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Male, 63 years old

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1st Game of the season - Mood:Good
Monday August 16 202112:48:25 PM |
For me 1st Game since January 2020.

Chelsea were parading the Champions League Cup and I was there early.
I met some old friends and some of the old players before the game. Old as in they were playing in my first game in 1967.

Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 0

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i have just been invited to make my first vaccination appointment - Mood:Good
Saturday February 13 20211:03:35 PM |
Happening next Friday

Hopefully this means that UK deaths will begin to tumble because I am in the 6th highest risk group.

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Look who`s (nearly) walking... and in England too - Mood:Good
Friday September 04 202010:13:13 AM |

She just has to figure out how to uncurl her toes I think.

She does this funny little thing. If you sing incey wincey spider she rubs her hands together to try to make the spider.

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Corona close to home - Mood:Sad
Sunday April 05 202010:11:02 AM |
My brother-in-law has lost his uncle to this infection.

BIL is exactly the same age as me. born on the same day. His uncle was more of a dad when he was growing up, he is pretty broken up.

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I met 2 of my childhood heroes today ... and 2 new ones. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 27 20198:32:52 PM |
I went to see Chelsea play Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup today with the Blues winning 3-0. I found an amazing deal with a whole hospitality package of Buffet drinks freebie merch for about the same price as a regular seat (cup games are cheaper but this was a steal) 2 of the former players acting as hosts were from the time I was 9 years old going to my 1st game. Bobby Tambling became the record goalscorer and remained so for about 47 years he's 75 now and still holds the record for goals scored in League matches
Tommy Baldwin played alongside him but suffered from alcohol related issues in parallel with George Best.
Peter Osgood made up the forward line but I always preferred the steady rate of Tambling to the flamboyant but erratic form Osgood who was by far considered the star of the team. We had a good chat about that old team.
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I have a new lodger - Mood:Good
Friday March 16 20183:06:16 AM |
Over the last few weeks there was somethink strange in the neighborhood. I've noticed 2 cats posturing at each oyhter on the garden fane. This was unusual is next door own a feistly little 3 year old boy cat who is protective of his space abd sees my house as an extension of his domain, often spending the night here when he has found himself shut out in the old and wet. When I asked next door I fould out that little Rocky had been hit by a car and that's why there was a rebistribution of the polical arena among the remaining kitties.
Yesterday I has the back door open and the white cat (as opposed to the black one) made a bold move into my kitchen and right away began scent marking the doorway with her face. This morning as I got up she was sat on the fence damply waiting to come inside and continue to examine all corners of the house.
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Early one morning just as the sun was rising - Mood:Good
Saturday December 16 20173:48:00 AM |
I heard a dog a-barking in the valley below.

Well in my garden actually and it was trying to eat a large Black man who was them arrested on suspicion of trying to gain unlawfull enrty.

Who goes out equipped to steal at 06:40?

Are burglars so poor these days that they have to rely on public transport?

Did he go to the annual Felons' Christmas Party and try to get a dishonest night's work in on the way home?

I know burglars are the lowest tech level of criminals but this is dumb, even for South London.

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God`s Country - Mood:Good
Monday November 20 20177:18:24 AM |
Looks like I'll be heading to the Mid West in Late Feb/March

Kansas City MO
Iowa City IA
Minneapolis MN
Chicago IL
Madison WI
Grand Rapids MI
Blomington IN
Nashville TN

Anyone got a spare bible?

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We`re in the money - Mood:Good
Monday November 13 20178:10:11 AM |
I just found £65 in my shirt pocket.

The money my sisters gave me when I paid for dinner on my credit card on 3rd November.

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Facedeath - Mood:Sad
Tuesday October 31 20176:50:26 AM |
Why do people feel the need to post meaningless "trbutes" on someone's social media page within minutes of hearing of their death?

It just ensures that most of the deceaced friends and family will learn of their death on f*cking facebook.

On ones that copy and paste the same "tribute" are the worst.

There should be some ettiquette realy, like don't post about someone's death until their family has made a public announcement.

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I have all the puppy - Mood:Good
Sunday August 27 20178:58:43 AM |
I am in Berlin after an overnight drive so I am resting up. with my little housemate.
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This week arl be mostly working for KFC - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 11 201712:49:04 PM |
I was asked to drive a support vehicle for a national advertising campaign. They are giving away free drinks to promote Robinsons squash being available in KFC. Manchester Leeds Glasgow and Edinburgh will be the recipients of mucho squash. I'm working for a fast food corporation albeit indirectly.
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What am I even doing? - Mood:Good
Friday June 16 20173:28:07 PM |
This is my itinerary over the next couple of weeks.

22 June Drive to Carlisle
23 June Drive to show in Kilmarnock
24 June Drive to show in Falkirk
25 June Drive to London
27 June fly to show in Dublin
28 June fly to Edinburgh
29 June show in Edinburgh
30 June train to show in Birmingham
1 July bus to London
2 July show in London
3 July fly to Rome
4 July show in Rome
5 July am fly to London pm Drive to Liege
6 July show in Liege Drive to Leipzig
7 July show in Leipzig Drive to Essen
8 July Drive to London show

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Tiens je suis l`eterage - Mood:Good
Sunday April 30 201712:52:02 PM |
So I was sitting at home on Thursday when someone on the internet said OMG the van we booked to go onto ie is still in a garage, what are we going to do? 24 hours later Inwaa in the town where Joan of Arc was burned with 2 punk bands. That me now not Joan of Arc in the 15th century with the punk bands. And I will be visiting some quirky little French towns for the next 3 weeks.
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Speaking of travel plans - Mood:Good
Thursday March 30 20172:35:30 PM |
I just heard last week there are 2 more Ani Difranco giGs in Rome and Milan on 4th and 5th July. So I started to work out a travel plan when I get a Text from my man Jez Dior telling me he is playing WrelessFestival on July 8th and has some shows before that in Belgium and Germany.

This has to clash and I don't want it to.

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It`s time to be fanboy again. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 01 20176:00:10 AM |
It's been 3 years.

But Ani Difranco is coming to Europe again.

I must release my inner lesbian.

Dublin June 27th I have a front row seat.

Edinburgh June 29th I have a front row seat

London Palladium July 2nd 1 have 6 3rd row seats.

Ani at the Lodon Palladium WTF?

and Flights - London Dublin £20 - Dublin Edinburgh £15

I paid more than that for a bus to Paris and Amsterdam 3 years ago.

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You find the strangest things under the Christmas tree - Mood:Good
Monday January 30 20175:13:03 PM |
Little Freddie was due on 26th December but he arrived a week early.
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This season, I`ll be mostly weaing a steering wheel - Mood:Good
Saturday September 03 20165:45:55 AM |
Driving the support band on George Watsky's European tour.
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Drawing Board. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 13 20143:09:22 PM |
I'm having some plans made to extend my house and make it all American.

A big kitchen and open plan family room and multiple bathrooms.
Original layout

1st draft and additions.

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America`s Dumbest Criminals - Mood:Good
Sunday March 02 20143:27:31 AM |
My friend is touring with some random band and she just posted this on Facebook.

3 hours ago near Lincoln, NE, United States

Some idiot just ran in to a car (it was parked and empty) outside the venue, tried to run it into the side walk, reversed and drove off. Me and 2 others were trying to remember the license plate to report it to the police (not doing so well) and what did they leave behind? Their f*cking reg plate!! Hahahaha. Idiot.

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Someone wrote a book about me! - Mood:Shocked
Thursday February 20 20144:38:56 PM |
Have you ever wondered how you would feel if someone turned your life into a movie or a book?

Like Woody Allen in Manhattan when his wife left him for a lesbian and deeply embarrassed him by airing the laundry of their life in public.

You might idly wonder who would play you in a movie, for me it might be Bob Hoskins or Phil Collins, although they are both about 20 years too old, but you get the picture.

Try to imagine how other people might see you, how would you feel about their stamp being the way you were immortalized on the screen or in print like Billy the Kid or Jack the Ripper.

This has just happened to me. OK it’s not some big Hollywood Blockbuster or a Pulitzer Prize of a book, just an E book by an old acquaintance of mine that limped its way into print by virtue of his own attempt at independent publishing.

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Foreboding messages and stuff. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 27 20135:31:20 PM |
I came home to a series of answerphone messages from my 87 year old dad.

Messages saying can you call me when you get home.

This usually means bad news, someone is in hospital or dead.

But no, he wanted to make sure I wasn't away somewhere so that he can send me a cheque. Which is nice... but I think he is starting to think about redistributing his assets to minimize inheritance tax.

Soomething you don't want to think about, that needs to be thought about I guess.

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Bored 1 Barclaycard 0 - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 10 201110:38:29 AM |
You know how credit card companies are supposed to clear the highest balance first these days.

Well they didn't.

So four months interest free on my outstanding balance as compensation.

Alan Wicker? I've sh*t him.

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Things to do on a Cold February Sunday morning. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 16 20116:32:05 AM |
Make a video with your friends?

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Have you ever considered being am envornmentaly irresponsable consumer? - Mood:Good
Friday January 14 20114:11:50 AM |
So my printer broke down because something got trapped in the paper feed.

I hardly use a printer, so often the redundancy of the thing causes it to seize up more often than something that is regularly operational.

But I have one of those 3 year replacement deals where if anything goes wrong you just a get a new printer.

It's like a £50 printer, so to even have a service engineer look at it would cost the same as a replacement.

But here's the thing, after a year I had just used up the original black ink cartridge and spent £12.00 on a new one.

The whole set of 4 ink cartridges costs £38.99, so would you be tempted to break your printer and get a replacement every time the ink ran out?

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