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Are you related to a farmer?
are you supposed to be related to one? (e)
personality test

1do you think it`s fun to try and cetch calfs when they`re on the loose?
no way! it`s borring you have to rung and lunge to gwt them
yeah, it lets them beable to get they`re energy out, but also you get to run around like a loon
sor ta, it`s some times hard
2would you be ok if you had to wear old jeans, rubber boots, a really old shirt that was most likely some one elces, and a old ball cap?
yeah, i meen come on thats what you wear in a barn,
not the shirt, but the rest i could live with
NO!!!!! ok, i am NOT do in that!
3scraping down the barn.... what do ya think about that?
uhhhh, the worst, hello you pushing $h*t around and in to gutters
hey i`ll do it all the time, you get paid for it
dont like it, but if theres alot of money involved i`ll do it.
4(for girls) your dad promested that he would take ya to the father daughter dance at 8 when it started.... it`s 10 pm now, the dance has 30 more minnets and he`s not in from the barn yet, are you.....
mad, because he promested me that
slightly ticked but you relize that the farm comes first
your sad, because you wanted to go really bad and this is the 6 promes he brok that week
i`m a dude...
516th birthday, you get a 12 year old truck that is really big and clunky, it only has three seats, it dosnet have a cd player or any new tecnology you think....
oh my god, i`m going to die if i pull up to school driving that, THING!
you dont really like it but hey you at least got some thing to drive around with out a showfer
you love it, it`s cool, it`s safe, and has good gass mileage
6do you like farms?
7do you like the old durt roads?
no way.
yeah, duh!
8the farm and farm house is in like the middle of no were.....
OH MY GOD! I WOULD DIE THERE! (it dose have cell service you citty sliker)
thats cool you have some were to think and be with family
thats like the best thing ever! no ones watching you constently!
9your dad just got re married, it`s the reseption were is it?
at a hotel like normal peoples reseption.
in the shed where he usily stores the tractors, hay bails, the dump truck,and all the farm equicment
in the feeld, he rented a tent and we put down a fake floor
10what do ya think you got? (dosnt afect score)
i got no
i got a yeah

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