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Male, 37 years old
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Knock at the door at 7:45am - Mood:Good
Friday December 29 20066:31:48 AM |
Was a delivery man dropping off my BT home hub for free, it's all white/sleek and sexy but the phone add on isn't here, should it be? why is my internet phone missing, answers will come when I reach BT later on today.

BT Home hub!

In other news I've been playing fear on and off for a few days, it's a creepy game with too much gore but my laptop seems to heat up quite abit, I'm scared of frying it

Oh and this BT home hub has to be the easiest wireless network I've ever set up.

Oh, excuse my ignorance, How're you all?

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Oh my sweet sweet reds, How I miss thee so - Mood:Enraged
Friday September 08 20066:57:29 AM |
Today has taken the turn for the worst, I'm out of ciggies, I'm skint, I'm close to combusting due to lack of nicotine, Marlboro reds is what I need.

Also lack of sleep, too much vodka and not eating are making me quite aggrivated, but lack of ciggies have pushed me too far.

I'll ask How you're, even though I don't really want to know, I'm just being polite.

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Sitting, thinking, then it happens.............. - Mood:Embarrassed
Wednesday August 09 20067:25:41 PM |
Blood rushes to your c*ck at the most inconvenient time, like a hospital appointment, you hope it's going to take along time, so you can think unsexy thoughts, and pray for your wang to die down.

That is all.

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Nothing like catching your foreskin in your zipper - Mood:Good
Sunday July 23 20064:11:16 PM |
Well it's time again, for me to spill the contents of my head into a thread, where do I start, film four started today, my free view box decides to break just before 9, when I wanted to watch the film they've advertised FFS.

I've been occupied rotting away playing wow, for those who don't play it, don't answer this, fellow wow players, how much is enough, time wise?

Also, I've been drinking lots of fluids because it's so damn hot, I've been pissing like a mule and I like it, nothing better than pissing if you ask me.

Since I've went on about myself, I'll ask about you, yes you*points*

Oh Aye, I caught my c*ck skin in my zipper, it's hurting lots, advice.

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MSN addy, click and recieve it - Mood:Happy
Monday May 15 20066:10:45 PM |
F*ck of you silly muppet, I don't like you nor will I ever so f*ck yourself with a glass bottle...

But wait right there it seems I've not made a journal in such a long time, i guess it's because I hate you all and want you all dead.

So the Omen could have been remade in what seems like months, flicking through the channels, seeing a trailer of what said..'The Omen' I hope for the love of all the sane ppl left in the world it's some sort of joke, remakes suck balls, bar a few.

Since I've made a journal I'll ask how you lot are, I'm not bothered really, I'm just being polite...*smile & nod*

Plz continue your day to day rubbish.

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After rummaging around in my pocket, I grasped something hard - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 25 20068:36:47 PM |
My keys, I know what you where thinking, Dirty minded f*ckers.

So now I have you in my thread, lets start with a topic, habits we have?, anything you do everyday without fail, at the same time everyday.

Everyday, without fail, I watch a film at 3am, nothing particular, just any film I fancy watching, it's a habit of not sleeping, take the dog out 7am, for 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday, round the same route, some other things, but they aren't worth mentioning, How about yourself?

May as well ask how you're?, as it'll be mentioned in this thread, possibly hijacked, so if you feel the need to discuss yourself, stop, think, then ask yourself, am I pretty, if the answer is 'Yes', kill yourself, if the answer is 'No', kill yourself, as I'm out of anything interesting to say.

End of rant, till you post, and I start once more..

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Woolworth`s, if the sign says one thing, the staff say another. - Mood:Enraged
Wednesday January 04 20067:59:49 AM |
So to all those who know what Woolworth's is, and to those who don't it's basically a shop that sells just about everything, domestic, toys, household, sweets etc.

But the point I'm trying to make is, when I was in there today, I wanted to buy a bottle of pop, and noticed buy one get one free, Apple tango, orange tango, lilt and sprite etc, so I picked up a lilt and apple tango.

Got to the checkout, expecting to pay 89p, she says...£1.84, I said that's wrong. she said it isn't, so I told her there is a offer on, she said there wasn't, at this point my patience was going downhill rather rapidly, I said go and look then, she said in a sarcy voice, I will then, so I waiting for a few minutes, she came back and said it was a misprint.

So I said maybe you should check your pricing tags then, this isn't the first time it's happened, it's the same shop, I think they could be illiterate.

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If you despise Celebrations and wish to avoid anything festive related, please pop in, otherwise f*ck off! - Mood:Bored
Saturday December 31 200512:42:48 PM |
Well if you have decided to post in here, you're as Grumpy as me, Christmas, Easter, valentines day all waste of days, buying things because of a calendar, crazy is what it is, commercial enterprises benefit from your over spending, down with the fat cats, down with anyone who is happy, down with anything that isn't important.

We should all value what's important, not what can be bought, bring back anarchy, let the world be governed by the underbelly, down with the government, monarchy especially, they clearly have no place in this country no more.

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It`s christmas, Like I can`t believe it, what did you get? - Mood:Good
Saturday December 24 20059:00:23 PM |
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After searching my very soul, I found emptiness - Mood:Indifferent
Monday December 19 20056:41:15 PM |
So here I am again, gracing Journals with my very presence, this thread may or may not contain wit, humor and the most important truth.

I've come to this conclusion, sleep isn't important anymore, I sleep very little, in fact only a handful of hours in each week, being awake so much is starting to affect me in odd ways, to which I won't divulge, as they aren't your business.

I also have a addiction to WOW, not a small addiction, a big addiction, it isn't uncommon for me to spend 24 hours playing it at one time, even more if I feel like it, I may have a problem.

Also, I haven't eaten much lately, don't have the appetite or even the stomach to think about food.

Do you ever have days in which you get pissed off with everything, the littlest thing can make you angry to a point where you could go berserk?

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A man wearing Santa suit, slaughters a cow........... - Mood:Good
Thursday November 24 200511:26:08 PM |
After contemplating what the title was going to be, I figured I would try and make this 'journal' interesting....So lately I've been awake more than usual, 4 days without sleep, this could be down to one of two things or a mix of both, mild insomnia and a addiction to WOW.

Do you ever skip days without eating, due to eating making you feel sick? I've been doing it more and more lately but this is due to my illness so no Anorexic or bulimic remarks, also drinking heavily, much more than usual.

So it's 4:30am GMT, I'm bored, hence the journal, and being on YT.

My Favourite picture, taken in Holy Island, not as holy as the name suggests, merely a early settlement for monks way back when, nice scenery and coast, good photos etc.

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Freezers have more than one use! - Mood:Ecstatic
Thursday November 10 20056:47:53 PM |
This may only concern the lager/beer drinkers of YT, but have you ever noticed when you drink lager/beer at a pub it tastes sublime, but when you try to replacate it at home with Cans etc, it doesn't quite taste the same..I've found a way to make it very simular, take a nice glass, preferably a Pilsner/pint glass or near close varient, place it in the freezer for about 10 minutes with your can of choice, then take them both out, pour into glass correctly, untill satisfied you have filled the glass nearly full.Place back into Freezer for another 10 minutes, remove Glass, swirl what's left in the can till you get alot of throth, pour the rest into glass, near perfect Glass of lager.

On the subject of alcohol, what's your favourite tipple and do you have any tips on making it better?

share your tips for YT.

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This palce hasn`t changed one bit since the last time I visted 10 years ago. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 25 20052:14:52 PM |
So once again here are some pictures of places close in in the general area of where I live.

This place is called Holy Island, something to do with monks and gospels or something.

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I need your suggestions? - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 20 200511:52:47 AM |
Ah I see you took the time to look at this, I'm wanting to make an online Photo album, but have no idea what site to use, so if you could take the time to recomend a decent website which allows uploading of photos.

Please only comment if you actually know or have used the site.

Much appreciated<sp>.

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As you look from the waters edge, something hits you! - Mood:Good
Sunday September 18 20051:17:04 PM |
As promised, pictures again, comment if you want.











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So the Ipod spoke to me. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 31 200511:14:42 AM |
Well I finally decided an Ipod was best suited for what I needed, storage/usage wise..I'm thinking it was worth £140, time will tell.

I decided on the silver as the other colours were pretty girlie looking, I know I said Ipods are girlie in general but after seeing them in the flesh so to speak I have to say the ipod is well made and useable.

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Good points and bad about MP3 players? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 28 200511:00:07 AM |
So I need advice from you lot, could people with actual MP3 HDD only post.

As what is posted may result in a purchase, I'm looking to buy a HDD upto 2 hundred pound.(My sisters keyboard is acting odd)

So post a picture and tell me about the player you have.

Much appreciated.

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Deleter, seriously don`t argue if you can`t hack it. - Mood:Good
Saturday August 27 20059:45:17 AM |
Lets all look at the reason why money deleted his journal.

His remarks are pathetic and uncalled for, so he deleted.

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Suggestions needed? - Mood:Good
Monday August 22 20056:01:45 AM |
Well YT, I need your help on choices of music to download.

Post some songs which I can download which are good, much appreciated indeed.

I need about 300 hundred songs give or take.

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Some random pictures taken today. - Mood:Good
Sunday July 31 20053:39:05 PM |
I can't be arsed to say much, so pictures will be better suited today.

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Here are some pictures. - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday July 17 200512:32:23 PM |
I can't be bothered to write much, so I'll post pictures instead.

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Happy birthday Pony! - Mood:Good
Saturday July 02 200511:04:27 AM |
It's ponystatic5 20th birthday today, so it would be much appreciated if you could wish her a happy birhtday.
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Grace and Beauty! - Mood:Good
Sunday June 26 20051:12:57 PM |
Pictures once more, here is a few pictures I took whilst out on my travels on this hot but mildly windy sunday afternoon.

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It was damn hot but pictures did present themselves part deux! - Mood:Good
Sunday June 19 20051:20:02 PM |
These were taken today! in 26 degree heat.

I hate hot weather as I get really aggitated.

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They found a severed head in bushes near to my house today! - Mood:Shocked
Wednesday June 15 20051:32:08 PM |
We'll it's the best way to get you people sue me

We'll as I have your attention I would like you to post B&W photos of yourself/others or objects etc.

Much appreciated

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