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Male, 43 years old
Peterborough, Europe

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Nothing much to say, just whoring some pics from our Turkey holiday. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 15 20138:21:01 AM |
Absolutely love Turkey, first time I've visited and will be going back for sure!

Our hotel at breakfast.

The Tombs of Kings seen from the hotel gardens.

View across the river from one of the riverside seating areas.

Amazing cafe called Dalyan Iz, the BEST iced coffee and cakes EVER!

Kitten who sat with us through dinner one night.

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A stranger made my day - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 28 20122:06:03 PM |
A lady sitting next to me on the bus asked that I give her day ticket to someone who needed it when I got off the bus in the city centre. She was on until the end of the route and doesn’t see people to give it to at her stop. I took the ticket and commented that that was her good deed for the day, she then thanked me for helping her to help someone else.

Nice and unexpected. Such a small gesture that made the lady I gave the ticket to really happy.

So thank you stranger on the bus, I can be such a cynical bastard at times and have many issues with so many bus passengers AND the general public that you made my day with such a tiny selfless act.

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Stag weekend, done. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 03 20124:28:15 PM |
Weirdest weekend of my life. Cheap, all inclusive hotel FTW.

Fly out to Spain, one of our party punches out a drunk guy on the tarmac between the plane and the terminal. C*nt shouldn't have punched his girlfriend to be honest.

Find my bro mashed and asleep in hotel reception the first morning we're there. Then spend the next day or so trying to avoid the turd in a bag that seemed to be the joke of the weekend.

Found a great Irish bar with a singer / guitarist who was awesome. Drink loads.

Another chap in our party is pick pocketed on the first night, loses his phone and money. They pulls and spends the night with a lady of questionable moral fibre.

Portaventura theme park. Awesome.

Another dude with us pulls a chick. She then admits when they're about to get down to it that she was abused as a kid, used to be a smack addict and is now a witch. He left. Apparently.


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Back from holiday and with some concern.... - Mood:Anxious
Thursday July 19 20127:43:40 PM |
We've just returned from 10 days in Portugal. Hot, sunny, lovely but yesterday some forest fires started over the hill from my girlfriend's mother's house.

Her uncle was evacuated earlier this evening. He called to tell us about the restaurant near his going up. They're at a bar nearby obviously completely powerless. Seems it's not moving towards where we were staying at the moment but they're ready to move if they have to.

No reports of anyone hurt, just evacuations and property damage. Watching Twitter and local news sites for updates.


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Well Sunday`s going to be a write off. - Mood:Good
Friday June 29 20122:35:54 PM |
Tomorrow night is our works annual awards ball. Black tie as always, they're making this one a masquerade ball. It's also a 20th anniversary celebration so it should be good. It's always a chuckle, seeing who takes it too far with the booze, who pairs off with who, who thinks a 'crazy' take on black tie is funny. Anywho, a good time should be had.

I need new socks. One toe seems to have escaped....

The new football season can't come quick enough. I need fantasy football back in my life! I also need the manager situation at Spurs sorted. Getting bored of waiting now.

We're arranging a summer BBQ, we hold one most years and get friends round, lay on the booze and food and just get silly.

What have you crazy peeps got planned for the weekend?

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So why not? It`s been a while.... - Mood:Good
Thursday June 21 20122:40:52 PM |
I'm starting to enjoy YT again. Can't say why, I don't think it's really changed in the last few months but hey, good is good.

Speaking of good, things are at the moment. Had some major changes at work recently, my reporting lines have gotten somewhat blurred but had it confirmed today they want me to start taking on work at a senior management level. One of my new senior managers rates me apparently. Wonder if he actually knows what I do, I'm still a little baffled!

In other news, beard. I grew one. I like it. Seems some others do too. My mates are still making the 'living on the street' jokes and offering me change to get lunch. Bastards.

It was near monsoon conditions this morning. Seems a pigeon got through the cat flap and spent the day crapping in the conservatory. Lovely.


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Yeah, drunk and singing! Oh and and maybe a little line dancing.... - Mood:Good
Saturday September 17 20119:53:03 PM |
Yes! We have some friends up from Portsmouth at the moment and after much booze we've cracked out Lips on the Xbox.

Love it!

so YT, do you have favourite drunken activities? I know the line dancing is random but I had to learn for work!

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Greetings from Portugal! - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 13 20116:31:08 PM |
So this year I was really needing this break. Work has been absolutely kicking my arse.

Loving the break now.......unfortunately I didn't win the £161 million lottery jackpot last night so I'll be heading back to the UK next week......bugger.

What are your plans for holdays / breaks this year?

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I`m making some changes OR Are life goals essential? - Mood:Hopeful
Sunday January 16 20114:13:54 AM |
I'm not someone who plans. I don't like to but I'm wondering if it's holding me back.

I've never had a goal in life, personal or professional. I have no 5 year plan. I don't know what I want or where I'm going. I've always been content to see what happens.

Now, so far, it's served me pretty well. I'm in a decent job, I own a home (well, the bank does but whatever), I'm in a good relationship and have been for over 13 years but I'm starting to wonder where I could be had I aimed for something.

I'm lazy. I don't hold many people in any regard. I piss my money up the wall.

I'm making some changes.

Do you have goals? If so, have you found it helpful to have them? Do you find it disheartening if you miss them?

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So expanding on my last Facebook status.....In this new year..... - Mood:Spent
Saturday January 01 20111:39:51 PM |
I'm not planning on changing much. I'll still not text back as much as I should, probably not phone anyone and generally expect friendship and respect with little return, but I'm quite at ease with that. I never thought I would be but I'm getting increasingly irritated by the 'try to please everyone' attitude of so many people. And I don't think I'll ever understand the need of people here to tell any disfigured troll who posts a picture of themselves how pretty they are. Seriously, are you that desperate for friends you need to lie?

Yes, I can be moody, so what? Let me stew in it and I'll be fine. Continued poking and prodding and asking if I'm OK is going to make it worse.


If I see any more turkey before next Christmas I'm going to puke.

Merry New Year.........

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OK, bored of this weather now! - Mood:Hopeful
Sunday December 19 20101:41:21 PM |
This country just can't deal with snow and ice. First, the roads close and people end up stranded. Next, trains and planes stop running. We even had shopping centres close over the weekend!

Sackboy isn't impressed.

This time last year we were getting ready to fly out to Portugal for Christmas. Our flight got cancelled 2 hours before we were due to leave for the airport. This year, my girlfriend's mum and stepdad are coming over to see us from Portugal. Due to fly in on 22 Dec. Not looking hopeful at the moment.

Fingers crossed.

BUT! The house is looking festive, trees up, lights on, presents in place, Lou is baking Christmas cookies so I can smell spices and we have stew for dinner later. Lush!

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Good Morning YT! 3am and not sure what to do.... - Mood:Good
Thursday December 16 201010:07:58 PM |
So yeah, it's 3am and I've just arrived home after a cracking night out. Chinese food, too much booze but today off work! Awesomesauce!

I flew a proper RAF Harrier simulator last week. They're being retired from service so the sim will be going the same way. I should totally have been a pilot, it's mental!

I have a feeling I may not be too well when I wake up. I'm thinking a tactical chunder earlier in the evening may have been a good idea.

Tell / show me something awesome awesome about you!

I love stuff. All sorts.

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Just stuff. - Mood:Horny
Friday August 20 20105:24:36 PM |
I think I'm getting a taste for white wine. At the moment it's a pinot. £8.99 a bottle, 3 for £10. No brainer really.

Work is kicking my arse. Hard.

Zynga Poker FTW.

Spraying antiperspirant in my face this morning = fail.

I'm currently loving Sway. Not a lot of UK rap hits the spot but. Sway. Awesome.

I'm winning the lottery tonight. You're not. Sorry.

Bonus pays out next month. I may drink quite a bit of it. Or buy a bigger TV. Or maybe just buy more video games I'll never finish.

If you had to have one of the following, would it be a hairy facial more or a very lazy eye?

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Chips is awesome. So is wine. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 30 20092:43:20 PM |
So today I received my mod secret Santa gift. chips sent me a replica Spurs shirt, retro as hell and totally awesome! Thanks chips, an excellent gift!

I've made myself some sort of bolognaise for dinner. Should be good. Well, I hope so, I hate being disappointed by food.

I have another nice bottle of red wine tonight, I shall eat my dinner, drink my wine and watch some more football on TV.

Tomorrow we're off to a friends to celebrate new year and my girlfriends birthday. She's back from Portugal tomorrow so hopefully won't be too knackered to go out. I bought a load of party food today which I'm hoping will go down a treat.

Has anyone checked out Simon's Cat? Check it!

There are 29 comments on this journal entry. View/Add Comments and red wine. Vodka and ginger? Champagne? - Mood:Horny
Tuesday December 29 20092:42:17 PM |
So another night in without the girlfriend so it's pizza, wine, football and maybe some Call of Duty.

I was meant to be in Portugal now but our flight got cancelled at 2am, 1 hour before we were due to leave for the airport. F*ckers. Lou was gutted that she wasn't able to get another flight out before Christmas to see her mum but we did get her a flight for Boxing Day. The weather has been shocking though, today they had a three hour thunder storm and a power cut. Bugger!

Today I've watched District 9 on Blu-Ray which was stunning. great film anyway but it looks fantastic in HD.

There is too much chocolate in the house.
I love boobs.
I'm getting a real taste for vodka and ginger beer.
Christmas ham rocks.
I'm hoping to regain my love for this site.

So, are you on a YT upper or a downer at the moment?

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Some cars, some sunburn and a nice surprise! - Mood:Good
Sunday July 05 20094:03:44 PM |
Well I'll start with the nice surprise.

I got the promotion I wanted. As I mentioned in my last journal I wasn't expecting to get the job so I was pretty chuffed to get it. They didn't have issue with the wage I asked for and I get a pay review in a few months. Awesome!

Next, my weekend. My girlfriend and I got some tickets to The Goodwood Festival of Speed for Christmas and went yesterday. It was fantastic. Brilliant weather (hence the sunburn), some great cars, a display of the Eurofighter Typhoon, and my GOD it moves like nothing I've ever seen, WHAT a plane!

A few celebs were there, Peter Fonda, Jesse James, Bobby Charlton, Sebastian Loeb, David Coulthard, Mark Webber, John Surtees, Jamie Redknapp and more but the machines were the stars of the show. My girlfriend did a lap in a Bowler Wildcat which was totally mental!


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An update. Not that anyone knew what went before. - Mood:Horny
Sunday June 07 200910:05:09 AM |
So I had my second interview on Friday for the managers position I applied for.

Nailed it. I totally know I'm the best internal applicant for this job. But I won't get it. It wasn't advertised externally but they're interviewing an applicant from my managers former company that must have been invited to apply.

Still, need to be seen to want to progress an all.

I'm looking forward to few things at the moment which makes a nice change. Being an uncle, going on holiday, getting new furniture and getting the new Eskimo Joe album. Nice.

I'm about to hit my 3rd extra large JD and lemonade. Gotta love Sundays!

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I`ve just done something I should have done years ago...... - Mood:Good
Monday May 18 20093:31:21 PM |
..and I could be freaked out by it too. Maybe.

I've just applied for my provisional driving licence.

I love cars but for some reason actually driving them hasn't ever bothered me. Until the last couple of months. I guess there are a few reasons why I've done it. Firstly, I want to now. I don't know what changed my mind but I actually want to drive. Secondly, my long suffering girlfriend might just kill me if I don't learn. And I may have said on a very drunken night out that if I wasn't driving my Christmas she could punch me straight in the face.

Not the best of offers for me. Wonderful for her though.

Finally, I think there comes a time when not having a licence becomes an issue career wise. There are only so many role profiles my managers can change to remove the 'Must Have' under the driving licence section.

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Just me! Oh, and please, help me understand. - Mood:Shocked
Monday June 02 20081:25:51 PM |
Well it's been a while since I did one of these. Not much exciting to report other than I'm off to see the Foo Fighters in London on Friday. Tickets haven't turned up yet though........

So yeah, I'm totally weirded out, confused.

I'm not often bothered by much I hear on the news, famine, plague, war etc etc, but just lately I've been increasingly bothered by the number of knife crimes being reported on.

As a kid, I think I maybe used to hear rumours that one of the weird kids at school carried a knife. No one ever saw it, but then you know what the school rumour mill is like. Through college, I still never knew of anyone carrying a knife (unless we were off camping, that sort of thing.) And today, I still don't know anyone who would / does carry a knife. Maybe some do, but it's not something anyone is proud of enough to make it known.

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What`s pissing me right off today is...... - Mood:Horny
Wednesday January 02 20081:47:33 PM |
The stupid old c*nt on the checkout not sliding the 'Next Customer Please' divider up the proper channel. It's there for a reason you dumbsh*t.

Minger with the kid and trolley trying to get in the supermarket through the'Exit' door I'm trying to get out of and wondering why it's not staying open for her. And cut out the pies love, please.

Lazy f*cks who know someone (me) is on holiday for 10 days, who find a problem that needs sorting on the first day of my holiday then leave it for me to sort when I get back. One phonecall to our software supplier would have sorted it without people getting more pissed off for over a week.

Chavy bitches on the bus thinking everyone wants to hear your sh*tty dance music playing on your cheap phone.

Rinse, repeat as required.


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So tonight Matthew, I`ll be a miserable c*nt. - Mood:Spastic
Saturday November 10 20077:34:51 PM |
Yup that's me tonight.

I've done the best part of a bottle of JD, and a couple of vodka Redbulls. Why the f*vk am I not feeling like I'm about to pass 0out?

I've been to a wedding reception. Nice couple, but it reminds me why I so can't be f*cked with all that. The speach making, the picking of the venue, booking a DJ. I'm going to ask the groom for the DJs name, just so shuld I ever need a DJ, I don't hire that prick. I'm not expert on the turntables, but I know when mixing is sh*t. That twat should have just stayed on the dole. Thanks for trying, you fail.

On a brighter note, I got a sweet bike today, a birthday present from my girlfriend. I think I'll take it out tomorrow, give it a proper go. It has been years since I owned a bike and my legs were burning almost as soon as I got on it earlier.

I think I#'ll get a nice dirty burger.

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Mmmm.......the sun is shining, I have beer, all is fine. - Mood:Good
Saturday August 11 20071:20:38 PM |
Yup, for sure. The sun is out, the windows are open and a light breeze is turning the curtains. I have beer. I've had a few. I like beer. Beer is good.

I'm listening to Jeff Buckley whilst listing stuff on eBay. This evening I'm off to a birthday BBQ and I expect to over indulge. It would be rude not to.

Convince me to wait before buying an Xbox 360, please. I'm so tempted it's almost painful. If I knew the 65nm chipset was coming soon I'd have no problem waiting, but I don't know of a set date! The problem is I love to spend money. And no, that does not mean I want to buy any of you freaks a key. Unless you're extra awesome.

And I hope Halz's bread fails. She has surpassed my play count. I'm not happy.


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I man! See me DIY! - Mood:Good
Saturday July 21 20076:41:53 AM |
So it's 11:30 and I'm drinking beer. I am, after all, a man. I am allowed to do this sort of thing. To confirm my manliness, I just made a shelf in the kitchen stable after it came loose last night. I am, DIY God!

Well, maybe not, but it's a start.

I'm still getting that "This is OUR place" in the new house. I can't believe I own a home. I love it. Paint is going up, the garden is getting sorted, I think I'll re-roof the shed next.

This is the greatest music video ever. I wish I were a Hungarian rapper.

So we popped down to Asda at midnight to get the new Harry Potter book for my girlfriend. Walked straight in, picked it up, waited about 5 minutes in a queue to pay and off we went. Over the road, a queue of people about 200 long were waiting to buy it in the main book shop in the town for £15. Asda had it for a fiver. Idiots. Look across the street!

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Home owning and associated stresses. - Mood:Good
Friday June 15 20074:41:54 PM |
I have wine. A nice red.

So on Tuesday we officially move into our first house. We've been renting a flat for a couple of years and we finally tool the plunge and bought. We got stitched on the completion date but it's all gravy.

So now it's the mass phone around to let people know we're off. TV, phone, internet, bank, utilities etc etc. I've already spent about an hour in the last 2 days trying to get my digital TV moved and upgraded. Idiots, I was so pissed off yesterday it was unreal. We'll get there but how hard can it be to change an address on a computer system? C*nts. We've a little decorating to do once we're there but it's a nice place anyway.

Tomorrow I'm seeing Muse at Wembley stadium. My first stadium concert, it best be good. First act on at 4pm, Muse finish up at 10.30.

Things seem pretty cool at the mo, I just hope the move goes OK.

Over and out. Kind of.


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So my bank f*cked me over. Idiots. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 12 20078:04:03 AM |
They did. They stopped my debit card, asked that a retailer retain it, embaressed and inconvenienced me. Their mistake.

A stern letter of complaint is heading their way.

So, my weekend will now consist of not spending money (and I like to spend), sitting in, drinking JD and playing video games. I guess it could be worse. I have Sprite and Dr Pepper to mix it with, both make tasty treats!

My girlfriend is in Portugal for a few days, checking out the house her parents have bought. I'm taking the opportunity to be a slob. I might sleep on the sofa, maybe watch some crappy horror films she refuses to watch, I might start making my way through My Name Is Earl - Series 1. Maybe, because I'm feeling crazy, I might even post here some!


Who here should I make an effort to get to know? I realise I stay pretty removed. I get too wound up by people being idiots here.

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