Test your knowledge of the show Seinfeld! Some questions are easy, some hard. If you haven't taken quizzes 1, 2 & 3 check out my profile to find them! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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The Seinfeld Quiz, Volume 4
Test your knowledge of the show Seinfeld! Some questions are easy, some hard. If you haven't taken quizzes 1, 2 & 3 check out my profile to find them!
trivia quiz

1Who did Elaine seduce with a pushup bra and a request for catsup, because George and Jerry thought she couldn't 'put any asses in the seats' because of her small breasts?
Jay Crespi
Russell Dalrymple
Crazy Joe Devola
Nobody, her plan backfired
2What is the name of the holiday George's father made up, to go against the religious and commercial aspects of Christmas?
3What television programming was Jerry caught to be watching in secret, after a lie detector exposed the truth?
Beverly Hills, 90210
Figure Skating
Melrose Place
4What did Jerry dare Elaine to do while they were waiting for a table at the Chinese restaurant? He offered her $50 to...
Walk up to a table, stick her face in someone's soup and blow
Try to seduce the host into letting them have a table sooner
Go over and slap the man who wouldn't get off the phone, then walk away w/o saying anything
Go to a stranger's table, eat one of their egg rolls, and walk away w/o saying anything
Call in a bomb threat to the restaurant from the pay phone, then take off for Sky Burger
5Speaking of the Chinese restaurant, they waited for a table for so long they missed the movie they wanted to see. What movie were they on their way to?
Rochelle, Rochelle
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Death Blow
The English Patient
Cry, Cry Again
6In one episode, Jerry dates an artist who painted this picture of Kramer. The artist later sent Jerry a note when they had broken up. What movie was the note copied from?
Annie Hall
Chapter Two
Together Again
The Lonely Guy
7Who was the actor that played the friend Jerry had to break up with, because the guy was so mean and Jerry was only friends with him because he had a ping pong table when they were kids?
Kevin Dunn
Jon Lovitz
Ian Abercrombie
Danny Woodburn
Steve Hytner
8In one episode, George and Jerry went out of town together and George packed a lot of bags. When asked why, he replied that he dressed according to mood. When Jerry asked him what mood he was currently wearing, what was the answer?
Shut the hell up
Morning Mist
Travelling with Teal
Fun and Fabulous
Midnight Train to Georgia
9Why did George take sexy pictures?
Kramer convinced him it would be good for his Christmas cards
He wanted to seduce a woman at a photo shop
He didn't take them; they were digitally altered
He wanted to 'let the man out of the cage' and express himself
After hearing Elaine's sexy voice on tape, he wanted to show his sexy side to her
10What job did George get in the episode where Jerry has to wear the puffy shirt on national television?
He got his real estate job back
Assistant to the Travelling Secretary at the Yankees
He became a hand model
He got a job as a handicapped person at 'Play Now'
He started working for Pinske (of the Pinske file)

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