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Female, 32 years old
New York, New York, Eastern US

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What do Orajel and Vagisil have in common? - Mood:Good
Thursday January 27 201111:06:31 PM |
Almost everything! I just started looking at active ingredients of the stuff in my medicine cabinet and Orajel has 10% Benzocaine. Guess what Vagisil has... 20% Benzocaine.

I'm thinking, for my toothache, I can just smear some vagisil in my mouth next time and problem solved.

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The best dream ever - Mood:Good
Sunday September 20 20095:46:07 PM |
I had a dream where I walked into my basement and there was a room I never saw before covered from head to toe in every type of build-a-bear clothes imaginable.

I was so happy. I grabbed as much as my arms could carry and I took the clothes upstairs and started dressing my stuffed frog.

And then I woke up. And my frog was still naked. And I was sad.

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Bull Poo Triangle - Mood:Good
Saturday May 23 20094:37:50 AM |
I'm thinking back to my first few days on yt and I wrote this journal where I tried to use every single bad word I could think of to see what words get replaced by the swear filter and what they get replaced with.

I also threw some random words in there to confuse people, for example, the word triangle. I then proceeded to tell my friend about it and we used to use the phrase, "Bull Poo Triangle" as a swear in every day life.

I miss my bull poo triangle.

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My lips - Mood:Good
Friday May 22 20096:13:34 AM |

I just woke up from a nap with a terrible fever. And now my lips are all chapped up and sore. =(

I knew I shouldn't have gone to bed!

Anyway, I dno what I am going to do with myself today. I should go into school and bring some stuff in for the school poetry magazine, but i don't want to. They just randomly emailed me since I started this art club in the school with my best friend and asked for pictures. They then told us to show up today, and they were not there!

I got home to see and email from them in my inbox rescheduling for tomorrow. Pretty last minute and aggravating.

I should shower.

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You know what I would like? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 20 20094:53:23 AM |
A button you yt similar to the *poke* button on facebook.

Only this button would say "Your existence has been acknowledged."

There are a lot of people on yt who I don't like and do not want to talk to... but they deserve to be acknowledged. That button would totally go for them.

Ok, out of the 3 finals... I only studied for 1. I'm f*cking failing so hard that I am going to be so for months.

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EzBUNZ - Mood:Good
Sunday May 17 20098:47:54 PM |
Hey guys, I was cleaning my room earlier today and I found a giant box full of the ez buns thingies.

Kinda like this only without the hole in the middle

I dno what to do with em because they are too flimsy to hold up my hair and I was thinking I make something out of them, but I have no ideas.

Can you think of something to make with em?
Mine are in leopard print and I have a bunch.

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I have been having terrible - Mood:Enraged
Thursday May 14 20094:15:58 AM |
backaches because of my stupid fat boobies. I don't think I can take it anymore. I'm a pretty thick girl so I'm used to carrying extra weight, but the stupid knockers are driving me insane.

Sometimes, when I wake up, I can hardly move. I have to wear a damn bra to bed so that I don't drown in the things.

And they fluctuate in size more than a teenage penis does. My wallet can't keep up with buying bra's for them. I think i bought 4 new bras in the past month and all of them are worn out now.

I am unhappy.

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Colors - Mood:Good
Saturday April 18 20099:04:05 PM |
Here are some colors and why I like em

Emerald Green- It is soothing. Like the jungle. You can just fall into it. It reminds me of trees. I really like trees.

Red- It's sensual. This color is so vibrant and dark at the same time. It reminds me of so many happy things like roses and so many scary things like blood.

Dark Blue- The reason this color is so great is because it looks really beautiful against pale skin. There was also this one time where I sat in front of a blue bulletin board during class and it reflected against my pale skin and made me look blue. The teacher stopped the class to ask me why I was dressed up like it was Halloween and I had no idea what he was talking about.

Royal Purple: I was a Barney child. Also, purple looks really good against pale skin. My best friend wears purple a lot and every time I see the right shade of purple, I think of her and I get happy.

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Celery and Mayo - Mood:Disgusted
Saturday April 18 20094:34:36 AM |
Between two slices of bread.

I think that means that it is about time that I go grocery shopping. I'm still kinda hungry, but i think it's just cravings.

Mmm, what I wouldn't do for a chocolate bar and some mexican food and ice cream... yah

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I just got home from the movies... - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday February 15 200912:28:29 AM |
And I am tired. I watched Push...
It reminded me of a movie called Jump or something? For the type of movie it is, it's cool.

I was up early and I ran around shopping and sh*t. I got makeup, jewelry, and some jeans. Yay, sales.

I am currently wearing some very minty lipgloss. I love it. *licks lips* Mmm...

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Missing Class today - Mood:Good
Friday February 06 200910:43:11 AM |
I am missing stats so i can go to comic con today. Yay.

There will be pictures when i get home. I am excited. I have my bag emptied out to just the essentials so that I am not carrying around a lot of sh*t today.

Walet, water, phone, tickets and keys....
that's all I need, right?
I am not used to it being so light... =/

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Stuck - Mood:Good
Thursday January 29 20098:24:50 PM |
Ever wonder what would happen if you didnt have enough money to get home?

You get stuck.

Right now, I am stuck. I am sitting here in the library (and I have been here since 4). No food. No water...
At least I arranged a ride with my father around midnight so I wont be stuck here forever.

I couldn't find anyone to bum $2 off of, so I am sad.

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Two New Paintings - Mood:Good
Monday January 26 20099:26:33 AM |
I have an exhibit tonight.

Today is the first day of classes and I am going to run around like a chicken without her head until I get everything in order.
I took a class over the summer that mysteriously dropped off of my transcript. I need that class if I want to go ahead in my major. It is a prereq for everything!
Apparently, this happened to a lot of people since we switched to a new system. Iunno. We'll see. I am stuck with registration until this gets cleared up. I already sent an email to the professor for the class so that he could write a letter for me for the department. I also have all my hw, quizzes and exams saved.

Bad things always seem to happen to me.

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Who wants to help me come up with a punchline? - Mood:Anxious
Friday January 16 20093:09:52 AM |
I felt like I should have a runescape comic to go with the worldofwarcraft comic i made, but this one is kinda forced, so the punchline isnt funny.

my tummy hurts. i drank a 2L of lemonade and it was good, but now it feels so so bad.

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Phone Pictures time! - Mood:Good
Thursday January 15 20093:09:01 AM |
I feel like camera whoring my little heart out. I finally got the microsd card for my phone so I can take pictures off it of!


Maybe in a few minutes.
I got the blogging job and I am thrilled.
That's my first article. I dont know what to write next!

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I DREW A COMIC - Mood:Happy
Monday January 12 20092:17:01 AM |
I made a new years resolution for real this time. I know I am late, but it's my first one ever, so cut me some slack.
I am going to try and keep up the comic website and update regularly. I've been going strong for two days now, and I am trying to get something done for the third as we speak.
Daily updates are pretty demanding, so i'll proally switch into bi-weekly ones one I am in school again.

that's todays comic. It's not that well drawn, but I think it's pretty witty, so I am happy about it. I am not sticking at all to the original plan for the website with the actual Ardycake character, but I might try and put some of those comics in later.

My biggest problems are that my scanner is broken so that I have to scan at a friends house and that I have a years worth of comics drawn on lined paper.

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The traditional stuffing of the noses - Mood:Horny
Friday January 09 20096:18:00 PM |
Well, I just sneezed five times in a row and it was refreshing.

I am getting a mannequin tomorrow. I am SO excited. I am not sure what I am going to do with it, but once I have it, the possibilities are endless!

I fell asleep around noon and just woke up now. I think I might go game or read/write. I cant make up my mind.

I had some dry cereal for my wake up meal, and when i burp, it tastes like i had milk and cereal. The cereal was RICH IN FIBER so maybe I will poop well later.

On another note, I just sketched this out:

I am going to post a picture up when I am done coloring it. (So sometime this evening I guess). I am going to try and make it pop-artsy. We'll see if that flies.

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I applied for this blogging job - Mood:Anxious
Friday January 09 20097:04:14 AM |
It doesn't pay much (which seems to be the never ending story with all the work I jobs i get).

At first, I applied for fun. I wanted something to do over my break and if i turned out to be any good at blogging, i'd stick to it.

It was a small website and I wanted to write about gaming and how it relates to New York City. I keep relatively up to date in gaming news and I don't have anything better to do when gaming conventions come up in my area, so i figured, Why not?
There was an opening a few months ago and my friend got hired to write for their sex and relationship section with no experience. Ever since i applied, I started to really want the job. I think it just might be the rejection that is getting to me. I think it's only been a few days since i sent it in though, so maybe I shouldn't be so sad.

In other news, my nose is stuffy again. (Not noses this time. Just one nose.)

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How can you find out if your liscence is vaild? - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 06 20096:00:25 PM |

I need to know. I looked here:

but is there any way not to pay?

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Guess what I am doing right now... - Mood:Good
Saturday January 03 20096:46:11 PM |
No really, guess! You can't figure it out? Ok, i'll tell you!

I am making a poop.

So, I decided I am going to start a podcast about Art and Gaming and Movies with a good friend of mine. It's not going to hurt to try it out and even if no one listens to it, it will be fun to make.

We wind up having some really weird and interesting conversations and it can't really hurt to record them.

Any one have recommendations on equipment or recording programs?

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I just sneezed so hard that my brain started oozing out of my noses! - Mood:Happy
Thursday December 25 200810:16:43 AM |
Yes. I said it. Noses.

I started playing WoW today. After 3 years of being reluctant to switch over from runescape... I finally did it.
And I sadly report, that I AM indeed a flimsy person. I can't stay true to my darling game. I played WoW all night and I love it. I'm level 12! Yay.

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Needy Whiney and Clingy - Mood:Bad
Tuesday December 23 20083:22:08 AM |
Those three words sum up my personality during this time of the month, but they are the words I most dread to hear.

I don't even realize that I am any of those things, but almost every time I am about to go on my period, my bf and I get into about how annoying I am.

As soon as we argue about this, I should know... BAM... bloodstream of terror is here!

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My nose hurts - Mood:Bad
Sunday December 21 200812:33:41 PM |
I caught a cold over the course of tonight and now my nose is all runny and my head is stuffy.
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Sloppy Seconds - Mood:Good
Sunday December 21 20089:30:30 AM |
I am a mess sometimes.

I have 4 late term papers i have to hand in, and I pulled an all nighter...


Well, I am not sleepy yet... but the thought of writing anything makes me sleepy.
I think I need to go to a library or something so I can write properly.

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Paint brushes - Mood:Excited
Tuesday December 16 20087:17:01 AM |
So, I bought this set of paint brushes about a week ago and I kept them in the shrink wrap until now. I loved the brushes so much that i didn't want to spoil them by using them they way i do with all my other brushes.

Then I thought to myself, what is the point.

If I died tomorrow and never even got to open my brushes, what was the point of getting them.

So I opened them and played with them. I still didnt use them though. I'm writing a paper and i'm trying oh so hard not to get distracted *cough cough*

Tell me about your shrink wraps.

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