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What side of me are you?
I seem to have split personalities.
personality test

1Someone you know breaks her leg and gets a cast, she wants you to sign it. What do you write?
Write a smiley face and, "Ouch!"
Get Well Soon
Just your name
Don't do that again!
Don't sign it
2A neighbor has locked himself out of his house (again) and comes to you to help him get in. What do you do?
Tell him to break a window to get in
Try to get the door open for him
Tell him to call someone on his cell phone
Get a pick from your house and pick the lock to his door
Say that you can't help him
3Someone you are attracted to passes by you on the street, what do you do?
Get their attention by doing something humorous
Simply say hi
Say, "uh," hopefully loud enough for him/her to hear you
Think of something classy to say to her/him
Ignore him/ her, they'd never like you anyway
4A close friend of a family member comes up to you asking for advice. He started doing drugs and wants help quitting. What do you do?
Demand to know why they didn't go to the family member!
Try to help him out yourself
Be honest and say you're not sure what to do
Suggest a good program to help them out
Tell them that they shouldn't have started doing drugs to begin with
5You see someone who has told everyone you know that you beat up your neighbor's new pet dog (You didn't). What do you do?
Tell them, " I did, but I thought they were YOUR dogs!"
Ignore him, he is just a bully
Try to stay low so he doesn't see you
Make him see you, but when he tries to speak to you, ignore him
Go over to him, punch him in the gut and demand he never says something so thoughtless again!
6Have you ever found yourself looking up at the stars, simply wondering what is possible and what's out there?
Excuse me?
Once or twice
No, but I know someone who does
I like looking at the night sky, but I just look
Yes all the time
7What do you feel about fate?
Stars, now fate? Why so random?
I don't believe in fate
I think fate is changed by your actions
Fate is fate, it never changes
8How do you see yourself as?
Fun Loving
A bit dark
No, none of these are even close
9There are six outcomes: Funny, Nice, Shy, Smart, and Dark are five of them. What do you think the sixth one is?
A smiley face or something
No idea
Something hard to get?

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