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Male, 26 years old
ur face, on mine, Midwest US

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Partners in school suck!!! - Mood:Frightened
Saturday December 08 201210:52:51 PM |
well this survey wasn't due at any particular time but of course my partner was the one in charge of getting it out to people. He didin't and now i'm trying to figure out who I can ask to take the freaking thing.....

If anyone feels up to it would you please!!! take it so i don't fail the class entirely...
here is the link!!

thanks again to all those who will take it.

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who has better word play and who really takes the time to really think even when they are half asleep - Mood:Indifferent
Friday September 16 20114:55:56 PM |
i've been talking with this girl from my school and its seems to me that there are different standards for being smart. they say that she is literally going to be the top of my class but i don't see it. i can confuse her with the simplest of words. i mean she is smart with words but she doesn't know how to play with them.


also the idea that she is not able to comprehend what i am typing because she is tired is not really something that i see as an issue. I mean we're talking and she cannot understand what i am saying when i say "we need to talk to get the bad blood out of this relationship." i don't know why but i find it sad that she cannot see what i am trying to do when i ask her to just talk.

is talking opening up when someone asks you to choose the topic or for your opinion on it?
is there a direct correlation to sleep and how you think?

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Hemriods..... Hahahahahaha - Mood:Hysterical
Tuesday June 21 201112:54:53 AM |
I just found out my brother was using my mothers hemroid pads for acne pads... Hahahahahaha
It's funny because first he ate dog food and now this. He claims to be so much more intelligent than I am just because he's in college and failing a third of his classes while I'm passing all my high school classes.
Oh and he lost his iPod for like the 16 time today and has been home only for about 2 hours at a time and it's all been in the house..
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I need to find a publisher - Mood:Good
Sunday April 11 20107:40:19 PM |
Ok well I have been writing poetry and alot of my friends write.
I haven't been able to find a publisher and I was woundering if anyone knew anyone or something that would atleast look at it.
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Why - Mood:Good
Thursday December 31 20092:16:25 PM |
don't get something about the girl that I'm dating. She says that she always gets mad over nothing she doesn't really understand that I talk with people (mostly girls) about their problems. she always gets bit*hy whenever I talk about one of my freinds that is a girl. I showed her a picture of one of my freinds on here saying they look alike and she says something like this "you seem to like to look at all of your friends pictures more than me, so why don't you just go make out with them or something Idc" and walks and moves somewhere else.
I'm getting tired of this really quick and it doesn't seem like it's worth all of this trouble. Is there anyhing that I can do?
Also she gets mad when I talk to a freinds who is having trouble when I'm at her house but ahe wants to talk to other guys when I'm there.
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poerty - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday November 04 20098:37:11 PM |
well i write now and again but its not a book or anything its just poems and little things that express my thoughts.
Whenever i show one of my friends they think they are heart touching but i don't think anything of them. i think the reason is because i wrote them but idk. and anyways i'm just looking for any tips on writing or something like i want to know how other people write to improve my own writing because there is a writing contest in my school and everyone has said i should put one of my works in but i don't think i should.
what do you think?
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Teens are Idiots Today - Mood:Ashamed
Tuesday October 27 200910:46:39 PM |
My "friend" she is only 13 years old; and the sad thing about her is that she has gotten pregnant 6 times, she started having sex at the age of 6, and she has been addicted to many things like smoking, cutting, and sex. The most sad part about this is that she has had 6 abortions and her friend gave her money up to get her abortion so that my "friend" wouldn't have to the first time. The really sad part tho is that she is in a program that will pay for 4 years of her college and she risked throwing it away by doing stupid sh*t like this.should i tell this organization? or leave her to get the abortion and stop talking to her and let her screw her life up even more?
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bye people - Mood:Good
Monday September 28 20099:11:23 PM |
bye bye people ima not get on for a month or two or at least talk so bye bye.
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school/going back - Mood:Smug
Wednesday September 23 200910:50:48 PM |
well one of my friends had been taken out of school when she was in third grade. She lives in Australia, she had to drop out of school when she was only 9 or 10 she thinks she has gone through a lot of abuse her entire life. She is working a lot to support her two kids who she was having with her bf that they were going to get married and everything but he died before Christmas. So she was pregnant with his kids before he died so now she is a lone but she is renting a place and has a room mate that works in advertisement. She works nights.

What i'm trying to figure out is whether shew would be able to go back to school or not b/c the job she has now she will not be able to do forever so she needs more education.
what can she do?

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well its school - Mood:Indifferent
Thursday September 03 20096:40:23 PM |
well today was funny b/c my friend fell asleep in class and i asked the teacher if i could him in the head with the book i was reading and she said yes b/c he was sleeping in her class room.
i still get strange looks idk why people are doing that ore do i care really. oh i learned a new word its artard tehe. it was something that my friend had to do for a school project.
So well my day was ok it was boring really
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i need help figuring out something - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday August 25 20095:21:07 PM |
well there is this girl named stepanie and i used to like her but i'm still helping her with her problems and everything but i think i know why she never "liked" me but idk what i'm thinking is true or not b/c i think that she is leasiban or bisexual b/c well what she does in front of girls the way she reacts to them and the way she acts with guys.
how can you tell that she is or not ? and asking won't work b/c she'll just lie
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how do you sulk? - Mood:Good
Monday May 11 20096:26:10 PM |
idk if i spelled it right but my teacher said i can't sulk i'm not that type of person but i don't feel like working at all now
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question again - Mood:Disgusted
Monday May 04 200910:04:08 PM |
ok i've been helping people for maybe a year now right. well i've become very stressed right around now. i've wanted to stab her all my life... but now i've been very close to doing it. is there anyways that you can think of to relive stress so i won't?
oh and i need help myself but won't take it help on that to
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help with fears in sleep - Mood:Ashamed
Monday April 27 200911:16:17 PM |
Ok i'm one of those people who can watch some of the most gory movies there are but can't watch pop out kind of movies.
So to the true topic... Well my father loves these ghost shows with people being haunted right, well i watch them sometimes but i can never sleep after words bc i'm paranoid with shadows and what they look like at night by myself.
Any ideas on how to get over this fear? Besides not watching the show.
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what do i have to loose? - Mood:Depressed
Tuesday April 21 200911:45:27 PM |
ok its me again [somehow still alive] but anyways for the people who read my last journal i told you about this girl i liked. well i'm giving up on her but need help doing it. Any advice?
the reason is because she is a coward or idiot one of the two. I say this because she had a friend tell me over the phone to quit asking her out but to any of my memory i haven't asked her out once so yep going back to hard core/emo again.
Enough of my problems how was your day anything new?
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need your opinion - Mood:Confused
Monday April 13 20099:02:48 PM |
well this girl at my school she gives me looks and body language that she likes me. but when anyone asks her if she likes anyone she says no even to me (we are close friends).
but every time i try to make a move or give at gift she says no. and then she says crazy things to me that make her seem hard head more than she is
should i give up on her and move on?
(i've been trying to get her for two years almost)
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what does it mean to be emo? - Mood:Bored
Saturday March 28 200910:06:51 PM |
Well my so called friends at school cut numbers onto their hands. They said “oh we're emo” I said “bs you don't even have the guts to be emo”.
So my question what do you have to do to be emo?
What does it mean to have the personality trait of an emo kid?
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how is this? - Mood:Confused
Wednesday March 18 200912:52:15 AM |
I can write poems about love when i'm depressed, i can write poems about depression when i'm feeling loving, i can write about any girl how they look and what they are to me, all but one girl. this one girl is the one i liked the first time i met her she looks great to me she is smart, funny, helpfull, cute, and a all around lovable person.
i can't seem to really write about her tho.
can anyone help b/c idk if she does like me or if she is just toying with me for the help that i can give.
pm me if you think you can help or want to know more so you can help please thank you.
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Grr i`m boreded - Mood:Bored
Tuesday March 17 20096:14:28 PM |
if your on spring break how is it going for you?
i'm stuck in this hotel room for two days it sucks b/c i want to go home i'm far south in the u.s.a. which i don't really like but i have to live here for now.
Oh and i forgot how mean you guys are!!!!!!!!! i love the put downs you give people and all the sh*t you make them all think about but idc really speak the truth like my grandma who will chew your er off if you give her sh*t.
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