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Male, 24 years old
Wherever the wind blows, Doesn`t really matter to me, Eastern US

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Fav. Food: Pizza.
Fav. Car: Hippie Van.
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Some one said I looked like Brendon Urie today - Mood:Good
Friday August 26 20119:50:35 PM |
My family is the type of people to have GAC on their TV all the time. They also criticize me for being a vegetarian.

My girlfriend's sick. So I was bored at lunch and third period.

So yeah, in the halls, this girl WHO I HAVE NEVER TALKED TO BEFORE, said I looked a lot like Brendon Urie. I asked my friend Emily who he was, and she said he was a sex god.

I googled him and he is the singer for Panic at the Disco

I'm thinking about getting a new account...I really hate my SN

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Being a dinosaur is not everything it`s cracked out to be. - Mood:Sad
Sunday August 21 20117:10:26 PM |
I still have to do algebra...

But enough about my dinosaur self, let me tell you about me!

I'm getting an HP pad sometime soon!!! :D

I got fable II today...Meh...It's alright, but the glowing trail kind of plays the game for me...

I joined a good HP rp site today...My application didn't get denied ONCE

I'm gonna win this poster competition...We needed to make one about the scientific method, and I made a comic including dinosaurs for it...^.^...Maybe being one myself aint so bad...

I'm super excited about the new Spider-man...Mostly cause that nasty Tobey Macguire won't be ruining it...Same goes for the "dumb 'love me love me' Mary jane"...


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I`m a dinosaur now. - Mood:Good
Saturday August 20 20119:46:59 PM |
So many personal things have been going on in my life that have caused me so much confusion. I tried to fight it and hold on to my heritage. So I left my Human side and became a T-rex. It's been weird the the transition, and it's probably not going to be easy for a while, but I feel good about it.

Also I have scales and stuff...Pretty cool...

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Ask me anything and I`ll respond in a whiney emo poem - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 17 20117:56:10 PM |
I have never done this before...Let's get it onnn...
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I got raped by Pigeon Forge today! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 14 20119:27:11 PM |
Pigeon Forge is a city in Tennessee. Now, if you've ever heard of Ripleys, you know that anything with their name is a tourist trap.

Ripley's haunted mansion makes me want to punch small adults. Come here Shak.

Seriously. My mom wouldn't go in with me cause she's too afraid of anything scary . So me and Dave paid 26 dollars to go in, and the lady at the counter said "Do you all want a torch? It'll be pitch black, and you won't be with a tour guide."

So by torch, you think flashlight, right? WRONG!
2 bucks...For an orange strobe light on a stick...-.-

And 90% of the tour were loud pipes and storbe lights...Never pay for horror....

Lesson learned...Good night

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Let me instruct you how we battle in the city of....I live in no rhyming cities... - Mood:Good
Friday August 12 20119:07:56 PM |
Anonymous is going to shut down FB. My life is over.

I've come to the conclusion that I really do not like my Algebra teacher. Even though he seems like a nice person, he gives a LOT of assignments...

I might be getting advanced english!!!

I'm seriously bored.I'm pretty, though.

I also may be singing The Star Spangled Banner at one of the games!!! Wish me luck!

How is you?

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WTF is a subset? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 11 20114:15:32 PM |
Thanks for giving me 55 problems on the second day of school, penisface. also, thanks for not explaining anything, and giving it to me the last 2 minutes of class, f*ck.


Also, I like chorus...I got compliments on my music tastes when he called me out in front of all 20 kids in there. I was the first person to sing in chorus.

But how are you gaiz?

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How many YTers do you WANT to meet in prison? - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 09 20117:54:40 PM |
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You know you`re getting to obsessed with Kurt Cobain (and YT) when you have a dream about him - Mood:Cautious
Tuesday August 09 20119:13:55 AM |
My dream was weird. For some reason, my garage band got famous, and we went to Hollywood. I went to visit EhFaQ and Paperdoll, since I always wanted to meet them. Anyway, Socks was also there. So after a nice visit with them, I went to the recording studio, and I swore I saw Kurt Cobain there. So I kept following him, and I eventually found....Courtney love. So I ran from her. and recorded songs, then went to Canada, and had our first concert! Met Bon. Then we went to NY, and my dream pretty much ended...Damn dreams....


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Well, today was...interesting... - Mood:Good
Monday August 08 201112:14:39 PM |
What? It was!

Anyway, I went to my first day to highschool. Gotta say...Lame....I'm sorta glad to be back home..

How are j00?

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I sound like Goofy from Mickey Mouse. - Mood:Good
Friday August 05 20117:08:03 PM |
No seriously. Spot on imitation. Also my voice cracks twice every sentence.

Last night at Orientation it wasn't. and everyone and their brother told me I hit puberty cause I was taller and no longer sounded like JB.

No sh*t, it's been 3 months since you saw me last! You honestly think I wouldn't change at all?

Dumb asses...

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What Yter would you NOT want to meet in person? - Mood:Good
Friday August 05 20115:10:01 PM |
It had to be done

Other than me?

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Freshmen Orientation. Whoo boy. - Mood:Excited
Thursday August 04 20119:52:03 AM |
So, yeah...Today....Less than a week from the start of school...


I wanna stay on YT all day!!!! I wish I had a teacher who was also a YTer...That would be SO kick ass...

I think I'm getting TOO attached to this site...

Maybe school isn't such a bad thing...?

I mean, they teach me and sh*t right?

I get the choice (as a freshman) to choose between chorus, art, band, and ya know, all that jazz...But I really wanna take chorus, AND art. What would you choose if you were me?

Damn decisions...

I wanna create a word for "boss"...At first I was creating stupid things like "Gob" or whatever, but then I realized something...(and no, it wasn't that I'm a shellfish) PEOPLE HATE THEIR BOSSES!!!! So, my new word for Boss, is Reeeaaahhhhh.

I really need highschool...MEH

How's Yt?

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I just got a Kinect! - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 02 20117:09:52 PM |

I also got an Xbox?

anyway's WOO!

My avy has already confused people, which is the master plan

I want a new SN...MEH!

I also need to stop calling people not so popular nicknames, SOME PEOPLE think I'm alters...-.-


^^Do not want


How's Yt?

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I`m out of it, today. - Mood:Spent
Tuesday August 02 201111:38:30 AM |
This journal might not make any sense.

Yesterday I had a good time.

I woke up and drank some coffee, and then ate a bowl of cereal. Then I waited for the day to end, but around 1 my mom texted me and told me my grandfather was taking me out to lunch. So after getting ready, I waited. I waited until 2:30, and decided he wasn't coming, until I looked on my phone and saw he texted me twice saying come outside. He wasn't extremely happy, but I told him to get over himself and we went to Gondoliers. I had Eggplant Parmesan, and some buttercream and reeses cake. It was chocolate, and they put reeses in it, so you would randomly taste one...SO GOOD.

But today I'm all jumbled, not very funny, and making duck faces....

But it's never about me, how are YOU? and how do YOU THINK?!?!?!?!

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I`ve been playing too much guitar. - Mood:Bored
Friday July 29 20116:40:32 PM |
I need TacoBell...In a BAD way.

I'm trying to learn that Hank Williams Jr. song...You know...That one he wrote...About folding...

I now have the excuse to say "I got blisters on me fingers" 4, to be exact. They.Hurt.

But, I'll be 14 soon, so it'll be worth it


How'- wait. Did I say Meep?

How's Yt?

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What does "Synergy" actually do? - Mood:Good
Thursday July 28 20118:53:35 PM |
Don't answer that. Seriously. Don't.

I have a plan for high school.

Wear all completely black. Wear my hair in some stereotype goth style. Put Slayer, Bruzum, and Gorgoth stickers on my briefcase. And I will refuse to talk to anyone. Minus my close friends. and if anyone messes with me, I'll kick them in the balls.

Course, this will only be for the first week. I don't WANT to be "that psycho guy that tells you to wear red on Friday"...

What am I rambling on about?

Any Way.....How's YT?

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Got an early birthday present! :D - Mood:Good
Saturday July 23 20115:31:59 PM |
It's a Johnson!

That's right! Be jelly!

Now I just need to learn how to play...

I also got a huge poster of 'Scream' (No not the movie) for my room!

How are you.

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Wanna know what I`m getting for my birthday? - Mood:Anxious
Friday July 22 20119:41:04 PM |
Two of my friends are making me this.

My parents are getting me this, or something similar:

Chances are, one of my friends will have forgotten to get me something and give me their old bracelet...

I dunno on the rest...

What are YOU getting me? I want a new avy and a pony.

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Friday July 22 20115:10:04 PM |
That's right, old one got to 1000, so we're back to the journals so we can get back to the future!!!!

Me as I waz

Well? I'm waiting!!!!

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I wanna start a emo band called `Im too overly emotional about the suffering in the world even though I live in the richest country in the world` - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 19 20116:38:04 PM |
I'm all sad and shxt. I twisted my ankle de-weeding my mom's garden. There was a mole hole, or a snake hole or something...I had to hop on my bad foot to get inside... Plus Alayna said she couldn't date me...At least until school starts...High school is going to blow...


How's Yt?

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My monday was boring. - Mood:Cautious
Monday July 18 20115:29:02 PM |
I woke up.
Played a PlayStation 2 game I found yesterday I HAVEN'T PLAYED THIS GAME SINCE I WAS 10
Cleaned the livingroom.
Went with my dad to do stuff.

...People at Sam's are creepier than at Wal-Mart.

Came back.
Went Swimming.
Skeptated (is that a word?) I was skeptical if Yt was 3d.

...I hate shaving....

Seriously....HATE IT!

How's Yt?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Shallow Emo kids. Part 2! - Mood:Confident
Sunday July 17 20114:59:07 PM |
Great flick. Although I didn't go see it with Alayna......The 3d glasses amaze me nowadays. They look like hipster glasses.

I have never cried at a movie until today.

How's Yt?

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Mornin`. - Mood:Bored
Saturday July 16 20119:16:49 AM |
'Sup? How's every one doing?

Me? Well, I'm pretty fxcking shxtty, thanks for asking! Why? Oh, only because my mom has been to lazy to go to church for the last few weeks. And now because I want a friend to stay the night...Only NOW does church matter...And I'm not asking an atheist to go to church with me...It's pointless...So now he's gonna be pissed at me because I canceled at the last second...-.-...Parents they just don't understand

But we'll get over it, I guess. How is every one?

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I`m pretty sure I was just asked out. - Mood:Confused
Friday July 15 201110:53:49 PM |
Or forced to ask them out...Believe me...I am happy about it...You guys seen this? It's amazing! Best awesome kickbutt AWESOME freaking epic AwEsOmE!!!!1!1

We aren't in a relationship, YET(or at least she says...) we're Just "dating"...So I guess I'm taking her to HP on Sunday?

So how's your night?

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