2nd quiz. Has all 7 servants (excluding Berserker), plus Gilgamesh, Shirou, Illya, Rin, Sakura, and Kotomine. Like the Tsukihime quiz I'll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible and not obvious (like how there were no curry answers to lead to Ciel). Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Fate/Stay Night character are you?
2nd quiz. Has all 7 servants (excluding Berserker), plus Gilgamesh, Shirou, Illya, Rin, Sakura, and Kotomine. Like the Tsukihime quiz I'll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible and not obvious (l (more)
personality test

1Which would describe you better, a leader or a follower?
I work alone
2What is your general method for dealing with enemies?
Direct confrontation - I take the fight to them.
Defensive - I let them come to me
Indirect conflict - I deal with my problems from afar.
I dislike conflict, and prefer to avoid fighting if possible.
3More specifically, how do you fight your enemies when conflict is unavoidable?
Up close and personal, trying to overpower them with force
Swiftly and cleanly, before they have a chance to react
From a relatively safe distance
If possible, I look for a means to escape first.
4Imagine you are in school. Which best describes your social status with your classmates?
I'm the popular one who everyone follows around and looks up to.
I'm more of the follower type.
I generally prefer a small group of people to hang out with.
I'm usually alone, and others rarely notice me.
I'm probably cutting school. It's pointless anyawy.
5What kinds of jobs do you prefer?
Physical labor
Jobs that require thinking and mental prowess
Something where I can be in charge of others
Whatever pays good
No real preference
I don't need to work
6In terms of video games, what kind of class do you like to play?
The warrior/soldier. I prefer a big weapon and lots of fighting.
Rogue/Spy. Someone crafty and deadly.
Long-range damage, like a Mage or Sniper
Support. I like helping my team.
7You are alone in a room. There is one door leading out. A voice tells you that the handle on the door is heated, and so in escaping the room you are fated to burn your hand. How do you proceed?
I'll accept the burn. Better than being trapped.
Wait for someone to rescue me.
Kick down the door. Nobody tells me what my fate is!
8Which statement best describes your feelings toward people you have a relationship with? (Friends, allies, etc.)
I see them as my friends, they trust me and I trust them.
I keep good relationships with others for my own profit. (You evil person you)
I don't trust people, and only get close to them when absolutely necessary.
"Friends" are just disposable pawns to me. And they know it.
I have no friends. ( Wow, that sucks :( )
9What statement best describes your feelings toward people you do NOT have a relationship with? (Strangers)
Unless they give me a reason to think otherwise, I don't distrust them.
I don't trust people I don't know.
I don't really trust anyone...
I'm not afraid to kick their ass if they get in my way!
10Your friend has something you want, and is offering to sell it to you. Unfortunately, you are a little short on cash. How do you handle this situation?
Offer to pay them what you have now, and the rest later.
Try to convince them to lower the price.
Tell them they can keep it, since it's not worth your money anyway.
Give up on obtaining it without a fight.
Threaten them to either lower the price or hand it over for free.
11You find yourself in some kind of war over a holy cup, and find out a friend is one of the people you need to defeat. How do you approach them?
Offer to work together, since they're more likely to win that way.
Try to conceal your identity from them. It's better to take them by surprise.
Give them fair warning beforehand, but show them no mercy if they challenge you.
Go attack them immediately.
Offer to fight in their place. No sense in both of you being in danger.
12You have a crush on someone, but cannot confess your love to them. What is most likely the reason?
I'm afraid he/she doesn't like me.
I KNOW he/she doesn't like me, but that's part of the attraction.
I don't have time for love.
Regardless of our feelings, we could never be together.
It's better to keep our relation as "just friends".
13How are you at cooking?
I have someone else cook for me
I can't cook, so I eat alot of fast food and such.
14People die...
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
...if they are killed.
15What kind of ultimate move best suits you?
Something big, flashy, highly destructive, and awesome.
Something unique, an attack all my own.
Something reliable. Whatever it takes to win.
I don't need a gimmicky super move to win.
16What type of weapon do you prefer? (Sorry if it's a little obvious)
My own fists
A gun
Spears/Axes/Hammers/Other Melee Weapon
Unorthodox Weaponry/Other
17Every quiz needs one of these: favorite color?
18Favorite Element?
19Imagine you are an anime character. What hair color would you like for yourself?
White/Silver/Very pale shade of another color
20You just lost the game. What's your reaction?
... *say nothing and punch the guy who made you lose*
Wipe that smirk off your face, you just lost too!
Try to get back at the person who made you lose later.

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