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Female, 14 years old
Southern US

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I'm back - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 24 202110:46:51 PM |
Hey its been way too long lol how are you guys?
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I haven`t been on in a while - Mood:Excited
Friday October 30 202012:48:13 AM |
Wow, I kinda missed you guys and i almost never read the journals. Once they all went to political I felt really uncomfortable since I dont like to speak on a subject unless I know for a fact what I'm saying is correct... Usually.

But yeah i missed ya'll lol

And what happened to Damsel? I went to press the thread I had with her to see if her birthdsy had passed yet and it said it was closed. The whole reason was so I could say happy birthday and her new picture scared me but I liked it.

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Brother, Rape, and Police situation update - Mood:Anxious
Saturday July 25 202010:25:23 PM |
So back in December I went to lexis house 2 weeks before my birthday. Then in my birthday I went to my moms house.

My brother Braylin popped his head in moms room and told us he was going to the bathroom then bed.

So when I heard him get out the bathroom i waited about 2-ish minutes so he could get dressed. Then I went and gave him a hug goodnight and he was already laying down.

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I just realized something very odd - Mood:Surprised
Monday July 20 202011:56:16 PM |
So in the scene where "Tobi" explained Itachi's truth to Kakashi, Yamato, and Naruto he said something along the lines if this:

"He killed his parents, his friends, his lover, his family..."

So I was trying to go to sleep but I've been reading these stories with itachi in them as a main character so he's on my mind a lot. And I remembered that scene.

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R.I.P Kiyoko XDDD - Mood:Good
Thursday July 02 20209:12:00 PM |
Kelli you explain. I gotta clean my room but I'll still talk on the phone. Ok with you
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I really *REALLY* need help with Kiyoko - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday June 23 20201:03:44 AM |
So do you guys remember Kiyoko. I mentioned her before on here.

Well she's threatening to commit suicide and so I need a bit of help telling her not to. Like help convincing her not to. And I know her well enough to know that suppirt from people she's never met will help. But she isn't the only one so in really mad since I've wanted to do it for a very long time. But she has a therapist and medicine and friends she goes to with all her problems things that I don't have. And so I'm super pissed that she's still trying to stay in her own self pity and just ignore my hand reaching out to help her out. I had to swim out my depression on my own with no help.

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Ok so I need a little help/advice in a situation - Mood:Confused
Saturday June 06 20201:43:53 AM |
Ok so theres this girl I know right. I'm going to call her Ann since she's younger than me. Kelli never cared if I used her real name but only since she was older than me I used it. Since Ann is younger im not gonna use hers.

So Ann got her phone taken right bit she is allowed to use the house phone. Her and her mom moved into a small apartment leaving her son to continue living with their grandmother, her previous house. I consider her mom my mom so ill just call her mom from this point toward. So Ann finally came out to mom about being bi. I'd get slapped into next decade so I'm not coming out anytime soon. And mom was cool with it. And Ann wants me and Kelli to come over to her apartment. Mom was fine with it. But while we were on the phone about an hour ago Ann said she likes someone. Kelli has a gf and I'm a happy Single Pringle so I don't really care. So I ask Ann if its a boy or girl. She said girl. So at first I said Carlie. But she said no. So I said Addison. No again. Then

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Freaked out - Mood:Anxious
Thursday June 04 202011:51:34 AM |
I was at my friends house. I'm not gonna say her name but ill make it start with the same letter. And since we're both anime fans ill five the name of a girl from a fanfic I'm reading.

Ill call her Kiyoko. So I was at Kiyoko's house the other day right. So we had a sleep over. She has a stalker which she already informed me of. I didn't really care right. Her mom said it was ok that we stay up all night when Kiyoko asked. She let me play on her phone ok. She lives in basically a mini mansion of her and her mom. All the doors of the bedrooms have 15 panes of glass from top to bottom in a 3 x 5 manner. So the door is almost entirely glass. We were on a ft with my Brother from another Mother. Imma call him barstool since i gave him that nickname. We have lots of pet names. And we were in a ft since about 10. He added Mt ex who was his bff and how I met him so I didn't really care right.

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Umm.. Oops! - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday May 26 20205:25:34 AM |
I "Went To Bed" at about 8:10-ish PM. I look at the clock and it reads 4:17 AM. And its just gotten to be normal. Since quarantine I have NOT gone off to sleep even ONCE before midnight. Usually about 2-5 is the time im asleep. And I wake up everyday at roughly 9:30-10 ish.

Oops! >w< I've been too busy reading Naruto fics. If I spend too much time on my mp3 my parents'll have their suspicions and they'll wanna look into it. So at night is the only chance I have. At least they don't barge in my room at the middle of the night. Furing the day I have ZERO privacy and my dad walked in on me getting dressed. Walking into a 13 year old girls room without knocking is pretty intrusive and will make just about any girl cry feeling violated. WHICH IT IS VIOLATION!!!

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Ummm... - Mood:Shocked
Saturday May 16 202012:29:42 AM |
I just realized this website is older than me... Fun right? '~' I hate being called young or a mere child who has almost no rights (which sucks) but in this case I kinda like it! Can yall guess why. I bettcha can't
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Never Too late - Three Days Grace - Mood:Depressed
Wednesday May 13 202010:20:51 PM |
So I have really bad depression apparently. My two besties from 5th grade (they were in 6th. We have mixed grades in my school) diagnosed me with it lol. And I was just scrolling through spotify on the computer I use for school like 10 mind ago right. Don't worry my parents let me. My dad wasn't home. If he was I woulda got beat to my graduation year for being in it and not doing school work even though I finished. So the tamer one let me have it. And I was scrolling trying to find the acoustic of a song that's as old as me. Facedown Acoustic - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. And then a playlist popped up and I decided I'd just skip 'til I found the song I was lookin for
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Who is funnier Kai Chisaki from Bnha/My Hero Academia or Kakashi Hatake from Naruto? - Mood:Bored
Monday May 11 202012:49:36 AM |
Who do you think is a funnier character?
Kakashi Hatake or Kai Chisaki?
(I can't post pictures on here since I'm on an mp3 player,) Can somebody list a picture of both of them. Kakashi is the one with the navy mask and Chisaki has the red bird beak. If you font know who they are just type who you think is cuter. Thanks!!
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Naruto - Mood:Hysterical
Monday May 04 20209:25:11 PM |
Again, I was watching Naruto on on The Jiraiya and Pein arc. But a nice handfull of episodes ago Guren straight up told Rinji's still corpes "Wow! You're dangerous even when you're dead!" That's funny. Before Shippuden when akamaru was learning the dynamic marking (basically spinning mid air pissing on what ever he was targeting) and Shino was collecting (trying) bugs. Akamaru almost pissed on him and the bug so the bug flew away. Shino says, "I cannot collect bugs, in these, conditions." And Hinata was liek Bai B!tch!~ she didnt say that but she probably did in her head. Lol
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Naruto stuff oml XD - Mood:Hysterical
Thursday April 09 202011:01:53 PM |
Hahaha!!! Omg. I was watching naruto and Naruto was trying to use a summoning jutsu that the Pervy Sage was teaching him but he kept getting tadpoles. The Sage guy got tired of it and wanted to go. Naruto says one more. Sage guy got mad saying it isn't working while Naruto flips out. He summoned a tadpole with legs. The other guy says "IT HAS TWO ARMS AND A BRAIN! MAYBE I CAN TRAIN IT!"

Me: OMFG I can't breathe!!!! *complete Hystaria*

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