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What political party is best for you?
Out of the four parties generally considered to be the most prominent in recent times.
personality test

1What is your position on the environment?
It is very important that we preserve our clean air and water for future generations. We should raise CAFE standards and fund alternative energy sources because coal and oil will not last forever.
The government is the biggest polluter. We should repeal the EPA and simply fine polluters instead of getting taxpayers involved in the process. Private stewardship of national parks would be more effective because the private company would have an incentive (profit) to keep the parks sparkling clean.
It is a very important issue to me, more so than any other. We should not allow adminstrations to give away public lands to industries such as mining or timber. The Republicans and the Democrats both say what we want to hear in the short-term, but the long-term is what must be done. We have to get a sustainable long term economy and ecology, and under our current system, that is impossible..
We should not forget private property rights when speaking of the environment. And now is not a time for more environmental regulations. We need fewer so our farmers and industries can be more prosperous.
2How do you feel about taxes?
Ultimately we should elimate the income tax and cut federal spending a great deal! But Bush`s tax cuts plus his increased spending are not much better than a tax and spend liberal.
We should repeal the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy (over $200,000/year) to put investments in education and healthcare. These investments will pay off in the future. Education produces a better workforce and decreases dependency on welfare and decreases the incarceration rate, thus leading to less federal money being spent.
Tax breaks help jump-start the economy, and what we`re seeing right now is the growth from Bush`s tax cuts he implemented.
We should be less selfish. Most other countries accept highger taxes and are not nearly as greedy.
3What candidate are you leaning toward in the 2004 election?
Kerry, though if we developed a rank-based voting system, I would vote for Cobb or Nader first, and then Kerry.
Michael Badnarik. Besides that, I really don`t care. The Republicans have abused their small government ideals to the point where I have to say that Democrats have almost become the party of fiscal responsiblity. I don`t like Bush or Kerry ,but for fiscal sanity, split government is more desirable than a Republican dominated government. When the two parties argue, this causes gridlock, limiting government waste.
4How do you define yourself on the left-right spectrum?
Moderate, leaning a bit left.
I really hate that stupid line. It`s so limiting. I`m far left on social issues, and far right on economic issues.
Definetely Left.
5What do you think of the gay marriage issue?
The government should stay out of the marriage business... it should be up to churches. Do we really need Big Brother to tell us we are in love?
While marriage is between a man and a woman, I see no problem with civil unions for gays to have the rights that they are deprived of currently. I am against the amendment trying to ban gay marriage.
The American People do not want gay marriage! We must protect them from activist judges that undermine them. Marriage is between a MAN AND A WOMAN.
Gays should have full rights to marry.

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