Created by an actual animal handler/trainer, this test will tell you if you'd make a suitable zookeeper. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Would you make a good zookeeper?
Created by an actual animal handler/trainer, this test will tell you if you`d make a suitable zookeeper.
personality test

1You need to get the crocodile out of his kiddie pool to be examined. Do it -
Grab `im by the tail and drag him out
Hook him around the back leg with a pole and hold his jaws shut with your free hand
Pour some bleach in the pool with him
Poke him with a bat. Poke. Poke.
2You must feed the infant raccoon, but he does not want the bottle...
If he doesn`t want it, screw it.
Engulf his head with your hand, covering his eyes and ears while pushing the bottle in his mouth
Put the bottle up his butt. That`ll teach him to refuse your hard work
Sing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" in a baby voice
3A giant tegu lizard has your finger in a death-grip and plans on biting it off. What to do?
Grab that nearby piece of lumber and bash his head in
Apply pressure to his eyes with free hand
Apply pressure to his throat with free hand
Panic and bite the lizard back
4Your kinkajou has escaped and is running amok in the storage closet. Get her back in the cage.
Lure her with Froot Loops and grab her by the tail
Grab her by the tail, the arm, the ear, whatever
Offer her a banana and scream like a girl when she comes near you
Poke her with a stick. Poke. Poke.
5Feed your skunk.
Granola, strawberries, yogurt
Apples, pears, insect mush
Grape popsicles, snickers, marshmallows
Peanut butter, oranges, dogfood, garbage scraps
6How often do you bleach the floors?
Every 2 Weeks
Bleach? No thanks
7Hey, nice bearded dragon - can I pick him up by the tail?
No effin` way. His tail will fall off, stupid
Yeah, go ahead. You can make a sweet keychain with the tail.
Sure, no harm can come of it
No no no no, you pick him up by the cheek
8Do you even like animals?
Yeah sure
Nope, but I do like kicking them
I`m one of those people who goes into spastic happy convulsions when I see a kitten
Is this over yet?

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