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What van Gogh painting most suits you?
I bet you`ve always wondered which of van Gogh`s (slightly obscure) paintings suits you!
personality test

1How do you feel right now?
A little shy. Right now I’d rather just watch everyone around me, rather then interact with them.
Busy, and that’s fine with me.
I’m in waiting.
Great. I’m doing very well.
2What are your plans for the future?
Get a good job. I’m not happy unless I have something to do.
I really don’t have any plans. I like to let things work out by themselves, as I’m sure they will.
To live happily, maybe start a family.
3How do you feel about your childhood?
I was always a quiet child. I wanted to do things, but was too scared sometimes.
I was a very happy child. I have very fond memories of growing up.
I was a determined, busy child. I was always doing things, possibly of the artistic nature.
I’m content with my childhood. It had its ups and downs, but was overall a good time for me.
4How do you relate to others?
Pretty well. I feel like I’m always getting better.
About average. Some people are fine, others I can’t take.
Not very well at all. I can’t (or don’t want to) get along with other people.
5What colour is your bedroom?
A neutral.
A light cheerful colour, such as yellow, sky blue, or light green.
A dark intense colour, such as dark blue, or red.
A pretty, womanly colour, such as pink, or purple.

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