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Do you get upset easily because you are a sensitive person?
See if you are sensitive and if others can upset you easily!
personality test

1You are at school during non-uniform day and others make negative comments about your outfit, you:
go home and cry, but keep it a secret because you might get threatened.
tell them that you like the outfit and that you only buy things when you are desperate for them.
don't care. they don't know what they're talking about. you totally disagree!
threaten them. they don't talk to me like that! they do it again and they're dead!
2You did something wrong and your parents grounded you for it, you:
get upset because you didn't want to do it and you have never been grounded before.
you are slightly upset but you shouldn't've done the wrong thing. parents knows best!
you disagree and start talking back even though there's no way you're going to win. you get angry.
nothin' much. i'm used to it. who cares? my parents are always wrong! stupid adults!
3Someone in your class doesn't like being praised for their amazing artwork and when you walk by you say woooooow! They go STOP IT! You:
Ask the teacher if you can go to the toilet and start crying in one of the stalls.
you apologize for your mistakes and you explain that you didn't understand. you feel a little upset.
you give them a dirty look. in the playground you say, i was only trying to be nice, and walk off.
you don't bother, you're better than them, and they're not even cool. ew!
4Are you a nature lover?
animals are amazing, i would cry every day without them. they are part of my life!
yes but some things in nature bug me. like stupid flies. wouldn't mind if they became extinct!
it's not the most important thing ever, but i guess we gotta have what we have, unfortunately.
who gives one? i don't care, can't wait for them to leave us. that means more rooms for theme parks!
5Would you make someone give you their lunch money because you don't have any?
no, of course not! i'll get shouted at and i'll be upset if i do it. might cry...
no, if i don't have any i don't have any, shouldn't bother anyone else. its my problem, not theirs.
it depends. on some days i'm not hungry. on others i'm sam so i will for the sake of not starving!
of course! they should consider about others including me! they have no choice!
6A new pupil has come to your school and looks quite lonely. you:
don't go near them. they could be nasty and upset you. you hate being upset.
walk by the person and see if they're ok. you don't know whether they're nice or not. they are new.
introduce yourself! tell them all about yourself and make good friends. that's what helping's for!
start picking on them and let them know that you're the boss and that no-one will stand in your way!

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