This is to test how innocent/trusting/misguided/overly optimistic you are (or aren't). It's also my first quiz.  Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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How naïve are you?
This is to test how innocent/trusting/misguided/overly optimistic you are (or aren`t). It`s also my first quiz.
personality test

1You`re in a cafe, and see a couple talking in a dark corner. He has a wedding ring on, but she doesn`t.
Oh cute, brother and sister having fun together.
I guess they could just work together.
He`s probably having an affair. Bastard.
They`re having an affair. What a homewrecker. She`s probably his wife`s sister too!
2You see your significant other with your best friend at the fair. You knew nothing about this.
Oh wow, how nice to see them!
Well, this is suspicious. I`m going to go ask what`s going on.
I don`t like the look of this. I`m going to follow them and see what happens.
They better explain themselves or I`m never talking to either of them again.
3You`re watching a movie. The lead male says "I`m not like all those other guys".
What do you mean?
I scream at the TV going "It`s a LINE".
You think "Hah!" but keep on watching to see if it`s true.
You sit there and think "Pff. All guys are the same, but she`s just playing him so who cares".
4Someone has left their husband/wife to be with you.
They`ll be faithful to me. I can just feel it.
I worry about them leaving me for someone too, but you have to just hope.
They`ll probably leave me, but it`s a chance I`ll just have to take.
They`re going to leave me too. I can feel it. They`re probably already cheating on me.
I`m already cheating on them. Might as well, they`re cheating on me.

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