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What is your element? Wind, Earth, Water, or Fire?
Personality quiz on your element type.
personality test

1What is your favorite color? (choose according to the color listed first)
Green, green-blue, green-yellow, etc.
Brown, tan, gold, etc.
Blue, blue-green, sky blue, etc.
Purple, lavender, violet, etc.
Red, purple, pink, etc.
Yellow, gold, yellow-green, etc.
Orange, tangerine, etc.
Black , gray, etc.
White, gray, etc.
2How do you see yourself?
Thoughtful, kind, and hopeful. I am happy if others around me are happy.
Smart, but quiet, and antisocial. I follow my own fate and don't let immature people change it.
Overall successful. I am happy where I am and meet all the goals I set.
I don't let anyone stand in my way! I will do what I want, and when I want!
3What color are your eyes? (C'mon, be honest!)
All or mostly green or hazel green
All or mostly brown
All or mostly blue
Multicolored, my eyes change colors.
4An injured man is on the roadside, what do you do?
Use many restoration items and try to help him recover.
Kill him...he's better off dead.
Completely ignore him...besides, it's not like I know him or anything.
Quickly leave and look for help.
5What kind of team is the best for a battle?
A strong warrior, a healing mage, an offensive spellcaster, and a quick thief and item user.
A team with people who fight for each other and their futures and dreams.
A team that uses strategy, and plans out each move for a battle.
Any team with me in it is the best team!
6Which of these would you say as you enter a battle?
Your fate was sealed even before we met.
You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I will enjoy crushing you.
I must not lose, my friends' lives depend on me!
We can do this! Let's give it our all!
7What do you do if anyone says this, "I said, don't go there!"
What kind of question is this!?!
I would say "Yeah, but I was like ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!"
Don't go where? Have I done something wrong?
Hmm...Oh, you were speaking to me? Sorry, I was to busy ignoring you to notice.
8Someone steals your friend's treasure. What do you do?
Ruthlessly and utterly hunt down and obliterate the thief!
Comfort your friend.
Spread out and search for a similar treasure for replacement.
Tell them, "Be glad it was just an item, not your life."
9What are you thinking about your outcome?
I can't wait to see it!
I was honest and fair, so my result shall be honest and fair.
What's with these stupid questions? Gimme my answer already!
I probably will get my least favorite outcome.

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