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How do you tell your husband he is a scary driver? - Mood:Good
Monday April 05 20104:43:48 PM |
So this past weekend my husband and I made a lot of small trips around town. I have thought this for a long time but I think it is getting worse: he is a terrifying driver. Riding bumpers, stopping within inches at red lights, slamming on the brakes, regularly going 45-50 in a 30 zone. He says, "It really should be 45 here. 30 is ridiculous."

He also has been known to drive in the shoulder and turn the wrong way down a wrong way street.

I haven't been driving as long as he has. He's older and I was 18 when I got my license. Plus, I've been in an accident and he really hasn't. How do I tell him that his driving scares me without sounding like a whiny little brat?

How was everyone's Easter?

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Grandmothers are weird people - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 22 20093:12:50 PM |
At least mine is. I called her today as I do about once a week and we were just talking about life, Christmas and the weather.

Throughout the conversation she asked me how it's like having a boss now that I'm married. She asked me when I'm having kids because it seems "only my stupid grandkids have kids while you don't. You've always been one of my favorites, you know." She also said her usually thinly veiled racist remarks that I ignore. Plus her "gossip," which I mostly ignore.

I've been going to the gym lately. I've been doing about 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 10-15 on the treadmill but afterward I am so lazy so I feel as if I end up accomplishing nothing.

So what are are everyone's holiday plans? This time tomorrow I will be swearing at traffic outside of Philadelphia on the way to the in-laws'. We are going to see my parents right after Christmas.

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Victory is mine!!! - Mood:Good
Thursday December 10 200910:16:06 PM |
I finally convinced my husband that he is not going to fit into the pants he "outgrew" freshmen year of college. He is 26. I have them all folded and ready to go to charity.

There are so many little things that I need to do but have little motivation to do so. The storage closet is a wreck. I still have to change my name on all my credit cards and student loans too but I am waiting for my Driver's License to come. This name change stuff is so tedious...

I got my new voter registration card with my new name today and I finally registered with a party, despite my reservations. I guess the ability to vote in primaries is more important than being stubborn about finding a party that I feel that I "fit" with.

So, what's new YT? Your life must be more eventful than mine.

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Things Nobody Cares About - Mood:Good
Friday April 10 200911:42:46 PM |
I got my wedding dress earlier this week. After fretting over it and panicking and being genuinly crazy, I found a dress that fit me perfectly off -the-rack at David's Bridal. I ended up in a bigger size than I normally wear which kind of annoyed me but it is probably more accurate than my vanity-sized Gap jeans. I got the dress, a floofy slip, a sash, a veil and a headpiece for $500 or so.

We have the date set (November 7) and the church part seems easy. My fiancé and I just need to take a test and go to Pre-Cana. Has anyone been married in a Catholic church, and can give me information about what to expect at Pre-Cana? Plus I need to meet with the organist but I know her already.

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I won`t see another Christmas...... - Mood:Good
Thursday April 02 200912:02:33 AM |
with my current name!

We've set a date, well, sort of. The fiancé and I are getting married either November 7 or November 14 at 1 p.m. at my church. Now I just need to figure out the reception. Feeding everyone is going to be a nightmare, financially and logistically.

I am trying on dresses on Monday and I am afraid I'm gonna walk in the door and they are going to say "Oh, we have nothing that is gonna fit you." Or else they well have one dress and it will be remarkably hideous, like bulgy 80s sleeves and a miniskirt in the front with a 12-foot train in the back. I probably need a size 10-12 and a petite.

How is everyone this lovely evening?

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Staring at the phone.. - Mood:Anxious
Thursday March 12 20091:41:50 PM |
I had a second interview for another part-time job (I work about 32 hours a week at Target) yesterday. It is for a publishing company and I would love it especially since it is sort of in my field (I have a BA in writing). She said she would call me today. I need a distraction.

I keep looking at my phone, making sure it was on. I even got mildly annoyed that my friend Amanda called and asked if I wanted to do anything tonight.

I've already gone to the grocery store to try to distract myself. I didn't even need anything. All I got was ranch dressing for the fiance (ewww ranch) and corned beef for St. Patrick's Day.

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Because it hit 15 today, I bought a swim suit - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 03 200910:53:30 PM |
And my fiance thought it was a dress. Well, I tried it on at home and asked him how it looked. It's a longish tankini top and one of the bottoms with a skirt over it.

He said it was a bit short but it looked nice. Apparently, I am the world's biggest prude or something.

I also bought blank wedding invitations even though we haven't set a date yet, probably November though. They were $16 for 100 and I can print them on my computer. I just hope they look okay; I can't fathom ordering them online and spending $1 each invitation. Has anyone printed their own invitations for a wedding, etc?

Oh, and because I'm indecisive, you guys should pick what I watch on tv the fiance and I are rewatching old The Office DVDs; I still have some John and Kate Plus 8 DVDs I haven't seen that were a Christmas present or there is always Simpsons and Futurama on the DVR.

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It`s too big but..... - Mood:Excited
Sunday February 15 200912:33:07 PM |
I'm so excited anyways!

It was his great-grandmother's.

We had decided to eat dinner at home for Valentine's Day. I made steak, twice-baked potatoes, asparagus and tiramisu.

After dinner he tells me has a present for me and pushes a napkin toward me. Inside is a cookie that says "Be Mine." He looks at me and says, "will you?" Confused, I say yes and he pushes another napkin toward me. Inside is the ring.

Forgive my shameless bragging. I'm just so happy today.

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Nothing makes me feel better than bitching. And liquor. - Mood:Good
Monday February 09 200911:24:38 PM |
Saturday night my boyfriend was opening my trunk and my key snapped in half for no good reason. After driving all around town to have a locksmith fish out the key and attempting to get a key made, I have been informed the key will be $60, that I have to get it from a dealer and that I have to wait until they get more in. I have a spare but seriously?

It would be $3 without a chip. So basically Chevy adds chips so they can make $60 from poor idiots like me.

My boyfriend is bitching/trying to sleep in the other room because he's stuffy/sick. He bitched because I'm getting a big tax return (this is a sign I need to adjust my withholdings); he bitched because I forgot to give him a knife for his chicken at dinner; he bitched because I didn't have ice cream for the brownies made. I hope he gets better. I can't take it anymore.

I think I'll have more wine or maybe Frangelico.

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Some people are just creepy - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday January 20 200911:39:31 PM |
So I drove my car off the side of the driveway today and needed to get towed out. Apparently I am the world's suckiest driver.

The first number I call rings and rings. I get a tow truck from the second number. While I am waiting, I get a text from an unknown number. He asks who I am. I sam I'm Carmella who is this. He tells me he is Tim but nothing else. After attempting small talk, he finally asks if I need a tow. I'm thinking, why the hell did he text me. I ignore the text. He sends me a text, "are you single?" Friggin' weirdo.

Speaking of crazy people, don't let your 2 year old run all around the store, out of your sight; ( I had to catch him from shoes while the lady was in clothing) while you search for cheap clothing. I don't know your kid and I'm worried about the little guy getting lost or hurting himself. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Sorry for the petty rants. How are you all?

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I`m sure no one cares but this is easier than calling all the moms I know - Mood:Anxious
Monday January 12 20096:09:17 PM |
Did anyone who has been pregnant get a negative test 5 days after their missed period?

I took the test first thing in the morning.

I started having my period when I was 10. I am 22 now and have never been more than a day late. Plus, my nipples feel like they are gonna fall off. If I bump into something, I want to scream.

If I am not pregnant, I must have cancer or some equally horrible disease.

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I`m terrified - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday January 07 200912:58:41 AM |
It's 5 to 1 a.m. and my boyfriend isn't home. He was gonna go to a friend's house after work. I worked 4:30 to 10:30 and he wasn't home when I got home. He is not answering his cell, or his work cell.

I don't know his friend's number. There is an ice storm going on. (My crazy ass has already called the police asking about accidents).

I know no one cares but maybe someone will console me.

In other news, I'm cold and in the TMI camp, for some reason my boobs hurt. A lot.

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I think I`m dating a 12 year old - Mood:Good
Thursday October 30 200811:31:23 PM |
So, my boyfriend (who is really 25) and I carved pumpkins tonight. His is a regular Jack-O'Lantern face. Mine is a bat.

He is now decided that he is going to spend the evening setting things on fire. He tried to set pumpkin pieces on fire. since that failed, he is burning paper towels in my sink.

He is utterly enthralled by this. He is not an idiot. He has a degree from an Ivy League school and near-perfect SAT scores, but he acts like 10-year-old.

I hear the microwave in the background and half expect to go out there to find melted Army men to clean up. Sometimes I wonder if he'll ever grow up. :-p

So, how is YT?

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Staying at home all the time is making me cranky - Mood:Bored
Wednesday October 08 200811:05:03 PM |
I need to find something to occupy my time. I feel as if I am getting annoyed easily and am gonna snap. I guess when the highlight of the day is going to the dump, something is bound to go wrong.

I went to the grocery store and the cashier annoyed me. Even though I shouldn't care at all. I was annoyed that she held up my raddicchio and said in a weird voice "what the heck is this?" Ok, so you don't know what it is. I guess it's not that common a purchase, fine. But then when you hold up my potatoes and ask "are these potatoes?," I start to wonder about you.

Hopefully, I get a job soon. I have another interview on Monday. Until then I'll just get more bored and more bored. And bitchier and bitchier.

How do any of you YTers keep busy when you are in between jobs/ on college breaks, etc.? I need something cheap to do that occupies my time.

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I`m sick of everything. - Mood:Bored
Monday September 22 200812:31:26 AM |
I tried waxing my own eyebrows today. I bought some microwaveable wax at Target for about $3.

They look ok it just hurt like hell. I never thought it hurt much when I got it down at a salon so I don't know why it hurts so much when I do it.

Does anyone else wax their own eyebrows and find this to be the case? Maybe I'm just a huge baby.

I am so sick of cleaning and everything. I re-organized the entire closet this weekend and did about 15 loads of laundry. (I brought in the winter clothes from the garage). I still have a big pile of socks to sort.

What I hate is while I am dragging heavy boxes and approaching hour four of sock sorting, my boyfriend just sits their and watches. No, " let me help you Mella" or even "why don't you relax. I will get you a drink." He gets lazier and lazier everyday, I swear. Starting tomorrow, I have to start packing him lunches to take to work.


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