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What type of PUNKER are you???
Hardcore Punk, Classic Punk, Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Alternative Punk, Wild Crazy Punk
personality test

1How do you feel, after a sold out show?
You`re just glad we were able to let people know how horrible our country is!
You get naked and f*cked up, then pass out.
You`re glad your friends and family showed up.
" Do you know who the f*ck I am?"
You ignore pictures and press, and just go back to your dressing room.
2How do you feel about the U.S.???
It`s pathetic. The whole system is just f*cked up!
Who cares!?<passes out>
I think you should shut the f*ck up, is what I think!
I think we are number one, and I support our troops!
I could care less.
3What are most of your thoughts about?
Murder, Mayhem, or Good Times!
Experiences on dates I`ve had and being alone.
How happy I am with everything in my life.
How people can be so pathetic sometimes.
4On a friday night, what are you probably doing?
Getting into trouble
Getting wasted and f*cked up!
On a date or alone watching tv.
Listening to music at home or a friends house.
Having a family night
5What are your thoughts on life?
F*ck it! We`re all controlled by the system. And the system is the most f*cked up thing is the world. Why enjoy life, when we`re gonna die eventually?!?
Just give me a bottle of Jack Daniels and my hand, and I`m set!
I`m thankful for everything I have
Anarchy....that`s all that matters!
Murder people....then we won`t have to worry about life.
6What is the one peice of clothing, that you`re always in?
My leather jacket!
My tank top, to show off my body
Nothing!!!<runs around naked>
Normal clothes. I`m fine with that.
Tight pants
7Where do you live?
In hell, because our goverment is so f*cking stupid.
A decent size home. That`s all I need.
In a 2 bedroom apartment with my band mates
The woods. Alone. No one to bug me.
My mansion!
8If someone told you that you were gonna die tomarrow, what would you do?
Take you all with me.
Masterbate in church(even though you have probably done that already).
Spend my last hours, with my loving family.
Write a song, expressing how my life was
Kill George Bush, Colin Powell, and everyone else who is f*cking up our country, and do everyone else a favor.
9Do you do drugs?
That`s none of your god damn business!
All the time!<shoots up>
Drugs are put in this country by the goverment, so f*ck drugs. Drugs have touched pure evil!
I do, but I try to hide my addiction
Ofcourse not! Are you kidding?!?!?! My mom would kill me!
10What was your over-all opinion on this quiz?
It was stupid! Just like our goverment!
It made me horny. Wait, I was horny before I took it....<passes out>
It made me wanna rip your throat out! In the nicest way possible..
Not bad
It was awsome! I think it will be the subject of my new song!
11And finally, who is your favorite punk band?
Cheap Sex
Are you kidding, I`m in the best punk alive! We`re gods!
All the punkers on TRL!
I stick to the classics myself

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