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Which Halo character are you?
I have found that video games can be windows into the inner psyche of the human mind....
personality test

1A man with a gun starts shooting at you, so you...
shoot back until you kill them and then shoot the dead body too.
jump and spin in a sommersault and then hide behind something.
ignore him and tell anyone around who will listen about how smart you are.
slowly run at him with your arms flailing.
deliver some snappy one-liner and then fight inneffectively.
2Which of these sounds like something you would say?
"I know what the ladies like!"
"I am a genius!"
"Ort, ort ort!"
"I need a weapon!"
I don`t really say much.
3Which of the following philosophies describes the way in which you handle problems?
avoid it all costs and hope it goes away.
Attack it head on...gung ho!
Get everyone together and solve it as a team.
Make other people do your dirty work.
Spout cliches and hope no one notices that you are worthless.
4Your clothes are...
I don`t wear any...
I wear a lot of layers...
i wear other people`s clothes/ clothes from a thrift store.
i wear what my job tells me to wear
5At work you...
do all the work while others get the credit.
Give the orders and don`t do any work.
you give orders and work when you have to.
you have a job but it really isnt important to the success of the business.
you wander around aimlessly and nobody really knows what you are doing there.
6Your physical description is..
Tall, thin, agile.
short, bulbous, misshapen
muscular, strong, athletic
average in every way
so small you are barely noticable
7Your ideal evening would include...
praying to your god/ gods to smite the infidels..
smoking a cigar and watching porno
ruminating on your past accomplishments and feeling good about yourself
watching violent movies/ playing with assorted weapons
eating a lot and engaging in reproductive behavior
8If you were on a football team you would be....
The head coach
The captain of the team and the quarterback
a nameless lineman
the kicker
a wide receiver
9Who are your friends?
people from work
people from church
people who are exactly like me
i dont have any friends
people who need something from me
10My favorite t.v. show is...
Any televangelist program
Anything on the cooking network or the Spice channel

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