing to say, but I want to say it all the same. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 15 20108:33:23 PM |
My grades in school are still good. Er, for now. One is going down soon. I skipped class and missed two quizzes and a big ole presentation. Meh.

I'm sick.

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking. But what can I say? I am not one to apologize. Just go.

My dad looks like an angry (er) Sean Connery. Just realized that.

I've been having trouble thinking. Stupidity? Okay.

How are you?

No I don't know why I insist on making journals when I have no life. Shush.

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I`m sorry we ever had a homosexual affair! - Mood:Good
Saturday May 01 20102:32:44 AM |
I am putting off an essay. Tomorrow....yeah, tomorrow. Yes.

I will watch a moving picture soon.

Music is good.

Boring journal is boring, yeah yeah.

Content, man. I NEED DRAMA

I wish I was in a natural disaster. Everyone whom I say that too assumes I'm suicidal, but it's not that. It's just...I don't know, I want to experience the sensation, the fear of a giant earthquake or a fire raging around me. It'd be boss, man. I dunno.

I have an ice-cream sandwich.

I like your calf, ma'am. Tantalizing.


Sup? I wish we talked more. You're not the same person I used to know. For the better? If you say so. I lov-I like you.

Sup wit u

Done what?

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By the way, which one`s Pink? - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 28 20101:09:53 AM |

College thinking and stuff has started. Well it's supposed to. But hey, look, music and videogames.


Again with the anyways. What the f*ck steve?


Talk amongst yourselves.

So how are you fags doing?

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`m feeling rough, I`m feeling raw, I`m in the prime of my life - Mood:Good
Thursday April 08 201012:45:18 AM |
I find myself more often staring off and just...thinking.

I'm so tired lately. So tired. Bags under my eyes but her face tells no lies.

Right? Anyways...anyways, yeah. Yeah I suppose so.

This is a journal devoid of content.

I had dominoes. Their new pizza is spicy. I like it.

But this is about you. As it always is. No, no, don't say anything. I'm just saying. It's fine, really. Don't apologize. I hate it when you get like this.

It scares me.

How are you? Surviving? How rare.

What is your favorite Ben and Jerry flavor? I have a hard-on for Cherry Garcia like you wouldn't believe.

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A wed wose?! - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 30 20101:26:53 AM |
How womantic!

We moved. I have my own room. It's nice.

I got my hair cut, and at the barbershop, their was this one-armed dude going on and on about how Obama=Hitler. Ya can't really say anything, though, cause 1 arm. Just awkward.

I've been feeling down lately. I don't know why. I should be happy. I'm just such a teenager. Also I've been very tired, so that ties in to that I 'spose.

I have a new favorite teacher. Mr Bowden. He's this short, muscular bald guy with a big ole 'stache, and he's pretty boss. Teaches War on Terror. He rants on republicans and democrats and young people and cell phones and stuff. Crazy. He also curses a lot. First teacher I ever heard say 'pussies'.

I'm addicted to Tetris. I've been seeing tetriminos everywhere when I'm not playing. I need help.

How are all of you I am a racist!faggots?

Look at all this incoherent bullsh*t. Oi.

My head hurts.

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