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Which Nature Image Are You?
This little quiz tells you which nature scene best fits your character traits.
personality test

1You`ve had a long, hard day and are finally snuggled cozily in front of the television. You are just getting comfortable when a semi-close friend calls and invites you to the movies. What is your reaction?
There`s no way I`d be at home in front of the television on a Saturday night in the first place.
Of course, I`d be pissed that this person interrupted my rest. I`d bitch at them until they got the hint and stopped talking.
Politely decline. I`ve had a rough day, and this is my relaxation time. I can always go to the movies some other day.
I have few friends. And the few that I have probably wouldn`t be calling me much.
I`d be tired, but I`d throw on some clothes and go. Who knows? I might have fun.
2Favourite clothing?
I really don`t give a crap about clothes. Whatever is clean will suffice.
Something trendy and spiffy-looking..I like keeping up with the latest fashions.
I`m a bit of a follower...I just wear whatever is popular at the moment.
I like cute things that get me noticed.
I like basic, classic items that never go out of style: jeans, t-shirts, etc.
3You are in the grocery store buying milk and cereal when you spot that certain someone that you`ve had your eye on for some time. They smile at you and approach you to talk. What do you do?
I lean toward them, make constant eye-contact, and touch them often. I`m the flirty type.
I attempt to act casual so as not to let on that I like them.
I would start giggling insanely and/or make a fool of myself.
I`d talk to them if I were in the mood. I`d pretend I didn`t see them and walk away if I weren`t.
Talk? There would be no talk. I`d have already shyly hidden behind something by then.
4Your significant other leans in to give you a hug, and you notice that they smell like sweat. What is your reaction?
I`d be disgusted! They better not touch me while they`re all gross and sticky.
I don`t usually hug anyone, regardless of smell.
I wouldn`t care about that at all. I`d give them a hug and kiss.
I`d be slightly sicked out by the sweat smell, but I`d ignore it anyway and give them a quick, small hug.
I`d give a small hug, then politely ask them if they would like to take a shower with me.
5Favourite hobbies?
Reading, writing, and music.
Shopping, partying....most things that involve other people.
Something I can do, writing, drawing, etc.
I like few things.
Cooking, sewing, or baby-sitting.
6Which of these is most important to you?
I *must* have privacy and time to be alone with my thoughts.
Relationships with others. I get despressed and lonely when there`s no one to talk to.
Being seen as important in the eyes of others. It`s about time I got some recognition.
Living life to the fullest and having fun doing it.
Being able to express myself through artistic media.

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