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Male, 37 years old
Santa Clara, California, Western US

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Permanent journal of great news and potential unjoyment - Mood:Good
Friday April 18 20144:58:33 AM |
Life has been great lately. I had an interview this afternoon and it went really well. It's very close to the other interview I had a couple weeks ago but I felt more comfortable around this interviewer. It was another job through Randstad, though this time Randstad just got me an interview with them.

It's a "temp to perm" position rather than simply a "temp" with a set end date. I'd be doing customer service and data entry for a computer manufacturer. One with a positive reputation.

And I'm employee of the month. Well, I was in March. It was very exciting for me. I have had this twice now with AMC, though the first was back in June 2005.

Even if I get this other job I would want to work for AMC on weekends. I honestly feel indebted to them because I had been a month shy of 20 with no job history and they were the first to hire me.

I saw Oculus. It's good, but horror fans may di-

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One! Oh! Oh! - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 16 20143:35:30 AM |
100. One Oh Oh.

Actually like a 105 on bowling. Which is really good for me. The last time I played I don't think cracked 80 even. I got like 105 and 86 on the two games.

We were playing our theatre(er) Cupertino 16 vs Mercado 20, my former location of employment back in 2005-06. And we won vs them.

And I think the top two theatres in the "market" will play against one another. This includes those like 50 miles away or so in Deer Valley and Manteca even?

Oh, and it turns out one of my managers has played WoW and he is coming back for the expansion.

I don't know why I broke 100 finally in bowling. Maybe being with people from work and not just my dad, brother, and friend Brian made it easier or something.

You should vote for me for King.

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Please point out the person in this courtroom you had sex with! - Mood:Bored
Monday April 14 20146:34:31 PM |
Or lie and say it was me, to start a rumor.

Futurama was a good show. But I did not enjoy those mini-movies they did in 2007 or so, to celebrate their return.

I finally got MLB 14 The Show. I don't have a PS4 so it's just the PS3 version. The PS4 version has "hundreds" of "new animations" and some other stuff but I didn't get a PS4. When MLB The Show comes out with a PS4 exclusive game I might get a discount/used PS4 THEN.

I enjoy MLB The Show. It's the closest thing to MVP Baseball there ever has been since MVP was unfairly shut down after 2005.

And I work at 4:30. I'm going to sit on my white ass a few minutes first, and strike out on a curveball in the dirt. Or a fastball at Andre the Giant eye level.

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I have the winning combination. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 13 201412:21:33 AM |
123,456 posts. That's right. I made a thread about this. Because that's the sort of thing I like to do with my time.

I applied to five jobs today and I hope something good comes. I have yet another interview, through Randstad for ASUS. ASUS is this computer company that makes good Netbooks and tablets. This job would be data entry/customer service.

I think I'd enjoy it but I've never had a real call center job and this one might be one of those.

I've been too lazy today. My sleep habits are all crockus... all off. I end up sleeping 5 hours one night 12 the next and that's something Kepi would look down on, and he'd be correct in doing so

I think I am going to do one or two more Burger Reviews for season 3

this summer I might do a couple reviews but more goofy side projects with season 4 starting in the fall


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Life should be about 1.5x faster than it is. - Mood:Good
Friday April 11 201410:01:57 PM |
Have you ever watched a movie or TV show faster than normal? You should. It will prepare you for meeting me. Because I talk 50% faster than you.

Most of the time when I've watched something sped up it was Simpsons. I mean, I could easily pull out one of my scratch-ed DVDs or find an illegal website for a normal version, but it's fun to watch them 1.5x. It means YouTube takes a month to delete them instead of a week.

I do talk pretty fast. But less so than I used to. People understand me well. I sold 6 "AMC Stubs" today... well sold/renewed. They're a pretty good deal, though I say this as a biased source.

You get $10 back for every $100 you spend at AMC plus discounts on popcorn/soda and occasional promotions like "Watch this terrible movie remake and get $5 extra".

I had one from 2011 until 2013, then I got an employee version

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Maybe I should just accept that I`ll end up being "Weird Uncle Jess". - Mood:Good
Monday April 07 20144:45:58 PM |
The dateless loser who can't get a real job and has to rely on his parents, as my super-genius brother gets some job as a Prodigy in Physics and has a wife with two or three nerdy children.

And I'll just end up being the weird uncle, the uncle that they only see for forced family gatherings, the one that other relatives will show to their children as a cautionary example of what happens if you don't do the right things in life... except that I did the right things, but they didn't work out, so here we are.

I didn't get the job. Which isn't surprising. I'm not socially skilled enough to get a "real" job. I need to know some hardcore programming to get away with my level of social retardation.

Of course maybe I dodged a bullet. These guys had a 1.2 on Glassdoor. Lowest I've seen outside of ones with just one 1.0 score. Even most retail jobs like Walmart/AMC are around 3/5 there!

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Restricted. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 05 20145:47:55 PM |
I hate Restricted Phone number. I rarely if ever answer them. Almost every time it's some bum opening calling from the Democratic Party. If they keep doing that sh*t I am never voting Democratic again. Restricted numbers are meant for bum openings doing douchey pranks. If they want my money, they better call from a real number.

Vote Libertarian, dogs and cats and Cucks.

And one of my journals was deleted? I'd like to believe I was hacked or something but most likely I accidentally deleted it on my own so that's that.

Do you like Ice Cream?

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I had coitus today. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 02 20142:08:12 AM |
Or in English April Fool's

Yeah man.

You know that wasn't real I know. I've had AUTOcoitus in recent times, but sadly the last actual coituisng I engaged in was with that girl from here, you know. The crazy one with more issues than a political debate.

But I did have a date last Sursdai (Thursday) and I think there could be a second but I'm not sure. I also had a job interview this morning.

It's rare that I get past "phone interview" at all. Usually when I get to "phone interview" that's as far as I get. Something about my voice or the connection ends it there. But this time I was invited for the in person part... right away too. There was no waiting for a decision if I'd get the in person interview... the interviewer told me on the phone I would have one.

And I think that was a good sign. I don't think every candidate got that

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This site has so many other names - Mood:Good
Saturday March 29 201411:39:51 AM |

That's also YT. Don't know what it means

and we know of pollplace and there's

I went to bed early last night. Because I was 'tahrd. or tard. or tired. And I got up at about 8 and here we are. I am going to trek down to an unspeakable location for breakf'st. What do you think of dropping a vowel in speech and writing? I think it's good.

Like instead of Cableman you say cablem'n. It's a homestar thing.

Also check my new avy out. It's a blue jay in my dad's yard man.

I was at my dad's house last night for this party. My step-brother-in-law turned 31. We had this mango cake and while I normally dislike fruitulent cakes it was pretty good. The chimichangas were great too and it was nice to see the kidlings.

Momo (or mosby as I call him to my dad, though he's nothing like T-mos) is a cool kid

I think I was more annoying at 6 than he is now.

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Burger, fries, and a coke. - Mood:Good
Friday March 28 20144:46:33 AM |
Fxck you. I'm eating.

Carl's Jr is pretty awesome. But I don't go there as awesome as I used to. Being lazy and mostly crazy, I tend to waddle to whatever is the nearest fast food place. And it's Jack in the Box. Carl's Jr would be maybe a 40 minute walk round trip?

Some people would say get a car. Yeah. I have a job interview on Tuesday at 9 am. That's not an hour I usually like to be awake, especially since I work nights most of the time. But this new job would be a "real" job a "fancy" job and one that I deserve. Or so I tell myself.

I actually passed the phone interview part... right there during the phone interview I was told I would be getting the in-person interview as well. I'm hoping not every phone interview candidate got invited for an in-person one as well.

I also sent them my Master's thesis and a 20 page paper I wrote about Cap and Trade vs Carbon Taxes for writing- - -

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The morning light can save all our lives. - Mood:Excited
Wednesday March 19 20144:58:04 PM |
I've been getting up in the morning again. Which is a big deal for me. I don't want to be lounging in bed past noon. I mean I can... and at some level, it's not a bad idea, especially if I work mostly night shifts.

But I feel happier and healthier and perhaps wealthier now. I've gone to bed at around 1:30 and gotten up at around 9:45 the past couple of days. Things seem better this way.

My friend from work and I have plans for a website... allowing those of us with disabilities to speak for ourselves. There are sites that speak FOR the disabled and do it wrong.... very wrong. Like AutismSpeaks which has a terrible reputation among many autistic people, deservedly so.

Of course at the same time I despise some of "aspie culture" which at its worst, is a banal battle against hypothetical "neurotypicals".

I know I will make the world a better place even if I crash my helicopter trying.

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Do not press the red button. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 18 20146:00:16 PM |
You didn't listen to the instructions, did you? Now the whole system is fried. No survivors.

Life has been good... great. That new job keeps delaying. It's still "a few more days" until it'll start again. Three weeks to fix some scanners? I am so thankful that my GM at AMC talked me into staying on weekends when I had initially planned on putting in a two weeks notice.

And I'm working tomorrow, 4-8... there's an Apple screening. They're seeing a bad movie based on a mediocre YA book, Divergent.

I can't wait to meet up with Nathaniel and talk about our plans to do something about having disabled people speak for themselves. I know that I can make a huge difference. I'd like to believe I already have in some ways, but I know that my methods and ideas are often contradictory and worrisome and such.

And McDonald's Habanero ranch burger is better with the h-wite cheddar.

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My soul is on fire with greatness and awesome. - Mood:Good
Monday March 17 201410:17:32 PM |
My life's passion can be reached. One of my coworkers at the theater is developmentally disabled, but he works really hard at the job. He doesn't mess up or make lame excuses like others. I've been talking to him on Facebook about starting something where he can give advice and guidance to other disabled adults.

Back in high school I was in Best Buddies... where students volunteer to befriend the developmentally disabled. He was as well... though at a different school.

I have money and I'm ready to do this. I really do not expect my new job to materialize and deep down I know it's not my calling. It's been 3 weeks since I've worked there. I've been lucky enough people at AMC keep calling me to cover shifts so I get at least 3 days most weeks.

I always hated how some people treated the "special ed kids" like animals in a zoo. I know some have seen me as one of the zoo animals too.

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Ching chong, it means I love you. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 12 20143:50:22 AM |

Life is rigged somethetimes. This new job is really questionable. Still no updates. I've been in contact with the Randstad person who got me the job and there's nothing new going on. This company really should go under. The way they have treated us, even though we are just temps, shows a poor attitude and they are not someone I would want to support if I were one of their customers.

But maybe that's just something us spergs have to deal with, because we don't have the social skills of you "neurotypicals". Of course all online those "Do you have autism?" tests tell me I don't have it... so I need a new excuse.

Or maybe I both sub- and super-consciously want to NOT have autism so I answer those internet tests in a way that assures I do not have it.

Give me bacon.

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This night ain`t raght. - Mood:Good
Monday March 10 201412:54:29 AM |
It's an hour later than it is. If I controlled the world I'd abolish daylight savings time. If it weren't so hot maybe I'd move to Arizona. They wisely have abandoned dst.

I hope my job starts up again soon. If they keep stringing me along they'll be getting a negative review on glassdoor. Not that it'll help. Guys like me will always be treated as dumber than we are. Society values style and not only do I lack style, I have negative style points.

Life is a game and the rules are confusing and unfair. Spergking out.

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Gamin` away all my free time. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 23 20145:17:11 PM |
I reactiviated my World of Warrooster account. World of Warcock.

I'm still a level 90 and my gear is pretty poor... I mean, I haven't actively played in about a year, and cancelled 6 months ago, so I need to catch up. Not like it matters. The new expansion comes out in 6 months or so... then all the gear I'll spend the next 6 months grabbing will be tossed out for level 91 gear.


And "Big Mike" Spart came through as my YTSS. Infamous 1 and 2. I spent an hour or so on infamous 1 and I really enjoyed it. The good/evil decisions are cool and challenging sometimes. From what I gather the good decisions I have made so far tend to make things harder for me by keeping other people out of harm's way/trouble.

I'd prefer if the good/evil meter would change more based on decisions I make without telling me "decision time"!

Maybe that'll 'appen more later.

at 4:30


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These seven day weeks. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 22 20143:38:49 AM |
Well, every week has seven days in it. It's not like there's a leap week with an 8th day... at least not yet.

But I'm going to be doing the seven-day WORK week. Five days at my new datum entry job and then two at AMC. A lot of people wouldn't do that, right?

But I really like AMC and my GM told me I could stay on even if I was only available on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't mind working there. It's fun and I like all my co-workers. I mean... maybe I'm a bit "young" for my age, but I think I get along better with people a bit younger than me. My life experience doesn't match with my age... yet?

I'll be making enough money to survive and even buy more than my share of burgers and some video games and stuff.

Life is getting better and all it needs is the burger princess... mrs burgers

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I want to date my avatar. - Mood:Good
Thursday February 20 20143:28:35 AM |

No one has posted for almost an howah.

What's wrong with you old bags?

My new job was too short today... 5 hours. It's supposed to be 8... yeah man. Yeah.

I also decided to not quit AMC... I'll keep working weekends. This is not much of a journal yet.

Do you like my avatar? As much as I do?

I also got a new phone. It isn't refurbished so it's good so far.

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We`re all rebels, man. - Mood:Good
Monday February 17 20145:39:28 PM |
How do... or did you rebel? Against your parents, against society, against your own incorrectly perceived notions of society based on watching V For Vendetta?

For me, I enjoy eating meat that isn't well done. My mom and stepdad (and my jyunger brother too, sadly) all pretty much refuse to eat anything that isn't 100% well done. They'll even go into a McDonald's and request their food well done... and around here, I don't think the McDonald's workers understand something that isn't directly on their menu. I've heard that McDonald's menus are mostly pictures of items with very few words. My AMC cashier menus are all just words or abbreviations to fit longer food items onto a little clickable square.

But that is how I rebel. I've come to like medium steak... I've even had tartare!

And I work at 7:30 today... until "1". Which means until 12 or 12:30 because they always give concession-

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Eat loud and eat proud. - Mood:Good
Friday February 14 20145:35:42 PM |
That should be the slogan of my new restaurant. Where the eating contests aren't about speed or amount eaten... but measured by the decibels of chewing.

Today I had a short shift. 9 to 1. Since I haven't posted a journal in ten days... events have occurred.

I am starting a new datum entry job on Monday. So now for am I can only work until 1 on weekdays. The supervisor in charge of writing schedules was very nice about it. Today and Wednesday I work 9 to 1.

My new job will be 230 om to 11pm. Good hours for a guy that likes to wake up past noon. Though swing shifts can suck especially for college kids. By the time you're off everyone else is doing something. .. work night or morning

But since I'm a spergking that isn't a concern of mine. The new job should be good and maybe I can listen to Lifehouse at a reasonable volumes while typing 100 women

Because that's what I do.

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If we could get married - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 04 20143:00:32 AM |
Then we'd be married by now.

I don't know. My stepbrother's wedding is in 5 days, and I will be there (and be square).

I requested Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off of work for the coming weekend and they granted that. AMC has always been good about honoring day off requests and the like. They also have a much more high-tech requesting days off system than Great America, which was just: "Write your name and days off requested and reasons on this piece of paper below the others who have done so."

In general, anything that doesn't involve people having to decipher my handwriting is good for me. Because my handwriting looks like I should be writing with my right hand. (I'm left-handed, tbph fwiw).

I want a date and a fancy job and can you find me that?

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I am everywhere and nowhere all at once. - Mood:Good
Friday January 31 20141:53:52 AM |
I am electricity, spread fast.

If I could be a sound, it'd be John Waters saying, "Zzzzzzzap!"

Today has been sickly... coughey and such. But I think my phone interview went well enough... I'll find out tomorrow or Monday about that, at least.

I don't work again until Monday, anyway. I guess with all the underage-ed kids unable to work weekdays they will need me to work on weekdays. Yeah. Oh yeah.

And it is frustrating getting deleted on Facebook. I know my behavior and posting style have warranted it on many occasions... but sometimes it just seems random, and it hurts. I want to be accepted for what/who/when I am.

Do you like Garfield?

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Oh man you guyths - Mood:Good
Sunday January 26 20145:33:52 AM |
I'm not even there, man.

I think I'm just here to amuse all of us.

It is 2:33 AM and I' drunk listen to DIshwarrr. My stepbrother had a bachelor party and it was fun.Tamer than his friends wanted I think though.
do you guys like pie?1

I lahhk pah.

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Was not published - Mood:Good
Thursday January 23 20143:00:22 AM |
Whatever random people choose to be Urbandictionary editors these days sure love to reject things. At least whatever I've posted. I think if it's not a made-up disgusting sex act it won't get in... they used to accept most things.

Today I saw two movies... I was thinking about seeing three, but I decided I'd go home instead. Two was enough. I saw The Nut Job, and Lone Survivor. Obviously, Lone Survivor was much better. The Nut Job was one of those random thrown-together kid's movies with random woodland creatures being mostly boring.

The animation was pretty good, but it always is, these days. We've come a long way with CGI animation.

I also applied for this job that SEEMS perfect for me. Most of the jobs that "seem perfect" usually have these things like 1-3 years of experience. This one didn't have as strong requirements as most do, and the salary range I feel is reasonable.

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Plastic bags, how I`ve missed thee. - Mood:Happy
Saturday January 18 20145:20:22 PM |
Plastic bags and hippies do not get along. Never mind that paper bags are possibly worse for the environment in many regards. Many cities and even counties around here have been banning plastic bags left and/or right.

But Santa Clara is not one of those... yet. It makes me happy (a little) to get a plastic bag when I'm buying some groceries or whatevah. Because that's how I like it. When you're a lazy 20-s'ummin guy not buying that much and just walking home... plastic beats paper, especially since a lot of the places have crappy paper bags with no handles.

And even worse... all the paper bags cost $0.10 here when they give you one. From the little tiny ones usually used for a "brown bag lunch" to a large paper bag that can actually hold lots of groceries... both 10 cents.

Santa Clara has plastic bags. I like that!

And I got called into work. Well, a girl needs me to take her sh*ft..

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