I'm calling you to answer this call of duty of taking this quiz. Are you willing to answer the Call of Duty as Soap, Captain Price, or Gaz? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Call of Duty 4 character are YOU?
I'm calling you to answer this call of duty of taking this quiz. Are you willing to answer the Call of Duty as Soap, Captain Price, or Gaz?
personality test

1There are 3 bad guys and a person you have to save inside a house. It's nighttime. How do you take them out?
Turn on night vision and follow the Captain's orders.
What're you talking about? I'm the one who needs to be saved.
Cut the power. Durr. Then regroup with night vision on.
Open the door and randomly flashbang while shooting. Then be retarded and not use night vision.
Turn on night vision and then lead the way and kill anyone in my path
2You're sitting in the helicopter waiting to be dropped off at the LZ. Things start beeping and bleeping and you see a missile coming towards you. How do you react?
Stay calm and watch it come.
Say "What the bloody hell is that?" in a calm manner
Scream your head off.
Think: Am I gonna die?
3You and your team are sneaking around some baddies when all of a sudden you hear vicious barking. A big German Shepherd is hurtling towards you and jumps on you ready to tear off your neck. What do you do?
Shoot it in the heart with my pistol which was coincidentally in my hand.
Try to crack it's neck when it's about to bite.
Stab it with my knife.
Try to crack it's neck but fail and get eaten.
4Your Captain's kinda dying...enemies are all around you. He can still be saved. What's your strategy?
Say: Screw it. Do: Pick him up and run like hell miraculously dodging bullets.
Call in a helicopter and carry your captain to it when it arrives while fending off the enemies.
Try to kill the enemies, then carry him to a safe building. Call in reinforcements. Shoot from there
Throw grenades and flashbangs and shoot them randomly. Then call a heli and carry the Captain to it.
5You and your team are sent to disarm a nuke that will destroy the whole east coast of the U.S. You're far away from the control room and the door to it is opening slowly and your teammate cant open it any faster. Only 20 seconds left. What do u do?
Shoot the door and curse it.
Bang your head on the door. Say: STUPID DOOR!
Yell at the doors and call your teammate a cheeky bastard.
Try to open the doors but fail. At least you tried?
Say: Screw the U.S. Do: absolutely nothing.
6Well, you and your team disable the nukes. Now to get out. Your teammate finds some cars and you drive away. Enemy trucks and a heli are after you. There's also the danger of falling off a cliff. What do you think happens?
The heli kills us. The End.
I have an RPG. I shoot down the bastard and we start to shoot the trucks.
The enemy trucks ram us off the cliff and we all die
I shoot the drivers of the enemy trucks and we get away.
7Whatever you choose, I say that you and your team are crossing a bridge and the heli takes it out and you all fall out of it but on to the crumbling bridge. What NOW?
Try to get on the side that's not crumbling.
Try to get everyone out of the car and help them get on the side that's not crumbling.
Wait for the very last guy and get to the other side with him.
Jump off. No point to living if I have to shoot more guys after almost being blown up by a heli.
8There's a oil truck right in front of you and it's on fire and it blows up. Everyone falls on their back and lay unconcious except you and your Captain. A guy with two guards shoots your defenseless teammate in the head. What do you do?
You prick! You killed (insert his name here)
Say bloody bastard in a quiet voice.
Just stare and think "WTF just happened?"
GIve the guy the finger
9The guy who killed your frend is coming to you but is distracted by his heli bein blown up. You look to your left & ur Cpt. slides a pistol 2 you. U & he both know what u should do. There's one guard one each side of the guy. Who do you shoot first?
Shoot that bastard in the head and then take his guards out.
Shoot a lot of bullets at all three of them.
Shoot them all in the heads.

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