Would you be able to make it back to Coney Island or get wasted by the gangs? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Would you survive as a Warrior?
Would you be able to make it back to Coney Island or get wasted by the gangs?
personality test

1You see a rival gang at the meeting. What do you do?
You start fighting with them.
You leave them alone.
You start insulting them.
You go up to them and give them a big hug.
2The cops break up the meeting. What do you do?
You follow everyone out the main entrance.
You start fighting with everyone.
You stay there.
You look for a better way out.
3You are at the train station. Rival gang members are waiting by the platform. What do you do?
You run at them taking out anyone who tried to stop you.
You wait for the next train.
You quickly run past the gang members.
You walk to the platform hoping they don`t attack.
Forget the train and fight them.
4Your train has to stop due to a fire on the tracks. You get off the train and start walking down one of the streets but realise the Orphans watching you. What do you do?
Keep walking down the street confidently. You`re not scared of these wimps.
Walk up to them and ask if they can walk down their street.
Start shouting insults at them.
Go down the next street.
5You get to the next train station. The place is swarming with cops.
Wait for them to leave.
Try and run past them all.
Start fighting them.
Take off your vest and hope they don`t arrest you.
6You get off the train and see the Baseball Furries waiting outside armed with baseball bats. What do you do?
Run away and try to lose them.
Go up to them and start fighting.
Run back into the station.
7You see a women sitting alone in the park
Ignore her and walk away.
Sit next to her and start making out with her.
Waste her and move on.
8Some girls come up to you and ask you if you want to go to their place
Go but stay cautious.
Don`t go. You don`t have time.
Go there and party.
9You get to 14th Street-Union Square station where The Punks are waiting for you. What do you do?
Try and find somewhere to ambush them.
Run up to them and start fighting them.
Wait for them to leave.
10You get off the train and the Rogues are waiting for you. Their leader pulls out a gun and points it at you.
Move out the way just before he fires and kick the gun out of his hand.
Take the bullet.
Grab the gun and try and get it off of him.
Take out your switch blade and throw it at him.
Throw Mercy in the way of the bullet.

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